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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dr. Oz Discusses CoolSculpting Part 2

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Thursday, February 06, 2014


its principle relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours.The exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin. The procedure is billed as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. The name Cryolipolysis is a portmanteau of "cryogenic" and "lipolysis." Cryogenic lipolysis is the process of controlled cooling to reduce localised fat deposits used in Cool Sculpting, 3D Lipo and Cryolipo

 Lipolysis procedures attempt to "dissolve" fat cells by nonsurgical means. A number of methods have been attempted, including the use of laser, ultrasound, and rf current. Popsicle panniculitis is a dermatologic condition that shows that exposure to low temperatures can selectively damage subcutaneous fat while leaving skin intact. Based on this premise, fat cells are more easily damaged by cooling than skin cells, cryolipolysis was developed applying low temperatures to tissue via thermal conduction. In order to avoid frostbite, a specific temperature level and exposure is determined. Physicians Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD and R. Rox Anderson, MD at The Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital originated the concept, explored it in a number of experiments on pigs, and reported their data in 2008. While the process is not fully understood, it appears that fatty tissue that is cooled below body temperature but above freezing undergoes localized cell death followed by a local inflammatory response, a local panniculitis, that gradually over the course of several months results in a reduction of the fatty tissue layer. When exposed to extreme cold, the body's usual response is to restrict circulation to keep the core of the body at the correct temperature. Cryolipolysis makes use of a powerful vacuum which adds to the inflammatory response by drawing blood up to the surface layers of the skin.

laser tattoo removal

another day ,
another tattoo removed from a customer at klinik primer kota bharu today
excellent result after just 1 session
i reckon he only required just this one session and no more
anyway, let see the final result when he comes back for the revision

as  muslims, it is againts the religion to have permenant tattoo on our body
nonetheless, some of our muslim  friends , crossed the border and
unintentionally acquired tattoo on their body
therefore, we provide the service to correct this situation

the tattoo removal is not just for muslims
it is for everyone :)
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new price for honda CRZ malaysia!

not gonna sell my CRZ anytime soon
but when the new price is set up  ; probably next year
will put it up on SALE
i reckon could make money on that!

I love u my CRZ :)