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Sunday, November 28, 2010

what's wrong with P1wimax?

lately my wireless connection by P1wimax has been so slow
it reached the " annoying " level
sometimes it reached the " i'll gonna burn the modem" level
it has been raining a lot lately in kota bharu
wondering if the heavy rain has something to do with the slow connection
few weeks back , the connection was super fast
i can download... browse ... happily

 nowdays , it felt like i'm back to the dial up era
i could even hear the sound of " ding ding ding " dialing to get internet connection
u know  ... the mIRC era,,,
u just simple chat with people u dont know..
then the first line would be .. " a/s/l  please "

no such thing as sending photo while chatting
u had to send ur photo via email
and during that time , not everyone has photo stored inside their PC
back then digital camera just came into picture..
the best resolution was 640x480 and that already costed nearly rm2000
but those are history
now i want my superfast broadband internet connection

Thursday, November 25, 2010

as time passes by..

As we grow older, technically we should become wiser , more mature and smarter in life.

Nevertheless, it doesn't happen to everyone.

Yes, we expect and older person is wiser than us. That's why in malay proverb there is a thing called " kata orang tua"

but then, as we grow older , we don't go to school anymore.
We don't stay with our parent.
We live on our own.. We decide what we want to be.. What we learn.

When u get ur degree... People around u will stop telling u what to do.

But people are people. We made mistake and we do stupid thing regardless of our age.
And at times , an adult could be very immature.

When u are an's hard to listen to other people advise. Unless the advise come from people who u really respect.

This message goes to me ..

I'm getting old each year. But I always comes out with bad habit or do something immature in my life.
My parent stopped telling me what to do years ago.
There were time I was just drifted aways in my mistakes and errors.
But I was lucky, I have frens who I respected enuf, who is brave enuf to tell me when I need to change.
thank you. I needed the wake up call.

Monday, November 22, 2010

amazingly irritating

there are moments in ur life when u felt everything is just wrong
every single thing irritates u
yes , that crazy feeling..
u feel like flying far far away from the community
just go somewhere where u dont have to deal with annoying human being

we loved people , and at the same time , we hated people too
we dislike the attitude , the presentation
u wish those people u dislike never exist
but those people always running in front of u.

i m not saying that i have someone who are close to me whom i hated that much rite now
i'm just talking in general 
u know ,
those people

such as driver who drives slowly on the right side of the road ...
dont they ever read the sign " lorong memotong di sebelah kanan"???
i hated those people

the taxi drivers who turned left without giving signal first
just simply turn left to pick up passenger whenever the wanted 

there a split second moment in your head u just want to shot these people

but then , we all are rational people
we live by the rules
these people exist everyday because there is no clear cut rules to punish people like this

Friday, November 19, 2010

selamat hari raya aidil adha

hye guys
again , for a thousand times ,
i'm so sorry for the long absence
i was gone for a while from this virtual blog
God knows how much i want to update my blog everyday
but i could not..

Selamat hari raya aidil adha for all my muslim readers,
i was lucky , again managed to get a few days off during this meaningful celebration
2 years ago , i was working at the labour room during raya haji
1 year ago , i could only reached home as the time people were done with the raya prayer
this year , i was at home .. i m so glad
furthermore , we in kelantan got 2 days off for hari raya haji
so it was quite a long break for me

my family "korban kan" a cow for this year raya haji
everyone was at home for the slaughtering event.
definitely i wasnt the one who slaughter the cow...
still not good enuf i reckon
and yes , in the photo above i was holding the cow's head
hopefully not offending anyone!
next year we are looking foward to get a camel for the qurban

hari raya qurban isnt about the cow or the camel after all ..
it's a symbolic of letting go something meaningful for other people who needs it more
it's about giving ...
it's about being unselfish
it's about other people ... who are more unfortunate than us
it's about being grateful for what we have..
and it's also a reminder for us ...

in life , we have to learn to sacrifice our need in order to make other people happy
we have to sacrifice our time to make other healthy
as a doctor , i sacrifice a lot of my time treating people
i sacrifice my public holiday , i sacrifice my weekends..

we all make our sacrifices ..
my parent sacrifices a lot for me ...
to make who i am rite now...
i thank u  mama and papa
i thank u God...

Monday, November 08, 2010

ting tong!

busy weekends
busy weekdays...
gosh.. sorry for the silence for the past few days .. or weeks
i'm very very busy lately
busy as a doctor
busy searching for happiness
busy looking more money
busy with everything

how i wish i'm a baby again
no need to think about everything..
look at umar ( my nephew )
he could be whatever he wants
he could laugh all day.... cry all day..
sleep all day

sometimes, i just felt empty inside
despite of everything..
i felt there is a lot more waiting for me out there
and yet , i couldnt reach it

yes, it sound greedy and ungrateful
but that is just typical me..
i always want the best...
and that makes me crazy...
i always want to be the best
and that give me big headache

i wish i could just follow the flow of my life
but i cant
i cant stand the fact that my friend is driving a ferrari
and yet i'm still struggling to pay my monthly car loan..