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Thursday, May 20, 2010

folic acid for pregnancy

Yes.... , to ladies who just get married and plan to get pregnant soon, u have to take the folic acid supplement before u get pregnant... about 1-2 months before u get pregnant.
So, u could start taking folic acid about 1 month before u get married :P

why do pregnant ladies need extra folic acid?

well, when u are getting pregnant , the mother will produce more blood ( red blood cells )
folic acid level in ur body will reduce , in the process...
folic acid is a vital component in development of baby skull, brain and spine...
hence, folate acid deficiency could cause such unfortunate event such as anancephaly , as i mentioned in my previous post

we do get folic acid in our daily food intake. folic acid, is also known as the vitamin B9, can be found in spinach, lettuce, beans and fruits.
but , for those who are getting pregnant, u gonna need extra folic acid. So, get some from the nearest pharmacy.

a study also showed that, folic acid help to prevent heart disease and stroke...

So, to the future mothers , take folic acid when u think u are about to get pregnant :)
there is no harm in taking this supplement as long as u follow the dosage!


plain_jane said...

utk lactating mum ape ek yg paaling recommended?

yea la.. kadang2 nak cari buah segala bagai tuh xsempat.. ape agaknye supplement yg sesuai?

obimin ok x? sbb ade tulis for lactating mum..

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