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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aquarium for SALE!

I'm selling the aquarium above :) If u are living in moscow and would love to buy an aquarium - fully equiped - PLS contact me!
I love this aquarium very much! Costed me a bomb. But I just dont care. How I wish I could bring this thing back to Malaysia with me.. sighh... But, I just need to let it go I guess....
Like the old saying goes " Patah tumbuh hilang berganti " ( correct me if I'm wrong) - But nowdays - in most cases - it's more like " x patah pon dah cari ganti " ... har har har...

Talking about the old saying :) , for those "comic enthusiasts" - u know.. the old comics - JUARA WIRA , Alam perwira .... those were the days ones... this old saying should sound familiar " Bila keranda dibawa, baru bercucuran air mata"... rite???
When I mentioned this one to shida, she thought I made that up... I told her, it's an old saying !

One more thing, could someone explain to me what "Bitas" means ??? I "used" to know about it ... last time... but I forgot :P... refresh PLEASE :)

I just found out that my eldest bro has a blog too. Feel free to visit his blog at . Yes, his name is sukyme. Not many ppl in Malaysia have that same name :) If u google or yahoo search the name "sukyme" - all the results that come out has to do with him... Our family is very special - indeed!

Anyway, WHILE I'm busying myself studying for my FINAL - my family back home ( in Malaysia) is busy preparing for my dear cousin's wedding reception today. How I wish I could be there too. Unfortunately , I wont be able... coz I have this thing.. well , some might call is responsibility while others called it "liability" - when u combine both name - it becomes "the degree"

Heck, I dont have any idea what am I blabbing rite now. My head is spinning.. need to go to bed.... chioaaaazzzzzzzzz

Friday, May 30, 2008

Porsche Panamera

Could u name me any 4 doors sedan that looks better than this masterpiece???? :) Yes, this is the new Porsche - the porsche panamera! Someone - PLS>.. and please buy me this car! I want this one!!! I would sell my soul for this piece of art! ... hahahah.... nobody would buy my soul thou !

Well... I'm a car enthusiast , and this car really made me gone mad! I need to change the old man saying I guess....

" buy a girl a dress , she'll look pretty for a nite , buy a man a porsche panamera , she'll look beautiful , stunning , sexy, damn gorgeous "I'll be ur slave " for the rest of her life! "

the bigger picture

I went to this adidas store today - was lookin for the champions league shirt :) It is way cheaper to buy the shirt after the final whistle :P

Not feeling good today. I think my asthma is coming ... havent reached yet - But I could feel it comin... maybe the plane is on transit somewhere :P The last visit was 5 months ago. I believe the asthma is coming becoz I played at the open air court yesterday and I had a very cold shower after that. What was I'm thinking. Sigh.... Currently , no hot water supply to the whole building due to the maintanance works - only the cold freezing water is available. By cold water - I mean.. it's damn cold... maybe around 5 degree... close to becoming ice! Amazing having shower with that kind of water - it's more like a suicide.

Nevertheless .... cold water wont keep me from living my life :) Funny thing happened today...
I was chatting with a fren.... telling her that I'm selling my stuff..

me : I'm selling my rice cooker too ...
she : is it... how much are u selling it?
me : around RUB XXX
she : what brand is it?
me : apple ....
she : owh... ok.. I'll discuss with my sister ...
me - laughing my heart out...
me : yeah... it's the i-rice cooker... with wi-fi
she : *&%^*&%(^($!$%$!^

hehehehe... I had my fun. Sorry dear... no hard feeling occay!

This is one of the shirts I bought from the adidas store. When I got home - I realized , I bought one extra shirt. Maybe I should make a quiz/competition in my blog and give away this shirt to the winner? What do u think? heheheh.. but.. what kind of quiz then?
My dear cousin is getting married today. I wish her - Selamat Pengantin Baru! . Unfortunately I wont be there for the reception. ( nothing new! ) I actually missed all my cousins' wedding so far :) + my brother's wedding too. This medical degree better be worthy!

Anyway, something to think about today - A very wise man once said that...

" You buy a girl a dress , then she looks pretty for one night ; but when u buy a boy a ps3 , she looks pretty for LIFE! "

Thursday, May 29, 2008

After being postponed for 3 times due to bad weather - we finally reached this sacred place for all basketball players in moscow :) Located at the Borodrovi Gory ( near the Luzhniki stadium where the champions league final being played ) - the courts are located under the bridge. How cool is that. The best part is - the courts are open to public 24/7. Even better - the court floor - is rubber! ( must be damn expensive to build these courts! )Not the hard cement ! Meaning - u hardly get any scratch or wounded should u felt down.

The "uncles" of the RSMU and MMA basketball players! We've been playing basketball together for years even thou we study in different universities. 6 years ago - we can play non stop for 2 hours - effortless! Nowdays - after 15 mins game started , we needed to change players already!
Me n Jed ! Last time we used to play together against the russians at the PFU public courts. But then , as we both get busy with our academic ( :P ) - we hardly see each other again. The final game we played together - was 3 years ago. Well - we actually played against each other in the intervarsity game. After that - I retired from basketball for a while , until today - we finally rocked the court again!One thing I love about the public court - u have a lot of challengers! Today , we played against a couple of russians teams. We won some games, lost a few. Not bad for a group of old uncles! hahaha.. .. Frankly , today was my 1st competative game after 3 years - and rite now - I'm getting the after effect or the complication. My whole body is aching. My right pinky finger is in a lot of pain - my legs , refusing to move around - my back , asking me to lie down until tomorrow.... sighhhh...
It would be nice if I could play basketball everyday. Keep me fit. Good physical leads to excellent mind! During my school times - I played basketball every evening. Even during the SPM period. I just couldnt study in the evening and I need to sweat in the evening , hence my brain would be fresh to study later on. However, nowdays - after playing basketball in the evening - I need at least a whole day to recover :P .... hahaha.. But then , I believe - if I could do this routine ( playing basketball ) every evening in the future - my stamina will be back to normal... I just need my time to adapt. After all , I'm not that old yet ...... I'm still a young kid... oooyyeaaahhhh!

P/S - i love u .... hehehe.... oooppsss.. P/s - sorry for the low quality photos - taken using the phone cam :P

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

welcome back sunshine!

After a few days of rain and gloomy weather - the sunshine is back in moscow :) Finally - it's time to go out from the nest :P Staying home during the cold weather was really unhealthy for me. The cold weather had increased my appetite - leading to excessive consuming of foods ! NO good at all. Finally tomorrow I have the chance to do a bit of exercise. Going out to play basketball ... anyone wanna join me? Let's rock the court!

Currently busy selling my stuffs ... my tv, my fridge , my kitchen cabinet , my microwave , my fan , my cupboard , my printer , my aquarium - well basically most of my stuffs. The only thing I'll be bringing back home are my laptop , my clothing , some personal stuff and books. Half are already SOLD and the money I got from that will be used to pay for the shipping cost to bring back other stuffs. However, should I manage to sell everything - there will be some extra cash for me to fool around - by fooling around - I mean shopping!!! hahahha...

Jose Maurinho gave his view about chelsea performance this year - the season when chelsea ALMOST win the premiership and almost win the champions league. He said - ALMOST is nothing and he said avram grant performance was a dissapointment! I couldnt agree more. Personally, I like Jose - his "interesting" personality brought some colors to the premiership last time. But then, when he was replaced by the boring israelian - chelsea started to lose their "edge". I hate avram .... simply because he's an israelian :) My frens came up with "the tortoise" nickname for him... suit him well!

ALMOST is nothing :) It's so true. If u are not the winner - u r the loser! This applies not just in football - it's in our daily life too :) Some choose not to participate , choose not to be involved - with the thought - if u dont fight , u wont lose. However , by choosing not to be tangled in anything - u are the first loser! Whatever it is - never ever go down without a fight. Keep trying hard for what u want , keep struggling, and keep striving! Someway, somehow - if u try hard enuf - eventually u'll come out as a winner!!!! Never ever give up!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Russian State Medical University

Finally , after 3 days journey - I reached the university library :) How far is it actually the library from my castle? According to the google map - about 1.4km! That far! I have not been to the university for quite a while... this year.. only been to the university 4 times. 2 times for the visas stuff , 1 time to take the hygiene exam and 1 time to the library. So, technically- yesterday was my 5th time visit to the university! Yeayyy......

This is the RSMU Library - yup - this fancy library - with mural all around it! Cool isnt it? Trust me... the librarians are colder! ( not cool-er! ) The real plan was to go to the library on friday , but then -it so happened on that particular day - I was so busy thinking of what to do during the weekend :P - therefore the plan was postponed. But, I managed to get my head together this morning and finally I was able to see the university again! Well - miracle does happened rite? Since all the class and lectures for the 5th and final years students are conducted in the hospitals - we hardly go to the university anymore. The hospitals are our university :)
Nothing much to be said about my university - except for its great history :) The university is already more than 100 years old - and finally they started doing some renovation to the buildings. The prettiest thing about the RSMU university - is this big mural :) It does gave me goose bumps everytime I take a close look at this mural .... will write more about my beloved university in the future entry .... ( another promise?? ... hahaha.... )

Monday, May 26, 2008

Moscow Sate!

She's not a ghost ... yet :P Just a model for our home made sate. That's Lee Lee - han teo gf - ( just to make it clear :P) - Anyway, it has been raining in moscow for the past.... 5 days I reckon. It's getting cold again here. This morning - I woke up to found out the temperature had gone down to 5 degrees again. Well , technically - 5 degrees is considered not that cold in Russia - but then , it's near summer now and the temperature should be around 15-25 degrees during May. What can I say, thanks to the global warming rite :) The rumour said that the polar bears and the whales are doing mass protest at the artic rite now - against the global warming :P - wish them luck! It took more than 1 billion ppl ( and animals ) to cause global warming. If we dont have 1 billion ppl ( and animals , cows especially ) who care enuf to start taking care of the earth - the global warming is unstoppable! ( I heard that the cows just dont care about the pollution at all )

Wow.... what a long boring lecture!

Therefore - since the weather wasnt that friendly for any outdoor activities during the weekend - we decided to have a little "indoor picnic" . The real plan was to go for a drive - but then, none of us have car here in moscow - unsuprisingly :) What about the car rental then? - the car rental in moscow , is a bit "crazy". Remind me to write about the car rental in moscow in my future entry

... ok ok ... back to the picnic..

Since the lads were pretty much bored with the same "good-old fashion" bbq menu - we decided to try something different and I suggested sate! I was just fooling around to start with but the lads were very excited with my crazy idea. I told them - doing sate is a messy job and I'm gonna need a lot of helps ! hahaha... Guess what , the nite b4 the bbq - Por, LeeLee , Han and Jeya came to room to help me and shida preparing the sate and the "kuah kacang" They were very excited coz it was their first time doing sate in moscow. Therefore - I let them to do all the jobs - I just supervised .... For me and shida - that was our 3rd time doing sate in moscow and last weekend was the 1st one we did for free!

The 1st time - was 4 years ago - made sate for the embassy during hari raya celebration - good money :) how much? it's a secret. 2nd time - was last year - Really good money even thou it took us a week to recover from the fatigue. 3rd time - no fatigue at all , coz the lads helped a lot :) and I have to admit , the 3rd time was the best one coz there was no pressure at all -purely for fun.

These are the sate :) Yummmmyyyyy.... One thing I really hate about making sate - the smoke made during the grilling. We basically smoked the whole floor while grilling the sate. But, who cares rite ( except for the neighbours! ) - the good taste of the real malaysian food that matter the most. Everyone enjoyed the sate very much and those lads who made the sate also were satisfied with their hardwork. Let's do this again guys!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Faris Petra

My beloved secondary school - SMS Tengku Muhamad Faris Petra :) I had a million of lovely memories there - that was the place who teached me a lot , the place where the dreams were made and persued.

My laptop has becomed so slow lately. Well, it's a bit "aged" already , but I loved my current laptop - my acer :) Maybe not the most expensive or the most beautiful laptop one could have , but it's my 1st laptop and I love it :) However, since the hard disk is a little bit FULL - it becomes very slow and pretty much annoying. Therefore, I decided to do a little bit of cleaning up , hoping that the speed will be back to normal.
First thing first - I burned all my photos collection on the cd. During that boring+slow process - I stumbled into these few photos , my moscow memoirs. I know for the fact that - once these photos go inside the cd - I hardly see them again. These are the choosen ones. Found a few photos of me and zak. Zak is a fren of mine - we came from the same school - FARIS PETRA , and now we are studying at the same university.
10 years ago - while both of us were still busy training basketball every evening under the hot sunshine in Faris Petra - none of us would have thought of studying overseas. It seemed to be an untouchable dream . Frankly speaking , when I was in form 1 - never thought that I could be a medical student - never came across my mind that I could be one . Back then - the main target was to get 9a's in every final exams and thank God - I managed to do that since form 1. ( masuk bakul angkat sendiri sket! )
I still remember -when I was in form 2 - I was so amazed with my seniors who got 6 aggregate in their SPM. In my mind - I thought I could never do that. Then, when the teachers mentioned about the seniors who managed to get scholarship from Petronas , from PNB, from JPA n MARA to go overseas - I was just praying that my SPM result would be good enuf for me to get a JPA scholarship to do the engineering degree at the local university. It was until I got my PMR result - then I know what I wanted to be and I realized that I could be as good as my seniors.

But then , a dream itself - was just not good enuf. After a successful PMR exam - my form 4 was a bit disasterous ! The honeymoon "form 4" nearly killed my future. My academic performance took a " deep dip". I was in form 4 as I was a bit busy with my extra curricular activities and a few other non extra curricular activities which I shouldnt mention here :P . Those non academical-stuff that I did - left a big scar in my record book . I wasnt able to balance my studies and my "non-studies" . However , I was lucky to realize about it before I entered form 5. I still remembered my english language teacher , Pn Rozie - she was the one who gave me the wake up call. One afternoon , she called me into the staffroom and gave me a long lecture of how much I had changed personally and how much my studies had been affected. That was the turning point in my life. I somehow - with the helps from the teachers and my frens - managed to get myself together , resetted my mind , and focussed back on my core business - to study. I have to admit that my form 4 final year exam result wasnt as impressing as my other final year results. It kinda " too little too late" for me to save my form 4.
In form 5 - I tried so hard to get back into the "best students" list. It wasnt easy since I was still busy with my basketball team and a few other extra-co activities. I retired from the debate team to give more time for my studies at that year ( yes, I choosed basketball over debate ) Thank God, everything pretty much went well except for the part I was hospitalized for a few days during the SPM trial exam. Luckily not during the real SPM exam. During that year also ( in form 5 ) I knew that I wanted to be a doctor and I was praying to get the scholarship to futher my study oversea. Alhamdulillah .... 6 years later - here am I ... waiting for my graduation day.....
Looking back at those time - wow.... I couldnt believe that I finally ... so close to my dream of being a doctor.
That was my short story , those were the days , those were the history , my history. Not to impress anyone - but just a reminder to myself - to keep working hard , to keep struggling for my future. I had gone thru a lot to give up everything now. I have everything to lose...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What the REAL docs said :) part 2

Regarding my previous entry , here's a brilliant comment from a senior doctor ( he's now a specialist in HUSM)

u can visit his blog at

Dr rizhan said...
dearest young doctors

1/ dont worry - as i have mentioned before -> as a senior doctor - i have never judged a junior doctor based on their place @ country of graduation. Its individualised. What i look for for a houseman is commitment and attitude, then knowledge. I believe that if u have good commitment and attitude than you have sufficient armouries to be a good doctor. I believe that many specialists now have this kind of perception hannan (and others)...this is all i expect from u all, and i hope that we can work in a harmonious and effective relationship if we are ever put in the same hospital ....I pernah ada HO yang datang kerja lambat dari i...kalau sekali dua understandable takpe ni dua tiga kali seminggu - so yang ni memang carik pasal le...and maybe ur senior edwin tu ada similar problem i dun itule example2 dia ok.

2/ enjoy - enjoy - enjoy - enjoy masa ur student. nothing wrong with that as long as u never neglect ur responsibilities to acquire sufficient knowledge to be a doctor. I dulu masa kat NZ he he outdoor seekers and compulsive gamers hu hu - tak payahle detailkan zaman muda muda i tu he balance kena betul..dah jadi junior doctors nanti tak banyak masa nak enjoy so masa ni take the opportunities.

3/ Just remember - apa kerja yang kita buat ni satu niat kena betulkan ..bukan kita berlagak nak jadi doktor cuma kita niatkan segala kerja kita untuk ibadah , then i rasa kita akan enjoy kerja kita more..4/ JUST MY NINE CENTS NOT MY NONSENSE.............TAKE CARE,

Thank you Dr Rizhan :) Appreciate it a lot!

My reply

"Muss said...
bro look like u enjoy gilaa.... u from moscow university bro???? i like to warn u bro ...there a fellow name Dr Edwin Jude .... the worst ever dr produced by moscow university currently working in alor setar bro...if ur standard is like him ...u better study hard bro... else u comeback to malaysia just like pain in the ass bro other doctors hard bro ...jangan main main
May 23, 2008 11:03:00 AM"

Again, how I hate to do this. In a way, I could just delete the comment above , however - I couldnt sleep well tonite if I just leave this matter hanging unreplied.

To start with , it would be more appropriate - if u could give ur real name and contact should u want to give any statement or comment in my blog. Easier for me and the other readers to ask for affirmation and conformation should there is any "questionable" issue. For instance , like the comment above from muss - I dont know who are u? Maybe he's a doctor, maybe she's a nurse or maybe he's just a patient - no one know for sure . It would be nicer if u could identify urselves sir/madam :)

Secondly , I'm not denying that Dr Edwin was a student in moscow. Nonetheless , the performance of one graduate doesnt represent the university as a whole. Maybe the medical universities in moscow arent the best in the world and here we are studying in Russian Language instead of english. However, I believe - the graduates from moscow do have what it takes to be a doc. The universities here are recognized worldwide and FYI I'm a JPA scholar - meaning the malaysian government does recognized our university. Not saying here that we are really excellent medical students - some might be and some might not be so good. But, the main point is - I personally think that it's "unfair" to label the university based on one graduates performances.

I'm one of the JPA pioneer group here in moscow. We are the 1st group sent by the JPA to study in Russia. Hopefully, all of us will be graduating this summer and then go back to malaysia to serve the country. I have to admit, there are a lot of differences btwn malaysian n russian system and we might need a little time to get used to that. However, in general - we do have the knowledge. Needless to say here that, no matter how good u are as a student , doesnt mean that u'll be a great doctor. ( that's what Dr Natrah said before here! ) Therefore - to all doctors in Malaysia , " berikan kami tunjuk ajar , mana yang salah - harap betulkan."


Ok, next!

Maybe all u see/read from my blog are just fun and games all week long for me. Just play , write blog and no study. Honestly , what u see/know about me from reading this blog - is just 5% of me ( unless u have been reading this blog from the beginning ... )

I started writing blog with because I want to have something else to think about instead of my boring life as a medical student. Yes, being a med student is pretty much a boring job. Should I decided to write about my real daily life in every entry - it will be like this ...

"... woke up early in the morning, had shower - ate breakfast while reading some notes, took the bus , then the metro. Did some revision on the metro - until reached the hospital. Evening , went back home ... cook dinner , study then off to bed..... "

that's my real life and I know it's damn boring. The blogging part is in the middle of the studying and b4 sleep. There's no point blogging about it everyday - even me myself feel like vomiting just reading about it. Therefore - I choosed to blog about the interesting part of my life. Sometimes, should I have some free time - I went out and have a little bit of fun. That are the parts u read in my blog. The parts when I was so tensed with my exams and how difficult it's actually to be a med student - I wouldnt be bothered to blog about it anymore ( I used to blog about it last time and it was lame ) coz - blogging supposedly make me feel better and I WANT MY BLOG TO BE MY HAPPY PLACE , a place when i look at it, I could smile and forget about the "difficult" part of my life. Therefore , pls dont judge my personal life based on what u read here - it's really just a small part of me.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Lovely day even thou it has been raining since morning till evening. Maybe it's the tears of the chelsea fan. Get a grip will ya? The season is over and Man Utd is a clear winner. Be a gentleman and salute the champ!

It has been a quite day for me. A quite celebration day since my outdoor plan has been cancelled. Supposed to go out and play basketball - but the gloomy rainy weather stopped us. Not a good idea to go out during kind of weather - could easily get infected by flu especially. Hopefully the sunny and warm weather will be back soon enuf - therefore my weekend plan no need any reschedule.
me and zak were "karaoke-ing" at the CPL festival at the Playstation booth. We drawed quite a number of crowd to the booth ... hahahaha...
ameer managed to capture this photo when I was singing. The girl beside shida was singing along with me ... hahah... good times :) In the future , I would tell my grandchildren - " ur grandpa once sang his heart out at the red square ! "

Tomorrow gonna be quite a busy day for me. Need to run to the hospital early in the morning to get my credit. Then, need to rush to the library to get some books my coming final exam.. then.. maybe if the weather is fine - join the bbq.

My football fever is pretty much over until the next season starts. Not really interested in the coming Euro Cup since my fav team -England , failed to qualify! The best thing about watching football is - to tease the loser's fan! That's the beauty of the game. However, the teasing has its limit and in the end of the day - it's just a game. U can do a naked dance if ur team win , but u need to be smart at the same time. It might backfire! However , if u are a man utd fan - u need no worry coz man utd is the best team !

I love futbal. It does come to my mind - since it's impossible for me to be a pro football player, maybe I just do what Abramovich did. Well, obviously I dont have that much money. However , should I have some money , I would love to buy a local Malaysian Club , for example - Kelantan. Then, bring all the ex- famous player ( it's more logical! ) for example - Andy Cole and Yorke. Even thou these players maybe not the best in the field - they could attract the crowd which is very important for the revenue! At the same time , they could help improving the skills and technique of the local players. It's a win win situation. The fans get to watch the world class futbal everyweek , the owners of the clubs could make a lot money and maybe the Malaysian football team could start winning ! Well... that's just one of my sky high drem...... the world - it's all about money!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


WE WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CUP AND WE REALLY DESERVED IT! What a great match. I have to admit , having to wait until the penalty kicks ended - I have all kind of insects in my stomach ( not just butterflies! ) Eventually - if it's meant to be... then it's meant to be. Nothing would change the fact that MAN UTD has won it.... like it or not.. we are the champion..

" Some said , football is a matter of life and death. I'm very dissapointed with that statement. Believe me.... it's way more than that... "

I would like to congratulate the team and of course - the man utd FANS. Without the fans , the MUFC is nothing! Therefore - we are the heart of the team!
A punch on the face for DROGBA. He was sent off last nite for "slapping" Nemanja Vidic during the second half of the extra time. What a stupid thing to do as a professional footballer. Football isnt just a physical game at all.. it's a mind game as well. U need to control ur nerve until the final whistle is blown. Unfortunately, Drogba anger had caused him " a walk of shame" during this important match.
Me and the chelsea fan. Shida is a man utd fan , she just happened to wear blue yesterday. Chin Joo and LeeLee are the chelsea fan. Han teo is a juve fan but he hated man utd .... so that makes him a chelsea fan as well. Well, these are the people who made united victory even sweeter! How I wish I could have take a photo of LeeLee's face after the match finished just now :P
Well.. that's all. Game over. MAN UTD is the champ! The trophy is flying back to manchester tomorrow. Again, congratulation to man utd!!!!! I'm flying high... up up to the mooooonnn... Sorry chelsea fans... try again next time - maybe in 20 years time after cristiano ronaldo stops playing football?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


4 more hours to the kick off of the biggest match of this year! Well, maybe this is the best champions league final ever! I could hardly wait. The weather in moscow rite now - is a bit gloomy. The heavy rain just ended and the sky looks a bit clearer compared to early this morning. Even thou it's gonna rain tonite during the match, I'm sure i wont cause too much trouble to the players since most of the games played in UK - accompanied by rain.
I queed up for 2 hours ( maybe more ) just to take a closer look of this trophy! Hopefully it will fly back to manchester tomorrow morning... I believe it will! Definitely Maybe!
Final Moscow 2008 scarf. I was quite suprised that it was made in UK. Usually these kind of stuff are made from China , or thailand! Gonna wear the scarf to watch the match tonite... Glory glory MAN UTD

DUE TO THE SAFETY REASON - NO BIG SCREEN FOR TONITE GAME at the fan fest. Yup, UEFA has decided to ban all big screen after what happened in Manchester last week. Thanks to british hooligans, the rest of the world have to pay for the consequence! Big riot/fight happened in manchester last week after the uefa cup final - causing a lot of damages and injury to the fans. Therefore - no big screen in moscow. However, u can watch the match in big screen at the bars and the pubs. No problemo - just no fan fest... what a turndown...

cycling at the kremlin !

After visiting the fan fest at the kremlin yesterday, I met up with a good fren of mine - JED :) Yeah, we met thru basketball. 6 years ago - he came all the way to our university gym to play basketball with us. ( he's studying in diff university ) At first I thought he's from china since he speak no malay. But, as soon as I found out that he's a fellow malaysian , we became buddies :) However, since I stopped playing basketball - I hardly met him for the past few years ( I stopped playing basketball for 2 years ). Now I'm back to the court !
Jed and I. Nowdays , Jed had found a new hobby - cycling! Apparently, this hobby is pretty expensive! The green bicycle I was riding costed nearly RM10K! No kidding. The owner ( Garry) must be damn rich! Wow.. u could actually buy a second hand car for that amount of money!
I tried a few rounds riding this luxury bicycle. Few polices were keeping eyes on us. But, they didnt do anything. Few years back , I could have been shot for riding bicycle around the kremlin (just a figure of speech). But, as the russian government has become more "open" nowdays, it's no problemo at all. Not that I was trying to fool the authority by cycling around the kremlin , no offence rite.

More photos of the champions festival coming soon>! the big day is tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Champions Festival Moscow 08 - 19 May

As the sun was shining today at 8.00 pm the MAN UTD team had landed on moscow ! They are finally here. However, since it's pretty impossible to go to the airport and wait for the team to arrive ( the security was extra tight ! , no point going there! ) - the next best thing to do is to visit the champions festival at the kremlin! We went straight to the kremlin from the hospital earlier this evening. Luckily there were not as much ppl as there were on sunday and saturday. But the que to see the trophy was damn long..... I need to go there again - this time to take a closer look at the famous champions league trophy!

Welcome MAN UTD and CHELSEA! What a perfect timing for this historical champions league final. On my final year in europe and it's happening in moscow - I can hardly ask for more. ( Well, it would be better if I have the ticket to go and watch the match LIVE at the Luzniki stadium this wednesday! ) . No big deal thou - I'm sure the will be a big screen here ( at the kremlin ) to show the match LIVE and the atmosphere at the kremlin itself should be just great!
Cristiano Ronaldo - the Man! I hope he'll score the winning goal during the final. He pretty much scored in every game he played this year. 41 goals in all competition , for a winger - it's such a great achivement. The best part is - he's still damn young! Hope he could mantain his spectacular performance in the future! forever UNITED!!!!Me n Dr Syu :) Yes - she's my senior in moscow and she's already a doctor now. Came back to moscow just to watch the game Live. She's damn lucky to have the ticket for the final match ! Unfortunately, she's chelsea fan.... sigh..

my fellow fren from MMA - chun lin:) also a final year student! Technically, the champions festival is full of malaysians! Yeah, just go there - anytime , I bet u'll meet at least a group of malaysian at this time. Lots of free stuffs were given away at this festival! How could malaysian ( including me! ) miss that rite.... :P

More photos coming soon.... let's the game begin!

What the REAL docs said :)

Concerning the issue of condemning the oversea medical students - I have personally asked for comments from the REAL doctors and here are their responses

Dr Hapizi said...
ermm..let me give my personal view here..a few lines..having graduated from local U and served in govt hosp many years,..probably u all (local or oversea)..yg masih lg medical student..belum 'nampak' dunia luar. jd masing2 'perasan' bagus..hehe..samalah...kat local u pun...budak UM perasan lg bagus....budak ukm plk perasan dia lg pandai...bla bla bla..tapi believe me..once u all jd HO and later on MO n speciallist...takde lagi sentimen-sentimen mcm u grad from local ke, indon ke india ke uk ke moscow ke....sama je..maybe those grad from luar tu ambik masa few weeks or months utk sesuaikan diri dgn suasana hospital dan karenah pesakit di sini...lepas tu evrything will be the same.I had the feeling penulis surat tu ialah mahasiswa junior UM yg menulis terlalu emosional.just forget n forgive him/her...anyway my personal view..probably its more appropriate to do undergrad in local n postgrad in overseas. we hardly see any multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis,churg- strauss sndrome etc here. the wards were flooded with uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, chest infection, dengue, renal failure, PUO,asthmatic, COAD etc etc whose basically know nothing about their disease....and we dont need 'high-tech' diagnostic tools as you might have learned 0/c to diagnose and treat these majority of patients..hehe..anyway...all the best and get to work soon. see ya!
May 18, 2008 4:38:00 AM

DBI said...
salam hannan,aiyo...macam tajuk bahas menengah rendah ni... belajar didalam negeri lebih baik dari luar negara.... :-Ptak kiralah di mana pun belajar, yang penting ilmu yang kita dapat..boleh kah di gunakan untuk manafaat semua...itu semuanya bergantung kepada attitude individu..ada pelajar local bagus, ada pelajar oversea bagus...macam macam..
May 18, 2008 9:44:00 AM

natrah said...
hannan,hmmm quite a hot topic ya..:)Personally I think wherever you were trained doesn't matters...yg penting ur attitude..and again from my experience tak semestinya u are good masa you student you'll be a good and caring doctor..and you mungkin takkan jd lousy doc even you did badly masa you student :)Hannan..I think mb tu tgh stress kot kan sekarang ni tgh nk final exam kan?...hehhehehehe just forgive him/her lah...
May 18, 2008 11:47:00 AM

rizhan said...
bro hannan...apa yang i nak cakap dah dicakapkan oleh commenter di atas...My personal experience - it doesnt matter whether you studied o/c or local - ur attitude would determine whether you would be a good or lousy doctors. Then knowledge comes - i believe that if u have good attitude then sufficient knowledge would follow. I have had lousy local doctors working under me or with me....dari UM pun ada sorry 2 say. Knowledge pun hancuss...And i have had lousy doctors from o/c as well tak kira le india ke ireland ke ukraine ke....So gitulah..i have had brilliant one too - some locals some o/c....And to Mr MB - i studied undergrad o/c - and manage nak jadi doktor pakar with local master programme....os nothing is impossible....So u better be a doctor first than you can write again okay...
May 18, 2008 8:25:00 PM

Shah said...
Sorry for the delay in posting a comment here :-)In my opinion it's unfair to generalize the way the writer has done. To be fair - it doesn't matter if you're educated overseas or locally, there will always be docs who don't perform up to their expected level. It's not because of their place of education but rather their own attitudes. Local ke overseas ke kalau someone tu jenis yang tak kisah pasal education and clinical exposure masa student, then masa dah jadi HO nanti sure kualiti kerja pun lemah. Kebanyakkan akan improve selepas beberapa bulan berkerja. Apa yang dibelajar kat Med School mungkin hanya 50% je membantu masa mula berkerja nanti - selebihnya apa yang dibelajar masa HO so kalau masa jadi HO pun pemalas & jenis tak nak belajar tugasan klinikal, sampai bila pun tak akan improve tak kira la samada educated overseas ke locally.
May 19, 2008 6:11:00 PM

I would like to thank all the doctors who had given their personal view on this issue. Appreciate it a lot docs!

Hopefully , by reading the comments from the Real doctors themselves - we all can be very clear about the issue. Therefore - I hereby would like not to discuss about this issue anymore.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Swan Lake

This white building The State Kremlin Palace (Russian: Государственный Кремлёвский Дворец), formerly and unofficially still better known as the Kremlin Palace of Congresses (Кремлёвский Дворец съездов), is a large modern building inside the Moscow Kremlin. Yes, it's inside the kremlin itself. It's has a big hall/ theater that can fit 6000 ppl at the same time.

This is the place we went yesterday to watch the ballet - the famous ballet - Swan Lake. This famous ballet is created by Tchaikovsky. I'm sure this name sound pretty familiar. Yeah, he's the famous russian composer... u know.. that guy who was good in piano and whatsoever.

Am I a big fan of the ballet and classical theater ? Well, that what I wrote on my resume. But the ugly fact is - I dont know how to appreciate this kind of art :P It's like how most ladies ( and some guys) who didnt know how to appreciate football - that's how much I dont understand classic musical play. Nevertheless, since this SWAN LAKE is a very famous ballet - I braced myself to go and watch it for the first time.

Technically, it was prohibited to take photos during the play , but I saw a lot of russians were busy with their cameras as soon as the show started, therefore , I did the same thing to make sure I didnt sleep too much. These 2 photos are some of my end result of that day ... not bad huh using an old compact digicam. Shida was really into the show, she didnt even blinked once during the play!!!! But I was better, I didnt even move my eyes at all - coz I was sleeping!

Nonetheless, for those art-lovers, the Swan Lake is such an amazing performance. Actually I was sleeping mostly during the prince and the joker were dancing. But, when the swan ( the girls ) started to dance - I was back into life again. Those swans are really pretty! hahahaha.....

Yesterday was my 2nd theater ever in moscow. The 1st one was The Cats! But, the swan lake is different , it's the classical - made by the famous tchaikovsky. The only thing in common that I found in those 2 plays is - I slept during both shows :P

This is the entrance into the Kremlin. Yup, the security was pretty tough considering the theater itself is located inside the kremlin. So, technically speaking - u can sneak inside the kremlin thru this gate.
This is the musical team for the SWAN Lake ballet. I went to the front stage during the break of the play to see these ppl who has been playing live music thru out the show.
Happy face after a long good rest inside the theater :) U see that yellow building behind me? That's the president's office. The white line is the limit for the public.

Yeah, another lovely weekend . Not many weekend left for me in moscow. Already made plans for coming weekends.... Weekday is for study, weekend is to enjoy. That's my current schedule until the day I left moscow!