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Monday, May 12, 2008

GLORY GLORY MAN UTD .. happy mother's day!

What a great day today is :) Well.. where do I start? Today, it's the mother's day! Wishing my mama and all the mums out there - a merry mother's day! U r my sunshine... my only sunshine.. u make me happy... :) Thanks a lot mama for everything! Only God could repay u for raising me up. I LOVE u mama!
Therefore , the best gift for this year mother's day is......................MAN UTD won the PREMIERSHIP! So long chels**t! I told u rite that man utd will win the league this year. Cant wait for this coming 21 may to see man utd beat chelsea ass in moscow !
The only downfall for today is - i need to sleep early tonite because I need to wake up very early tomorrow morning. No time for celebration I guess. Even so, I'm sure I'll be sleeping with a big smile. Let's hope for a great day tomorrow!


annapeje said...

thanks 4 da comment :P ahaks cake i tetap jd event baru pes time wat ahaks :P

Hannan said...

anna :) harap2 jadi la cake u tu ek!@

mummysyafie said...

anak omak nih..!

pearlEJ said...

dalam dok wish happy mother's day tu pun boleh gak dok selit gambar MU.. :p