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Saturday, April 23, 2011

no big news... but it's on the news again

it's on the news again...
click here  for the whole story in the berita harian website...

i've written about this issue here , so many times..
and i'm pretty sure the readers here are pretty much tired of reading about pathetic and sad government life..
long working hours ... minimal pay...
yeah... sound like indonesian buruh...
as a matter of fact..
i reckon , our ministers talk more about indonesian amah welfare compared to our government doctor welfare
sorry to say that
but , that's the truth

dear my beloved prime minister , Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak...
please treat as us as well as we treat our patient..

for crying out loud.. i have to park my car 500 meter from my ward i'm in charge
i have to park my car at the psychiatric hospital everyday
and that was not even in the hospital compound..
considering our job is saving people life
it's too much to ask for dedicated parking slots for doctors?

boring dah tulis pasal ni....

Friday, April 22, 2011

thank you , and thank you again

thank you and thank you..

out of 1000 people out there who love you ,
there will be at least 1 person u hated u.
it's just a cycle of nature
we are human
we have feeling..
the  jealousy , hatred ...
all those self destructing feeling
which eventually bring no good to everyone

be thankful for what we have
always be nice to other
but there is always limit for that , not until the extend of u getting bullied over....

listen to the good advices given to u..
sometimes we didnt realize we are on the wrong path
as a human being... it's our nature to be misleaded at times...

be someone who forgive and forget...
u ll find the world is a better place once u upon up ur heart and mind...

let's pray for a wonderful life
let's hope for a better days ahead of us!

off the gym...
jom bersenam kawan2...

cukup setakat ini yer ceramah pagi jumaat.
jangan lupe solat jumaat bagi umat jantan2 di luar sana...
ingatan utk semua termasuk saya jua!
senyum-senyum selalau

life is too short to be sad and gloomy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what happened was

being a doctor may be the most noble job in the world
but at times , 
it could be very dangerous as well...
once upon a time 
i was doing locum at a private clinic...

one day , came this one big family 
bringing their beloved son
he's about 19 years old
good looking , loveable and look healthy physically
but he was brought to the clinic that night as he was having shortness of breath

then came the mother into the treatment room..
"doctor ! quickly see my son... he's having asthmatic attack!  quick quick !" yelled the fat ugly mother...
I was seeing other patient that time and I told her 
" occay , i'll see him after this patient "
she gave me the " not satisfied look" and went out ...

then i called in the sick boy..
he came in accompanied by his mother , 2 fat sisters and fierce looking father..
" quickly examine my brother " ordered the fat sister..
" settle down... calm down.. let me do my job " i replied...

then i check that boy ...  in and out..
i examined everything...
after i've done  ,  I smiled at the family..
i told the ugly mother  "he's fine , just having a panic attack ... "
then the mother yelled at me again " doctor! my son is having asthmatic attack!  give him the meds! he's so sick , he cant breath... you idiot doctor! "
i said nothing....
then i asked all of them to leave 

it was just me and the kid in the room...
i kindly asked the kid " hey boy .... just tell me the truth here occay , no bullshit.. no crap... i know what's wrong with u ... just admit it ! ur mother is sooooooooooo bloody annoying! "
" i need the pill doc! dah 2 hari x dpt pil kuda ni doc... please help me " the boy begged me...
" screw you.... i had enough of ur family... go home and pray to Allah" i told off the boy...

clearly , he was having the withdrawal syndrome
but i kept his secret from the family.. it's the patient-doctor thingy...

then the boy asked for my forgiveness for how his family reacted to me.
but it didnt end there...
the father came back into my room.
complaining about my poor medical skills, told me that i'm not qualified to be a doctor

i told him and his family to go home...
but he threatened to kill me...
and that was his mistake...

straight away ,
i made a call ...
a "fren" dropped by at the clinic..
5 mins later ... the father begging for my forgiveness.... on his kneess... kissing my shoes...

lesson to be learned 

1st - dont screw with me.
2nd - dont screw with me
3rd  - still dont screw with me 
4th - if ur healthy kid - suddenly had panic attack after not going out with frens for few days ....
u might talk to him before bringing him to doctor.... if not... u will look like a fool...

Sunday, April 17, 2011


different scenario at work everyday...
most commonly at the emergency room

scenario 1.

patient : doktor , tolong lah anak saya doktor... doktor buat lah ape yang patut... tolong lah doktor.. saya hanya mampu berdoa je... saya berserah pada tuhan... doktor buat lah yang terbaik untuk anak saya doktor,
terima kasih banyak2 doktor...

doctor : yer makcik , kami akan memberi rawatan yang terbaik kepada anak mak cik... sebaik yang kami mampu... seterusnya terserah lah kepada Yang Maha Esa....

scenario 2.

patient : doctor... i want u treat my son as soon as possible... he's ill and need urgent attention...  i've been waiting for u guys for quite sometimes...

doctor :  .......

patient : cepat la sket doktor... dah lama dah tunggu ni... die sakit ni....

( p.s - at the emergency department ... we doctors attend the most ill patient first .... the one who's dying need to be seen 1st....    ur son who's having panic attack because of drug " pill kuda " withdrawal syndrome is not considered as life threatening...  )

Friday, April 15, 2011

i catch a grenade for u!

she said " i'm more than a women "

I said " u must be a man then "

thank you miss tan vi jan for the lovely t shirt!
i love bruno mars very much and currently wearing it at the clinic
just now my patient asked me..
" wow , dr rock la.. minat bruno mars ek "
i just smiled

in the end of the day, i'm still a normal guy
if u meet me at the mall , or the gym
it wont cross ur mind that i m a bloody doctor!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

my open letter to the prime minister

Dear Prime minister
let me start here with a big salute to u...
u manage to rule the country for quite sometimes
and i reckon our country is doing quite well actually
people are still alive , no wars , inflation is under control
and no nuclear plant is being built so far

as a government worker
i'm happy to have a leader like you

but as a doctor
i would to pin point a few little thing that u might have overlooked
during ur current administration

as all my readers understood
i hate smoker
i hate cigarettes in general
as a doctor , this is our biggest enemy

i'm not denying , smoking cigarettes is one of the famous hobby / past times among our malaysian
everyone smokes.... the politician , the police , even people who works at the hospital

nevertheless , everyone is in denial state when it comes to this problem
nobody likes to see their children smoke cigarette ...
hell - some parent would beat their kids when they found out their kids do smoke cigaratte
but then ... is that all we can do..
try to prevent the kids from smoking?

Mr Najib...
do u realize , how much cigaratte has costed our country financially...
we have free health support - which is good and i salute u for that
but then ....
a lot of the money dedicated for health of our citizen
is used to treat diseases caused by smoking cigarattes
a disease that we caused ourselves..
the lung cancer... the chronic lung disease... COPD...
cost hundred of million a year to treat these people..
the amount of chemotheraphy  needed to treat the lung cancer patients...
u should have know better Mr Najib

yes i know , our country gained a lot from Malboro and Dunhill for the taxes
but then... is it worth it...

therefore ,
i would to suggest to u ... to ban cigaratte in Malaysia...
MR NAJIB.. if u do proposed this issue at the parliament..
i promise u , i'll vote for u for the rest of my life

but , until then... 

words of wisdom from kura kura...

  if u want to loose weight really quick..
u should learn from this lady...
she's good 
and she herself is the proven subject
KuraKuraDiBawahCawanKaca said...
       hai, this is my opinion.. i rasa u kena control ur portion intake.. jangan makan sekali harung je.. makan 5-6x sehari dalam portion sikit.. kalau u busy, u boleh makan protein bar or minum protein shake.. kalau u nak turun cepat, say bye2 kat nasi lemak, makanan manis2, lemak2..       drink 3liters of water tiap2 hari.. paling senang, bila celik je mata pagi2, habiskan 500-1000ml air.. selalunya kalau u stop minum makanan goreng2+berlemak and tinggalkan minuman manis, dalam 1-2 bulan dah tunjuk result.. nasi2 tu semua u tukar ke brown rice or wholewheat pasta.. lauk minyak2 sila kurangkan.. main rebus2 and grill je.. senang je, marinate chicken breast dengan black pepper and salt.. then grill.. makan dengan pasta..            after 7pm, jangan sentuh any carbo.. makan protein je.. pasal training pulak, takat lari manja2 kat treadmill lemak2 degil tu takkan cair.. u kena try buat High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) jog for 1minute, lepas tu sprinting as fast as u can for 30-60secs.. then jog balik.. ulang 5-7x.. ambik masa 20minit je.. it will burns ur legs likes hell! kalau nak best lagi, naikkan incline treadmill tuh.. untuk weight training, i rasa u kena tukar ur program.. kasi badan terkejut sikit.. barbell squat, bench press, deadlift and other compound exercise u kena buat 3-4x seminggu.. muscle can helps u to burn excess calories.. bagi i, tak perlu exercise tiap2 hari.. 4-5x seminggu okay dah.. yang penting tiap2 exercise yang u buat tuh, intensity mesti tinggi..                              exercise hanya tolong 30% je untuk turunkan berat, selebihnya ialah diet.. kalau exercise giler tapi makan 'makanan sampah' buat ape kan? mindset kena kuat.. disiplin and komited.. kasi masa 12weeks kat urself.. i know u can do it!! sorry doctor.. i memang tak tau cara nak tulis dengan ayat lembut2 ke ape.. bagi i ubat takkan membantu untuk sihat or kurus.. exercise+healthy food+rest je yang dapat membantu..

selamat pagi malaysia - tolong sebarkan yer !

i ve been meaning to put this photo online for everyone to see it clearly for quite a while
so here u go
tell everyone , foward this photo to ur beloved
i hope this will be a clear to all the perokok out there
merokok itu haram
dan menyusahkan para doktor
dan membazirkan duit rakyat utk merawat diorang ni


not the flash news
but something to be remember

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my patient made me drop a tear....

this rarely happened to me..
it's so touching..

@ the clinic today

a chinese guy , who was diagnosed with colon cancer , currently on chemotheraphy...
he's planned for operation somewhere next month
hence he came to see me today for the pre operative assessment..

i asked him..." uncle.. ape yg nak operate next month ni..."
he replied " nak buang kanser, lepas tu nak masuk balik stoma kat perut ni...
pakcik x selesa ade stoma ni... x bole nak buat kerja.."
then i told him... he's planned for other operation  , not for reversal of stoma
therefore i arrange him to see the surgeon again to discuss regarding the operation

before he left the room
he came to me.. shake both of my hand
and he said " doktor , saya mintak maaf banyak2 susahkan doktor...
saya x sekolah , x pandai pasal ni.. sebab tu saya susah faham sikit , terima kasih sebab beri penjelasan panjang lebar pasal penyakit saya ni .. saya harap doktor x marah..."
I was stunned... i was speechless..
he looked so naive and  innocent...

then i told him ... holding back my tear..
"pakcik.. this is my job... ni keje saya rawat orang, saya buat yang terbaik... saya doakan yang terbaik utk pakcik..."
he hugged me..
then i asked him to leave..
not gonna cry in front of everyone..

dont hate me coz i'm beautiful

first and foremost
i would like to thank all my readers for all the moral support
and all the tips given
for me - striving for my weight reduction programme
thank you so much..
it means a lot to me..
a simple word of " chaiyok" makes me grow stronger every second
and work harder every day

i'm a very ambitious person...
whenever i'm aiming for something
i will work extra hard for it.
and of course , i only dream for something which is possible..
my current dream is to be rich and famous
it does sound cocky
but that is something that kept me going every minute

as a human being , we need something to hold on
something to led us..
something to achieve
and then , our life will be a meaningful one..

i said to myself ,
one day i'll drive that convertible bmw 6 series
one day i will
hopefully i wont be too old by then

how am i gonna achieve my dream..
that's a secret ... hehehehe....
kalau nak cepat, jumpe bomoh kak limah belakang umah...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

nak kurus tips from dietician

a very interesting comment from a dietician regarding how to lose weight , it"s very informative....
ettyfazlimy said...
for wt reduction diet, we always suggest 1800 kcal n below... have to take main meals regularly do not skip meals...bfast, lunch n dinner no snacks... coz time nie lah, we tend to take sweet kuih or sugary drinks choose healthy cooking fried food or santan take lots of vege during main meals coz fiber will help you feel satiety longer n avoid to eat in big amount... aper lagik ek? jgn stress sgt..chaiyok2!!  --- >thank you kak etty for the free consultation.... will do my best.

merokok itu HARAM?

an honest question from a non muslim friend ..
" adakah merokok itu haram?'

well, if it's up to me.. i would say it's haram
even kelantan chief minister said that merokok itu haram...
there is a poster somewhere in the hospital..
a petition signed by all physician , cardiologist , consultant - all on term agreeing that smoking is HARAM in Islam..

coz it's hazardous , and it kills u.. and people around u..

a true story at my clinic today...

a lady came to see me for a pre operative assessement.
she's planned for some ENT operation next month.

as she sat on the chair at my desk,
i took a glance at her chest x ray ,
then i asked her... " mak cik , husband makcik perokok ke.. "
and she replied .." he just died 2 months ago due to lung cancer "

yes , if ur spouse is a chronic smoker..
u are likely to have the same complication..
the smoke from his cigaratte... most of them inhaled by people around them..
so , the wives are the usual victim of the situation..

yes i would say merokok is haram.
those who want to get married ,
dont marry a perokok..
if u r looking for a son in law...
make sure he doesnt smoke
or daugther will pay the price in the future...

i'm back on twitter

previouly i lost my twitter password..
hence i couldnt be bothered to retrieve it
somehow today,
i'm so rajin
and here i am..
back tweetiing!

so to my dear readers..
kindly add me on ur twitter
my email
or my id Dr_ Hannan

on diet part 2....

me is trying hard to lose my weight
exercising is easy for me
i went to the gym almost everyday
run on the thread mill for half an hour
do sit ups.. lift weight
no problemo

but the hard part is controlling my bloody diet

occay , to get a perfect body weight
base on my daily activity
i reckon i need about 2500 to 3000 kcal per day..
( any dietician out there , correct me if i am wrong )
my daily exercise at the gym usually cost me only about 600kcal
on normal exercise
if i do more than 1 hour , i'll burn about 1000kcal
still left another 2000kcal
my daily life ... walking, eating , driving , talking..... over 24hour ,
that should use about 1000-2000 kcal...

yes , that would be in the perfect world
but i'm not living in that perfect world

a plate of nasi lemak will give you about 600 kcal...
a glass of soy bean drink gave u 100kcal...
i ended up taking more than 3000kcal per day...

damn... a lot of numbers to be digest today...

now i'm thinking of ways to reduce my food intake..
how how how???
should i take drugs? easy way out definitely!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

membesar dengan sehat

not looking good....
after marriage syndrome
been gaining a lot of weight!
i've not been going to the gym for 3 month after the big day
on the big day , i was 70kg...
but now...
i dont want to tell
need to loose all the excess fat quickly
need to go back to the gym
eat properly
stay away from rice
no carbonated drinks for sure
more plain water...
and more exercise
we'll see the result within 2 month
remind me to write back about my weight comes my birthday this june

Friday, April 08, 2011

so what......he said f**k you

the world of soccer being bombarded by the news of the wayne rooney swearing on the national television

yes, he did said  something like F- you when he scored his hatrick last week when man united beat west ham ....
and for saying that on the national television ,
he was fined with 2 matches suspension
and the issue became so big  , all over the world

everyone was talking about it
even the chief of london police said he could have jailed rooney for doing that

but seriously? seriously?

just for swearing , he's the world enemy now?
some people are just too busy doing nothing
always bring up the un-important issue
and make a big fuss about that....
everyone swear ..
people do swear at certain occasion and times
u cant jail people for swearing...
it's nonesence

definitely it's not a good example for the kids out there
and we dont want our kid to swear here and there
but it's not a crime...
people just love making stupid issue

same thing is happening in our country..

in the bloody "PARLIMEN"
all the smart ass YB are so busy talking about the "SEX videos"
we dont elect u to talk about that in the "PARLIMEN"
u supposed to talk about "RAKYAT"
how to help us..
how to deal with the increasing oil price..
not about setting up royal commision ...
that thing would cost thousand of ringgit
there are "rakyat" out there who cant afford to eat everyday
and our YBs are busy talking about sex video in the bloody "parlimen"

Thursday, April 07, 2011

am i getting old?

man united won last night ,
in ur face carlo ancellotti!

last night was not about man united winning after all ,
last night was the first time for the past 2 years i managed to stay awake from 3 am to 5 am
to watch football!
hooray for me..

all these while ,
i thought i was getting old
i needed to sleep early everyday to wake up early everday for work

i remember when i just started working..
it was always late night dinner...
12 midnite was like an eventful afternoon for me
3 am was my usual good nite hour
then woke up every morning at 7 am ..
with a sleepy face went to work everyday...

not that i want to get back to that crazy routine again
nowdays ,
i slept at 11 pm ,
woke up at 6 am
it does sound very good and responsible
and boring as well
but it's how life supposed to be..
night time is time for rest

but once a while ,
i hope u could always stay awake when man utd is playing important matches!

a long absences...

sigh ,
my dear readers ,
so sorry i have not been writing for quite a while..
writer's block i guess
actually i was a bit busy lately ,
busy with what?
busy making plans in life...
too busy  ,
until i forgot that..
life is what happened while we are so busy making plans.