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Saturday, October 31, 2009

secantek bahasa... seindah pelangi


I was listening to the Anang's latest song...
separuh jiwa ... the song dedicated to his ex wife..

wonder why there wasnt any f word in the lyric..

a very wise fren of mine once said ( he's dead now )
... the best solution to avoid getting divorce, is not to get married at the first place...

yup.. damn true
most of the time.. we are the one who create our own problem
gave us endless headache...

me? yes.. i did that all the time
i cannot just live happily
i have this tendency...
always need to have a new challenge in my life..
must have something that will give me severe headache...
just lead a normal happy life.. not gonna work for me...
damn it..

pernah ku mecintaimu...tapi x begini...

my wallpaper...

lesson to be learned

a tip for new doctors on how to be a good houseman/intern

1. keep ur mouth shut!
2. be a nerd, do as u r ordered by the bosses!
3. unless u r damn good ( knowledgable ) about that disease - dont try to act smart... u gonna make a fool of urselves
4. if u dont know... say " I dont know"
5. if u got scold / screw up by ur senior - take it easy... they r not the one who pay ur salary...

yup... me is considered as a senior houseman at the hospital... and I learned a lot on how to survive as a houseman.
shut the f*** up at most of the time in front of ur bosses... and u'll do just fine.
talk less and just finish the damn job!

I'm very stressed out rite now.. very very...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

congratulation cousin!

it was my cousin's wedding last month.
she married a navy guy, from Ipoh
and yes.. I've never been to Ipoh before
I've been to Milan, but last month was my 1st visit to Ipoh
if it was not becoz of the wedding... I would never been there yet till today...

so.. congratulation to her!
wonderful wedding ceremony...
u know... army/navy style
with all those fancy sword show..
yes... they were throwing swords around as it was a preparation to go to war

Jawatan kosong!

Yes , my bistro has jobs opening
since I've been planing to "boom" my business
I need more workers...
So, if u stay in KB, or kelantan...
and know anyone who need a job,
please let me know..
I need

1. Cook/Chef/ Tukang masak
2. Waiter / waitress

Please let me know if there is anyone interested :)
call me @ 013 921 9029

Sunday, October 25, 2009

happy birthday housemate

happy birthday to Dr Sanjay, my housemate
we celebrated it @ my cafe - ALAHYUMI BISTRO
today the cafe was packed
everyone came to watch man utd vs liverpool..
yes i know, united lost.. bla bla bla..
not the best day for the team
but business went well my bistro

to choose btwn , united winning or my bistro make more money...
well... it's a tough one..
it's like choosing either to get a son or a daugther..
not that I was in that situation before,
just a metaphor

it felt wierd to be back writing in blog
i'm not used to it yet ..
but i'll keep writing
lots of things going on my mind lately
and I really need to spill it out..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

i'm back

I'm back.
hopefully I'll be back for long
dont have much time to write lately
been busy with my day job as a doctor
and my evening job as a bistro owner
bloody hell.. it was damn tiring

Now that my bistro is wifi ready,
I hope that my blog will be alive again
we'll see
I miss u all a lot..
damn a lot!