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Friday, October 31, 2008

btn day 3

btn camp, day 3 ( the photo above has nothing to do with my btn course , that's umar my nephew and since he loves to climb the tv, I'll just put him on the tv instead )

Life is good here. Everything is fine. The food is fine, the classes are fun and interesting. It's pretty much depend on how u deal with it.
In my case, being at btn camp reminded me at being in the boarding school. For those who didnt know, I was studying at the boarding school ( sms faris petra )
Here, the routine is like a student routine in the hostel at boarding school. In some ways, I love being here. Of course the only downside is I dont have my phone ( same as at faris petra)
Not much complain. Made a lot of new frens. Listen to diff views. Sharing variety of knowledge. It's such a great experience and I'm enjoying it

Earlier this morning, we had the sport activity - 2km running. I used to run 10km per day when I was in the basketball team , no problem at all. So, this morning I thought I still got the same stamina, or half of it. But then, as we started running, I could feel my muscle just didnt correlate well with my brain. Obviously I gained a few kg and I havent been doing any sport for the past few months. It felt like trying to tow a lorry with a kancil. All that caused my stamina goes down to 10% of what i had before. Yet and still, I managed to finish in the front group and in a very respectable time :P

Need to do more running , and I'll get that as soon as I start working. Will be jumping here and there in the ward !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

busy busy busy

my e71 - out of service until this saturday.

Yes, I miss my phone a lot. Dah gatal jari ni nak picit2 mende... :P. Well, everyone is so used to have handphone in their pocket/hand/handbag at all times. Out of sudden, they just leave u alone. Not that I always busy with sms or calls ( which in fact I'm not - coz my phone is reserved for special ppl around me :P ) - nevertheless, it felt good and safer to have ur handphone near u. In my case - in my pocket at all times.

Worse - I cant take any photo also coz I dont have camera. My phone is my camera. So , no more photo from the camp. Hence for the next few days, all u can see here is just my crappy writing and random photos. Bear with it lor. What to do :P . I'm lucky enuf to have internet connection :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

back to school

yes... that's me. all dressed up in the black and white uniform. back to school style haircut. :P Yeah, sound boring. It's actually. But then it feels good to meet my classmates again here at the btn camp.

Yeah, me currently at the KLIA btn camp. My phone has been confiscated so technically I'm being disconnected with the outside world. Hope none of the fasilitator read my blog.

Nevertheless, I hope this camp will bring a lot of new info and idea , well.. definitely it will. Gonna be here until saturday. The room is quite comfy, 2 person per room. My roomate is from sarawak, very nice fellow. He's asleep now while I'm busy updating my blog. All for my beloved readers.

p/s - hoping to see a lot of SMS-es when I turn ON my phone again at the end of the course!

Off to the camp

dat's it. I'm done and I'm all packed up. Going to the camp rock today, thanks to my bro for sending me there! Yeah, I'm turning into commando :P
Last night I watched the movie tropic thunder with my frens. What a hillarious perfomance by ben stiller and Jack Black. Definitely a must watch movie in the cinema rite now!

I was reading the "the star" newspaper this morning and I accidentally read the horoscope section. Bear in mind that I hardly believe those thing. I dont believe all the horoscope +astrology thingy. Sometime the horoscope might be "accidentally" the right one. Most of time - they are just bullshit.

BUt then, when I read today horoscope for the "cancer" it says there - "it's time to change "
true enuf, my life is taking the big turn... and it starts today.

So long my dear readers. Hopefully I'll have the time to update my dear blog :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

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to all moms and dads out there, Do visit this blog for ur kids' stuff and needs.
In this blog u could buy the a lot of good stuff for ur kids :)
worth to try
Highly recomended, and to my dear frens, please pass the words around about this new exciting blog :)

the final day

Happy Deepavali to all my indian frens!
Me is in seremban now. Getting ready to go to my btn course in nilai tmrw. So, one last nite ..... anything happening in KL tonite????

Sunday, October 26, 2008

which hospital?

Where will I be posted? well, I cant answer this one. No definite answer from me. But, I'll keep everyone updated about that. Technically, I should be informed about my posting by this saturday or sunday during the start of my induction. Hencefoward , until then - pls do not ask me about that , yet :) As much as u want to know where will I be working , my heart beat 100 times more than that.

Last week, I was hanging out with my frens. One of them asked me about my life in moscow and my future plans. Let just named the her as x. X said , " I envy u a lot, I want to be in ur position"
Then I told x " well, what u see is just the fun part of me, that's the cover of my life, the pain in the ass parts are much more than u could imagine, it was never plain sailing .... "

Then another fren of me , Y - he replied to X " If u envy han, I envy u instead x! A LOT !! "
X said " why is dat ? I cant see any single reason ?? "
Y said " well, I'm a man. If I'm a girl like u, I could see and touch boobies anytime I want! "
pAANGg.... x Kicked Y in the ass...

We all just bursted into big laugh .

As a normal human being, we want what we dont have , but we forgot what we had. Typical.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

a new beginning

I came across these photos as I was transferring the files from my acer to the compaq lappy. The photos were taken 3 years ago , when we were in 4th year at moscow. Well, those were the days. Taka ( on the right , pink ) - is working at HKT. Idham ( on left , brown ) just got married. Two in the middle , me and faiz are going for the induction camp in pangkor. A new beginning for us.....

i'm leavin... NOT on a jetplane..

so sorry for the no update. me is very busy now - so called packing my stuff for my pangkor trip. Since the place is far far away + I'll take the bus + it's gonna be a longgggg holiday in pangkor - I need to pack my things very efficiently. I need a lot of stuffs but I cant bring everything. But one thing I cant live without ... my laptop.

The funny thing about my laptop ( the acer , on the right side in the photo ) - it's already 5 years old and it needs some extra ventilation to keep working. Meaning, it becomes hot easily and will shut down itself if i dont use the external fan

The other laptop , the compaq , on the left side - is the house's laptop. It's new but it has a bit of problem with the power supply.

Since I need something small and more reliable... I'll just bring the compaq... Sorry acer , we've been together for too long, I need to see someone new :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

holiday is over

my holiday is officially over. Finally, I have been called by the gov :P The induction course has been postponed due to the hari raya n deepavali. Hence, I'll only start my course starting on this tuesday. The BTN ( biro tata negara) will be held at nilai KLIA camp and the induction course will be at Pangkor bayview resort. Well, that's a good start!

Since the induction will be at an island , I wont be driving - meaning I'm gonna take the bus. Anyone out there can drive me from nilai/seremban to the btn camp? Anyone... yuhuuuuu

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just lose it

#this photo above has nothing to do with me or my writing , I just find it ..... very amusing :)

- ni beta nak tambah sket pasal perempuan ni kan :)
orang kata kan.. orang kata, x tau betul ke x... "sebaik-baik perhiasan ialah wanita solehah.."
so, kalau ade 4 wanita solehah? makin cantik kan rumah tu? correct me if I'm wrong ...

Truth been told , I'm not in the mood to blog - which explain why there were no update yesterday. Maybe that what they called it "writer's block" or the new term blogger block. But then , I do miss my blog a lot and I miss my reader ..... sigh.. too many thing been going on my head rite now.. Jiwa kacau ni... :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

then i said....

Suki Cida said...
tapi kenapa bila isu poligami je ikut nabi? and my opinion... tk ramai lelaki mewarisi sifat yang sepatutnya... now days lelaki take opportunity je...:(

han said -
1. dah bab poligami jer orang lelaki mampu ikut cik, yang lain kami x mampu....
2. kalau x opputunist , mcm mane nak berjaya kan? x gitu cik suki?

p/s -sayangi dan hargai kaum lelaki :P

Sunday, October 19, 2008

and she said...

Well, as expected - some of the ladies readers here are not in the same agreement about the arguement in my previous post. I could see this coming coz according to shakespear - ladies are very predictable. Die kate la... x tau la betul ke x :P

Anyway, some of u bring up the point of - "What if the women in the house is a working lady?" , "the wives need rest too and the husband gives a hand in taking care of the children". True enuf - totally agree with u :) Sebab tu la nabi s.a.w bagi umatnya kawin empat, bole tolong menolong sesama keluarga kan.. x gitu mak minah?

It's a very logic point if u think about it. But, should the husband cant afford to get another wife and choose to stick with one ( the working one in this case ) - definitely the husband needs to help out the wife in the daily household routine. Berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing...

and we - as "lelaki sejati" , we dont have any problem with the gfs/wives went shopping till they drop! Lantak hang la kan... :P - as long as u use ur own money :P hehehe.. just kidding.. of course the man need to pay the bills rite.

The ladies could spend all day at the shopping mall, from dawn till dusk, the children could stay in the nursery and the husbands.. we'll just spend the day at the mosque - praying for the happiness of the family.. aminnn..

happy weekend everyone , and yes - MAN UTD won last nite :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

the inner voice

went to pick up sohpie n jed from the jetty yesterday. 2 of them went to perhentian island again. Me being a good host, gave them a ride and send them to the bus station. All sophie had to do was a pose with vlv. Well, I dont need to ask her for this one , she pretty much volunteered :P

"To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.
To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all."

I reckon I should change this blog title to " pandora box into being a good wife/gf". Well , what can I say - being a man does give me a lot of views about women. I'm not telling you ( ladies ) what to do - I'm just giving the insider tips on what best for ur marriage and relationship. Above everything , the most important thing in relationship are honesty , trust and good lies.

For men - we dont need to hear the word " I LOVE YOU" everyday. All we needed is a little time watching football and f1 - that means more than I love you. When the team wins , it means I love u more.

When a wife tells the husband " Darling , why dont u go to the mamak and watch football with ur frens , I'll be home with the kids and knitting while watching martha stewart , See u later "

The husband interpret that sentence as "Darling , my love to u is deeper than the everything , go and refresh urselves than we'll make love tonite! "

That's how the mind of genius works. By genius - I mean the man's brain.

BUT , when the husband says " Darling aaa.. my frens are waiting at the mamak , we want to watch man utd trashs chelsea tonite , dont wait up aaa.. make sure the kids do their homework.. see u in the morning "

the husband really means " Dear beloved - urs truly need to go out and fight the battle, to kill the immotal bastard , dont wait for me , but I promise u - I'll be back with a bouquet a red roses and a diamond necklace , kiss the kids goodnite for me...... "

Somehow , the wives hardly understand the inner voice of men. Sigh.. such a dissapointment.

and the wife says " u aaaa crazy aaa? everyday also like that. Watch football la, f1 la, wrestling aaaa, skiing aa., I pray that ur team will lose tonite - u dont love me just say la... I'll go back to my mom's house tonite.. u take the kids to the mamak with tu.."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Men's pms

peraduan, cuba cari di mane saya! :P
"A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does."
Occay, let me continue being a love doctor here. I have another reader who asked me another question about men. What if men have PMS?
Well dear, as a matter of fact... men do have PMS, not what if... they already got it, long time ago.. sejak zaman batu lagi :) But in our malay tradition - we call it panas baran :P

Panas Baran/short tempered is a very common issue among wives and girlfriends. How to deal with this big national issue? Well, the WMA - world men association has come out with a few resolution. For ex, for muslim men, the wive must let their husband marries another wife - hencefoward - should the man get their pms - u have two (maybe 3) wives to handle the fire of rage :)

Just kidding, but it's a very logical answer if u think about it carefully. Bak kata orang melayu, sepakat membawa berkat! X gitu mak aji?

Nevertheless, tips to the ladies. If u husband/bf is a very short tampered man - if u still love him , try avoiding any confrontation when he's angry. Just leave him alone for a few mins. Then, come back to him when he cools down with a big smile and a big plate of his favourite food.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

mixed signal

this is my nephew - umar , holding a quail. Yup... he scares of nothing , which really scares the parent a lot. When we were about to slaughter the quails during the hari raya, umar was busy playing with one of them. Holding the quail as it was a teddy bear. Luckily he didnt slap the quail or gave a kick! Nevertheless , the ending for the quail - it becomes a part of our body now :)

A dear fren asked me about dealing with guy :)
Well, u came to the right person sister! hehehe... not that I have a lot of experience in relationship with women - I just do a lot of reading and research about this :P

Anyway, she asked me - what if , the guy gives a mixed signal towards u? Meaning, kadang-kadang lelaki tu nampak macam tergila2 kat u, pastu die buat mcm tak tau pulak, pastu die menggatal lagi, pastu die buat mcm xder ape2 pulak, pastu die buat2 macam nak gi pinang u, pastu die buat u ni macam adik pulak... and the cycle goes on....

So, that's a mixed signal from a guy. One thing I can be sure about , the mixed signal isnt 50%-50% thing . It's 10%-90%! Meaning, the guy ( or the bastard ) only 10% sure of what the heck he's doing! that's actually a 90% of uncertainty!

Hencefoward , if u are a lady, and there's a man out there gives u a mixed signal that he wants u , just play it cool occay!

NEVER EVER go upon him and sacrifice urselves! Well, some said - t0 make sure the man gets the other 90%, the lady needs to confront him and speak out the truth. Yeah, when u do that , the man might said he loves u and he wants to marry u ! It's true!
But, it's not pure and it's not what really comes from his heart. When u confront a man , he will reply back on the base of KELAKIAN / MANLINESS , not on the base of love or whatsoever.

Therefore, should u be in this situation... just follow the flow... let's him makes the move. If he doesnt, DEFINITELY, u are meant for a better guy. Bunga bukan sekuntum, kumbang bukan sekoq..

Saya akhiri ucapan saya dengan serangkap pantun...

Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have a good day!

the "A" theory :)
A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.
A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

the treatment

listening to the advises given , I finally decided to see the doctor to treat my fever :) Yeah, Dr Yusran. All I needed was a good conversation and a lot of laughing. Now , I'm kicking ass again :P . I went out after dinner last nite to have supper with Dr Yusran n frens at hayaki. After 2 glasses of ice lemon tea and a toast - I felt better already. The truth is - there are a lot of things being going on my mind lately. Too much stuff to be digested, too many disarray matters, too many problems to be solved. Hence, a single drop of rain, one little tiny sneeze - caused the fever.

I wrote about this before. There were times in our life - when everything turned out to be exactly what we wished for. There were times when life seemed to be so perfect. There were times when we felt like we are at the top of the mountain. However, those times - hardly last forever. Most of the time we hit the rock bottom. Everything is just Not Occay. I reached that point few days ago. Dalam bahasa melayu, beta dah mati akal kejap. Tapi mummysyafie kata, doctor x bole mati akal. Must always comes out with an answer. Thanks sist for the advice :)

Hence , starting today , I'm climbing up the stairs again. I wanna be on the top again, I want to be back where I'm supposed to be....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the supernova 660

Me and the supernova
me n VLV
During my previous trip to Muar, I borrowed my brother's car , the supernova also known as kancil 660 and I have to admit that this car ( the supernova) is such a good car :) In many ways, the supernova really outdone my VLV. Let's see the comparison
  1. For RM50 petrol in supernova - it was enuf to take me from seremban to muar and back to seremban again. For rm50 petrol in VLV - well... according to the screen, it says 300km ( if u never cross the 80km/h limit ) which will never happened :P . So, technically, supernova is twice more fuel efficienct
  1. Supernova is more romantic and more suitable for couple in LOVE. No kidding. In VLV, I cant reach the passenger door from the driver seat. I even struggle to open the glove box from the driver seat coz the vlv is a bit wider. But, in supernova - u could basically do everything from ur driver seat ( if u know what I mean )
  1. Parking is pretty much a nightmare for VLV (due to it's wideness and the low ground clearance + bodykit) , but no problem at all for supernova
  1. U could carry 3 adult in supernova back seat. But in vlv , I could only fit 2 adult men at one time or 3 girls. 4 if they are really hot :P
These are the qualities that my vlv is lacking. But I couldnt care less. In a lot of other ways, I just love my vlv :) No doubt at all
Truth been told , I'm not gonna be driving vlv to work coz I know that my salary wont be coming anytime soon ( government maa... at least need to wait few months) Hence, my transport would be the white supernova or worst case scenario... the modenas kriss :)

I'm sick! again :P

During my meeting with sirman , we talked about laptops ( yeah, read this kak red - we talked about computers, not hot ladies :P ) My laptop is already nearly 5 years old. Been a very loyal fren of mine. But She's gettin very old - had a few injuries here and there, but nothing wrong with the system coz I took a good care of her - internally :P . I told sirman I needed a new laptop. When I got back home and I switched on my laptop , this was what I got - the blue screen... hehehee.. well.. she's certainly a lady :) , she acted like one!
Me? Not so well rite now. In another word - I'm sick. I had this fever after I came back from my little trip . Just hoping it's nothing serious. Been on bed rest for 2 days already. Not been anywhere yesterday... I felt really tired. Hopefully I'll get better today...amin :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Akak ku :)

My trip to KL was never completed until I met my beloved sister :) kak red. Well, she needs no introduction in this blogging world - definitely!
I went to KLCC for our little meeting. Around 530 pm, I arrived at the starbuck KLCC and not long afterward, Sirman ( kak red hubby) arrived. The thought of having me n sirman sitting together really kills kak red actually. Well, she has this kinda of bad feeling when these 2 guys sitting together and discuss "stuff". What kind of stuff? well... in my view , and sirman of course - we call it good stuff! But kak red doesnt seem to agree with us!
However, since she was pretty busy that evening, she arrived pretty late for our hari raya meeting. Hence, I had more time to talk and discuss with sirman. Thanks to kak red and sirman for the treat that evening.
Also, thanks a lot for the souveniers from thai for me and shida. Appreciate it a lot !

more pix of this story at

Shah Alam Visit

Whenever I went to shah alam , my fav place to be is house. He's a good host I have to say and a very reliable good fren too . No doubt about that!
So, as usual - after spending the nite at his apartment - I woke up early in the morning and went to his office. Just spending the day at the office , surfing the net - I was very much occupied.
But, this time - something funny happened. As I was trying to plug in the speaker , the whole office went blacked out! Sorry wenkt! Hehhee... I was so bored at the office and I asked wenkt to turn on the mp3 player. Apparently, when I was inserting the 2 pins plug - u know using the traditional technique and I forgot to switch it off first - bla bla bla... everyhing went dark! The desktops all shutted down. I'm so sorry ! hehehe.... Luckily wenkt is the boss :)

After destroying his office , we went for late breakfast at the warong downstair. Just nearby the office...
and this was my breakfast. A plate of pasta + daging masak kicap and tempe! Yuuuummmmy!
Read More:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Juliza Open House

I was invited to attend Juliza Adzlizan open house during the weekend. I was so honoured coz she still remember me and sent me a special invitation to attend her exclusive aidil fitri open house. The party was held at the pool area near her apartment in KL.
She looked stunning as always :) Cant believe her eldest son is nearly as old as I am. Standing next to her made me look a lot older! Anyway, thanks Juliza for inviting me and I really enjoyed the foods!

bersama umar

me and my hyperactive nephew - umar alamgir. I was trying to persuade him to enter the house. But he insisted on staying near the man made fish pond. Apparently, all the tasteful hari raya treats wasnt as seducing compared to the crystal clear water with lots of fish swimming in it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

the LGTC Meeting

The is one of the delayed entry. The lancer Gt meeting was held in KB during the 3rd hari raya ! I was so glad to attend the tt and also at the same time met a lot of new fren! As usual, among the LGTC members, my VLV is known as the sample car coz my car is pretty much a virgin! hehee.. no mods at all. During the convoy, VLV is the marshall car coz VLV definitely will pass thru JPJ or police road block without any problem! Moral of the story - never mod ur car. Love ur car for what she is :)
Well, of course - a few make up here and there wouldnt kill anyone... a bit of lipstick, eye shadow, tinted windows, lower suspension... :P
urs truly and another LGTC member known as "mild7". He's also a kelantanese currently residencing in shah alam , owns a red lancerGT.

Friday, October 10, 2008

blaming game

" take all the blame and u can take all the credit "

I totally believe in this principal. But, it is not easy to apply it in our daily life. What we tend to do is - we blame others and yet , grab all the glory. That's typical. Being a human being - we basically blame everything. We blame the flood , thus u cant go to work, blame the slow LRT hence u are late for a date, blame the heavy traffic thus u missed the meeting.

Yes, it's true -sometimes those things are very unpredictable. But, the truth is - as much losers out there , walking around whining about their future - there are as much as successful men out there driving their dream cars. What seperate these kind of ppl is - one group - take all the blame and work harder to achive better result in the future. The other group ( which are the losers ) -they keep doing the same thing but hoping for a better outcome - which is.. pretty much ->stupid.

Hence, JOM Bekerja dengan rajin nya :P


Me currently in shah alam. hanging out with .Will be in kl tmrw... :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hari Raya Reunion

During the 2nd hari raya , for the first time after nearly 11 years - I met again with my primary school mates. The mini reunion was held at elly's house ( she's in the middle in the photo above ) Thanks to her for organizing the reunion and thanks to naimi ( wearing blue baju melayu ) for getting everyone together... well at least 7 of us.. should be enuf.

It was very "refreshing" to celebrate this year raya - the traditional way. Instead of having big dinner at fancy restaurant , attending open houses was more realistic and a lot more fun! Yeah, back in moscow - u have to wait till weekend for open houses. No holiday what :P . Hence , for the past few years, me n my fren just went out for dinner during hari raya.
Thanks to miss elly for taking these beautiful photos of me n my VLV! hehehe.. been dying waiting for these 2 photos! She owns a dslr , which explain these lovely photographing :)
U could visit her fotopages at
Me? currently still in seremban. Not gonna be here for long thou. Gonna go to KL to meet some frens before going back to kelantan again. Miss my VLV a lot! :P

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm sure everyone here read's a quote I took from Dr M entry about men!
"I have a problem. I cannot remember the date I was married. As a result I always get into trouble with my wife"
See! Even one of the smartest , successful leader in the world has problem dealing with date! Hence, if u want ur husband to be a great man , do cut some slack! Men will compensate that disability of "bad memory" with other thing which I consider more valuable!
Love the men :)
ANyway, currently me in Seremban. Will be in KL soon, just to hang out with some frens before I start putting my white coat on ...

Sunday, October 05, 2008


I had this very serious conversation about "men" with a fren. After a long discussion, we came out with a conclusion why there are too many UNSOLVED issues in this world. We AGREED on the fact that , MEN are not been given enuf space to do what men got to do :P

Occay ladies, let's not get too emotional first :) PLEASE listen to my points first...

Firstly, the WOLRD MEN ASSOCIATION or WMA has agreed on the fact that since men were being burden with wat too many responsibility, they just cant get things done perfectly. SOME of professors thought that should men been given the FREE PASS of not remembering some dates, they should have more FOCUS on settling the bigger issue such as the crisis between USA and RUSSIA.

For example, the WMA council reckon that should the wives never whine about the husband getting back home very late at nite , the NUCLEAR issue in iran could be solved within weeks instead of years.

WMA also think that should all birthday and anniversary been cancelled , the GLOBAL WARMING issue could be settled in just a split second. The WMA has suggested , instead having 10 kinds of celebration in the family , just pick a date and celebrate everything all together. Save more money, more time efficient and totally save the world :)

OCCAY, I know, I better stop now. I can see the red angry faces in front of the monitor. Please forgive me if what WMA suggested doesnt go well with ur need. In the end of the day , men are always a bunch of jerk :) Do remember that. Well, some of the jerk are a good handsome jerk!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Aidilfitri part ONE

Di pagi hari raya ......

Mama n papa - so happy that everyone was home for hari raya. My first bro , the eldest in the family, giving duit raya to mama. Yeah, it's the other around for those who are working? Me? well rite now.. pretty much on the border. I'm not the one giving "duit raya" neither getting "duit raya"
My 2nd bro, the biggest+richest in the family :P Yeah, he was the only one who gave duit raya to me. RM 2! .. thanks bro... rm 2 is enuf for VLV to run for ... let say.. 100 m??? hehehe... Just kidding... :)

this is how u get duit raya. The youngest in the family really earning a lot during hari raya!No 4 in the family with papa. He's pretty quite at home but very close to my papa and the nephew n niece.
me? the stylist for the day! hehehee... yeah... this year raya theme for me was RED! Sepasang ngan my awek tu aaa.... :P !

Raya Sakan!

Finally, the family photo is perfected! Everyone is home for this year hari raya. I had a lot of fun which explain why I didnt update my blog for the past few days. A lot of events been going on ,dozens of open houses to be attends, few weddings and a zillion of happiness and joy!

More raya photos will be posted from now on. To my dear readers, so sorry coz I've not been updating. But, I'm back now!