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Friday, October 10, 2008

blaming game

" take all the blame and u can take all the credit "

I totally believe in this principal. But, it is not easy to apply it in our daily life. What we tend to do is - we blame others and yet , grab all the glory. That's typical. Being a human being - we basically blame everything. We blame the flood , thus u cant go to work, blame the slow LRT hence u are late for a date, blame the heavy traffic thus u missed the meeting.

Yes, it's true -sometimes those things are very unpredictable. But, the truth is - as much losers out there , walking around whining about their future - there are as much as successful men out there driving their dream cars. What seperate these kind of ppl is - one group - take all the blame and work harder to achive better result in the future. The other group ( which are the losers ) -they keep doing the same thing but hoping for a better outcome - which is.. pretty much ->stupid.

Hence, JOM Bekerja dengan rajin nya :P


axim said...


Anggerek said...

u re right nan. sometimes kite ni terlalu banyak complain daripada buat kerja.

diane said...

blaming culture ni dh biase sgt..
ntah la, tp ape2 mesti nk slhkn keadaan.. xnk salahkn diri sndri..
contoh dh janji ngn kwn tp lewat sampai, salahkn lrt.. sbnrnye klo dh tau janji, bole ke kuar awal sket..

but i LOOOOVEE ur quote
"JOM Bekerja dengan rajin nya" tu


hUdArLiNg said...

yes. u are right. =]