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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the treatment

listening to the advises given , I finally decided to see the doctor to treat my fever :) Yeah, Dr Yusran. All I needed was a good conversation and a lot of laughing. Now , I'm kicking ass again :P . I went out after dinner last nite to have supper with Dr Yusran n frens at hayaki. After 2 glasses of ice lemon tea and a toast - I felt better already. The truth is - there are a lot of things being going on my mind lately. Too much stuff to be digested, too many disarray matters, too many problems to be solved. Hence, a single drop of rain, one little tiny sneeze - caused the fever.

I wrote about this before. There were times in our life - when everything turned out to be exactly what we wished for. There were times when life seemed to be so perfect. There were times when we felt like we are at the top of the mountain. However, those times - hardly last forever. Most of the time we hit the rock bottom. Everything is just Not Occay. I reached that point few days ago. Dalam bahasa melayu, beta dah mati akal kejap. Tapi mummysyafie kata, doctor x bole mati akal. Must always comes out with an answer. Thanks sist for the advice :)

Hence , starting today , I'm climbing up the stairs again. I wanna be on the top again, I want to be back where I'm supposed to be....

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