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Monday, November 30, 2009


juggling... juggling...

as u thought u could do everything ....
sometimes, u are dead wrong!

as a normal human being, God gives us one brain.
although some ppl do claimed that they have multiple brain.. for some unknown reason.
and most of the time, with one little brain , a normal human being could only concentrate at one thing at one time.

nonetheless, there are some gifted ppl on earth which can do so many things at the same time and excel at all areas.
those people - are those fucking smart rich bastard whom i envy a lot!

yup... it's my dream to become a super rich dude...
my no 1 dream...
to drive a ferrari...
my own F430 spider...

i just hope..
someday, it will come true
but for the timebeing..
i just hope i could do well as a doctor and as a cafe owner...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

along came Polly!

a quote from a fren

“They keep saying the right person will come along, I think mine got hit by a truck.

well, life could a pleasantly wonderful at times, and the rest would be a total headache mixed with pain in the ass

a lot asked, was it hard to be a houseman in malaysian government hospital
the answer would be " damn easy"
get urselves a MD or MBBS..
and u are in!

does it worth it?
God knows

if God gives me a chance to turn back time, would i still be a doctor?
hell yes... coz the girls think the dr title is so damn sexy...

am i sure?
not really... it's killing me inside.

so.. what's my real answer would be???
I dont know...
Gosh.. i hate this part..
not knowing...

be a part of the gang and feel it for urselves

Sunday, November 22, 2009


remember when we were kids and our parents kept reminding us to work hard?

I guess my parents wish has been granted!

Gosh.. I cant remember my last day without work...
HOME? just a place to sleep
it looks more like a sunken pirate ship!
I desperately need a bloody maid..

Gosh... dream does come true..
I need to reorganize my life..
my daily schedule..
it's really hectic
people around me kept wondering how do i live...

i forgot about living my life when i see money coming in..

but it doesnt always like that
when u used to have money..
and during this time around..
the rainy season and most of the ppl havent get their salary for 2 months
business isnt doing that good lately.
gave me a total headache.

being a doctor alone is real headache
plus being a cafe owner...
double the headache
just hoping that i get double the money in return

Sunday, November 15, 2009

getting used to it!

i've finished downloading this movie for days, but still couldnt find the time to watch it yet!

occay, back to my story at the the paediatric ward! i think i'm getting used to those cute little creatures!

being at the ward, made me realize, how lucky was I, to be able to grow up without any chronic disease...

and those kids, with all the chronic illness, - they are still able to smile, laugh...
gosh.. it's a lot easier if u dont understand what kind of problem u r facing

being a a blessing..

I wish I could be a kid again...
although some ppl said that I'm still a kid..
yeah, i might act like one sometimes..
but deep down inside...

Friday, November 13, 2009

things u should never said on bed

ini ade beberapa peribahasa kurang ajar yg baru beta pelajari ...
these are the things that man should avoid mentioning ... to ur wife of gf....

1. Sedangkan kapal terbang orang bole rampas... inikan pula bini / awek orang

2. KFC pon ade 3-4 branch dalam satu bandar.. salahkan lelaki ade 3-4 branch???

cukup la kot..
sape la yg bangang kuarkan peribahasa seperti yang sedemikian ini...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

yes, I'm married to my car!
which explained why I always took photo with her ( bumblebee! )

life - busy as always...
there are a lot of new doctors coming in...
lots of new interns..
which is a good news to us.. the senior houseman
in such a way that - less oncall for everyone

Nonetheless , it wasnt long until the " upper" ppl realize that we are doing less on call
hence, they double the on call doctors to make sure we did a lot of oncall in a month
instead of having 4 oncall dr at nite, they increased to 8 ...
meaning... instead of having 6 oncall per month... we are having about 10 to 11 on call per month

yes, more on call means more money.
but then...
if I were to choose between getting rm100 for one sleepless night and a tiring next day working...
I would rather just stay put at home...
but.. what to.. it's our job.. we have to do what we have to do.

me.. is approaching the end of my surgical posting
next would be paediatric...
next month.. I'd be dealing with kids.. and babies...

yes... those little creatures are cute and adorable...
very lovable.. definitely.. but only when they are not crying

when they did.... it would be the biggest pain the ass...

Monday, November 02, 2009

to rush... or not to rush

for those who know me...
God knows how much I want thing to get done..
I want everything... PRONTO!
it can be good at times...
and sometimes.. it's annoying..
and could lead to a foolish act..

those 3 complications.. happened a lot in my life
but luckily for me... out of the 3... most of the result .. are good results.. so far

Nonetheless... that's something inside me..
which I need to change if I want to be a better person...
I need to be more calm.. more passionate in everything I'm doing..

Sometimes, we dont realiaze..
all day long... all year long...
we just want everything " to be over it..."
we cant wait to go back home from work..
cant wait to go to bed...
we just cant wait...

and out of a day..
what do we get?
a tiring day at work..
lots of problem...
and if we r lucky... good sleep

I had that problem
yeah.. make my life - meaningless..
woke up everything - wanting the day to be over with..
just cant wait to back to bed yet...

I want to cheerish my life
cheerish my job..
cheerish everything...
and hopefully..
i'll be a better person