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Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Bday han teo

29 march , it was our dear fren's bday - Mr han teo - he's getting a year older now! We got hime a suprised bday cake after we finished playing football :) Well, I hope he's suprised!!!! Anyway, Happy b'day to u dude!!! more cakes to come in the future - wishing u all the best in ur life!
Yes, it wasnt a proper celebration if the cake didnt cover ur whole face :) No hard feeling dude, we were just having a lil bit of fun! It's hard to believe ; when we first met - we were all under 20 years old - day in, day out... damn.. 6 years gone... we are in the mid 2o now.
Nonetheless, I received a very sad news earlier before we celebrated the b'day. A fren of mine is leaving moscow soon. ( he's not a student, so he's not getting expelled or whatever ) I was shocked and I still cant believe it. He's more than just a fren to me. But, I'm happy for him :) He's leaving for a better life. He's like a brother , a teacher , a coach, an uncle , a father ... well basically everything ... and I'm really really sad rite now. I do realize that this gonna happened sooner a later, but - the news just came suddenly and it's hard to say goodbye.....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

tentang saya

Yes it is. No sex, no children , no life. U cant argue with that rite ( but the fact is , life is a God's creation to start with) Nonetheless , let's get on with my life. It has been a very tiring month for me. Yes it is. Out of the whole month, there are only 4 days that I felt very energetic. Only during the day that I'm playing football. The rest.... sigghh... I'm not not emotionally tired , it's my body that is tired. I'm pretty sure about that coz I do realize what's the real cause of all these tiring days. Believe it or not, I have lost 5kg in the past 2 month. If u have been reading my blog for the past 1 year, u should know that I wanted to get rid of a few kg out of my body. Fortunately, I've managed to do that without any starvation or any medical help. No lipo or any operation since obviouslt I cant afford that. However , the side effect from that - my body is also losing my energy source and currently my energy output and my energy usage do not corellated well with each other yet. Therefore, I'm having this severe fatigue syndrome :P hehhehe...
happy weekend everyone... :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Stories of my life

What's the rule? There's no rule! Hehhee... Yeah, that's just me. Stubborn, head strong, rebellious - that's all me. Those are the attributes that bring me up here and the same attitude caused me a lot of troubles at the same times. Me, as a stubborn child - there's nothing to argue about that. U could ask my mom to confirm it! Raising me up wasnt and isnt an easy task. SALUTE to my mama n papa. I still remember, 7 years ago - 3 month before the SPM examination , I was hospitalized due to my asthma attack. I fainted during one of the mock test. Then, I promised my mom that I'll never play basketball again until the SPM is over to avoid another asthma attack. HOWEVER, me being stubborn and crazy the same time , 2 month before the SPM , I captained my team to win the national level competition - and my parent didnt know about that until now (FYI , I was studying at the boarding school)

Nonetheless, GOD did work in a very mysterious way. On the final day of the basketball tournament , I was informed that I won the essay writing competition , state level and I had to go to the prize giving ceremony. But, I couldnt care less about the essay award since the basketball trophy meaned a lot more to me. It so happened that my mom was one of the invited guest for the same ceremony which I was supposed to attend and get my prize for my winning essay. I asked my junior to attend the ceremony and took the prize for me while I was playing the final match. On the final match, we won the game and I got my dream trophy. So, technically - I won 2 medal at the same day on 2 different occasion. But, the story didnt end here.

A week later, my parent came to visit me at the school and my mom mentioned that she heard my name was announced as the essay writing winner. I told my mom that I didnt know that I won the 1st place, therefore I asked a fren to go and received it on my behalf. Should I knew that I got the 1st place, I would have been there. Then my mom was like.. "owh.. is that so.. nevermind then , I was just suprised to hear ur name being announced as the winner and I was more suprised to see another ppl who turned up for it" ...

Sorry Mom, I didnt mean to lie to you. I was just a kid back then, and until today, I'm still a kid. My stubborn attitude does caused me a lot of troubles - until this very moment. I might get lucky in some cases, but most of the time , I ended up hurting myself or the people around me. When I look again about that day, I could have encountered another asthma attack and it would have disrupted my preparation for the SPM and I wouldnt be here now. I did a lot of silly and stupid mistakes and luckily I have my parent ,my loved one and my frens to bail me up in a few occasion. However, I do realize that I might ran out of luck soon. There were times , I'm just uncontrolable. How I wish I could be a better person. I need a change ,it's about time and I'm working hard toward it... and I'm trying my best..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the meeting

Yesterday, we had our meeting for the graduation day. The meeting was held at the lecture hall , at the university. I havent been inside the lecture hall for years. The last time I had lecture there was 3 years ago I reckon. Since I entered my clinical years, everything happened at the hospitals. Nowdays, the only reason I go to the university is to go to the Dean office to renew my visa and my registration.

I am delegated into the "Robe team" lead by Juani ( in the pix above) Well, basically she did the whole job. Me? I just do the labour work :P I'm not sure why she choosed me to be in her team. I'm the laziest person in the world ( in some cases!) hahahah.. But I did my part and she's content enuf with my job so far.

Here, we have to organize our own graduation day, unlike in Malaysia. I heard the same thing happened in Germany and other european country. That's why we have to get everything done by ourselves. For instance , my team is designated to rent the robe for the graduation day. Therefore, we have to contact all the companies which in this business and get the best deal. Luckily, everything went well at the moment, and let's hope everything get done soon enuf.

So, that's it. So much for a graduation day rite. Hahhaa. Frankly, I'm not that excited compared to my other frens. Since my parent are not coming for my graduation - it's not my top priority. I told my parent not to come coz they are too old and my mom is really not into travelling. But, if anyone want to come for my graduation day, u are most welcome!!!!

P/S - Let's watch Beckham plays for england tonite!!!! go BECKHAM!!!

Acceptance ?

If u check in the dictionary, acceptance means the act of assenting or believing. Either we realize or not , acceptance plays a big role in our daily life :) Yes it does. For instance, let's look acceptance in the view of relationship. To have a relationship between 2 normal human being - u have to accept each other , for what they are. Like the old malay saying goes " terima seadanya". Same rule goes for friendship. U must accept the person for what she/he is and he/she must accept u for what u are. Well, that's just a rule. But, human are well know for breaking the rules. Nowdays, we dont really care about "acceptance" anymore. Friendship is very much "surface". Instead of accepting ppl for who they are, we tend to find ppl that suit us. It's a common sense, and u cant blame those who applied that theory in their life. It's a lot easier to be frens with ppl who like or ppl who share the same idea with u. I couldnt agree more with that. Nonetheless , the world is populated by different kind of ppl. If we just mix around with ppl who have the same idea and brain as we are - we are going nowhere. There will be no debate, no exchange informations, no resolution. It's gonna be a boring world. Therefore, my point here is - be nice to everyone - open ur friendship circles :)

occay... enuf of the crap rite. Ppl already knew about this, but some just tend to ignore it :) Nothing new about that rite. It's just a small reminder to everyone out there , and of course a big reminder for me too. Careful on ur way up , be nice to everyone - u'll meet the same ppl on the way down. BUT, dont be too nice, until the extend that others took advantage of ur kind hearted. That's purely stupidity. Be kind and smart. Well , it's actually - be smart and kind hearted :) that's more appropriate in this tricky new modern age!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what a day

What a tiring day for me. It's 6 am here and I just woke up. I slept at 8 pm last nite. Then I woke up 1am , wanted to do a bit of studying - but then I was way too tired , cant even move my hand .... just closed my eyes and continued sleeping until I woke up again and I saw the clock.. it's already 6 am. Like it or not - I have to wake up, and here I am - updating my blog :) It's becoming more like a daily ritual for me nowdays. It does feel like something big is missing if I didnt update my blog daily :P What a crap rite??? hahahah... anyway , March is leaving soon and spring is coming. Unfortunately - there are still snow. I just cant wait to see the flowers blooming. In the photo above, during spring time ... the city council will plant flowers all over the place , and the tree up here will be surrounded by colourful flowers. That's why everyone just cant wait for the spring to start!
Today is also going to be a very busy day for me. Since I missed of a lot of "need to be done" stuff last nite, today not gonna be a walk in the park for me. Urm. Am I stressed out rite now? Well , not much..just a bit. Just cant wait for today to be over.... :P

Monday, March 24, 2008

U can be my umbrella

Wow.... what a lovely sunday for me. Well, to start with - as we all expected - MAN UTD gave a football lesson to liverpool , another win for united... 8 games against liverpool, only 1 draw and 7 wins. I really pity those liverpool fan. No worry , u'll never walk alone. Benitez will walk along u guys soon enuf. But the real highlight for today was the Rihanna concert in moscow -held at the olympic stadium.
4 of us went to the concert - shida , me , elyn and michelle ( but I did see a lot of other malaysians at the stadium too ) , my ex wife (chin joo) was supposed to join us too - but she bailed out last minute due to the health reason - the flu. Yeah, it's the flu season rite now is moscow. No worry chin joo - we wish u all the best and please get well soon. Plus , pussy cat dolls is coming next month. It's a crime to miss Nicole Scherzinger performing LIVE at ur hometown ( yeah, moscow is kinda my hometown after all)The concert was great , and the performance was amazing. Yesterday Rihanna was performing in Germany , and today straight away in moscow - she did such an excellent job. The crowd was really enjoying it. I had my fun and I'm really enjoying myself even thou the fact that I have to wake up really early tomorrow since my current hospital is located near outside of moscow. It's gonna take me 1 hour and 15 mins to reach the hospital. I couldnt care less. I know for the fact tonite that I'll sleep with a smiling face.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Liver - what? liver-fool???

As I'm writing this entry, Man utd is leading Liverpool by 1-0. That guy up there scored the only goal rite now. Yes, not a very famous figure in the team - Mr Wes Brown scored a very important goal today! In the previous 7 games btwn man utd and liverpool - liverpool only managed 1 draw and 6 loses. Today wont be any difference. It will be a plain sailing game for man utd. U cant really blame benitez or torres should liverpool lose today , man utd is too good for them :P Sorry to all liverpool fans out there.

Isn't it a wonder?

I dont really want to write about the current politic situation in Malaysia here because I know I'm just a student and the government is still paying for my studies here. Nonetheless - I honestly think that at this very moment - the Malaysia government isnt the best that we could do. It's suck but it's actually the ugly truth. Like it or not , u have to agree with this. I'm not saying that I'm an anti government - but I reckon that the government could have do a bit of improvement here and there. Really hope that the new cabinet could bring those changes. Even thou I'm living far far away from home - I do keep my eyes open on what happening in Malaysia :) Plus , what happened in Terengganu today, really concerned me. The same thing happened in Perak 2 weeks ago and Lim Kit Siang got smashed really badly. How I wish that our dear citizen has a tougher stand on the exact same situation :P

However - this is just my 2 cents. Nothing new and I believe a lot of ppl have written about the same thing also :P If u r wondering about my political stands of the 2 big party in Malaysia today - my diplomatic answer would be " both side have some valid points and it's worth hearing". That's all and I choose to stick to that until the day that me myself would run for the election. ( which will not happen )

Thursday, March 20, 2008

unpredictable :)

"Ku sangkakan panas sampai ke bulan April , rupanya salji lagi di hujung Mac" :) - I thought that the winter is already over here , but as I woke up earlier this morning , moscow was covered by white dusty cold layer again. It was snowing again from last night. The temperature was good today - from 0 degree to 2 degree , such a lovely weather. Plus, it's the snow flakes that was falling down - which explain the beautiful white trees :) Not the big chunky snow. Snow flakes only fall down during the early winter and at the end of the winter. Still have time to make one final snowman I reckon.
What an unpredictable day :) Yesterday I took our my spring jacket already , thinking that there's no more cold weather and snow fall. I was wrong. The only predictable thing these days is that Ronaldo will always score for Man Utd. Last nite , he got a brace against the Bolton.

Occay - u wont be able to see this "tractor" in Malaysia? Why .. because this is the snow excavator/ snow cleaner / snow collector . That long end will be connected to the lorry - the bring the collected snow - somewhere else ( maybe to the africa?)

I had no class today , due to the science day. I was supposed to attend the conference at the university - technically speaking. Nonetheless , due to the some unexpected circumstances ( I was so lazy) - i just stay rotten at home. However , for the first time this year, my broadband connection was down for quite for hours in the afternoon - which really pissed me off. Maybe it's the karma for not going to the conference. :P

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jonas Brothers

These are the new kids on the block :) Yeah, I just found out about them. I've been listening to their song (SOS Real) for quite sometimes. In fact, this particular song has been on air on the radio for quite some times. They are called the Jonas Brothers. These kids are still young but they really can sing very well I have to admit. Nonetheless, I'm not gonna promote their album here since I myself downloaded their song thru the LIMEWIRE. Why pay more rite? Hahhaha.. being a typical malaysian here. Want the best for free :)

No new photos of me, or my surrounding. More photos from the interview day. I'm not kinda person who bring my digicam 24/7 where ever I go. The photo above - was before the interview. Cant even SMILE at all! hahaha... The photo below , was after the interview :) SMILE SMILE and SMILE!

Man utd is playing Bolton tonite, that explain the early update from me today :) Tomorrow supposedly - is a day off for our university. It's called the Science Day or the Piragov's Day. ( Piragov is the man who found my university - The Russian State Medical University) Well, actually the real deal about this science day is that all students are supposed to go to the university and listen to all the conferences about the latest science researches. Unfortunately, not many students are interested in it. Not very suprising I have to say. So, let's see what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Previous year, I actually attended the conference :)

it's not over yet :)

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me. The tense and the stress - added to the extreme exhaustion. Nonetheless, it's over now. Time for the celebration rite? hahaha. Yeah, some of my dear readers asked me what I'm gonna do for the celebration. Honestly speaking, the celebration has started 6 years ago and has been going on "non-stop" ever since :P. hahahha.. The ugly truth is - this is just a beginning to another chapter of my life. The H.O story. Yeah, it's gonna be hideous and I'm not very much looking foward it. There are thousands of scary H.O stories u can hear from the doctors and nurses. Those are the never ending stories and will be added up as time goes by. But, for the moment - let's just forget about the internship part and enjoy the moment rite? The suck part will come later either I like it or not. So, might just as well cheerish this moment to the fullest. My mood is over the roof and u can see me smiling from the moon ( if u happen to be on the moon at this moment )

Let's forget about this "real doctor" stuff for the timebeing and let's talk about the LOVE :) Yes, one of the main event in LOVE is the break up :P Indeed . I've been there for quite a few times and those were the times I wish I never need to go thru again... EVER! Nevertheless, it's not us to decide... those are God's decision rite. But, here are a few tips to make a clean break. Well, the most famous one is " well... it's not u , it's me... bla bla bla. " This one is pretty much world wide proven as the best break up line.

However - no matter how u express it , make sure that u emphasize about ur undying affection and gratitude for the time u spend together ,coupled with ur need for space to find out who u really are. This is the best diplomatic way to end a relationship :P . It's a lot of crap ( so does diplomatic) ... which is understood by both side.

Yes, I'm too free rite now that's why I'm writing about this stuff. I wish we all dont have to go thru this process in our life. But , shit happens rite :)

p/s - if she cries , hold her in ur arm - whisper to her that it's what best :P

crap crap and another crap.... hehehhee.... no worry - my for shida is endless!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's getting nearer :)

Yes, I'm holding that letter :- it says ,


bla bla bla bla........ sukacita menawarkan kepada tuan pelantikan :- 1604 PEGAWAI PERUBATAN GRED UD41 :)

all I need to do is, get my degree certificate this july and send it to the SPA and JPA ... and I'm done :) Half way becoming a doctor !!!

Nonetheless, behind all the big smiles, I have to say the interview was really nerve wrecking for me. I was scheduled on the afternoon session to be interviewed by the board 3. It so happened , during the morning session - a student failed , from the board 3. That wasnt a good news and it did scare the hell out of me. I had more than just butterflies flying in my stomach. Everything was there.... the beetles, the cockcroaches , the dragon flies - having a garden party in my stomach - yeah, it was really neurotic and tense moment of my life.

Apparently, the panels did ask a lot of medical questions which we didnt expected that much. The rumours said that the interview wont be concentrated about the medical stuff.... which eventually proven wrong. I have to say that the interview was more like the final exam for internal medicine. It was really suck because most of us were not fully prepared for that. Yeah, some of u might think that we ( meds students) should know all the medical stuff , all the times. However, needless to say students are still students until we start working at the hospital. Theory is just not as good as the practical.

Occay, back to the interview :) My name was the second last on the list for the afternoon session. So, I had to wait for quite a long time. I was there ( at the hotel) since 1.30 pm , and my turn was t 5.30pm. As I entered the boardroom, all those edgy-jittery feeling was suddenly gone and I managed to get myself together and answered all the questions - with full of confidence ( not very sure that all my answers were the right one :P ) But eventually, I came out from the boardroom with a big SMILE and the first thing came to my mind - Thank you GOD for making everything went smoothly :)

Hereby, I would like to thank everyone - first and foremost my parent :) love u mama n papa. To all of u out there who prayed for my success today - thank you guys... to all my dear frens - ur simple good luck wishes - mean a lot to me. This is just another new beginning of my life :) A lot challenges are waiting ahead of me... I'm pretty sure about that. But, for the time being - let's just enjoy the moment... :P

Monday, March 17, 2008

the interview

Apparently , a few students who already sat for the interview last week - failed. Well, it's just a small group of them , but still - it does give me this "nervous" feeling to walk into the interview room tomorrow afternoon. So, as usual - everytime I have problem with my confidence and I have doubt in my life - I phoned my mom :P ( yess.. mommmy's booyyyy)

me : salam mama
mama : salam
me : the SPA interview is tomorrow
mama : it's a good news then....
me : few unfortunate students failed....
mama : ooooo... is that so...
me : yes , I thought they just gonna passed everyone..
mama : nothing to be afraid of...
me : hahahaha... is it?
mama : afraid of what? Talking to the board?
me : errmmm....
mama : out of all the ppl in the world??? dont tell me u cant talk .. hahaha..
me : let's just pray that everything will turn out just fine ...
mama : for sure. I'll pray for u :)

I have to admit that my mom has more confidence in me than me , myself. There were times - I had this doubt about my own confidence and self esteem. Everytime I bumped into these problems , I just talk to my mom and most of the time - I got my confidence back. Being a normal human being - u always need someone to reassure u, u always need someone to keep u pushing hard, someone to keep u running and I'm so lucky that I have my mom and dad, my love one , my blog readers and my frens to be there for me. Nonetheless, on top of all that - I'm thankful to God for giving me this good life :)

Everyone , pls pray for my success tomorrow.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good Boy gone bad!

Look carefully at the RIHANNA world tour date in the picture above. This list was taken from the RIHANNA official website. If u been reading my blog long enuf, u should know that I'm a big fan of RIHANNA.... and that's explain this picture below!!!
Yes, RIHANNA is coming to moscow on 23 MARCH 2008, which is happened to be next week. SMILE SMILE SMILE. Hhehehe... another dream comes true I guess. I've been waiting for this moment for nearly a year. Apparently - moscow become quite an attraction for the famous singer to held their world tour concert , which is a good news for me :) I bet there will be a lot of Malaysian at the concert, that's for sure. Last October , BEYONCE came here ( to moscow ) for her world tour concert, but I didnt manage to get the ticket because it was sold out plus MAN UTD was playing on the same date and time. Then , last December, Enrique came... and I missed that one too. But, there is no way I could miss Rihanna.. even thou Man utd will be playing Liverpool on that very day too...
Who's going to the concert with me ? well.. this time , shida's coming even thou RIHANNA isnt her fav at all. Plus Elyn too. Next month , PUSSYCAT DOLLS is coming to moscow , on 29 APRIL 2008. Well, I dont think I'll be missing that one too. It's a crime to miss Nicole Scherzinger perfoming live at ur hometown rite :P. Well, I guess I need to start collecting more money then. OUcccchh.. that's the hard part. No more traveling around the globe. Live concert seems to be more fun. Plus, I'm so tired of backpacking. Need to wait until I'm rich enuf so I could have a 5 star vacation. No more sleeping at the airport and taking shower at the public toilet. ( yes, that's what backpacker do! )
It's sunday today , but I'll just stay rotten at home I reckon. Tomorrow, on 17 March 2008, gonna be my SPA interview. I heard some students failed on the interview. That doesnt sound good to me. The interview is held at the Raddison SAS Hotel, located not very far from my place. Around 45mins by metro. I just did my CV, yes - my 1st CV ever and I'm wondering if it is good enuf? , is it the right format? Should I put more... should I write less??? Million of question flying on my mind rite now. Nevertheless... just wish me luck then. Adios!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

an innocent mistake

I'M Back :) Due to unexplainable technical difficulties, my beloved blog has been "shut down" for the past few days. I made a few minor changes to this dear blog, including changing the name of the blog itself. I hope all my dear readers like this new facelift.

So I met this girl the other day, I got her number and called her up ..

I said - what u r doing

she said - nuuuthinnnggg

I said - what's good?

she said - not much...

I said - guess what?

she said - what's up

I said - I think we should hook up..

she said - aahhh......

I said - whattt?

she said - but....

I said - but? why u stop...

she said- fuckkk...

I said - who?

she said- not you

I said - then who..

she said- u know

I said - I know what?

she said - u know who

I said - I do?

she said - you do

I said - I do :)

but i really dont .... :P . THis conversation never took part to start with, just a part of the lyric from Mario latest single :) Anyway, I'll be back with more updates soon. Wish me well everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2008

is it a new world?

Wow , what a great weekend :) the election results was amazingly suprising I have to admit. Well, I have to write about the election today since everyone else is writing about it. So, I'm just following the main stream then :P Anyway, not that I'm that crazy into politic, I always keep my eyes open to the current political situation back in Malaysia even thou I'm staying million miles away. The fact that I didnt vote during this term election , doesnt mean that I'm against the government or I'm one of the opposition. I do have my personal view about this issue and at this very moment I'll just keep it to myself. Nonetheless, I would like to congratulate all the winners.... those who lost, try again next time... if u are lucky, u might lose again :P But, I'm really looking foward to see how's the new goverment functioning. It's gonna be an intersting 4 years :)

anywhoo... I know that my readers dont come here just to read about the politic issues... yeah, I might be the last person on earth who should talk about it. So, let's just do what I do best - talk about myself :P Yeah, to bring the best out of u, just do what u do best and dont do what u are suck in it. If u r not good enuf to be a leader, dont enter the election. SimPLe :) But, sometimes, we just want to take the chance, take the risk, ask for the extra card... bla bla bla... in another word, let's gamble on it rite? Some ppl get lucky, the other went bankrupt. If u can afford to lose, it's ok to gamble. If u have nothing to lose, it's still occay to gamble, if u are in the middle... better take the safer road .... I have no idea what the heck I'm writing rite now. It's 2 am here in moscow and currently I'm inside my blanket, writing this entry.... i'm so sleepy.... going to sleep now... come n join me... ladies only plssssssssss... :P

Saturday, March 08, 2008

8th March 2008

8th March , it's not the Malaysia General Election that I'm celebrating today, it's the women's day for goodness sake :) Many ppl may not realize that there is such a day , dedicated to all the women on this planet earth. In fact, me myself never heard about this particular day until I came to Russia. Women's day is a public holiday here , and it's suh a celebration here. It's a must for a man to buy flowers to the ladies today as token of love and appreciation to the women. Well, at least that's what they said. Nonetheless, women's day should be celebrated worldwide, because women play a very important roles in men's life. As I mentioned before, men need the women as much as they need their fav football team to win the premiership. Yes, that much!!! So, during this lovely day - all men should treat the ladies with upmost care and love. No cheating, no prostitution , no sensual massage and all strip clubs should be closed. Maybe that's the reason the election is held on the 8th march, so all men can concentrate on their last minute campaign and winning the election :) what a brilliant idea .... :P

Nevertheless, I would like to take this chance to wish all the ladies out there, a very happy women's day. Lots of LOVE from me.... have a lovely weekend ahead!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Ouch ...

It's such a tiring day for me :( Sighhh ..... I started my clinical pharmacology cycle today and I have to say that , this particular cycle isnt gonna be a walk in the park. Such a complicated marking system and the hospital is located damn far away , worsen the situation. Nonetheless, the only brighter side I could see at this moment is , weekend is just 24 hours away and this coming monday will be a public holiday ( since the womens' day fall on saturday, the public holiday is moved to monday ) I really need this break. My body is breaking down again , hidden behind my everlasting fake smile , yet I'm very vulnerable deep down inside :) Still and all , this is just another chapter in my daily life as a med student. I believe this is merely just a beginning , a lot more to come , millions miles of journey ahead of me. Earlier today , at the hospital - as we were about to set back home , we were each given a clinical case as a homework. But me, being a lazy boy and a smart ass , I quickly answered mine and it was correct. However, since I had answered that one, my lecturer gave me another case - therefore I'll have something to do at home - she said- . Not going as I planned...ssshiiiisshh...

I was reading the news at earlier and there is one article/report mentioning that car park in Kota Bharu is the most expensive in Malaysia. RM 1 per hour. Hmmmm.. wondering, how many ppl would believe this one. I'm not on BN or PAS or KEADILAN side , I'm neutral :) - BUT, living in Kelantan long enuf, and I do drive everyday in Kota Bharu everytime I go back home for summer holiday , I know that the roadside parking in KB wont cost that much. Sigh...
When I went to the perfume store yesterday, I bought this set for my dear kak red. Why am I getting her gift? Well, she treated me as a family. She respects me even thou I'm such a kid and she never asked anything in return when I asked her for favour. That's what a real friendship means to me. Like the old malay saying goes - " orang berbudi, kita berbahasa" . This is how I'm saying thank u to her for everything she has done to me. Nevertheless, she has to wait for this gift for quite sometimes I reckon :P . Hahhaha... Sabor jer la akak yer ek...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

12 am

MAN UTD made it thru into the champions league quater final last nite - not to anyone suprise after beating Lyon 1-0. Another day , another victory for us - ONE UNITED :) Rite now I'm watching the match btwn Real Madrid vs As Roma thru this internet live streaming. It's definitly worthy paying for the broadband here coz with the speed provided , technically it is fast enuf for anything available in the net world.

Earlier today , I dropped by at my fav perfume store - the arbat prestige , trying to add another perfume into my collection. Unfortunately for me - the sale is over and all the perfume prices went back to the normal price. However, there are still a few with discount. I decided to go back to basic this time , therefore - here u are , I bought myself a set of this new ckin2u , the latest perfume from the calvin klien. For me , calvin klien perfume is good but not the best u can get. Nonetheless, with the price they selling , it's still a good deal. Plus, I need something for daily usage and I definitly think this one would fit my need perfectly.
My dear faris petra senior - miss elyna gave me a good idea about getting sponsors for my graduation day. Therefore , I'm gonna list out all the stuff that I'm gonna need for my graduation day and the prices too. To all the generous ppl out there , here are ur chance to make a difference into my world :)

1. Degree translation - USD 400 - RM 1300

2. Graduation Robe - USD 50 - RM 160

3. Graduation Dinner and High Tea - USD 50 - RM 160

4. Graduation after party - :P - priceless ... hahaha...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Go Go United!

2-0 , man utd gonna be beat the hell of lyon 2nite :) Good news in advance to all man utd fan all over the world. I'm not feeling very well today , have some problem with my nose and being a concern human being, I excuse myself from going to hospital today. ( of course with the permission from Doctor!) In our hospital, docs are more scared to running nose patients compared to the HIV +ve patients. Flu could be easily be infected thru air , a simple gentle sneezing would do just fine :) Yeah, flu sound so harmless - however , once u had it - ur life become so miserable. So, that's y i think it's for the best I dont come to class today! :P

8th of march is coming real soon :) Well, it's not the general election i'm gonna talk about , it's the women day for crying out loud. I really wonder why they choosed 8th of march out of 365 other days in 2008 to held this general election? No more respect for women is it? Sigh ... Nonetheless, it would be a very good excuse for men to put this women day aside !!! If we look it in the diff view :P hahaha... So, to all women in Malaysia , no hard feeling should all the men around you forgot to give u flower on that very day! hahaha :) - unfortunately for me , I cant use that excuse here ...

Urm, what's new about me ? Well, my SPA interview will be on 12 March , next week. I need to get all my certs ready - again. Cant remember where did I hide it last time. The plan was to take all the interviewers out for dinner before my interview day. But, the fact that it's not them who'll decide where will I be posted in the future - there's no point of going thru all the trouble. Not that I'm dying to be posted to any particular place anyway. Nonetheless - I'm still hoping that I'll get the hospital I'm choosing. Wow... I hate to talk about this. The thought that I'll be leaving my student's life real soon - really not so exciting. To be in real life - working my ass , day in day out - ouuuccchh.. that's suck! hahhaha... I'm such a baby rite! Anyway, I was a bit free this morning - I made this special poster, pledging to all of u out there!
hahahha... this is so humiliating rite :) But since I'm still a student , I'm entitled to diff type of donations and all the help the world could offer :P . Money back guaranteed should I didnt graduate this summer!!! :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

monday is boring!

I just found out today that my graduation will be on the 1st of JULY. Ermm.. not too happy about it. Why? because, the later the graduation date will be, the later I'll be able to fly back home. In this case, the latest I could go back home, would be 20th july. Or maybe worse, early august. Not what I had in mind. The problem is , our certificate will be in Russian Language. Therefore, after the graduation - we need to send our degree to the Russian Ministry of foreign affair to translate it into english. This part of process will take weeks and a lot of money. So, to all the generous rich people out there who would like to sponsor my "degree translation" - I'm more than happy to accept that!!! hahahaha.... :P Frankly speaking, this translation process would cost around 300-400usd , about rm1200 .. approximately -maybe more, but wont be less than that. Well, apparently this graduation thingy will cost me a lot of money. The high tea, the dinner, the graduation day itself, the robe... well - this degree doesnt come cheap at all! I honestly need a personal sponsors for that.. anynone? dato? datin? jom buat amal jariah....
The general election is coming soon and I know that money is been given around like water, might as well pass a few thousand bucks to me :P Occay then, enuf with this money talk. We'll get back to it later in my other post! This photo above are my niece - Imah and her younger brother umar :) I miss them a lot. They are my only niece and nephew at this moment. I'm not sure that umar could still remember me or not. I wasnt in Malaysia when he was borned. Now he should be 2 years old. Last summer when I got back home, I did spend a lot of time playing with these 2 kids. Sighhh... looking at family matter - I do missed a lot of my family occasions. Let's list it down .. hmmmm

1. I missed my 2nd brother wedding
2. I missed all my cousins' weddings so far ( 4 of them!)
3. I'm gonna miss tina's wedding this May- which will make it 5 weddings,
4. I missed 6 aidil fitri and 6 aidil adha at home!
5. I missed Umar 0 birthday ,
6. I missed seing Imah growing up ,
7. I missed both of my brothers' graduation day
8. I'm gonna miss this coming general election which is supposedly should be my 1st time voting

I missed a lot.... the list is endless... these are the sacrifices I had to make to get my MD degree.. it better be worth it!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

rainbow after the storm

Last friday, shida and I went to europe center to buy new shirt for stitch :P . We havent been to that mall for quite some times, our last visit there was months ago I reckon. As we reached there, I saw most of the shops were having final deduction offer. I went to the MEXX to see if there was any good stuff left -was thinking of getting a pair of jeans from MEXX should they still on SALE. Unfortunately , they were not. The price went back to normal. The same jeans that I bought last month for 1150 rubbles was back to 3500rubbles per pair (rm465). So, that was it for me. No more MEXX stuff until summer SALE :). Nevertheless, since I really wanted to buy a pair of jeans, I decided to get one from TOPSHOP since their jeans are considered the cheapest compared to the other brand that I would love to wear.
This pair of jeans costed me 1500rubbles (rm200) , which is considered not that expensive at moscow rate. I used to be a LEVI'S fan, but not anymore. Too many ppl wear levi's - make it kinda boring. ( no offence levi's fan) I know that levi's makes good quality and trendy jeans and as a matter of fact I do have a few couples of Levis jeans inside my wardrobe now. Well, maybe it's just the age thing. Levi's is more like the young teenagers craving. Not my cup of coffee anymore. I have nothing against levi's of ppl who are wearing it. I just think that other designer do make good jeans too and I really want to try them :) However - Dont come shouting and screaming at me should one day u see me walking around in the levi's collection. hahaha... i'm not that picky. Maybe by writing this, I annoyed the levi's boutiques' owners. Yeah, then prove me wrong. Gimme me lots of free levi's jeans and make me admit that levi's is the best! hahahhaa... yeah, pass this msg to all the levi's store owner :P

I mean business !

oPppsSSs.... pls disregard that ferocious entry title. Since all the photos here with me smiling widely, just wanna put some of my serious face here. hehehehe... I'm not such a serious person actually. Those who met me personally in real life, know how much a joker I am. I just cant stop laughing and make stupid jokes ! By the way, UNITED just beaten fulham 3-0 earlier this evening. Have a great weekend everyone!