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Saturday, March 15, 2008

an innocent mistake

I'M Back :) Due to unexplainable technical difficulties, my beloved blog has been "shut down" for the past few days. I made a few minor changes to this dear blog, including changing the name of the blog itself. I hope all my dear readers like this new facelift.

So I met this girl the other day, I got her number and called her up ..

I said - what u r doing

she said - nuuuthinnnggg

I said - what's good?

she said - not much...

I said - guess what?

she said - what's up

I said - I think we should hook up..

she said - aahhh......

I said - whattt?

she said - but....

I said - but? why u stop...

she said- fuckkk...

I said - who?

she said- not you

I said - then who..

she said- u know

I said - I know what?

she said - u know who

I said - I do?

she said - you do

I said - I do :)

but i really dont .... :P . THis conversation never took part to start with, just a part of the lyric from Mario latest single :) Anyway, I'll be back with more updates soon. Wish me well everyone!


[LADYKiKi] said...

pssstt..psttt!! wat u do? hikhik

dalam maksud lagu tuh..... =)

pearlEJ said...

alaaaaa kiki lak jadi org pertama komen... hihihihi...

welcome back Han.. :D

Hannan said...

kiki - nuuuthinnngggg.. :p
xder maksud pon.. saje2 buang tebiat skeett...
hehehe.. thanks dear ...

Hannan said...

EJ dear ;)
thanks.. lambat sket dari kiki tu.. xper.. cuba lagi lain kali.. bnyk lagi chance..
thanks again EJ!

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

Welcome back dear!!!
ceyyyyy!!! ingatkan bbtol having that conversation tadik


uuurrgghhh...u got me, dudeeee!!!

mummysyafie said...

lari dari tajuk ekk n3 ni?