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Sunday, October 11, 2015

vitamin c injection ? iv collagen ? iv placenta injection ?

 Yes , i m back in the blogging world after few years of absence. i was busy.
anyway, this past few years, i have noticed that malaysian ladies ... and some gentleman as well are so crazy about having fair and "white" skin , hence they choose to do this "whitening" injection treatment. And of course, with this craziness,  some people are making crazy money selling this whitening products. Unfortunately our malaysian citizen are not well informed regarding this whitening injection which has been selling more than hot cakes in the facebook and instagram.
 funny thing about malaysian people. they claimed that they are smart. but it is so hard for them to figure out which are the original product, and which are fakes. occay, smart malaysia people who are using these whitening injection.. let's take one example of this famous mixing white injection. it claimed is made by swiss med company. those only seller claimed that this mixing white is made in swiss. OK FINE smart a**. Try google swiss med, and i m pretty sure swiss med is not a pharmaceutical company or a factory that can produce injectable item. So? where the heck are these boxes came from? i can assure u they are not swiss made. and something for sure, if the company is fake, why would u believe the ingredient is original vitamin c and iv collagen????
 occay, example number 2. this fancy complexion 6 whitening set. sells for thousands of RM. And there is a lot of people who believe that, this thousand ringgit injection combination is the best in the world. again, try google complexion 6 , can u find the original manufacturer of this product???
A normal pharmaceutical company would have an official website and listing of their product to prove that they are legitimate. If u are selling coke and cocaine it is very unlikely you would have ur own registered and patented .com website right?
 lets says, pharmaniaga... they have ... and many other legitimate pharmaceutical company. But, i have been searching for this or who made glutax of many generation ... and i found nothing official online about these company.
and some smart malaysian would said... how about this laroscorbine by roche? roche is a legitimate pharmaceutical company right?  occay, u are right about roche, they are a legitimate pharmaceutical , a very famous one indeed. but they stop producing this products many many years ago and u cannot find this product inside their blue book or official website anymore. so if roche is not making them anymore? where does this product come from these days? old stocks? vitamin c would not last that long.

the funny part about smart malaysian didnt stop here.
This online vitamin seller claimed their products are original vitamin c. when u look at mixing white ampules , they are colourless ampules. how can u store vitamin c in colourless ampules? vitamin c are very sensitive to light. if they are smart enough to make vitamin c, i m sure they are smart enough to know how to store them in correct way...
occay, dont let me start on this placenta injection
this is as funny as it can get...
how on earth this placenta could be a original placenta?
how do u store a placenta in a box? no ice? no freezing?
how do u keep this placenta alive?
even botox need to be keep between 2-8 degrees
how do u keep this placenta alive between all those poslaju delivery
how it is possible?
dear malaysian... do ur post ur fresh meat from kl to johor via normal rm6 poslaju package?
what would happen if u do?
the meat would smell like rubbish once it reach the destination?
if the placenta is dead? how does it give the cell regeneration effect?
smart malaysian... pls enlighten me...

there are too many facebook and instagram doctors nowaday
occay fine, if u want to be doctors too without going to med school and finishing housemanship
nobody can stop u
but please, do not preach something u have zeeero knowledge
too many beauticians nowdays...
stop it.. please... for goodness sake


fyehouseofbeauty said...

how about cindella whitening injection doctor?

Ifah Arif said...

so true. Too many whitening products nowadays. I just want healthy skin. Its more than enough. Good to hear from you Dr

nurul jannah said...
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Desmond Hong said...

Hi Dr. Hannan,

Good day.

I am stumbled upon your blog and found this topic is so relevant to me. My wife used to take vegetal placenta for many years now. So far no adverse effects happen to her (touch wood).

Could you please help us as laymen to understand or how to choose a reliable product to consume? I can see many of those big brand companies come up extremely appealing marketing message to fool us, we as normal person wouldnt be able to see through all these marketing gimmick.

So please if you can contribute your medical advise to help us avoid get fool by those evil companies.

Thanks and wish you and your family blessed abundantly by the divine.