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Monday, June 30, 2008

Moscow Zoo

It was raining heavily in the morning yesterday, fortunately the sky became brighter toward the afternoon - therefore we could proceed with our plan to visit the zoo. Since adam is technically been in moscow for the past 1 year , he's not been seeing any live animal , and his mother ( kak yan ) thought that it would be good for him to see with his own eyes that the animal that he watches everyday in the tv really exist!
It only took 30 mins to reach the zoo for kak yan's house. After a few minutes at the zoo we realized that adam wasnt really interested with the animals. Maybe becoz the animals didnt look as pretty as the animal cartoons he saw on tv. Apparently, he prefered to just climb the stairs and did some stunts himself instead.
One intersting fact about the moscow zoo is - it's located at the city center. The zoo is surrounded by apartments, offices and heavy traffic. Therefore - it's very accessible! Plus, free entrance for students, teachers , kids , policemen , army and people on wheelchair! How cool is that. So, yesterday, only kak yan n tina had to pay for the tickets!

After a while... we did what malaysia do best.. camwhoring!
3 ladies and 1 boy! As the ladies were busy posing , adam was drinking the popcorn! ( kata adam - sape suruh letak popcorn dalam gelas kannn ? )

shida finally met her long lost good fren , the "kambing gurun"
Adam was more interested in bubble's baloon then watching the zebras mating. What the heck rite, as long as he was happy!
kak yan became the zoo's clown for the day , firing the bubbles balloon from the frog's gun! The gun made the frog sound while shooting the bubble balloons. Apparently , she managed to make a lot of children crying - asking their parent to buy the same thing!
We all had a wonderful time at the zoo :) Maybe this is my last visit at the zoo .... sigh,.. so sad. I'm leaving moscow very soon
P/s- no animals photo as I was busy playing with adam :P , but u can check tina's blog!

Jasamu dikenang :)

Thanks a lot to Kak Yan n Tina for the marvelous bday cheese-cake ( siap letak nama kite !!! thankksssss! ) Me n shida went to kak yan's house today as we were planning to visit the zoo. As we reached their house , kak yan was frying the delicious fried chicken - which I considered as the best home made fried chicken ever. Apparently tina knew the KFC secret recipe and that's why their fried chicken taste exactly the same :) NO Kidding!
From left - shida, me ( holding adam ) and kak yan with damia :) thanks a lot kak yan and tina for the celebration ( terharu ni :P , nasib baik x nangis depan adam tadi.... ! )
So happened, they put the rite fruit on the cheesecake ! What a coincidence !!!! for those who didnt know me very well - I'm very - very particular with fruits and I only eat certain fruit ( yes.. mengada2! ) Tina n kak yan put the kiwi on the cheese cake which happened to be one of the few fruits that I eat. Thanks again!

Anyway, those who want to know the KFC secret recipe , u can go to
tina's blog.

For the past few days , I have not been spending much time at home , therefore I've not been visiting ur blogs and not been replying the comments or the chatterbox. No hard feeling occay! I'll be blog hoping a.s.a.p!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank you Shida :)

Millions thanks to shida for making my bday such a wonderful day. She really made my day. My birthday would be meaningless without her !

We went to Uncle Yunus's house today as his whole family were just arrived back to moscow and shida suprised me with a bday cake! It was so sweet :) Nearly cried when Uncle Yunus read the the bday prayer for me however , since there were too many kids around - I didnt! Many thanks to uncle Yunus and family!

Birthday for me isnt about gifts or cakes or big party ( but any kind of bday presents are very much welcome! ) All I wish for on my bday is to enjoy and hang around with my love one and my dear frens and so far I'm so lucky to have such people around in my life :) Thanks a lot guys!

I have a very close fren who refuse to celebrate his own birthday. He wants no bday party for his bday. But, he loves to celebrate other ppl bday and he doesnt mind spending a lot of money for other's bday party or bday presents. It made me wonder why would anyone refuse to celebrate his own bday. However, as I got one year older today, I finally find the answer. Maybe this is the final bday celebration for me. Hencefoward , I reckon I dont want any celebration for my next bday and onwards!

A year older does make such a different in my life :P

Anyway , I would like to thank everyone for all the bday wishes :) really appreciate them!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


12.01 am 28JUne08 moscow time

thanks a lot everyone for the warm wishes!

Lots of LoVE :)

-Dr Hannan-

Friday, June 27, 2008

I cant sit still - adam!

What a cute lil boy rite? so nice with the tie :) Must be a big fan of avril lavinge :P To those who didnt know me yet, my name is adam! I'm a very good-nice little boy. I love to pose in front of the camera.... But...
... not for long thou! This tie is killing me! I cant breath! I need to get this thing out! Someone PLEAASSEE help me!!!!!
But I cant take off the tie , it's too complicated for me! Now give me the camera, I wanna see my photos! quiccckkk!!!! I want it now! Now Now nOwww. :P
Flying kick to Uncle Cool for not letting me play with the camera!!! Even thou my little sister damia was sleeping just next to us , me couldnt care less coz my name is adam!!!
After 100 round of wrestling, sumo , judo , karate and taekwondo - finally adam is asleep! As usual, damia being a nice girl :) Adam - charging his energy for the next round. Uncle cool - half dead !

Happy bday Mama :)

26 JUNE , a very happy birthday to my beloved Mama :) I love u a lot mama!!! Wishing her a long healthy happy life. She was the workaholic one in our family. I'm very much happy that she's already retired a year ago.
As for her bday present, I bought her another handbag :P Hehhee... Thanks to my dear Elyn, the handbag arrived exactly today! My mama was very suprised! Thanks again Elyn. I bought her this handbag. To those shopaholics - u should know what brand is the handbag ( especially kak red!) I wont tell how much it costed so dont bother asking :P

What an eventful month for our family. Even thou yesterday - the storm hit me hard - and it still .... Well, let's just not talk about it. Hopefully, it'll be forgiven (which I doubt).....

Me n shida is doing fine. We celebrated our anniversary today. Thanks a lot everyone for all the well wishes! Really appreciate them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary

What was supposed to be the happiest day in our life, turned out to be one of the darkest memory. Today is our anniversary and we were supposed to celebrate it last nite.

Something "bad" happened last nite. One simple mistake , and the consequence really hit us very hard. I lost my judgement and self control and I had to pay dearly for that.

Behind these smiles , u have no idea how sad are we rite now. I'm very sorry for what I've done and please forgive me. I know what I did maybe "unforgiven" , but maybe for the old time sake - u could forgive me.

Darling , u will always be my baby...

Happy Anniversary - regardless of what happened....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shopping Trip :)

Few days back - we went for shopping spree at the Europeon center :) Yeah, indulging myself after a long hard ass-kicking final exam streak! Well, actually it was more like a window shopping for me coz rite now I'm very worried about my stuffs which I need to send back home. Therefore, everytime I wanted to buy something, the thought that I need to spend more on the "cargo" - really turned off my shopping need!
6 of us , including adam and little baby damia. Damia really amazed me on that day! She behaved nicely all day long and it was a total opposite of adam who became the freedom fighter rebellion ! me - just realize how hard to bring little kids for shopping! WOw.... it made me felt sorry for my parents. It must be such a pain in the ass to bring me around the supermarket/shopping mall. Sorry mom n dad! I know that I was twice as "uncontrolable" compared to adam. Double the hassle, double trouble to bring me around when I was a kid!

Now, everytime I see mothers bringing their children to the mall - I had an upmost respect to them!
on the way back home, we took a de-tour at the garden in front of the famous moscow state university. Unfortunately, when we reached there, it started to rain and very windy, but it didnt stop us from taking photos!
Tonite is a very special day for me n shida! What about tonite ? As I told u before - June is a very special for me - full of celebration and tonite is one of them!

cik ceera oiii

Been TAGGED by Ceera :)

Once in a year, I'll do this "tagging" thingy. So happened that she tagged me at the right time, I'm pretty much free rite now :)

But, seriously - do not tagged me :P coz most of the time - there wont be any reply from me :)
( hutang tag Kak Red dah bertahun dah aku x bayar :P )

1. Nama-nama timangan oleh orang tersayang :P

Well, let's start with what Shida called me. She called me sayang, honey, darling, sweetheart , kekasihku, abang, kekanda, perwiraku , intan payung batu berlian and so on ( well, basically everything in the book of love :P ). Behind my back she might call me - jerk, bastard , asshole and SOB :P - just kidding!

My nephew and my niece called me "ayah nae" :) even thou I never heard that from my beloved Umar yet :P
Adam is supposed to called me Mr Cool or Uncle Cool or Uncle Han. Yet , he only managed to mumble "nana" everything he wants to call me. Well, actually he used that to call everyone :P

2. Anda seorang yang?

- lazy bastard ( no kidding!)
- Love sport - yes, anyone wanna play sport with me in Malaysia, pls email me - name any sport! I'm ON! If I never play the sport, I'm very keen to learn a new one. Looking foward to play tennis this summer break!

-hot+short tempered :p hahha... yeah, no kidding too! But it wont last long. I can't be angry for more than 1 minute. Usually, when I'm angry at someone, I just need to throw my sight at the open window and a few secs later, I'm cool :P

-I'm funny and crazy at the same time! - Seriously!

3. Insan teristimewa?

my parent + shida + my readers and my frens!

4. Makanan Favourite

-fettucini al fredo! hahahaha.... Budu la.... :P

5. Fav Colour?

-my fav colours changes every year!

6. Fav Song?

-Songs sing by hot +sexy singers - anything by Rihanna n Nicole Scherzinger

7. THing that make me stress?


8 3 thing u MUST have in ur wallet ?

- 1. money , 2 . still money , 3. more money

9 Last time u cried?

- pass!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ppl said that - dont do great thing if u cant handle the celebration! It's true. Been celebrating a lot and I'm totally exhauted now. Today gonna be a very busy day for me. I need to complete the release form at the university before the graduation day. Need a lot of running to diff department. Gonna start with the library and end up at the accountant! What a mess :)

Surpisingly the russian football team managed to reach the EURO 08 semifinal. Well, it's about time the big teams need to start work harder. The biggest shame was the failure of England to qualify. One more - the best thing was when spain trashed italy on the penalty shoot out. Italy had been complaining about their bad luck with the referees and what so ever. They simply forgot that they were just lucky to win the world cup.

Let's drop about football :P I found this fruit at the supermarket last week - yes it's the "mangis". Do u wanna know how much does it costs here in moscow? About RM60 per kilo! hahaha.. Apparently these "manggis" are imported from thailand! Maybe I should forget about being a doctor and start selling "manggis" n "rambutan" here!

ada apa ...

I captured this screen a few days ago. JuNe 28... I wonder what's dat :P hahhaha....

Happy Bday EJ :)

24 June - Happy birthday to Puan Sri EJ from me n shida :) - ( sweet 17 katanya shida :P) Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki hendaknya... aminnnnnnnn

Yeah, if u look at the top commentator ranking, she's considered as my MOST loyal reader ( x tau betul ke aa ) Therefore , I write this special dedication for her as a token of appreciation! happy bday Ej, God bless u and may u have many wonderful years ahead!

P/S - to all my readers , please add me at the facebook so I would know ur bday!!!

Celebration! - Photos

These are more photos taken after the final exam . Credit to k.idham n zak for the photos!
Thanks to JPA n MARA - we are doctors now! Well, actually thanks to all the tax payers , and to those who paid for RM2.70 per liter petrol. We are going back soon to serve the country :P
Happy faces after the exam me , juani and abuya :)
Very much satisfied ! - Taka, Yon, Zak and me
the excitement! - Dr Zak, Dr Por ( those in Perlis should know this name :P ) , Dr Hannan , Dr Han Teo , Dr Suren and Dr Aliah
Six years studying together , group 61 :) - Dr Anwar, Dr Idham , Dr Taka, Dr Hannan and Dr Faiz

Monday, June 23, 2008

The winner

The winner for the ..Soon to be contest is - mrs sheikh :) congratulation husna, u've won a fridge magnet :P

So, let's read "hasil karangan" Mrs sheikh and thanks a lot for the editted photos! I'm lovin it!

Aku kenal dia
Melalui blog akak nyer..
Semua org kenal akaknye yg merah menyala..

Aku kenal dia
Sebab dia ziarah blog aku
lepas beberapa bulan aku
mengunjungi blog dia.

Komen pertama dari dia,

Hannan said…

Hye there….well to start with, do you have anything to do with Dr sheikh muzzaphar? or u r married to a sheikh? Hehehhehe…anyway, lovely blog u have here!

20 Oktober 2007, 4.54 PM

OOhh..time tu baru aku perasan akhirnyer ada org yg tau obsess nyer aku pada Dr.SMS wpun aku tau dia dah berpunya…J

Kemudian bakal doctor ni
Komen lagi entri aku…kali kedua,

Hannan said…

Ni giler2 minat kat sheikh ek? iskh2… nanti kite sampaikan kat die :P

21 Oktober 2007, 7.34 PM

Aku masuk blog dia
sebab aku suka baca kisah org..
kehidupan budak2 mesia kat luar negara..
selalunya student mesia at UK, NZ, Aussie..blah2…
tapi ni kat Russia.. hehehehe..negara sakai ek nan..:)

Sejak dari itu,
Aku selalu menbusykan diri aku
masuk blog bakal doktor ni..
sebab aku nak tau kisah dia..kisah study dia.
dan betapa bangganya aku ada bakal doktor yg
ceria, happening macam dia.. macam gf dia..

hampir setahun..rasanya,
aku kenal blog nyer dari
mak merah time tu entri makan J
kat DOME…
mak merah, shieda dan dia..

terima kasih yer dr. hannan..
sebab sudi melayan komen2 saya
kat blog u...

terima kasih juga sebab
awak sudi menjengah blog sy
pada masa-masa lapang awak..

Terima kasih atas
tali persahabatan ini..
yang dibina melalui dunia blog..

...dan sebagai rakyat mesia..
sy amat2 suka kerana
dpt bakal doktor sebegini..
teruskan rasa rendah diri,
dan keyakinan itu...

doktor yg hebat, adalah doktor yg
memahami hati pesakitnyer..
juga ke? :P


To those who didnt win ( yes - to wenkt especially! ) no hard feeling occay... mummysyafie , what u write about me was very touching too. I wish I could choose like 10 winners, but I'm not that rich yet!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thank You God

Such a lovely day for us :) We both passed the final exam with flying colours. Finally - 6 years of hard work in med school has ended. I'm very glad that I'm able to finished my studies "on time" and at the same time , I do gained a lot of experience living abroad.I would like to thank everyone for ur well wishes and good luck wishes! I really appreciate them! You are my inspiration to study really hard for my exams! no kidding....
Now, I'm gonna need a really good rest , by rest - I mean "good sleep!" Yup. For the past 6 years , everyday I woke up thinking of exams ! Tomorrow , it's a new day for me. Thank God, thanks a lot everyone , I love u all a lot!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008



one final step

I'm off to the hospital for my final step of becoming a doctor. One more exam ! Everything is over in just few more hours. I pray to God that everything will turn out fine for me and my frens today :) Wish me luck everyone!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

soon to be....

Occay, this weekend homework for all my readers! Create the best entry about this photo!!! The winner will get a "Moscow Fridge Magnet" - heheheh.... ( I kan student, xder duit nak kasi hadiah best2... )

Therefore , to those who has nothing to do on ur weekend , u r most welcome to send in ur most creative entry based on the photo above . It can be a story, a poem, a song - whatever u like it!

U could either send ur "story" to the "comment box" or to my email at :)

my family

if u want to read about my family , u can go to this blog - my eldest brother's blog :)

it's 2 am here , wanted to sleep , but after reading my brother's blog just now - his description about me , it's very touching. It gave me the extra energy to keep striving hard for my coming exam :)

2 more days before everything is over .... cant wait for the d-day...

I hope all my readers wouldnt mind me writing about all those medical stuff :P , it's more like a blogging+studying tecnique for me.

Love ur "liver"

This isnt a porno blog , it's still me - the wannabe doctor! The lady in the photo above isnt pregnant or having any kind of cyst and she's definitely not carrying any alien child inside the big stomach! In medical term - we called this as "ascites" ( dalam bahasa melayu.... ermmm.. perut berair kot? or maybe "busung"? not sure about the malay term... :P ) This is the most common complication of LIVER cirrhosis.

What is liver cirrhosis ->it is characterized by replacement of liver tissue by fibrous scar tissue as well as regenerative nodules (lumps that occur as a result of a process in which damaged tissue is regenerated)

dalam bahasa melayu , sel2 hati anda akan mati dan diganti oleh sel2 baru ( yg dipanggil firbous sel) yg bukan sel hati yg menyebabkan hati anda tidak dpt berfungsi spt biasa sbb sel2 hati anda sudah tiada.... something like that ( i really need to work on my malay medical term!)
What's the main cause of liver cirrhosis? ALCOHOL! Yup, that include beer, vodka, champange, rum , margarita , sex on the beach and what ever they called it. Maybe this kind of disease is pretty rare in malaysia , but here in moscow - liver cirrhosis is quite common. Not very suprising since the russian considered drinking alcohol is a part of their culture and vodka is like tea for them

So, what we could learn here is - dont drink alcohol! Nothing good come from drinking alcohol. No kidding. The best part of the liver cirrhosis is - there's no cure! Serve the "alcoholic" well.

Pesanan khidmat masyarakat ini ditaja oleh Definitely maybe

Thursday, June 19, 2008

the Milkfish

Guess what, for the 1st time in my life - I found this fish in moscow supermarket! Yup, the milkfish - dalam bahasa melayu nya -> ikan terubuk! . Costed me 60rubble for one fish ( 700g) - it's about 90 rubble per kilo... alaaa dalam RM12 sekilo la ikan ni.... :) The only downside is - this fish is frozen and it's imported from Taiwan. But I dont care, for the past 6 years Ive been eating frozen food everyday :P nothing new there...

My Super Wall

If u ever come to my room :) this is the first thing u would see! The big homer simpson poster on my door! It said - "if something is hard to do , it's not worth doing" yeah - it's crap but at times , it cheers me up. What I believe is - if it's not worth it , dont do it! Life is pretty short to screw up ur own life. But then , that's what we all love to do - make a mess in our daily life :) Lovely as it is.....
Since I've not been out today , let's see what do I have on my wall. Yeah, it's boring - and i know.. but then - these photos are gonna be taken off soon. Therefore , I'll just keep the memories here , in my dear blog ( this sound very gay! )
Our hari raya photos :) The one on the left was taken during last year raya (2007) and the one on the right was taken on 2005 hari raya ( if I'm not mistaken)
As u all know , I've been 6 hari raya in a row in moscow , from 2002 to 2007. Therefore , technically speaking - this year ( kalau panjang umur laaa ) , I should be celebrating hari raya in Malaysia! It's gonna be a big celebration for me. It's more like an independent day for me :P
So, rakan2 blogger sekalian.. jemput datang beraya kat umah yer...

I hang this fengshui poster just to cover up the tear on the wallpaper. It's cheaper than changing the whole wallpaper.. so what the heck rite. When my chinese frens came to my room , they were suprised and thought that I understand chinese and I just played along :P heheheh....

Cukup la kot.... nanti bangun pagi esok , beta update lagi ek.... nak kene baca buku dulu :P