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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prolapse Interverbral Disc

Prolapse intervetebral disc also known as slipped disc - in short PID - is a common problem in men and women nowdays. Being at the ortho dept, I saw a lot of these cases.
Usually pt will come with complain of chronic low back pain
- which means - she or he being having the back pain for years..
The cause of this problem mainly due to the herniation ot the intervebral disc onto the spinal nerve - which eventually caused the unbearable pain
The treatment for this disease - we usually start with painkiller - and if the painkiller isnt working then we could proceed with surgical intervention :)

So, kepada makcik2 or pakcik2 yang selalu sgt sakit belakang, pastu makan ubat pon x hilang2...
cube la dapatkan rawatan kat pakar tulang.... :)
Early intervention could give a better result...jgn tunggu sampai sakit xle nak jalan baru jumpe doc k!

Sekian terima kasih !

and we lost

i'm gonna be a man here and admit man utd lost to a better team
man utd players played like a bunch of kids , chasing the ice cream man..
not the type of game we used to see week in and week out

to barcelona - salute.. great game :)

no worry, there will always be next year..
Sir Alex needs to do a bit of changes in the squad..
Even thou united won the league this year again
but I have to admit, their performance thru out the season was quite
unconvincing and inconsistent
let's hope for a better result next season!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

glory glory man utd

i know the game has not started yet..
and it's still anyone game.. the ball is round... each team has equal chance..
bla bla bla...
I dont give a damn..
All I know - definitely MAN utd gonna win the match tonite - no bloody doubt!
I said the same thing last year when utd was playing
against Chelshit during the last year final..
utd was gonna win it..
and I dare said it again this very year..
utd will win again!
Yes, I am an extreme utd fan...
may the best team win ( and I mean.. MAN UTD! )

Monday, May 25, 2009

kerna skali cinta... aku tetap cinta..

Back when I was a teenager..
back in those days when I started to learn about girls..
Started "liking" girls...
Started having girlfriends....
I always wonder.. and couldnt figure out what was really on women's mind...

It seemed like their brain is very complicated...
way too complicated for a simple mind of a perfectly normal man to understood.
But then , after a few relationships and break ups...
I think , finally I came out with a solution...
I finally found the secret of women's critical thinking ..
and how to deal with the "unstable" emotional period :)

I guess... practise does make perfect!
Once u open the pandora box...
That's it .. u r the man..
U should know exactly what to do..
and what not to do ...

Nevertheless... I know a lot of men out there had mastered this skill..
not all of them really put it into practise..

man - well known of being lazy and ignorance..
even thou we know exactly what we should do...
we prefer to just shut our mouth and close our eyes..
that showed what true man is all about...

Sometimes... u said it best. when u say nothing at all... :P

more photos on the autoshow.. lancers only !

one big bunch of lancers :) unfortunately there are a few member who couldnt make it.. could have been a bigger convoi
the black evo X .... mmmmmmm

red evo X ??? mmmmmmm

lancers vs swift ... which one is ur choice?

the famous shark nose ... the trademark for lancer :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I had one hell of an ON CALL last nite..
very tiring... very stressful...
The worst ON call so far at the ortho department
but still nothing compared to ON call at the OnG...

Today.. it started very gloomy
Was in a very bad mood
Felt like kicking everyone..
Yes, luckily I didnt
U know.. there are days u felt like just wanna sit and doing nothing
I wish I could just sit n doing nothing this morning

But then ,
something special happened
Got a call from a staff nurse from the VIP ward.
At first I thought there is a new case at the ward..
I picked up the phone with a very lazy voice...
then when she mentioned my ex-patient left " a gift " for me..
It quickly turned my mood upside down..
I was so happy!

For the 1st time in my life as a doctor I got a gift from a patient.
Thank you!

Well.. it's not the gift that matter..
it's the thought that count
Regardless what inside the plastic wrapper..
It changed my sad face into smiley face...

Not that I'm demanding gift from everyone..
It just that.. it felt good when other really appreciate ur work
Even two simple words " thank you " from my patient
- would really made my day..

Nevertheless.. I'm so happy today...
In a very good mood
Hope for a better day tomorrow
See ya!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


me is currently oncall
luckily the hospital has wi-fi
made it easier for doctors to search for meds info at work
and also for other stuff too :P

Lots of cases today at the emergency room for ortho team
not the best day to be on call!
Not so sure why people choose saturday to present at the emergency room...

and today there are a lot of admission for elective surgery tomorrow...
One of the case I encountered today was the ACL tear.
What the heck is ACL?
Anterior cruciate ligament...
the ligament located at the knee join..
the tear usually caused by sport injury
When the ACL is torn..
u could still walk..
but then, ur knee is pretty much unstable
Not an emergency for sure
Sometimes it takes months , even years before pt started to come to see
dr due to this problem
If u are into sport, u should heard about this injury..
and the treatment is - ACL reconstruction..
basically we repair the torn ACL using other ligament as replacement.. such as hamstring tendon for example...
Yes.. it's boring to read this..
so I am rite now... :P

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kelantan autoshow part 2

We finally reached Pantai Irama at about 6pm today....
Yup, it was quite late actually... but then who cares..
The big guns always showed up late aite?
As we reached there... the parking was fulled already
but then , since we already signed up for the autoshow,
the organizer had reserved parking slots for the whole lancer team

me n my favs buddies! Sorry ladies - all are etaken!
But no worry.... there's always extra seat aite?
hahahah.... ! just kidding
but then... lancer has 3 extra seats at the back rite?
The suzuki swift gang.... all white for them!
the colourful myvisss
and that's all for the day. There goes my friday. Tomorrow - saturday , me ON CALL. No fun...
had way too many on calls this month....
More doctors please......

Kelantan autoshow

today I'll be driving VLV to it 1st autoshow :) To those in Kelantan , there will be an autoshow today at pantai irama bachok. Since the lancerGT club is invited to join the party , I'd be there too :)

Definitely the place to be if u a car lovers of u are looking for hot chic !
Yes... cars and hot chics could not be seperated!
But, I'm done with the "looking for the hot chic! " part..
I'm engaged what!
Seriously... I'm a good boy..
Definitely not going to scout girls this time..
... it's gonna be the other way around these days..
hehehe :P

Anyway... I'm good to go!
See u there!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


life is full of expectation...
Good ones.. Bad ones..
But most people expect good thing will happen to them everyday..
Me myself expect my day would be terrific even thou it's pretty much impossible to have a perfect day when u spent ur day seeing injured patients at the emergency room..
expectation brings happiness and sorrow as well..
We would feel good what good thing happened but when shit happened.. We felt like it's the end of the world

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

setting the bar

these 2 boys are my big bros. Yeah, my real brothers.
The eldest in the family is on the right side.. and the one with the stripe polo shirt is the 2nd in the family.
both are engineers... and married :)

Anyway , growing up with my brothers was a fun episode
Even thou our age differ quite a lot
But, when we were young - we did hang out together

These 2 brothers always set the bar for the family...
mostly in the education part...
Everyone got all A's in the UPSR and PMR..
So, when it came to my time...
getting all A's wasnt something to be proud about...
it's kinda a must in the family..
and yes - the pressure was pretty high and tense..

After a while .. I'm getting used to it..
Hardly got any present for should I do well in the exams..
Just enuf not to be compared to my brothers if i suck!

It was very motivational thou,..
kept me working hard :P

In spite of that - our parent were not very strict to us..
We all have our own way in studying...
Studying hard was never the key of success to anyone of us in the family..
I remember my 2nd bro , never bring back any books from school when he was in primary school..

Thank you God for blessing our family :)

Even thou we didnt come from a rich heritage ...
but we manage to do well in our life..

God does work in a very mysterious ways

So everyone.. just keep praying to God...
That's the key for everything ~!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i love the game

I told u once..
I told u twice
I told u trice
I told u a million times....

Glory glory MAN UTD...

Doesnt matter if there was never such thing called Dr day...
Doesnt really matter if people hardly appreciate the hardship of being a doctor...
Doesnt matter if Perak State turned into another state in thailand...

Doesnt matter...

I just want to say.. IN UR FACE BENITEZ...
and to all Liverfool fan... sigh... "enuf with the big talk"

Some might not understood what I'm trying to say here... unless u are a football fan....
than u would be smiling reading this...

Gosh... it felt good..
Told u UNITED gonna win it again...
bring on the bloody barcelona....
We'll conquer ROME !

Gonna have a very quality sleep today!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

happy teacher's day!

Selamat hari guru semua!

to all the teachers! Selamat hari guru.... :) Jasamu dikenang!

Well.... ade hari guru.. hari jururawat.... hari doctors jer xde...
ape case?
Who care.. i hereby declare everyday is doctor's day!
but no break for us

work as usual!

Anyway, it has been a busy and tiring weekend for me.
Wish everyone a lovely saturday and sunday
but tonite gonna be a special nite for me
coz MAN UTD gonna win the premiership tonite

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i firmly stand

Regarding the previous issue - despite of some comments against my view , I hereby stand firmly on what I had written.
I believe , as a whole - the government doctors did their jobs well.
I do not deny there are a few cases of negligience and misfortunate happened..
but , generally - we did our job
Even thou , technically we could bring our case to the international court in Hague - of being "overworked" - but we didnt.
Coz - we are serving our nation - our own malaysians..... dengan penuh keikhlasan - aminnnnn

Nonetheless - u cant expect us to work as a robot. There will be a hole somewhere , somehow. Cut us some slack. We hardly complain when we go back at home - way past our check out time - sometimes at 9 pm... sometimes at 11 pm even thou we are not "on call"

If u are looking for a VIP - superfast service - help urselves to the private hospital. Here in gov hospital - we dont have enuf docs.
For crying out loud... the gov hospital is free...

At the private hospital - u could have 10 specialist treating 1 patient.... in the gov hospital.... 1 specialist.. treats 100 of patients.. U cant expect we could work at the same speed...
At private hospital - the OT is empty most of the time because not everyone could afford the cost there.... which explain why the operation could be done very fast...
at gov hospital - there are only a few OT and hundreds of patients waiting in line - and mostly are emergency cases...which explain why u have to wait....

Some said government docs dont know the important of life...
Some said we never put our foot in the patient's shoes...
For the love of God ...
if we never thought about that... everyone will leave the gov and work at the private sector.
We want to save a lot of life - that's why there's a lot of specialist still at the gov hospital...

Does the word "logic" never come across our mind?

U dont expect the gov will give ur kids free laptop when they enrolled into gov schools rite?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and I said .....

my beloved mama :)
urs truly and his beloved papa
many doctors had spoken out about the issue of " 2 doctors were cought red handed reading newspaper at the emergency room while there were 20 patients waiting outside to be treated.... "
Bloody hell...
Give us a break ....
If anyone in ur family is a doctor .... u would understand how stressful of being a doctor at the government hospital...
My basic salary is about RM2450 per month and people expect us to work endlessly ... up to 36 hours non stop and with a smile on our face....
and most of the time - we do that ... with a really big smile :)
and yet... there are people complaining when we took a little rest...
Sorry to say this - but try going to school or other government offices - reading newspaper during working hours is like a bloody routine!
and yet... no one give a damn..
Another complain came out in the paper few weeks ago " Doktor pakar berbual kosong ketika waktu kerja"
What can I say about this one... to the media .. could u guys be more realistic before printing all those complaints in ur papers?
ever heard the word "logic"?
People talk. People greet each other. People say "hi". People say "how are u?"
Sometimes u ask ur officemate " how's ur kids doing" while doing ur job...
Sometimes u ask ur colleague " where's the best restaurant to bring a date "...
and that's what ppl called.. " Small talk "
people do "small talk" all the time...
sometimes during work to ease the stress ... the tension..
Sometimes in the "small talk" we talk about our job..
we talk about " how to treat patients"!
and yet.. the media came out it " doktor pakar berbual kosong... bla bla bla "
People never really appreciate all those doctors who stayed working at the gov hospital even thou they could have work at the private sectors...
Imagine if all the "specialist and consultants doctors" went to work at private hospitals...
how many of u out there could afford the fee to see them to get the best treatment?
think about it....
and yet.. everyone kept complaining...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


No one ever dare to do this act on my car! but my cute lil nephew!
I wouldnt allow even a naked lady to do the same ... hehehe .. well.. maybe I would..
But the point is.. umar - he's so adorable... even thou he's one kind of dennis the manace..
in the end of the day, he always pull out that cute smile which eventually put out the burning anger of his parent especially!

Just found out for my sister that she;s been buying clothing for umar and imah from this blog
I took a look at this blog... a lot of beautiful clothing here...
trendy and cheap as well
Definitely the "blog" to be if u are a working mother, and dont have much time to spend at the store to shop for ur kids's clothing... everything for ur kids is just a click away :)

I totally recommended this store :)

So everyone.... click click and click...

Best bargain at

get the party started

and yes.... the question keep coming in!
Tired of answering the same thing...
My frens being ringing me up.. asking me again and again...
Nope... Not asking when the date of the wedding..
they are asking when will the bachelor party starts!

As a loyal fren to my dearest frens ...
I hereby declared...
the bachelor party starts today...
and it will end until the day i say " I do "

I deeply understood the feeling of losing a fren.
Some said being married is equivalent to being sentence to jail
hencefoward... before I reached that point...
let's get the party started shall we?

So.. esok kite gi masjid ramai2 yer kawan2..
kite mulakan dengan doa selamat...

Happy mother's day

Thank God. The engagement went all. Nothing fancy, nothing big - just a simple ceremony between 2 families :)

I would like to thank everyone who came our special event.

So , many would like to know - how much is the "hantaran" and when is the wedding date.
Well - I would like to ask the same question too!
The money talk is still a mystery and the date - undecided yet. But not in the near future :P

Nonetheless - me n family are going back to Kelantan today. Will be a long trip back home. Wanted to reach home before 9 today coz man utd is playing tonite! hehehe
Plus- everyone is working tomorrow!

And also, would like to wish all the mums in the world - happy mother's day!

God Bless all of us :)

Have a super sunday!

Friday, May 08, 2009

She all that

me in seremban now. That's umar - me beloved nephew. He was asking me to play his favourite game - the Gutterball at my lappy. Unfortunately , I dont have that game and he kept screaming.... " Gutter ball... Gutter ball! "

and for those who didnt know , YES - I'm a big man utd fan , since the day I was born :P
Tomorrow will be the "d day" for me. Not the end of the world yet :P
Some might not believe it.
Some thought I was just kidding
When I told my fren " I'm getting engaged! "
These are the answers I received from my frens
the most popular answers would be

1. Hannan getting engaged? The world is coming to the end....
2. U getting engaged? stop making joke bro...
3. What? Siapa perempuan malang tu?
4. Bro , u crazy aaa? Dont la...
5. Welcome to hell...
6. Unbelievable...
7. Whatever...
8. Habis I ni sape? opppsss :P

and last but not least ...

9. congratulation...

Nonetheless.. whatever the reaction from my frens...
It's time for me to do something real for once :)
Getting engaged is a big deal / commitment for me.
Hopefully , it will have a fairy tale ending
God bless us :)

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 04, 2009

:) (:

Erm.... this is what we called the salter harris fracture types.... divided into 5..
Only happened to growing kids coz we all old people dont have growth plate anymore ( the purple color line )
Not gonna talk about these fractures anymore... it's boring :P

Ever heard about the 3 days rules?

Yeah... Some ppl came out with the rules that u should wait 3 days before start calling ur newly met bf/gf
Well, it's mostly applied to the guys.
The rules said - if u met a girl , whom u like and want to be her bf ( not just flirting )
U must wait 3 days after u first met her before start calling her again.

WARNING :- This rule is not applicable if u r a player/casanova/whatsoever

Why must wait that long before start calling the love of ur life?
Some said - if u call after 3 days from ur 1st date - it will give enuf time for both side to think deeply to decide either to jump into relationship or not
And also ... they said - after 3 days ... U gonna miss each other a lot , hence u cant wait to meet each other again...
It also being said that 3 days rule is to test the patience of ur future partner

So, what do i think about this rule?

I said... hmmmm... what the heck..
U like her.. just grab the chance..
She might be someone else gf 3 days later :)