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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prolapse Interverbral Disc

Prolapse intervetebral disc also known as slipped disc - in short PID - is a common problem in men and women nowdays. Being at the ortho dept, I saw a lot of these cases.
Usually pt will come with complain of chronic low back pain
- which means - she or he being having the back pain for years..
The cause of this problem mainly due to the herniation ot the intervebral disc onto the spinal nerve - which eventually caused the unbearable pain
The treatment for this disease - we usually start with painkiller - and if the painkiller isnt working then we could proceed with surgical intervention :)

So, kepada makcik2 or pakcik2 yang selalu sgt sakit belakang, pastu makan ubat pon x hilang2...
cube la dapatkan rawatan kat pakar tulang.... :)
Early intervention could give a better result...jgn tunggu sampai sakit xle nak jalan baru jumpe doc k!

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hUdArLiNg said...

i ada slipped disk, in early 20s. gler tak best.sekarang buat follow up je. haiz.susah kan?