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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more photos!

Photos taken from

happy birthday to dr hannan!
yes, the whole club was singing that song!

yes, not a champange..... just big bottle of grape juice...
me and sirman - acara melantak .....

Happy birthday to me!

I had a wonderful birthday celebration at the hard rock cafe last weekend. It was a blast, everything was great... would like to thank my darling Shida for making thing happened! Love u a lot darling!!!!
Although a few my beloved frens couldnt make it to the party , ( yes... I mean u EJ ! and kak nor too!! )
Above... a gift from kak red and sirman for me :) that's a start!

the birthday boy! With a big smile all night long... well.. all day long actually!
I was so happy that day... :)
It may not be biggest party... but my closest frens were there.. and that was all that matter!
* me wearing my bday party shirt given by shida :)

Kak red in her stunning Versace dress... hehehe.. thanks akak for the "home made" bday cake!
Finally, it was my treat! Asyik akak jer blanjer... :) thanks a lot for coming! Love u a lot!!1
Wenkt with his special gift to me... yeah a big bottle of champange !!!! ahahaaha... yes... a really big one... but with no bloody alcohol. Pretty much like a juice.. yes.. grape juice.. baik utk kesihatan dan kecantikan kulit anda... :)
thank u wenkt!
These ppl are my " susah hidup " kawan....
we may not spend a lot of time together.. but whenever I need help.. or anything.. these 2 ppl were always there for me...

Sirman, kak red and urs truly... sirman being the cameraman for the night. Most of the photos on that nite , werent sent to me yet.. so yang ade kat sini just photos from the shida's camera phone... which explained why her photo is not here yet. need to wait for sirman email for her photo!Juliza ... made a late apperance that night. In spite of her busy schedule.. still manage to attend my party :) Thanks dear ... ur presence was a present to me!
just in case ....this is to show that the big bottle wasnt an alcoholic drink :) just one big bottle of grape juice.. thanks wan!

Monday, June 29, 2009


just came back from kl!
had a blast..
the bday party was great!!!!

Will update about it later...
wait for it!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

perfect start

Me in KL Now...
leaving the hospital for a good few days
need some AiR.. :)
definitely not fresh air here in KL!
well.. i just need to be away from being a doctor toward my birthday

and today got my 1st bday present from all my dear readers
I got 100 followers! thank you guys.
appreciate it!

THinking of going to KLcc later...
let's go !!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cant hardly wait

it has been a lovely day for me
everything well as planned.
I have a real big news to all my friends :)
Despite all the bad things happened to me lately,
there's the silver lining.
Nonetheless, not gonna leak the suprise for the time being :)
gonna keep it HOT!
keep on waiting everyone..
for those who lives in Kota Bharu...
u are up for a real treat!

Me is going to KL this weekend :)
yeah.. this weekend gonna be "the weekend"
my bday comin up.
Micheal Bay presented me with transformers 2
let's go and watch to movie together... anyone??

Sunday, June 21, 2009

life goes on

last week would have been one of the worst week of my life
lots of bad things happened
Nonetheless, life must go on.

There's no much time to be sad and gloomy
shit happened, so what?
everything has a solution
I'm sure
it's just that , sometime we dont try hard enuf to find it

Those are my warming up sentences.
it's been a tough week
but i need to keep going
there gonna be more responsibility for me now
and I'm sure I'm up for it

I did screwed up here and there in my life
not very proud of it
and I believe it's time to put an end of that part
time to be "the man "

Speaking of which...
happy father's day to all dad in the world.. and yes that include u papa!
( umm.. he's not reading my blog anyway. )

Actually men dont need a special day dedicated for them
unlike women :p
Yes, the ladies want the women's day , the mother's day, the secretary day, teacher's day, valentine day - all of which are dedicated to women specifically.
but men , we dont even care what day dedicated to us..
coz we are the man rite?
everyday is "the man" day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

oh my God

How bad ur day could be?
Very bad?

Well, I had mine yesterday.
Worst day of the year so far.
2 bloody bad news.
One of them , I prefer no to discuss here.
One of them have something to do with the photo above.

It's a picture of spondylolisthesis of lumbar
it's a kind of spine disease.. where one of the lumbar
dislocated anteriorly..
which caused severe low back pain..
and also could cause numbness
or in worst case scenario .. paralysis of the lower limb...

the unfortunate news is...
it happened to my mom..
and I'm really really sad rite now....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr Hannan says

Ronaldo is being sold to Real madrid for 80 million pound...
and he's expected to be earning 200000 pound per week there..

not too sure how much I worth..
but I'm earning far more less that what ronaldo get every single second!

Yes, we come to this part again..
where I whine about my life
so bear ur eyes reading my crazy thought
but , in another view.. i'll prove my point.

Government doctors in Malaysia is being paid minimally
compared to other countries
The other day at the newspaper, A doctor wrote about..
" the gov should take care of their dr "
it's true... very true...

Dont take me as an unthankful bastard for saying this after what the gov gave me.
As a matter of fact , If we are to thank the gov ... everyone must work in the gov sector..
coz we all owed the gov.
But then, eventually, the gov doesnt own us coz we are the gov..
ok.. it's getting confusing..
my point is - I'm thankful to the gov , but then, doesnt mean I have to serve the gov for the rest of my life.
If we all have to pay back what the gov gave us - might as well turn our gov into communist...

So, back to my story... the taking a good care of gov doctors..
yes... it is..
the gov doctors are earning very less money compared to those who work in private sector.
If the gov didnt take action in this issue..
eventually - the doctors will go and work at the private hospital or clinic coz definitely they get better salary there.
Hence, only a few doctors left at the gov hospital..

honestly, I dont see myself working at the gov hospital for too long
if the gov dont revise the salary of doctors..
we dont ask for Ronaldo salary..
but just a little bit more..
imagine.. all those specialists and consultant who works at the gov hospital..
their frens ...who have the same qualification.. work at the private hospital.. could earn as much as rm 100 k per month or more...
but for those who work at gov hospital.. their salary would be just around 10k... ( kadang x sampai pon )

therefore, if the gov do not take serious action about this issue..
eventually.. all the good doctors only can be found at the private hospitals..
and... sape yang rugi? rakyat jugak kan..
if the gov is willing to pay a little bit more..
the citizen could have a better medical treatment :)

anyway.. this is just my simple thought..
coz ... after what i've been thru..
to be a specialist... is a bloody hard job..
and to be paid that little when u are a specialist...
mmmm.... I would think twice..
maybe I'll just open a shop..
jual beras siam jer kot....

what a relief !

the hard part is gone..
for the moment
sat for my viva this afternoon
I reckoned it went well
Not really managed to answer all the question...
I choked a few times..
it wasnt easy to be as cool when there were 3 consultants
banging u upside down..
whatever was it..
it was over ..
and currently..
waiting for the result tomorrow..
hope for the best!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


that TIME comes again.
tomorrow I'll be sitting for my VIVA - test for this orthopedic posting
cant believe that 4 months nearly gone... just like that.
Owh.. My God
I HATE this part of my job
it wont be fun..
definitely gonna be an ass kicking session..
Seriously, sitting with ur consultants... NO FUN..
U gonna ended up screw up - upside and down..
NO bloody way I could answer all the questions tomorrow
Just praying to God - for them to have a little mercy on me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Story of a bumblebee

I was reading at my sister in law blog that my beloved nephew was really into transformers. Hencefoward - considering they are back home in kelantan for the school holiday , I decided to buy the bumblebee for Umar :) So, after finished my work in the morning , I rushed to the mall and searched my this little robot. Luckily, they have this creature sold at the mall... and i bought it..

When I got back home and I showed umar the box - he was really excited... I could see his face was totally in shock - a bit unbelieve that his hero in the tv suddenly at his hand! He just hugged me.. kissed me.... then took the box and paraded the box around the house - showing off to everyone that he got the transformers - which by the way - he called this thing " takutla " for some reason I couldnt understand.

... and he loved it so much.....
..... and after fighting the good fight...travelling thru few planets... killed a lot of decepticons...
and bumblebee lost his left arm.... :)

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How well do you know Dr Han

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c) volleyball
d) badminton
e) rugby

3) Dr Hannan never been to?
a) Salzburg
b) Venice
c) Lille
d) Brugge
e) Lisbon

4) Dr Hannan fav drink?
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c) Lychee
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5) Dr Hannan fav criteria for girls?
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e) manja!

6) Describe Dr Hannan
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7) Dr Hannan would kill for?
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d) His own hospital
e) his pride and dignity

8) Dr Hannan fav tv channel
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c) Travel and living
d) Star Movie

9) Dr Hannan fav actress
a) Megan Fox
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c) Nora Danish
d) Jessica Alba
e) Angelina Jolie

I posted this QUIZ at my facebook profile yesterday. Suprisingly, a lot of ppl managed to spend their precious time to answer the quiz. Unfortunately, NONE of them could even pass the 50% mark! Sighh.. I wonder u can score 100% in this simple quiz... anyone?

Friday, June 12, 2009

well done !

Congratulation to all my junior back in moscow !
Yes... u guys are technically are doctors now... yeaaaayyyy..
Definitely a big relieve for everyone.
I'm sure , after years of hard work and pain in moscow
and finally graduating ... the feeling is just fantastic :)

A big round of applause for these new doctors ...
Definitely U guys just cant wait to go back home to Malaysia ..
meet the family ...
Ur families will be very proud of u ...
"Yer la.. mak mane x hepi anak jadi doctor kan?"
" mak mentua lagi la super duper hepi ... x gitu cik kiah? "

U guys done a great job :)
BE prepared for the celebration ..
and get used to the title DR!

Nevertheless - what I mentioned just now..
is just a "mini" part of ur future life...
based on my experience...
what u'll be facing.. .. gosh.. u just dont want to know!
I remember last time when I met my senior who already a doctor
and I was just graduated..
he said " Congratulation and welcome to hell "

At first I though " dude... what the F***! "
I just finished my med school... it wasnt and easy job
and definitely I dont want to go to hell..
But then, after I stepped my foot at the hospital as a doctor ..
I completely understood the word " hell"

Hencefoward , to all the newly grad doctors :)
enjoy the moment..
U deserved all the celebration...
U deserved a big present from ur parent..
A kiss from ur girl...
A hug from a fren....
A SMILE from a ur Mother in law or future mother in law...
Just stop thinking about the horrible part when u become a doctor,
and just enjoy the moment...

Coz, the celebration wont last that long..
Once u get ur 1st punch card ...
be ready to be at the ward by 630 a.m..
with ur sleepy face...
dealing with all kind of patients..
and be prepared for the ultimate mental torture....
it 'll be ur worst nightmare ... trust me..
After a few weeks , U'll get the news that some of ur fren - resigned / quit..
coz not everyone could be a doctor..
Yes... u could be the brain..
but to be a doctor ... u have to learn to work with ur dignity stuck in the toilet bowl.
Sound cruel.. but it's a true story ..
Sorry to break the news guys..
but it hurts being a doctor!

rileks la bro... saje2 acah korang jer ni!..
congrate beb..
kalau aku bole survive.. korang pon bole la...
no worry..
xder lagi kes houseman mati kene bunuh oleh specialist...
kalau bunuh diri tu ade la kot

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting better!

berkat doa kalian .. beta dah semakin sehat...
tq semua.. jasamu dikenang...

Well, not actually 100% fit , but then - i felt lot better compared to yesterday
the sore throat still there.. but very mild...
After a few hours of xtra sleep , the fever slowly moving out from my body
Yes.. being overworked lately.. is killin me...
not been exercising regularly...
that's the price I'm paying..

ANYWAY, the big day is coming... the 28 JUNE.
MY big day...
yes.. it's my birthday..
will take a few days off during my bday - definitely
will fly to KL ..
so.. still thinking about the celebration...
what to do..??? idea anyone?
would welcome all my blog readers to join the party on 28june..
come out and play~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

still unwell

my fever has not subsided yet.
still not afebrile.
still having sorethroat.
running nose... cough..
classic presentation of URTI - upper respiratory tract infection..
which is very common in our society

Well, my biggest problem would be..
whenever I'm sick.. I'll be very moody...
I'll become very "silent" compared to the healthy Hannan
which is very noticable to my frens at work coz ,
the healthy Hannan is always jumping around and always working with a big smile..

But then... during my sick time - which is now...
I could hardly smile coz my sore throat is killing me..
dont feel like working coz my body is very tired...
dont feel like talking to others due to my running nose and cough..
hence - i'll just sit down and keep quite...

and to my dear frens..
I would like to say " I'm very sorry"
coz I wont be able to be the same Hannan as u see every other day..
yes... that cheerful Hannan will be gone for a while...
call in sick..
Only "mourning" Hannan is available rite now..
Please God... take this infection away from me...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm officially sick

Well, even this beautiful gift for myself couldnt cure my illness rite now. I hereby declare that I'm officially sick - flu , URTI ... all those annoying things are hanging out at my throat rite now.. and it's very uncomfortable!

Earlier this evening - I went to the mall - went to the kid's section , was purposely looking for this particular thing! YES this little red thing! I wanted it so much...
Since I've not feeling well thru out the day - I figured I need to indulge myself a little bit..
get myself a gift considering I've been working very hard lately..

Hence when I saw this yellow box - without second thought or whatsoever , I just grabbed it and throw it to the counter and paid for it.
I dont care how much it costed ( apparently it wasnt that cheap at all! )
Anyway , doesnt really matter coz I really want it..
Definitely gonna be the my 1st bday gift this year. The perfect starting gift. Love this car a lot. Yes, I know it's from myself.. but who cares... I get what I wanted and it's all that matter..

So, for the next bday gift - I cant think of nothing else - just wanna get better...
God .. please... I want my next bday gift - a very good health! I'm begging u God ,, please...

This little simple virus had made myself so miserable today. I hope it will be gone by tmrw, coz tmrw is my oncall day... and I need to be very fit for oncall... if not I would be a burden to the team instead..

What? get a MC? ermmm... no such thing for a doctor. We dont get Mc if we cought flu or URTI... work as usual.. people are dying, our small problem is very much ignorable...

Hopefully, in spite of my poor health.. everything will turn out just fine tomorrow.. God willing.. amen.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

new hairdo!

new hairdo... costed me a fortune..
the most expensive hair cut so far !

I'm hungry

I'm hungry.. very hungry..
I want my dinner rite now.
but too lazy to go out... sigh - story of my life

A few days back - a fren of mine just came back from KL for school holiday.
Definitely he's not in school anymore !
Just came back to Kelantan to attend our fren's wedding...
and he was complaining...
" sigh... when am I getting married ... awek xder.. sape la nak kat aku "
me " mmm " ( malas nak layan bab ni )
he " beb... cari awek utk aku sorang.. ko kan terrer bab pompuan ni "
me " mmm "
he " weh.. serius ni !"
me " ko nak yg camner? "
he " yang bole buat bini "
me " semua pompuan bole buat bini beb.. cukup sifat pompuan tu.. sah la jadi bini "
he " yer la tu... kedekut ilmu la tu.. member pon x nak tolong "
me " iskh.. ape lak... ko nak cari bini.. ko la cari.. kang aku cari.. aku lak yg berbini kang "
he " ala.. member ape ko ni... "

Well.. that's my dilemma..
being labelled as a womenizer by my fellow frens isnt what I am proud of..
Honestly - i'm totally disagree with that...
yes.. strongly against it..
but that's what people assumed me for

if I'm that good with women ..
i would be a dad by now..
rite now - I'm still learning about women ..
some says it's an impossible job ( which is very true )
but i'm trying my best to understand this delicate creature a.k.a the ladies...
rite now.. just hoping I'm not the last one among my frens who'll be married..

p/s - tgh kumpul duit banyak2 nak kawin ni.. adei.... :P
love u sayang! - yes.. i mean u la...

selamat pengantin baru cik sue

Well.. again... same story, different people.. :)

Congratulation cik sue and her husband , Joe !

She's a good fren of mine and shida's roomate for 6 years... and there she goes !
Sorry guys - she's taken - forever!
Me and zak managed to make it to her wedding reception.
What a lovely couple - wishing them happiness and lots of kids!

Friday, June 05, 2009

my bday wishlist!

I found this photo at the ebay...
I really want this evo X mini model..
so damn sexy... and cute at the same time..
anyone who has seen this little model..
could u buy this one for me?
pretty please!!!

Talking about buying stuff for me...
my bday is coming soon!!!
Hence... to my beloved frens.... prepare ur wallet and purses!
let's go shopping... hehehe..
just kidding...
but seriously... i want my bday presentSss... badly...
hehehe.. just joking...
but not at all...
So... to make everyone life a lot easier...
to skip all the headache of thinking what to get for my bday..
I'll help u out with this wishlist!
here u go!

1. A trip to PAris... or venice..
I miss paris and venice a lot! of all the places I went... these 2 places are only places I wish I could be there again....

2. My own GP clinic!
Yes... so tired of working at the hospital... wish I could have my own clinic... then I could be the boss...

3. A really big HOUSE...
hehehehe... too much is it? u'll never know!

hehehe.. yeah.. these sound ridiculous.. but who know.. miracles happened... and it happened a lot in my life .. God..I'm praying.. let's all my dreams come true.. aminnn
anyway... I'm not expecting any of those on my next bday .. but maybe someday... definitely maybe.. someday.. it'll be...

for the timebeing.. a simple wish.. is more than enuf :)

and finally....

and finally.... today is my off day..
it had been a hectic week for me! Seriously...
It had been a crazy 7 days...
Lots of my patients died due to sepsis..
Yes ... when u have a diabetic foot problems..
and u choosed to come to the hospital at the terminal stage..
there's nothing much doctors can do..
could hardly proceed with amputation coz u are already in sepsis
which lead to become "medically unstable ' hence the anaest team
would accept these unfit patients to undergo surgery....
so... the end for these patient... would be to die on the ot table...
or at the icu/ccu/hdw ward....
which mostly happened at the ward..
hardly on the ot table coz anaest wouldnt take the risk
bringing in unfit patients into ot...

everytime we have these terminally ill patients came to us ...
and when they need to go for surgery...
we would have to battle against the anaesthesia team to push these
patient to go for op...
we cant do op without aneast team..
and anaest team wouldnt risk their ot mortalitly rate by bringing these patients into their ot..
coz we both "actually" understood what's the end result for these patients..

So please.. if u have a relative who's having diabetic foot problem
come and seek early treatment at the hospital..
not just at the gp.
if u come after all the treatment given at the gp -
most of time.. it would be.. too little too late for us to do anything....

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the undertaker...

I dont believe in mitos or " orang tua -tua kata "
In fact I'm very against those stuffs..

but, something wierd happened lately...
those who been reading my blog,
should know that I've posted a few stuff about some disease..
the strangest things happened...
after I wrote about that particular disease...
that disease happened to someone close to me..
maybe just accidental.. ( which I'm praying for )
or kinda jinx to me...

Nevertheless.. as I said before... I'm against all those thing
and I dont believe in JINX neither..
I believe that everything happened - is a FATE and being decided by GOD...
So, I'm gonna keep writing about all kind of disease...
See where it goes :)
coz I'm doing this for a good purpose..
to educate people..
to tell others .. the important of good health...
it's all for good reasons...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a jinx?

happy belated "selamat pengantin baru" tu kak Vagg on her wedding!
Such a lovely couple!
Sorry akak xder hadiah for ur wedding... next time tuntut k!
Being a doctor, I dont have enuf free time to attend all the wedding invitations..
I'm so sorry to my dear frens who had invited me to their wedding...
but due to my hectic work schedule. .. I was unable to attend most of the glorious ceremonies -
which I dearly regretted.. No hard feeling k..
if u guys got married again in the future , I'll make sure I'll come to the wedding...even it will be held at thailand ...

and again... to those who are getting married ... and just got married.. a very big congratulation !