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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

seborrheic dermatitis - jumpe bomoh

just now i have a mother came into my clinic
bringing her 2 months old baby boy
complaining of rashes all over the body, worse at the scalp
( something like the photo above , just worse )

then i asked her...
" how long ago it started? why didnt u come earlier ..."
any doctor could realized it is already a chronic case..

the mother replied  " about a month ago... the rashes started about a month ago "

"then.. why u didnt bring ur child earlier when it was still in early stage??? " i puzzled ..

" I did.. i brought her to see this traditional medicine people ... diorang dah tiup2 kepala anak... dah baca tu ni.. dah letak daun ni daun tu.... " she answered...

" then? why dont u continue ur treatment with them... might as well... ur baby is full of bacteria n fungal... God knows what the bomoh is doing.. adding more infection.... seriously????  u waited a month? ur baby has been suffering... it is painful.. it is itchy , u cant even spend a few hours in 30 days to bring ur baby to a doctor? this is ridiculous "

I was saddened to see that baby in that very bad condition
there are still mothers out there who believed that bomoh is the first choice of treatment
in this case the baby is in sepsis ... need to be admitted
if she comes earlier, the baby only require topical cream and some oral antibiotic
now there are pus discharge all over body
the baby needs iv antibiotic , need to be warded....

SaLah siapa?

come on guys... dont blame fate on this issue
clearly the parent is at fault
the government already provided free clinic n medication..
nak salahkan takdir lagi ke????

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

next proton : proton suprema , from honda accord

this will be proton perdana replacement...
honda accord drivers... sell ur car now!
next crz will replace satria neo?
malaysia first hybrid car...

Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 proton preve hatchback unveiled!

proton does it....
something that very pleasing to my eyes
seriously the design team need some fresh air
it is not appealing for younger buyers
looks like mak cik pak cik car
mother father transport...
come on proton
u can do better
put this car beside those korean car
looks like 10 years behind

which one????

looks like my honda CRZ is about to be replaced... soon
anyone looking for used honda crz could contact me
my car is in good condition.
no modification
stock from the factory
well maintained and serviced
I'll repaint the car if u really interested...
reason to sell... i m getting one of those up there...
which one?
undecided yet
not enough money to buy yet
money all gone to my clinic
hopefully the clinic will generate enough income
before i buy any of those
i m planning to take my parent for umrah
then i ll come back to buy one of this
hopefully the dream will come true
pray for me guys!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Medical miracles

I was watching the national geographic channel yesterday evening while waiting for breakfasting...
They were showing the medical miracle programme..

In the show,  one of the case is from Malaysia
A 3 years old girl who has cancer and require bone marrow transplant.
The parent brought their baby to Taiwan to undergo the procedure...

I was heartbroken seeing the difficulty and the pain suffered by the parent and the kid herself....

Watching the doctors there doing the job to save the kid reminds me of my hospital days.

I miss the old days. Working at the hospital. Saving life.  dealing with life threatening cases. The adrenaline never stop pumping!

I wish I could continue doing that, being a real doctor...

But it was really tiring. I was mentally exhausted and drained. Have a lot of respect for those doctors who keep working at the hospital. Doing the real job.

Looking myself in the mirror, I am not that doctor anymore. Being a gp and aesthetic practitioner...  I don't deal with life threatening cases anymore. But,  maybe it is the best for me. Aesthetic is my passion, I love beauty. Yes I am a medical doctor and I miss all those heavy duty work in the operating theatre and the icu... But my heart doesn't belong there.

Hopefully other doctors won't follow my step, please work at the hospital,  deal with real patient,  treat real disease.... 
We need u guys. That s why I told my other half,  the best thing u could do for me is to become a specialist doctor.  to compensate for the lost I cause to our health system :)

Monday, July 15, 2013


here u go!
sneak peek to my clinic
the renovation is going well
this is how the clinic supposed to look like :)

there are still - JAWATAN KOSONG...
as clinic assistant
the job is offered to those who has nursing diploma
apply now
 the clinic will start operating after this coming hari raya
so dont worry about hari raya celebration

email ur resume to

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Green or red???

Which one should I choose for my clinic?  need ur opinion guys!  help me out

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Jawatan Kosong

akan dibuka pada 15 ogos 2013

jawatan kosong

1. Pembantu KLINIK
- priority utk lepasan diploma nursing atau medical assistant
- waktu kerja 9am-5pm. 8pm-10pm di kira overtime
- tinggal berdekatan/ area kota bharu
- bersikap positif dan profesional

berminat sila email saya

bagi yang terpilih , latihan akan bermula pada 1 ogos 2013 selama seminggu di KLINIK PRIMER wakaf bharu

Why dysport botox is not haram

Seriously I am so tired of people claiming botox is totally haram

Yes the Malaysian fatwa council has decided that botox is haram
But not all kind of botox is haram.
Especially dysport which I am using it widely right now

The fatwa said the botox is haram based on 3 issue
1. Botox is made from pig
2. Botox is dangerous and harmful
3. Botox changes the structure of the face.

Occay,  so let's see..

No 1.... Dysport is not made from pig or its substances; proven by the company. There are many other type of botox which is made from pig.. But not dysport.. So.. We are settled with this issue.

No 2. Botox is dangerous and harmful. According to majlis fatwa... The harmful dosage is 5000 unit and above.
Based on my experience and other Dr...  the amount we used for aesthetic usage of botox is maximum 300unit per patient
, which is about 5 percent of lethal dose. Which made the botox is harmless and not dangerous at all. Nobody in right mind would use 5000unit of botox at one time. Taking 100 pills of panadol could kill u instantly, why is panadol is easily available at any store????

Number 3.... Botox will not change ur face structure. It will only remove the wrinkle around ur face. Nothing more. People will still recognized u; it is just like wearing make up. It tightens the loose part of the injection area. Nothing more.

So there u go..
Please read n make research before u start claiming this is haram... That is haram.. Be smart.  don't make yourselves look stupid ;)

Anyway, for those who is interested in botox treatment...  could email me for detail

The market price for botox is about rm1000 for 100 units

For whole face u will need about 300 units, about rm3000

But currently I m having promotion on this! 

Thursday, July 04, 2013

U have asthma

perfect fit soulgasm has left a new comment on your post "Misconceptions about botox": salam doc, i have one medical question for u. saya pernah menghidap asma sejak umur 5 tahun dan pulih selepas usia 15 tahun. sekarang saya tidak menghidapi sebarang penyakit serius. tetapi saya ada masalah resdung yang tidak serius. cuma beberapa tahun lepas, saya perasan apabila saya bernafas, uadara tidak akan keluar melalui kedua2 rongga hidung, tetapi salah satu. kadang2 sebelah kiri, kadang2 sebelah kanan. tidak tetap. saya juga mengalami masalah sukar bernafas apabila dalam keadaan terlampau sejuk atau panas. dan sejak akhir2 ini, apabila bernafasm hidung saya akan mengeluarkan bunyi seperti bersiul. malah sekarang lebih kerap. saya tidak mengalami selesema cuma kadang2 mengalami kesukaran bernafas. saya bekerja dalam air-condition area for more than 8 hours a day. is this one of the factor? masalah ini tidak serius cuma agak melemaskan dan segan bila tgh meeting tiba2 bunyi bersiul keluar. hehe. hope you can give me some explanation since i've google bout it and it might have something to do about sinus problem. which made me worried a bit. thanks in advance! salam


News flash
Childhood asthma can recur
It can come back to u
Back to haunt ur life

The sound " bersiul"
Is what we called wheezing in medical term
A classic sign of asthmatic patient
My advice to u
Is to go to the nearest clinic
And start taking the nebulizer :)

U can't cure asthma
But u can control it with medication
And healthy life style :))

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Misconceptions about botox

A customer of mine... A husband presented his wife to a botox treatment.
That s the most romantic thing a man could do
Women love being pretty and beautiful.
When a man takes that extra step,  get his women a face lift... That s super cool
A bottle or vial of 300unit botox is good enough for a full face treatment.
It will give u the v shaped face
It will get rid of the wrinkle
Give u confidence
Makes ur husband happy
What else do u want? 
A perfect gift!!!