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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

seborrheic dermatitis - jumpe bomoh

just now i have a mother came into my clinic
bringing her 2 months old baby boy
complaining of rashes all over the body, worse at the scalp
( something like the photo above , just worse )

then i asked her...
" how long ago it started? why didnt u come earlier ..."
any doctor could realized it is already a chronic case..

the mother replied  " about a month ago... the rashes started about a month ago "

"then.. why u didnt bring ur child earlier when it was still in early stage??? " i puzzled ..

" I did.. i brought her to see this traditional medicine people ... diorang dah tiup2 kepala anak... dah baca tu ni.. dah letak daun ni daun tu.... " she answered...

" then? why dont u continue ur treatment with them... might as well... ur baby is full of bacteria n fungal... God knows what the bomoh is doing.. adding more infection.... seriously????  u waited a month? ur baby has been suffering... it is painful.. it is itchy , u cant even spend a few hours in 30 days to bring ur baby to a doctor? this is ridiculous "

I was saddened to see that baby in that very bad condition
there are still mothers out there who believed that bomoh is the first choice of treatment
in this case the baby is in sepsis ... need to be admitted
if she comes earlier, the baby only require topical cream and some oral antibiotic
now there are pus discharge all over body
the baby needs iv antibiotic , need to be warded....

SaLah siapa?

come on guys... dont blame fate on this issue
clearly the parent is at fault
the government already provided free clinic n medication..
nak salahkan takdir lagi ke????


nyonyacyber said...

aduhai... kita yg gatal allergy sket2 ni pun tak boleh tahan.. mcm mana la baby ni menahan derita sebulan lamanya.. Ya Allah ada lagi zaman2 moden ni percayakan bomoh2.. ishh.. sgt tak berakal.. sian sgt baby tu..

Anonymous said...

it is okay to go to bomoh for second opinion in case something got onto the baby when they bring him out at night or midnight. but firstly, it is really important to bring the baby to see a doctor at clinic or hospital

I am surprised they waited 1 month before bringing the baby to clinic. hope Malaysia can introduce a law soon to punish this type of careless parents.


I look I see Muslim Apparel here.. said...

Doc Hannan,my 3 yo toddler is a girl.She has a bad habit.She used to scratch her skin(leg) whenever she is falling to sleep.I could not stop yet to control her habit.Her leg looks very dry and peeling sometimes blood comes out if she scratch to hard.What should I do? I applied some medicine from priv/pub clinic but just no point as that is her habit..

tenku butang said...

Kesian kat baby tu.. menderita dia kan.. aduh..

Done follow sini.. 685

Do follow me back.. salam kenal yea..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doc, this coming to you from Canada.
Very sad and kesian see that baby with those rashes.
I guess there are still people who believe in these bomohs....
Ya, you're right Doc, some will put the blame on whatever.

Wishing you all the best from Canada...
Bahasa saya da out of tune, sebelum Merdaka, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Doc.