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Thursday, April 26, 2007

and they said milan can beat man utd.....

YESSS... another great nite!!!... what a game was yesterday. MAN UTD triumphed against milan. This is highest quality game i've seen so far this season ( 7-1 win on ROMA was a practise match for united.. no big deal). Actually, the scoreline would have been different last nite. Man utd could have win 5-2 at least. First class play from Ronaldo, Rooney, Scholes and Fletcher. BUT, with 5 usual starting line up was injured, and the 2nd string had to step up... 3-2 win was more than enuf. So, hopefully man utd can do the same at San Siro next week... ( but ppl always doubt it!!!!...) WE"LL see.

hhehehe... yes kak red, my life is sometime is all about football. A win by man utd, bring a thousand smile to me... so, if u want something from me, or u broke any of my stuff, or u forgot to return back my stuff on time... wait until man utd game. If they win, it's ur lucky day... if they lost (or draw) , u might have to pay it double!!!... ( dont worry.. man utd wins most of the time!!!)...OK... back to my real life... my frens from Germany are arriving tomorrow.... so... i'm gonna have a day off tomorrow so i'll be able to pick them up at the airport. tapi nanti kene masuk kelas tambahan la... xper.. member punya pasal..... layan jerk!!.. hehehe.. so.. esok will be a busy-busy day for me... hehehehe.. but .. i'll try to update this blog as usual... so.. tata for tonite.. gonna watch the game btwn chelshit n liverfool... see who gonna be man utd next the champs league final!!!!

p/s- gambar ni xder kaitan ngan citer kat atas. but, me n jed are the man utd fan... even we play against each other in basketball... but when it comes to football... we support the same team.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


"A patient's history is as important as their symptoms. It's what helps us decide if heart burn's a heart attack... if a headache's a tumor. Sometimes patients will try to re-write their own histories. They'll claim they don't smoke, or forget to mention certain drugs... which in surgery can be the kiss of death. We can ignore it all we want, but our history eventually always comes back to haunt us."
Yup, like HOUSE MD said, ppl lie, patients lie - all the time. For us, med student, when the patient lies to us, it does cost a lot of trouble for us. We are just learning, and of course, as a student, it's very hard to tell either the patient is telling the truth, or they are hiding the truth, or they are making up another story... and as docs and med students, we have to deal with that everyday... hahahhaha.. suck huh... i'm not saying that everyone lies to each other... but, some of us did... i guess this is how the world keep moving... Now that i'm bz in the medical ward, i have to deal with diff type of patients everyday. For those who dont know much about warding system.... medical ward is for patient with sakit2 organ2 dalaman la... senang nak citer, mcm mild heart disease, sakit perut, sakit buah pinggang, anemia... bla bla bla... penyakit2 yang biasanya hanya dirawat dgn memakan ubat sahaja. Kalau memerlukan surgery, kene masuk surgical ward.
tomorrow is the D day for man utd fan. playing AC Milan in champs league semi final + away games, + all the starting line up defender are injured.. gonna be a big game. Draw would be a good result, but a win will show how much MU deserved the title!.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Self reflection.

it's sunday, and my 4 days weekend is over. Yup, we had extra holiday for last friday and thursday. Yesterday man utd game...wasnt the type of game that we r expecting. A draw against Boro. Yes, u get 1 point for a draw, but with current man utd condition, it was a 1 point gained, it was 2 point LOST and it might be 5 point LOSES should cheashit win against kota bharu today.

"Friend - a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection and loyalty." - Collins English Dictionary
So, i stop writing about dima for a while since this blog belong to me, and dima didnt pay me any single cent ( but i still like him thou). Anyway, last wednesday, my frens and i were sitting together, and one of us, came out with an idea, to play a game that would increase our motivation (yes, u need a lot of motivation to be here in moscow!!!). So, intan came out with an idea, for everyone to write the "good stuff" about each other. time was limited, so we have to write as fast as possible, and just wrote the few 1st thing that came out in our mind. Yes... only the GOOD thingy.. ( tapi,kalau nak tulis pasal keburukan masing2... hehehhe... siap satu Buku kot?) anyway... these are what my frens thought about me.
1. Peramah, suka tolong orang
2. Pandai bergaya, banyak info pasal hal2 harta benda, suka tolong orang
3. Friendly, pandai buat kawan, confident
4. Confident, cool, pandai bergaya, ready to help others, banyak tau pasal cerita2 yang best
5. hensem
7. boleh layan maa apo apo cayolah!
8. Suka buat lawak, idea yang kreatif, suka tolong orang, suka ajak orang buat benda-benda baik, Tak berkira bab2 duit ni.
9. galak+peramah+periang+suke bercerita+gaya macho habis+masak macam2
10. tokey, otak bagus je bab business, x berkira sgt, kalau ada dia x sunyi laa kelas.
Well, these what came out from 10 of my frens who have known me for 5 years, been studying and living here together in moscow. 5 guys and 5 ladies... so, should be a fair one then. Tapi semua ubah tulisan masing2.. supaya x le cam sape tulis... but still, after such a long period together... x kan la x kenal tulisan kawan sendiri kan? hahaha... anyway guys... thanks a lot. well, at least I'm not that crazy after all huh?

So, moral daripada games ni... walau betapa bangang pon kite, at least, we should do s'thing to others, something that ppl would remember us for... something sweet for other to remember about us..... and hopefully, all these good attributes... will cover up our evil side... hehehe.. kalau cakap bab2 evil side aku... kene buat satu blog khas la kot.. baru cukup ruang... har har har...
P/S- i hope the comment "hensem" didnt come from a guy fren... it's a bit creepy ... hahahah.. kidding...

"My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me." - Henry Ford

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dima Bilan 2.

WOW... memandangkan ramai giler org yg bagi respon pasal dima bilan ni, maka aku akan tulis lagi la pasal die, and akan upload lagi lagu dima ni. actually nama dima tu berasal dari dmitri, so nama sebenar dima bilan ialah dmitriey bilan. Actually dima berasal dari Rep of tartastan, not from moscow, and his 1st performance was at the school canteen. Not so impressive huh? but, look at him now!. dan, lepas tu, bermula la karier hidup dima, masuk music skool and start rakam album. during Russian Music Award, 2006, On 21st of September 2006 Dima Bilan got two matreshka dolls ( ni kire piala la / anugerah/award )on Ceremony MTV RMA'06: in the nomination " Best Song" with his single "Never Let You Go".It`s the best song because Dima took 2nd place on Eurovision 2006! The second matreshka for the 2nd year Dima got in the nomination "Best Artist", and that means a lot. On 2nd of November Dima Bilan will introduce Russia on the Ceremony MTV Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen (Denmark), he will do it also for the second time. Kalau nak tau bnyk lagi pasal dima bilan, pi masuk website die,
Kepada kak red, tahniah menang chess... lain kali bole la lawan saya ek? kak ween, nanti kite kasi lagu2 dima bilan kat kak ween. hey miRUL.. lame x dgr citer, glad to hear from u.. salam cik sara... nanti saya usahakan key....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dima Bilan.

yes... man utd won again... no need to mention that.. chelsea can win every games from now on and there is nothing they can do to stop man utd. Kpd kak ween... ni la dima bilan ( gambar di atas). die ni buat mase skarang the most famous male singer kat russia ni, and he aslo sings in english... nanti saya letak khas lagu die utk kak ween... he's damn rich too!!!... hahahah... . anyway, good luck utk supersnowgirl for ur exam tomorrow.. besok aku cuti.. har har har...
BKS dah start reject orang dah.. lepas ni sape la pulak kene kick ni... hmmm... aku baru bgn ni sebenarnya.. tadi dah tido puas2.. skarang kul 3 pagi x tau nak buat ape.. alang2 subuh masuk kul 4 nanti.... tahan jer la tido... kalau tido skarang memang kompem la subuh awal sket dari zuhur nanti.

memandangkan kak red kata different dishes kene hidang atas different plate... maka manager IKEA yg baca blog aku ni terus antar satu kotak pelbagai jenis plate kat aku.. hehehe.. so.. harap2 cukup la kot pinggan2 ni...

Monday, April 16, 2007

been tagged

setelah aku berkali2 ditag oleh blogger2 seluruh alam ni.. kali ni hati aku terbuka la jugak nak balas tag ni... from matredo1. anyway, thanks for tagging me. kpd member2 yang pernah tag aku tapi aku x balas, jgn terasa ek... lain kali kalau korang tag aku lagi.. insya Allah aku balas.
1.Name movies that you have seen more than 10 times?
-none... and will never ever be any
2.Name a movie that you have seen multiple times in the theater?
-what a waste of money..
3.Name actors & actresses that would make you more inclined to see a movie?
- Mr n Mrs Pitt, Mr Cruise n Nicole Kidman
4.Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie?
- rusdi ramli... hhahaha.. sorry. he shouldnt be in the Qabil khusry Qabil Igam... different league of actors
5.Name a movie that you can do a quote from?
-I know what u did last summer? from the movie I know what u did last summer.
6.Name a movie musical that you know the lyrics to all songs featured?
-isnt that a job for the actor or the actress of that movie???
7.Name an actor that started in another medium but has surprised you with his performance?
-hans isaac. he was a model rite? and ppl said a model cant act?
8.Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in?
9.If so, the answer is yes.Ever made out at a movie?
-even if i ever seen a movie in a drive-in, would rather get a room.
10.Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just have not yet gotten around to it?
-lake house... hahah... yes... it's a 2006 movie.. been a bit bz..
11.Ever walked out from a movie?
-to pee...
12.Name a movie that made you cry in the theater?
-what a shame...
13.What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
14.What is your favourite/preferred genre of a movie?
15.What movie do you wish you had never seen?
-a few malay movies... couldnt remember ....
16.What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?
-epic movie
17.What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
-texas chainsaw massacare
18.What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?
-P Ramlee movies..

and yes... MU won again lastnite, and chelshit also won, meaning FA cup final at the new wembley btwn MU n cHelSea, and if MU n chelsea both win their champions league semi final... there will be another duel btwn 2 of them in the final... and the Premiership title race is also btwn 2 of them... what a great football season this year. P/S. kpd kak red, kak ween, adrenaline, zeleo, supersnowwomen... rajin2... balas la tag ni.... hhahaha

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend again!!!!...

hYE, it's weekend again. Finally, i can rest for a while. But my forensic exam is set to be continued on monday. Anyway, weekend is meant to be a resting period.... so.... forget about the books for a while.. and be a normal human being again. So, Kak REd? camner BKS? makin panas nampak... hehehehe... lepas weekend ni kite bole tgk la sape kene kick ek? agak sape ek? To those who are been wondering what happened to the mussels and the salad i bought the other day, these pics are for u.
occay, this is the ceasar salad, home made. senang jer nak buat. letak lettuce tu dlm pinggan... pastu grill filet ayam sket... potong kecik mengikut suka hati masing2 ... pastu letak hard cracker skit... kasi rase masin... pastu... letak skit grated cheese tu.. ( cheese yg diparut..).. touch... letak skit mayo... kalau org suka mayo la.... walllaaa.. siap la.. biasa kat proper restaurant kat moscow ni... ceasar salad cost around 200-300 rubles (rm 30-rm40).. so.. baik buat sendiri la.. murah beb.. hehehhe...rase2 cost nak buat sepinggan ceasar salad mcm aku buat ni dlm 70-80rub jer kot... the mussels from NZ tu. apparently, the "kepah" ni dah dibukak separuh kulitnya.. maknanya, dlm 1 kotak mussels tu.. dpt bnyk jugak la isi. So, memandangkan kepah ni susah jugak nak dimasak dgn sedapnya (bagi aku la..) , so kire masak sambal jer la.. abis citer... lemak berkrim beb.. pastu kene pulak dgn sayur sawi goreng n nasi panas... best!!!.... hehehe.. kat sini kalau sepinggan kepah mcm kat atas tu.. kalau korang order kat restaurant.. will cost around 600rubles.. (rm 80).. .. aku beli mussels sekotak ari tu (1kg) just 160 rubles jer (rm20)...

and.... kalau korang nak tgk soalan exam forensic yang aku dok mengadap hari2 .... ni la die... hehhehe.. sila la try jawab kalau dah bosan2 sgt kat umah tu... hehehee.. occay la. besok man utd lwn watford for FA CUP semi final. kalau menang esok, maybe akan jumpe CHELsHit (chelsea) kat final nanti kot... if chelsea beat blackburn on sunday... so.. we'll see... everyone.. enjoy ur weekend.. and teruskan support BKS. all the best to all the contestants...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

italian massacre


"...Manchester United produced one of the most stunning European performances of all time at Old Trafford to overwhelm Roma 7-1 and book a Champions League semi-final meeting with AC Milan or Bayern Munich.By the end they had a truly magnificent seven, with Michael Carrick and Cristiano Ronaldo getting two each, Alan Smith, Wayne Rooney and Patrice Evra just the one...."

Well.. i couldnt ask for me.. thanks MAN UTD, u made my day!!!..

p/s- very2 bz with my forensic cycle... too "malas" to update... heheheh

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my week

Hye...hmmm... life been a bit "tiring" and "suck" this past few days.. and weeks to come... bcoz i'm starting all the hard "posting/cycle". Now, I'm having forensic cylce.. we have test everyday , which the test result will be accumulated into our final exam result if we did well in all those tests.. so basically I'm having a week long final exam now... so.. it's sucks.. really suck. Anyway, the silver lining is, jaybond n effa are coming to visit us in moscow this 26 april.. so glad to have them here.. gonna be fun and great. Havent meet jaybond for years... gonna be interesting.. hahahah...but i bet he didnt change much.. effa? we met last summer.. , met her at KB Mall where she brought all her "anak buah" along... hahaha... it was like being a teacher handling kindergarden students at icecream booth.. , anyway.. cant wait to see them... it's not everyday my frens from other country come n visit me here..
So, since my life gonna be bz for the next few days... so.. went shopping this evening. We went out at about 6.45pm, reached the market about 7.00pm, and did an express super fast shopping.. took us about 20 mins to buy everything. since the market was closing.. so.. we were like running all the way.. just took whatever stuff we needed.. and actually it was a great way to do shopping without wasting time.. hahahaha.. seriously.. y spend an hour to buy a groceries rite? ( although some ppl do!!!) . Bought 1kg of mussels today.. hehehhehe... kat mesia x makan.. kat sini gatal nak makan.. and apparently, the mussels is imported from NZ.. which is... million miles away... hahaha.. funny... it came from another end of the world..
and.... this is my fav salad... Iceberg salad... yes.. i can eat this salad raw... without anything.. but it would taste better if u add some mayo n grilled chicken filet, plus a bit of cheese ... turned it into ceasar salad...yummmy..... ( and this salad imported from Spain).. hahaha... I just finished watching the lastest episode of the apprentice.. wow... i donno what the hell happened to heidi.. it's suck . She totally fumbled!!!.. I thought she would be in the final 2.. but, what she did today.. was totally unacceptable.. and she deserved to be fired... so.. who else is good enuf to be the next apprentice? my money goes on Stephanie..

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blogger kick start!!!!

Blogger Kick Start adalah salah satu Program yang mana tujuan Utama dibuat adalah untuk mengeratkan lagi hubungan sesama Blogger serta sekaligus dapat menambahkan lagi ilmu pengetahuan secara langsungnya.. Blogger Kick Start diadakan juga adalah semata-mata untuk mewarnai Dunia Blogging yang semakin hari semakin meriah dengan kehadiran blogger-blogger baru yang mula menjinakkan diri dalam penulisan ini....Pemilihan peserta akan dibuka pada 1-7 April 2007 dan bermulanya Blogger Kick Start pada 10 APRIL 2007 Ini. So apa tunggu lagi?? Jom ramai-ramai kita meriahkannya.. ...
Setiap minggu para peserta akan diberikan tugasan.... Mungkin tugasan yang di berikan kepada setiap peserta adalah sama atau berlainan, bergantung kepada Blogger Kick Start. Tugasan akan diberikan pada Hari Selasa(2pm) dan para peserta hendaklah menyiapkan tugasan dan mempamerkan tugasan di blog masing-masing sebelum (2pm) Hari Khamis (LAST POST TUGASAN). Atau singkatan lainnya.. para peserta diberi masa 2 Hari untuk menyiapkan tugasan yang diberi. Jika tidak dapat laksanakan.. dengan kejamnya terus ELIMINATED. Komen Hakim & Advokat (Juri Jemputan) akan disiarkan pada hari Isnin (2pm) dan peserta yang akan disingkirkan pada setiap minggu akan disiarkan pada Hari Selasa(2pm) serentak dengan tugasan yang baru. Jadi peserta yang keluar tu.. secara langsungnya tak payah lah buat entry lagi.. bawa beg dan boleh pergi.. Tata..tata... Mungkin akan ada acara iringan. kata-kata dari para peserta untuk peserta yang terkeluar..
Begitulah seterusnya sehingga habis Blogger Kick Start ini....
- hehehe.. sorry kak red.. malas nak ulas panjang.. kire copy paste la ek? anyway.. Good Luck kepada semua peserta... Blogger kick start ni adalah hasil ciptaan Ujang n kak red..

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm back

hye guys, I'm back. Been a bit bz lately. Yesterday wasnt a good day for me. Man utd lost to roma.... well.. have to wait for next week then.. but i do have a lot of confidence that man utd will make it to the champs league semi final this year. Anyway, now I'm having my forensic cycle. And today, it was the 1st time, i watched autopsy, live ... right in front of my very own eyes!!!.. and my white coat does smell of dead body ( in fact , all my cloth that i wear today.. and also my hair!!) and i do believe some of the blood and the stuff in the dead patient stomach n intestine did get onto my white coat... couldnt be bother to check it... went straight to washing machine. Yes, I've been studying medicine for 5 years, but i never see "dead" ppl been cut into pieces... it seems to be easier for me to slice up ppl when they are still alive.... hahaha... and during the autopsy...i was standing 5 cm from the fresh dead body who died bcoz of car accident.. and it wasnt a great view... hhahaha.. thank God I dont have to go thru that everyday...
spring is back in Moscow.. meaning... lots of sunshine.... oo yeaahh... ( mcm x pernah kene matahari la pulak!!). anyway.. sbb dah biasa sgt ngan cuaca mendung.. skali skala kene matahari ni... naik silau la jugak.. so ni la alasan aku pergi beli mende kat atas tu... alat pelindung mata daripada sinar UV matahari daripada Dolce and Gabbana.... kire ni nak jaga kesihatan diri la.. utk keselamatan la katakan... bole didapati di farmasi2 berdekatan anda... hehehehe.... dulu mase aku form 5, i had problems with my eyes, so kene pakai specs la... power dlm 300 for dexter n sinester (kanan n kiri). kene rabun jauh... so i used the specs for 2 month ... and i got "fed up" with it and i throwed it away.... bcoz last time i was an active sportsman and the specs didnt do any good for sportsman... so.. i ate a lot of vit A (which contribute to my weight gain!!!) and lots of carrot.. and thank God.. a few weeks after i throwed my spectacles.. my eyesight was back to normal .. until today... and i do take a good care of my eyes. last time i tried the cheap "spec hitam" and it really hurt my eyes.. so.. if i want to use one.. must get a proper one.. so.. there u go... dolce & gabbana.... what an excuse huh...

this is new fav food... home made apple pie!!!... yeah.. i dont eat red apple. but i do eat green apple and i drink apple juice... y i dont eat red apple? hmmmm.. me myself couldnt figure it out...