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Sunday, May 27, 2007

fever, part 2.

the photo above is a prove that i'm still sick. Yup, i do crazy thing when i'm sick. To be honest, whenever I'm sick, i do felt a bit frustrated with my body, but then.... Sakit ni ujian jer dari Yang Maha Esa. So, layan jer... jgn bnyk soal. But, still... today, to get over with my fever and my "painful" ankle, I played football.... yes, I felt damn good after that, my fever gone and my ankle... didnt felt as painful as before... Aminnn... ( to those who never read FHM, this is not a porn magazine- coz some of u might think so, it's just another magazine ala2 mangga or URTV kat mesia tu)
So, guess who's on the top list FHM sexiest women on earth... yess.. one of my fav... Jessica Alba... Yes, the words in russian language on the FHM cover means 100 most sexiest women on earth..but... unfortunately, no malaysian in it... I thought maya karin would be in the list... or at least betty benafe ( she's sexy, isnt she?). No big deal thou... coz FHM doesnt sell a lot in Msia, so what's the point putting msia women in the list rite. Anyway, for those who havent read the list yet, here are some - Maria Sharapova at no 66, Sharon Stone 10, Monica Belluchi 9, natalie Imbruglia 5 (wow), last year winner, angelina Jolia at 5th ( maybe bcoz she's married and the rating went down a bit..) Charlize Theron at 2nd place. if u want the full list, go and buy one laa... hahhaaahh...

I had seafood spagetti last nite for dinner. Had some king prawn and mussels inside the freezer and decided to make a special dish - which the taste turned out quite good.... and of course, the meal didnt help me recovering from my fever, coz... as we all know, seafood isnt the best food when u r sick, coz some ppl are allergic to it, and seafood does coz allergic inflamation reaction in our body, which is in my case, caused me - coughing-. But then, what the heck rite, being sick isnt the end of the world rite, being sick doesnt mean u cant eat anything good - just eat whatever u want ( and it might prolonged ur sickness period!!!) hahhahaha... I'm such a bad example, pls. never try this at home. If u r sick, better eat properly, try to avoid fastfood, no junkfood, no seafood, no carbonated drinks, ( i had cola lite n sushi for dinner ), eat more fresh fruit.... bla bla bla.... hehehehe.. Insya Allah, sakit akan sembuh... aminnn...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Fever again....

Hi, to those who have been wondering where the heck am/was I, I've been sick for the past few days, to tired to reply all the msges. I'm having fever now (lucky i am sick now, not during my final exam period in 2 weeks time). So now, I'm recovering, Insya Allah, I'll be fully recovered by this weekend. ( pandai jer estimate sakit sampai biler ek.!) Even thou aku demam, tapi main bola tu mesti beb, mane bole tinggal. hhehehhee. Plus, i'm having problems with my ankle now. For those who have been wondering why on earth do i walk like Dr House lately, it's becoz my ankle is KILLING ME. Just found out that low cut shoes and my ankle are not good frens. So, need to start wearing my basketball shoes back... i think i'm gonna need to buy a new shoes today..... not becoz i want to.. becoz i need my normal ankle back...
dik red, get well soon ok.... jgn demam lame2 sgt ek

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Massad 2007

-even thou i was late, still have time to pose-

MASSAD 2007, for those who didnt know what MASSAD is, it's the name given for our university annual grand dinner. Held every year, organized by 2nd year students. On the 1st thought, I couldnt be bother to attend this year dinner, but the promotion for this event is quite good, and I have some kind of feeling that FA CUP final wouldnt turn the way I wanted, so what the heck... I decided to buy the ticket which cost me 500rub (rm 90) which is quite cheap actually.

-these are my table mate-
The theme for the dinner was " the journey to remember, a night to cheerish" , ( or something like that ). The dinner started at 6.30pm, which is still bright and shiny here in moscow bcoz the sunset here is at 9.40pm nowdays. So, we were having dinner with sunlight actually. Anyway, no big deal about that , coz like the mcs said, "where else in the world we can have dinner at 7 or 8 pm with the sun is still shining brightly?" and someone in a black suit, black tie and LV belt answered.... " how about in Finland and Sweeden at summer time?"

-the not so available guys-

who's that guy huh? well, that guy came quite late becoz he played football before the dinner. When everyone else is ready and waiting for the bus, at 4.30pm that guy just came back home with sweaty shirt and dirty short. At 6,00pm then that guy is ready to go to the dinner. Took a cab, and arrived at the same time as the VIPS. What a great timing.... and yes... he missed the starter ( just salads ... no big deal).

-shida n I-

The dinner went well, the food was good. We had indian food... not so suprising i guess. We had beriani, and all different types of gravies plus lambs bbq , fish, chicken curry which are quite a good deal since i only paid 500rub for it. Thanks to Thai airways as the main sponsor of the event, b'coz honestly in moscow, if u go to a proper restaurant, 500rub will get u nowhere.

-shida n sue-

Thought out the whole night, I was busy checking my hp for the latest result for the FA cup final. Thanks God i'm not the only MAN UTD fan at my table. Even thou man utd lost, I'm not dead yet, and so does the team. There is always be next year - and to be honest, i'm not expecting man utd to be this good this season b'coz they have a very small team this year and didnt spend a lot on new players.-basketballers turned footballers-

The dinner ended at 11pm, it was a fun night - well done to the organizer, good job guys. Some of the performance was great, i love the disco dancing group... old school baby!!!!!... There was a after dinner party after that, with the concert and dance floor, but i couldnt be bother to join coz i was quite tired and need to wake up early the next day. -the end-

Friday, May 18, 2007

i need weekend..

"Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. -- Groucho Marx"

--- gambar muka letih giler babeng lepas balik dari kelas------

adeih, x pasal chatterbox aku jadi medan pertempuran x berdarah antara dik red n lea... hehehe... abis la aku.....anyway.... x kesah pon, esok sambung lagi ek... jgn malu2... kalau x bosan gak xder org nak isi chatterbox tu... at least 2 org tu sebok2 gaduh2 kat situ.... ade jugak yg membuatkan aku tersenyum seorang diri ini....

ergghh... it has been a tough week for me... really need my weekend... so desperate for a break... i need football... need get rid of some fat!!!.... need to work out.. need badminton... hehheehee... need to get sweaty!!!.... dik red... nanti kite lawan badminton sampai 15 set nak? pastu bole pergi melantak .... lepas main 15 set x yah nak pikir pasal diet2 dah... hehehhe.. sape kalah nanti kene belanja... okiess????

I've been reading all the BKS assignment this week... some if them is really good... some of them is ok.. some need to improve a bit... but.. the comment will be sent to dik red besok sblm bulan purnama malam jumaat hari sabtu selepas hari khamis... so, tunggu jer la ek... jgn risau... xder nak laser2 org ni... hehehheeh.... tapi, kalau ade yg nak baiki sket2 tu.. bole lagi kot???? or dah x le dik red? coz... i'm not doing specialist on ENT .... yet.. just a GP to start with...(next year.. insya ALLAH)

"Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miss Lucky.

"Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe. -- Jackie Mason."
-gambar ini tiada kaitan ngan BKS-

WOW... BKS is really HOT now.. only 5 contestant left....and I've been chosen by dik merah to be the advokat for this week.... SO, how do i choose the winner for this week??? hmmm... THERE are a few method that could be applied here... maybe used the lucky draw, xpon pakai dadu... pastu komen kat para peserta... " biasa la... adat bertanding..... ade yang menang... ramai yang kalah... kpd yang kalah, terus la berusaha.... bla bla bla....."... hehehehe... OK x dik red ??? heheheh... kalau x le pakai cara ni... nak kene study dulu la... kene beli buku.. " how to judge BKS for dummies" heheheh.... anyway.... we'll see...
So, now, setelah bertungkus lumus bekerja keras nak setelkan exam ENT, masuk la pulak posting Infectious disease.... not my fav subject to be honest.... wayyyyy to much bacteria + virus to deal with.... ergghhh... gonna be a hard one... but at least the exam is not that near... the final exam for my infectious disease gonna be on 8 june... heheheh... ( lambat lagi tuh... hero tok gaduh!!!) ... but this time, i plan to start preparing for the exam earlier... coz.. i donno when i'll be run out of luck.... so... sometimes, we just need more than LUCK... but still.... I do believe LUCK plays a major role in our LIFE.... so... never underestimate qada' n qadar (ketentuan Ilahi)
But one thing that really kills me for this posting is, the hospital situated, very2 far away from my place... it took me an hour and a half to reach, in russia the health system is quite different from Malaysia. Every hospital has there it's own function... no multiprofile hospital like in Malaysia, so, kalau sakit perut sbb infection, kene gi hospital lain, kalau accident, hospital lain, kalau utk operation, hospital lain, kalau nak beranak, hospital lain... so.. ade baik buruk nye jugak la....

Alhamdulillah... LUCKY....

"People choose the paths that grant them the greatest rewards for the least amount of effort"Well, GOOD BYE ENT!!!!!!!!... yes, miracle happened again today, Thanks Allah!!! (thanks to everyone who prayed for me... who wished me LUCK>>)... how was it? hmm.. i'd say.. it had been a crazy week for me.... trying to learn the whole ENT in just 2 and a half week..... nearly 100 of diseases.... the knowledge was like the bullets from the machine guns... firing straight into my brain.... and to be honest.... i'm not really sure i've managed to learn everything in such a short time... BUT... learning is a never ending process... so, even i've done my final exam for ENT, I'll keep learning it...hey...i still remember that i'll be dealing with ppl life in the future and i wont be fooling around about it....( just a reminder to myself). So, this ENT exam was like a wake up call to me (for this semester!!!)... need to study harder for next final exams... i still have 3 more subject for final exam this JUNE... the hardest one gonna be obstetric and gyneacology... i guess i need to start getting ready now... if not ... hahah... gonna whine again in the future about not having enuf time to prepare for the exam...

SO, since the premiership is ended.... and the FA CUP final gonna be on this saturday, i think there is nothing much left for this semester....more final exams coming, gonna reach another ending of another chapter in my life.... SUMMER break is like a new chapter in my life.... so far, it has been 5 chapter in MOSCOW.... one more left.... hmmm.... i think i'm gonna miss this place so much.....

Sunday, May 13, 2007



To ALL my BELOVED READER... , THIS bLOG is HAVING A BreAK, CoZ I"M HAvINg MY ENT FINAL ExAM THIS TUESDAY... so everyone.. pray for my success... I"LL BE BACK SOON...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

the end of premiership???

today might be the d-day for man utd. Should chelsea draw or lose to ass-senal today, meaning, the premiership is back to Old Trafford. The kick off for the game will be in an hour. So, i think, I'm gonna watch the game,... not to see ass-senal win, but to witness the look of Jose Maurinho...just in case.. they are not good enuf to beat ass-senal... so.. we'll see the ending of it...should be a happy ending for man utd... should be... and will be...
I'm not in the mood to write, but, i have nothing to do. i had espresso this morning at sinbad, before the UMNO annual lunch... just to keep me awake thru out the lunch... but i think.. i overdo it... and it keep me awake until now.... and this is no good.. coz.. i'm very2 sleepy rite now.. but i just cant sleep bcoz of the coffee effect... and this isnt a good condition to do my revision too... so.. back to blog then... ok... gonna get ready for the game... will update again later for the update of the premiership...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

the reunion - Jebon Journey part 2

On the 3rd day of Jebon n frens visit to Russia, we decided to go to St Petersburg. Kpd sorang budak ni yg x tau kat mane St pete tu... pergi search kat Google key... habis citer. Sebenarnya, St Pete ialah 2nd biggest state in russia selepas Moscow. Since moscow is more like an industrial, business center,heavy traffic, very high pollution, lembah maksiat punye tempat - St pete is more like a tourism state. Have a lot of beautiful buildings, less air pollution, more friendly ppl and mostly can speak english there, nearer to helsinki.... so... basically, it's a great getaway place from moscow.
Kat st pete ni, ade satu building yg sebijik mcm st basil kat moscow ni, but I forgot what's the name... and since it's a church... doesnt really bother me to know much about it.. but it's a great russian architectural witness... and it was built next to the river.. yes.. there are rivers thru out the city.. something like venice, but less prettier and more colder. THE REUNION OF SMS FARIS PETRA - JEBON-ZAK-HANNAN

So, as u can see on the pic above... u can take boat ride to go around the city.. a great way to venture St pete if u lazy to walk around. St pete is not a big city, kinda small... something like amsterdam- less prostitute and drugs, but colder... even in MAY!!!!... so sape2 nak pergi St pete before June.. make sure bawak winter clothing.... ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang... rupanya snow ditengah hari... adeih... if u look carefully at the photo above, ppl on the boat are using blanket coz it was quite cold that day... not the weather to travel.. but nothing could stop our journey at that moment... (unless God said so laa).

So, after one day of none stop walking and a few coffee breaks, we manage to visit all the main tourist attraction at the city.. it was quite fun... yeah.. when u travel in quite a big group.. for me.. it doesnt matter how much historical/interesting places i visited... all that matter.. was how much i enjoyed the moment i spend with my frens... and that took away all the tiredness and cover me with warm feeling even in a very cold weather.... cehhhhhh... hampesss..
p/s kak red... ehh silap... dik red.. bile nak dtg moscow huh?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Jebon n the gang part 1

dari kiri - nwar, faiz, effa (intan), jebon (zau), me, shaiful - credit to zak for all the photos below.
Occay, rather than talking about man utd lost last nite, i 'd rather talk about my frens visit to Russia last weekend. Yes cik equalibrium... man utd was totally outplayed last nite... milan was a better team , and kaka is more good looking than Ronaldo, but, in my defence.. MU was very tired for last nite game and it was raining badly.. but.. in the end of the day, what matter was the final score line.. and man utd was beaten... finally... and i accepted that.. but.. dont worry.. there is always next year...

Back to Jebon n frens journey to Russia, they all arrived on Thursday afternoon at Bnukovo airport, about 30 mins drive from my place...quite near actually. So, on the 1st day, we all went to visit the red square... a must visit place in Moscow.. The pic above is the St Basil Cathedral, some might call it the Lego Building... hahaha.. true enuf, but it's really a beauty. As a matter of fact, St Basil is voted for the next new 7 wonders. We'll see either this building will make it or not for the top 7 on 07/07/07 - lisbon Portugal.

To be honest, last week wasnt the best time to visit Russia, bcoz it was still cold here... (yes.. technically winter is over 2 month ago!!!)... and today, it was snowing again. But, thank God it was quite warm in moscow on the day they arrived... so.. at 1st it was kinda a big realief, bcoz, cold weather is a totally turn off for sight seeing in Moscow..

hmmmm... ni jer la utk episode 1 perjalanan jebon ke Russia... ade bnyk lagi gambar ni. tapi skarang aku dlm process nak cover balik tido n keje2 tertangguh... so.. nantikan la.. gambar2 menarik di moscow ni .. dan juga St Petersburg. St pete is a place.. up north Russia... near to Finland.... (kpd sorang budak ni yg x tau St pete kat mane...!! :)) hehehe.. dan kpd sape2 yg berminat ngan gadis remaja cun melecun... sila la ke website ni... selamat berkenalan!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ST pete

i just came back from a trip to St Petersburg. As i told before, 3 frens of mine, fly all the way from Germany, came to visit Russia. Jebong from Colonge, he's my ex skulmate at faris petra, played basketball together for years... and after 3 years didnt see each other.. we met again in moscow.... what a small world... hmmm.. Effa / intan fareha, from frensburg ( betul ke eja ni????) , known her for quite a while, ex SMSD... and Shaiful from Hamburg.. ex Maahad KB... so, 3 org kelate yg dok blaja kat GERMANY... lalu bertambah la bilangan populasi citizen kelate kat russia ni buat seketika...
tapi, memandangkan aku still letih from the long journey and malam ni bz sgt2 sbb nak tgk sape bakal jumpe MAN UTD kat final champs league.. aku stop dulu la kat sini.. tapi, lepas ni akan diupload gambar bnyk2!!!