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Friday, June 28, 2013

The best birthday gift

Nothing means much more to me
Just now when I was performing solat marghrib
Nia came to the sejadah and stand next to me
Then she softly said... ALLAH....
And gracefully sujud...
It was such a warm feeling
Such a wonderful thing she did
Considering she could only mumbled the word daddy so far...
Her next word was Allah...
Allah almighty...
It was the best gift,  thank you baby nia

Glorious 29 years

Thank you God
Thank you God
Thank you God
It is my birthday today
My 29th
Another great year has passed
Thank you God for giving me everything I have right now
Good health, a great wife
Wonderful little nia,  beloved family..
Thank you botox n fillers
U have changed things around for the past few years
Hopefully liposuction and laser is coming in this year and bring more prosperity to me :)
Thanks to everyone
For the well wishes
For the support
For choosing me as ur doctor and ur beauty consultant and expert
U guys are a big part of my life
It has been a wonderful and great adventure
I would change a thing about it
There are some bad times
But those nightmares makes all the happy part of my life means a lot more
Today _ I have another life changing decision to make
A pretty big one
Let s just hope I make the right one
Wait for the big announcement
The biggest ever I reckon
Some already know about this
But I ll make it public soon
Keep praying for me guys
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Thank you God
Bless me more each year!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life is full of mystery

Funny how life moves around us...

Few years back I wanted a model car for my birthday
A few years later... Which is now.. I could actually afford to go to the showroom and buy the real car straight away...

It was a dream.. N dream becomes reality eventually if we work hard enough
If God allows it..

The point is..
In life we should be optimistic.  always pray to God for the best outcome. Always work hard for our future:.

Take a deep breath....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy father's day!

Happy papa's day to my dad..
Can't wait for my little hanania to wish me " daddy! Happy father's day"
That would be the happiest moment of my life. Priceless!!!
Anyway,  to all dad out there
Congratulations for all the good thing u have done to ur family.
Keep up the good work and be better each day passes by!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bmw f32, New 4 series. My 2014 birthday gift

Well, that s the plan
Since this car is not in production yet
Probably will be available in malaysia early next year
This red bimmer will be mine InsyaAllah!
always aim for the sky! Hence u will work harder everyday!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Young parent, irked me!

Another story from my clinic..
A young mother came to my clinic with her husband ;
Complaining that their newborn baby is having on and off fever
I checked the baby, no fever.  temperature is normal. No sign of infection. But I can see fluid coming out from the little baby nose

Then I asked the mother. ( the baby is a month old)
" how is ur breast milk production?  is the baby sucking well?"
She answered...  " susu ade.. Tapi biasa bagi susu botol.. Senang sket nanti nak tinggal bile nak keje"
My goodness!
This young parent really irked me
I would understand if they r not educated
But this people has degree n diploma
Went to collage but still didn't understand the need of mother breast milk
Still refuse to breastfeed their baby because of stupid reason.
Then when ur baby is easily sick, easily infected by bacteria n virus.. U asked the doctors why?
What is wrong with my baby?
The one who is wrong is u!
U r the reason ur baby is not having enough antibody!
U r the idiot who refused to give ur baby the essential nutrient!
What the heck
Young kids nowadays.. 
" buat anak pandai, dah ade anak menyusahkan orang"
Sorry for being harsh
But I am against bottle feeding for babies under 6 month old
Unless there are medical reason why the mother is unable to breastfeed..  for example if u are a hiv positive mother.. Then there is no need to feed ur baby with ur milk.
Other than that.. Ur breast milk is meant for u newborn , genius !!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Vaccination is haram?

Well, this is not a new issue. An old one. But a never-ending story I reckon.
It is publicly known that vaccination is not haram in Islam... It is HARUS!
It is agreed by jumhur ulama.... It means...  most of the ulama agreed that vaccination is HARUS! Despite not having halal certificates. 
Some claimed that the vaccine used or made by the pharmaceutical company doesn't have halal certificates. Well, they don't. Why? Because they didn't allow the halal team inspection to check their lab in order to keep their formula secret from the rival
But that doesn't mean the vaccine is made from pig or dog
It is not haram and it is proven safe.
Seriously I dont understand why there are group of parent who refuse vaccination despite all the education and explanation given by medical staff.
I don't really care if some parent refuse vaccination for their baby.. It is her baby or his baby health... It is up to him or her
But then, if one baby who doesn't get vaccination...  so happened to get polio or measles...  these disease are highly contagious and could effect other people.. Not just babies.. Adults are in trouble as well.
So please.., to those who are against vaccination... Move ur family outside Malaysia... Or stay in the island..  If shit happened..  it won't effect other people! 

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Getting crazy about cycling

The last time I went cycling with my fellow friends,  it was embarrassing for me as I was riding a cheap mountain bike while other were cycling their fancy road bicycle
Well, shame no more
This time around I m back in style
Well, technically the road bike is way faster than the mountain bike
Surely can keep up with other people speed
But the down side,  no more iron man journey,  no sea side riding
But what the heck
I just wanna go fast and faster!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Malaysian being fooled again

Thank you KJ
The only minister or people up there who makes sense

The unfortunate event that happened a week ago during a Fa cup match btwn pahang n jdt,  has shown how stupid FAM is.
Like KJ Said, u r planning a bid to be a world cup host but u can't even handle a cup match.

Yes,  they fine pahang 100k rm. But pahang fa will get their money back during the repeat match today.

Tq to KJ for telling how FAM fools the whole Malaysian.
We all know who run FAM rite. They got fined 100k. Just to show how serious they are. How strict they are. Trying to fool us out here. Then they rearrange the match at a bigger venue,  the 100000 thousand sitting capacity stadium. Pahang is given 60000 seats. Each ticket cost rm13. U guys do the math. That is enough to cover the fined imposed by the FAM. Heck! They actually could earn more.

That is our rakyat money!  even JDT president wanted the game to be played behind close door. No spectator.
That should have happened actually, but FAM just want easy money from rakyat.

If the chaos caused by kelantan team, surely FAM will give free 3-0 win to the opposing or visiting team.

This event has showed how poorly FAM is handling this issue. Thank you to our KJ for standing up for the rakyat. Keep up the good work. FAM needs reform.