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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

~back to the future~

As much as some of my weekend plans didnt go as the way I planned it to be, there were still some good thing happened to me, and of course, there were few casualty too! Ok, let's do my weekend round-up, the good news and the bad news. So, since there isnt much good news this weekend, let's start with all the bed news!

My weekend bad news!
1. dinner with Dr Sheikh, cancelled ( I think all of u should know what's the reason!)
2. my Guess watch - I accidentally dropped it on the floor -hard surface- it was a very2 hard drop, cant really recalled what actually happened, but now, my beloved watch, which is a gift from Shida, not functioning! I'm currently watch-less coz i am too busy to go and fix it up. It should be still under guaranteed.... should be... hmmm
3. Our beloved Untie Adie (pix below), left moscow for good on saturday. Now, she's bz doing some shopping at Dubai before arriving at KLIA on wednesday. Untie adie, we already miss u!
4. I missed M1 kakhovskaya open house. Really want to go there, but, something happened- last minute.. sorry guys. Appreciate the invitation thou :)
5. White team didnt win the futsal tournament last saturday!
6. hmmmm... enuf la ekkkk.... the good news
1. Shida is getting better !
2. duit RAYA" from mommy!!!! hahaha... a lot!!.. i just cant thank u enuf!!!!! Mommy - I LOVE U SO MUCH even if u gave me nothing, but the "duit raya" makes me love u more!!!
3 Man utd goal crazy win over M'boro! Go RED DEVILS!!!
4 Red team didnt win the tournament neither, the black team won... hahahha, sorry kak red
5 Liverpool vs arsenal - ended up draw...
6 allowance JPA dah masuk.... oyyyeaaahhh..
7. well... not so many bad news after all i guess :) !

"Life is what happens to you While you're busy making other plans. " -John Lennon

Monday, October 29, 2007

al fatihah

My dear readers, sorry b'coz I havent been updating my blog for the past 2 days. All most of us already known, Dr Sheikh Muzasphar brother , had passed away on saturday. As a fren to Dr Sheikh, it was also a sad news to me and I didnt update my blog as a way to pay respect for the late arwah Sheikh Mustafa.

Some of us might say, what happened Sheikh family is a sign from God to Dr Sheikh. I dont really want to talk about this , however I would like to share my view. I personally know Dr Sheikh Muzasphar. He's a good guy- and I'm not saying this to bcoz he's an angkasawan or what so ever, but as a person - he's a real nice gentleman. I have a lot of respect for him and I know he respects others as well. Nevertheless, ppl been talking about his brother death, as a sign for him (Dr Sheikh Muzasphar) - from God ; for him not to be to proud of what he has achived and some ppl said that " great people has great responsibility".... or some might say -"everything has a price" - but the real truth is - when it comes to " life and death" - we as a human being - has nothing much to say about it - It's God's matter.So, as a human , - the least we could do is, send our condolence and wish the family to be strong - coping with the death. So, pls everyone - stop mentioning bad things about the death. May he rest in peace - al - Fatihah.

Friday, October 26, 2007

one day... just another day.

"A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's. She changes it more often."
Today, nothing interesting happened. Just another day at the hospital. Woke up at 630a.m, took shower, had breakfast, go to class. Reached class by 9 a.m. Bla bla bla... went back home by 3.30pm. Then, cooked dinner, had dinner and here i am, in front of my laptop - updating my dear blog. Kak red asked me about when will I stop posting about my recent eurotrip. Well, the truth is - I'll write about the eurotrip when I have nothing else to write about. I still have the photos in Italy waiting to be published!.. so, just bare with it my dear readers!
This is the photos of moscow city in the morning. I took this photo at 8 a.m. It was still dark, heavily hazing. Not good for health I reckon. But, this is Russia, been here for 6 years, I'm totally used to it. I just cant wait for weekend. I need my futbal. Need to do real exercise. Errgghh... need to go out and have some fun. Plus, this weekend, there will be a very2 special dinner waiting.... what dinner? Just wait and see aaaa... I bet u all want to join me for the dinner if i tell u what dinner is it!
On the way back home yesterday, when I was walking around - I saw this car. Yup the bloody Maybach. I'm gonna need to be a real hot shot plastic surgeon if I want to buy this car in the future. Russian nowdays are damn rich. U can see the new merz S class everywhere, and the Porshe Cayenne here is as much as Kembara in Malaysia. ( just a metaphor!). Basically here in moscow, if u walk around the city center, is like walking thru the car show!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Barcelona , Espana

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out "
BARCELONA , spain. I have to say, barcelona is one of my fav place in the world. It's a total opposite of Madrid. Since barcelona is a tourist city, it's a lot more alive compare to madrid. A lot of interesting places here. I took hundreds of photos here and here are some of them. If I have the money to europe again, I'd find my way to barcelona for sure!
This is me, in front of the famous Sagrada Familia. Yes, this building is huge and does look a bit scary at nite. But, if u watch it from a close distance, it such a beautiful-architectural magic. Gaudi, the architect who started building this church (FYI -he's long dead )- when he was asked when the sagrada will be finish , he replied "my client isnt in hurry, God has all the time in the world". (iskh2...syirik mamat ni). Until now, sagrada is still under construction. It's a must see place in barcelona and I went there twice!
In barcelona, the best way to explore the city and to see all the tourist attraction places , is by getting on the "tour barcelona bus". It cost around €23 for 2 days, unlimited trip, meaning- u can also use this bus as ur daily transportation becoz these tour buses cover all part of barcelona city. This is the cheapest way to enjoy barcelona. In the picture above, is also one of Gaudi architectural genius product, named "Casa Batllo". I wonder how much is the apartment rent in that casa!

this is the famous Park Guell. Also, created by Gaudi. Basically, Gaudi gave barcelona all the magnificent buildings. To get to Park Guell, u have to climb the hill - and I'm telling u.... it was really2 tiring. Lucky there were some escalators along the way. But, it was worth while, coz the park was really2 amazingly beautiful ! Gaudi was really a crazy-genius architect.
One thing I really love about barcelona , since it's a real tourist city, u can do what ever u want to do here. Like in the photo above, I just simply climb on this lion statue which is located in the middle of the road, ( somewhere near the Port Vell) and nobody give a damn!... hahaha.. cool....

Well, on every city I visited, it wasnt complete until I reached their football stadium. I finally step into Nou Camp, Barcelona home stadium. It's located in the heart of barcelona and u can get there using the tour bus. Lucky for me, I managed to sneak my way to see the new barca player - Thiery Henry when I was there. But he was bz been interviewed by the reporters and I couldnt be bothered to take photo with him either... :P

this is the view from Montjuic. From this hill, u can see the ariel view of barcelona city. On the way to the Montjuic, we passed thru Espanyol home stadium. Montjuic, is one of the barcelona most appealing attractions with it green park and outstanding vantage point over the harbour.
and here, are the famous living statue, which u can find along the The La Ramblas. The main straight long street of barcelona. Along The La Ramblas , u can find the cheapest souvenier shops, a lot of good restaurant, a sex shop, hotels, boutiqes, shopping mall, live performances and of course the living statues (which are the trademark of the La Ramblas street. )
There is a lot more attraction of barcelona, but unfortunately, since the barcelona major didnt pay me anything to promote the city, I think I'm done. Hahahhaa..... Plus, I'm not a barcelona football fan. Nevertheless, if u are planning to visit europe, I highly recomended Barcelona. It was the best city during my eurotour visit and I have no doubt about it :)

p/s - to lily, be strong babe - we'll always be by ur side ( me n kak red laa.. hehehe)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Madrid , Espana

"I love men, even though they're lying, cheating scumbags" -- Gwyneth Paltrow

Here are some photos from my last summer euro tour, this time - from hot sunny Madrid, the capital of Espana. The truth is, nothing interesting in Madrid, unless u r a really big fan of REAL MADRID. If u just go to madrid just to see the buildings, enjoy the scenery, it was a hell boring place for me... hahaha... not worth spending money to go to madrid. Might as well spend ur money on IBIZA... I bet it'll be a lot better!. Anyway, in the pic above, u can see the sign "El Corte Ingles". It's the only shopping mall chain in Madrid, and most part of spain. It's like "JJ" in malaysia, sells everything. Very famous mall, some ppl go to spain just to shop here.

behind me, ( damn, it was really hot in Madrid , a bit worse than KL to be honest!) is the famous Metropolis building. Standing majectically in the center of madrid city.and here is - "Centro Cultural Islamico" or Islamic Cultural Center. I'm quite suprised actually to find this big building in Madrid. Inside this building, there is a mosque ( the main function of this building ), the administration, the classroom and HALAL cafe. The workers here are very nice and well spoken even thou they dont speak english, they always smile to us, even thou they need to find a paper and pen to write down the prayer time for us.
Yup, I was there. The famous "Estadio Santiago Bernabeu". Well, this was the first place we visited in Madrid. We were the first visitors during that day ( yup, we waited at the gate!). Cost around 15€ to go inside the stadium. Yes, to enter this empty stadium, we have to pay. No need to ask why.
I'm not a real, Real Madrid fan, but since my fav star beckham played here before, might as well just drop by and see what the fuss is all about. I wasnt suprised to see that beckham posters was all over the wall, his shoes was on show , his jersey was still on Sale even thou he already move to LA Galaxy. Well, beckham popularity in undeniable.
Some ppl might not know that real madrid is also a basketball team. If I'm not mistaken, Real Madrid basketball Club won the European Basketball League last year. They have NBA quality players here. No wonder Spain is one of the big team in world basketball arena these days.
well, there are actually a lot more photos I have from madrid, but , maybe these are enuf for the timebeing. I need to go back to my studies. Errrgggh..... study is so boring... God.. pls help me....
my most visited website for the past few days was and is . Seriously, not interesting... but, what to do.. in order to be a good doc... bla bla bla.. va va va ... la la la... nite2 everyone :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

bye bye october!

"Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive"
earlier this morning, as we all were having break between the lessons, I had this conversation with intan nur suraya ( my classmate)....

intan : Hannan, have u been preparing for surgery ?
me : what surgery cik intan ? ( sleepy tone)
intan : surgery exam la....coming soon..
me : WOW, do we have one? When?
intan : this winter!
me : not to soon then.
intan : a lot to be revised u know ..
me : is it...
intan : should start now..
me : good idea, maybe I should,....
intan : absolutely...
me : but if I start now, I would forget everything by winter....
intan : ???

well, this is typical me.... being a last minute guy. winter is 2 months away, and according to my calendar, it's a long, long way ahead. Hahahaa... what kind of med student I am rite? THE LAZY ONE! ... Plus, just now, waliz asked me when is my exam..."asyik enjoy ajer"....thanks a lot for the reminder waliz. I'll keep that in mind
It felt like yesterday that I came back to moscow from summer break, but the real ugly fact is - it has been nearly 2 months! Technically, 2 months -if for a baby, u can really see the growth different. However, for ppl like us, 2 months - it just flies like that, most of the time- leaving no effect or no big impact to our life. So thus my surgery final exam , justt 2 months away - seems to be such a long way to go... but if i do nothing about it... someday, I might just wake up in the morning of the examination day, panicking and regretting of how much time I had wasted....

so.. now... I'm gonna be a good med student , in order to be the good doctor. .. Let's start tomorrow coz today I'm so tired and sleepy :) .. ... haahahhaa.....

boring day...


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Raya isnt over yet!

"The great question...
which I have not been able to answer... is,
`What does woman want?'"

Guess which team won the Pesta Bola Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin yesterday? Yes... not the red team... WHITE team of course. We WON! hahaha.. no luck there RED! . Well, it was a good game, everyone had fun, everyone scored at least a goal rite? Taka scored the first goal for red team, POR who also a red team player, missed one penalty and conceaded one penalty ( how unlucky could u be!) , han teo scored one own goal ( no prob man, our team still win!). TKY scored a few goals for the black! The RED team started with 3 wins in a row and white team lost 2 games in a row. Then we made a comeback and won the next 4 games! hahaha.. I managed to score 3 goals myself!...

Here are the photos of the people who came to my house for berhari raya. It wasnt an OPEN HOUSE.... way far from an OPEN HOUSE. It just open to whoever who want to come to my room and eat some food. So, hopefully, there is no misunderstanding here, coz some ppl said I did an open house and didnt invite them. My house/room is always open to whoever who want to come "beraya" with me thru out this month. If u want to come, tell me earlier then I'll cook something. If u come - without prior affirmation, let's eat some raya biscuit if there are any left :) . hehehehe...

I hope we all are cleared on that OPEN HOUSE thing. Maybe in the future, I might do an open house, but with my current economy situation... hahahahah.., not gonna happen to soon. Still... everybody is invited to come and "beraya" to my house/room.! (no duit raya indeed!)
I would to thank everyone who came and beraya at my place. Even thou there was nothing much ( not much food/biscuit) , raya is about togetherness, forgiving each other and be thankful to Him. So, hopefully, this raya brings a lot of happiness and goodness to everyone of us!.
Sorry, no photos during futsal tournament yesterday. We all couldnt be bothered about taking any photos coz everyone was having so much fun and we all forgot that it was a competition. Plus, there was no trophy for winner anyway, so doesnt matter who won, it was just purely for fun, and we all enjoyed it. See u all next week!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

bye - bye untie adie...

last monday, we went to untie adie house for her so called farewell party/ raya open house. That was my 1st time at her house. Untie Adie is on of the JPA (my sponsor!) officer here in moscow- which of course in charge of the student affair. Well, she did know a lot about all the student, she even remember our full name! How cool is that! hahahah... But, regardless of her job, she's very easy going, always smiling and very2 friendly. All of the students here in moscow , likes her and so do I. On that very day, she cooked nasi dagang for us. WOW... I almost cried. Well.. me and nasi dagang has a lot of story? What's about nasi dagang and me...???
Nasi dagang is my fav food. Occay, one of my fav coz i love to eat ( unsupprisingly !!!). So, my mom, also cook nasi dagang for hari raya...every year. But, as u all know, I've not been celebrating hari raya at home (malaysia) for the past 6 years. So, what happened was, since the day i left for moscow, my mom never ever cook nasi dagang during hari raya. I didnt know about that ( for few years ) until one of my cousin told me about that. ( my mom cook very tasty nasi dagang , so everyone just love it!) My mom herself also never told me about that. When I asked my cousin why she didnt cook nasi dagang anymore? She said " mak long will shed tears whenever she cooks nasi dagang and you are not around ".... and rite now.. mom.. I can feel my tears running.... MOM.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

another weekend... just another weekend... is it?

"A man in love is incomplete until he has married, then he is finished."
For the past few weeks, moscow become no1 destination for Malaysian. Well, one of the biggest reason is, the "angkasawan" project - which in fact brought a lot of ministers here, dato2... datin2... and of course... the reporters. I met some of them at the red square last week. In the photo above is my photo with the reporters from Berita Harian (the guy), NST and The Star (the ladies... i reckon). I cant really remember all of their names.... well.. u all know rite that I'm bad with names.. haha.. funny! I heard that they all will be staying here until Sheikh lands next week. Well guys.. hope u all are enjoying moscow!
Someone makes me feel very proud of myself yesterday. She told me that she started blogging after being a so called stalker at my blog. Wow... i cant believe that my silly blog would encourage someone else to blog as well. Or maybe she's trying to prove that she could be a better blogger ( hahaha..kidding there Sarah!). Well, whatever the reason was/is , blogging bring us closer. Makes us a good fren. Even thou we hardly each other or talk to each other in real life, but here in the cyber world, i feel that she is listening to every word i said. ( kak red, ni bukan ayat nak tackle awek ekk... ) hehehe... anyway Sarah, i hope that both of us will keep blogging... and be in touch ... forever :) ... iskh2.. jiwang la pulak malam2 ni ek.... anyway, Good nite everyone... to all the futballers.. I'll see u all tomorrow!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pesta Bola Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Here are the teams for tomorrow Pesta Bola Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir Batin - please wear the shirt according to ur team color!... ENJOY..

Pasukan Hitam a.k.a Zenit Volgina
1. YON delpiero (C)
2. AMEER ortega
3. IDHAM pavluchenko
4. ZAKI lehman
5. AJED FK farid khan
6. TKY fangzhou

Pasukan Merah a.k.a Spartak Volgina
1. PUYI messi (C)
2. DHABU sissoko
3. SUREN arshavin
4. ruud TAKA nisterroy
5. POR adebayor
6. SIVA dhorasso

Pasukan Putih a.k.a CSKA volgina
1. HAN cannavaro (C)
2. RAJIV hargreaves
3. MJ
5. FAIZ carlos

at this moment, we only have 3 teams. So, everyone, pls be at the sportzal by 1pm SATURDAY 20th October 07. Payment is 50rub per person. The rest is paid by the sponsor. Anyone who still interested to come and play in this tournament, pls contact me A.S.A.P!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

futsal time!

me and the boys at red square during 2nd raya day

As I was sitting in the boring medical-social-economy (whatever the lecture is!) this morning, during the break time, I came out with the idea of having a special futsal tournament among all the RSMU final year students. Y? Well.. since we all gonna graduate soon ( Please GOD!) , might as well spend some quality time together, in a healthy way! Yes, so, futsal came straight into my mind! I spoke about this with my groupmates, yon, faiz, taka and idham - they all agreed! I came back home, I chatted with Han Teo, he also agreed. So, I managed to book the futsal court at our very own sport hall, this saturday at 1-3 pm. !
Group 61 - moving foward..... owwhhh yess!

So, every final year students of RSMU, u are invited to come and join! Pls send ur name to me thru my ym/email ! I'll divide the team fairly ( as fair as I could be.... hahahah) and hopefully everyone will turn up this Saturday. Those who want to come to watch this eventful game, are also invite. No ticket required. Reminder! this is just a friendly game, there will be no trophy or whatsoever (unless someone want to sponsor one!) . So, let's just play for fun, and enjoy the game!


it's 842.a.m, and i need to be at class by 9am.. so.. will rewrite about this post later ya...!

I'm back, and guess what.. i have a secretary now.. so, she helped me with this post..

Red Mummy said...
biar akak ko yang citer kan gambo tuh.kisah nya pada ari raya gak kat moscow. tu staff one of the embassy le kot, ajak mai umah makan raya bagai.tuan umah n anak2 pakai baju melayustudents cam biasa lah, x kan nak pakai shocking green tu ari2, dahlah kaler tu sebatu org dah cop gitu terpaksa lah pakai baju sekolah jer, tah2 br balik dr sekolah terus singgah 1 gambo je kan nan? gambo no 2 tu x kuor lak, so itu sajalh pesanan penaja mak merah yang ngah byk masa lapang nih.caiyok!oh ye, shieda x de lam nih coz ni sume men ye. sesi ngan awek jap2 gi..

Hannan - thanks kak red... hehehehe.. senang la keje saya camni ek... ok.. but, there are a few mis-description here. 1st, the house we went to isnt the house of any malaysian embassy's staff, but Lef.Kol Yunus's house. He's one of the Sukhoi team staff. 2nd, it was on sunday, no class maaa... hehehehe... anyway kak red, thanks, the rest are acceptable.. couldnt agree more with wearing "shocking green baju raya everyday coz ppl could see me from a mile away" :)

england lost to russia..... suck!

"The theory used to be you marry an older man because they are more mature. The new theory is that men don't mature. So you might as well marry a younger one."
this is what i get when i tried to upload the photos :

Unable to upload image
We are aware of this problem and currently working on a fix.
When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:
Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
Provide the following error code and additional information.

so.., no photo and.. i have nothing much to say. England lost to russia today in euro2008 qualifier... and they might not make it to the final...gonna be a boring tournament if england couldnt make it there... siiiggghhhh........

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - 2nd day!

Salam Perantauan dari Kremlin..... chewwwah.. ape kess... Well. On 2nd day of Raya, we decided to go to red square, to take some memorable raya photos. Unlucky for us, it was rainy on that day, so it wasnt a good day to take a great photos there. But, since we were already there, we did take some photos with our "baju raya" , which, of course became quite an attraction.
Then, straight from the red square, we went to Malaysia Embassy, to attend the official reception for aidilfitri. The reception on the day before was only for muslims who came for aidilfitri prayer. As i entered the embassy, Dato' asked me.. "where's ur baju raya?". I said " raya is over dato', hahhahah..." Well, actually i only have a pair of new baju melayu. Not gonna wear the same baju for 2 seperate reception! hhaha... So, i wore a suit on that day.

shida , hannan and mrs saiful
I assumed that there will be a lot of students coming for the reception, but turned out - not many who decided to come. Well, maybe the rainy weather did gave the negative effect. But, i couldnt care less... it was hari raya, so - i just come to enjoy myself, and meet my beloved frens ( the truth was, most of my frens werent there!).
miss MMA (is she? ) hehehehhe...but I'm Mr RSMU! hahahhaha
I reached at the embassy aaround 3.3o pm, which was considered quite late becoz when I got there, most of the food was already finished!!! Lucky me that Dato' invited me to join the VIP table, so I managed to eat a little bit. Thanks Dato'!
me n Dr Faiz Khaleed
Everything went well. The food was good. The enviroment was really happening. Even thou not everyone came, but still - it was a great celebration. But, the 1st day reception was better.

sepul, dhabu and I

Monday, October 15, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - 1st day!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!!! I had the most wonderful weekend this year!. Raya during weekend didnt sound fun if u are in Malaysia but here, in Moscow - meaning , i have the chance to do my aidilfitri prayer and really celebrate raya this year! It was my last raya overseas (hopefully!). I'm really enjoying myself, had a lot of fun ... and I have a lot of photos here to all my readers ... becoz a photo says a thousand words.As always, we celebrated Raya at Malaysian Embassy. Thanks to our Dato Ambassador and the wife (the pix above) for the open house. The food was good, the celebration was a success!. As u can see... this year, my "baju raya" colour is flourescent green. Really striking!!! hahaa... we become the attraction at the embassy! (perasan!). I used to be very2 scared to wear striking colour shirt/cloth , but as we all get older - i just dont care anymore and just wear whatever colour i feel like wearing! If u , urselves dont feel good about urselves... then..who else? am I right?

This is our pix with Abg Saiful and his wife. Saiful is a staff at the malaysian embassy. Very cool and easy going fellow. But, sad enuf, they'll be leaving Moscow soon ... after serving here for so long... time to go back home.. we gonna miss not such a "gay" way! :)

well... this young beautiful lady standing next to me need no introduction i guess.... hahahhaa... this is our famous blogger!. Miss Sarah in the house everyone! Finally, we took a photo together.. not easy to get hold of such a famous ppl like her u know! It so happened that we both wear green...what a coincident huh Sarah..
and... next on the hall of fame is.... me and my good fren.. zak a.k.a the bomoh. We both came from the same school, SMS FARIS PETRA !!!!... yeah... go FARISIAN!!!
and.. also, this hot young lady here, u all may have seen her on TV3... or in other tv... She's celebrating this year aidilfitri here in Moscow! see... ppl come all over the world to celebrate aidilfitri here...
on the left, is my ex basketball mate. on my right is my current futsal mate. But all 3 of us play basketball and futsal. BUT!!!.. the one in the middle is the most handsome... agree everyone??? hahaha... there 2 fellaw here are my junior frens at RSMU...
another guy who also need no introduction. Dr Faiz Khaleed. A good fren of mine too. He's the coolest dentist i ever met!!! seriously. Such a great guy, very enthusiastic, very energetic, he deserved to be the top 2 astronout... hopefully they will send him to space next year!!!.... All the best Dr Faiz
On my left, wearing peach/light brown baju raya, is Mr Khairil Idham, my beloved classmate, and also, a great photographer. I would like to thank him for all the great photos. Appreciate it a lot dude. The one wearing turqouise baju raya, with the terrorist smile is Mr Dhabu! here is our photo with abg sufian. He's also one of the embassy staff.. Gonna be leaving for Malaysia soon too... everyone is leaving moscow.... my time will come.. soon enuf..
the photo of all the 6th year student of Russian State Medical University with malaysia ambassador, Dato' Khalis