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Monday, October 08, 2007

it's rainy day.

it's autumn... and it's rainy - moscow'07

I was on the phone with my mom. Talked for 20 mins. I miss her so much. I miss home so much. I just realized that, raya is only a few more days away. Wow, it feels like ramadhan only started few days ago. I read at iefa's blog - she's listing all the food that she wants to eat b4 ramadhan end. Kak Red is busy packing to go somewhere but not her "kampung". Lily is busy selling kuih raya. Miss Azra is bz with her love story .. Dr Sarah is sick ( hope she's getting better). Dr Intan is also homesick as much as i do. Some ppl is bz preparing for raya, and some ppl dont really have time for it.... and i put myself into "dont really bother about it -yet"
I'm not saying that I'm not looking foward to Hari Raya, well.. it's most awaited day of the year to be honest. But here - in moscow, with the leaves falling from tree, and it keeps raining day by day, thinking about raya, it's a bit "not very happy moment". Hahaha.. this is so gay rite.. Still.. even thou i had been celebrating the previous 5 rayas here in moscow, I do miss celebrating Hari raya with my family. Anyway, life goes on. Raya is still raya no matter where u are. No lemang doesnt make any different for me becoz our family isnt really into "lemang". As long as I have "kuah kacang n nasi impit" during hari raya, I'm happy enuf!.

ok.. enuf with kodak moment. I'm not gonna cry!.. believe me.. I wont.. I'm a man! hahhaa... big boys dont cry too fergie.. take that! hahahha... I decided to go for a haircut earlier today. My hair was a bit too long... not very comfortable with it.. somemore.. raya is coming soon rite.. need to have a neat-looking presentation!.


Anonymous said...

rain rain go away,come again another day!, Nan its ok, kat Mesia pun raining gakkk....and just for the record big boys do cry.....huhuhuhuhuhuhuh.....;), trust me, i know!:D

intankamaruddin said...

Hehe pendeknya!

Yay... Glad I'm not the only one yg gembeng2 musim raya ni...

Tak ikut JPA ppl datang sini? Hehe. Ur last raya in Moscow.. Yeah...!!

Lily.Lulu. said...

hujan lazat kalau tidur. tak yah kua umah, dok je tidur sepanjang hari.

tapi kan nnan .. awat aku tengok hang kalo bergambo ala-ala poyo mesti belakang tuh tirai kaler pepel. tak de tirai kaler lain ke ??

wakakakaka :P

Anonymous said...

a ahh laaaaa....background memanjang purple kalerrr one! hehehehe:)

Hannan said...

oooo... kak red memanjang warna merah korang x komplen ek... apsal korang x tanye pm biler nak cat KLCC kaler gold ker... pink ker??? hahahhahahaha...

to intan- dtg la raya moscow ... heheh

Lily.Lulu. said...

nan // sebab kak red bergambo tempat lain2 walaupun sumenya mereah ..

ko bergambo posisi alik2 situ aje .. mak bosan nok nengok kaler tuh. boh la kaler meriah skit :P

Anonymous said...

Nan, nama lagi kak 'red', abis can change yours to Hannan purple? bley?bley?bley? hehehehehe....;D

Red Mummy said...


x yah aku letak komen abih suma suku kaum kerabat red diva team tlg jwbkan..

oi nan

ni diva besar datang

ko tu eii

ko ni eii

mls nak bebel

korang bebelkan dia..



mummysyafie said...

kalau 20 min tu kena barapa hinggit nan? mahai tak