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Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy birthday to me!!! 28 June

"Whatever with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come"
28 JUNE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! Yes, I'm getting older. A year older doesnt seems to be a big deal rite now. NO PROBLEMO! Anyway, 28 JUNE, a day to cheerish (for me!). Thanks to Allah, for giving me a long prosperity ,wonderful, full of blessing life. I'm so grateful. I'm so lucky to stand where I am today. I'm so happy for what I have achived until today. I'm so grateful that God has given me so many golden chances and wonderful opportunity in my life. But, the best of me, is yet to come!
Yesterday, after the testimonial futsal match for QZ, we all had a party to celebrate my bday. Thanks to Shida my Baby for organizing everything. Thanks for the lovely party. thanks for the delicious foods and thanks for the awesome bday cake. For the 1st time in my life, I really like eating my own bday cake! ( just cant get enuf of the cake! - I'm lovin it)

I would like to thank everyone for all the bday wishes. Thank you for remembering my birthday. Thank you to Kak Red for making a special entry for my birthday. Thank you for all my frens who attended my party last nite. Thanks to everyone who took a bit of their precious time to give me a call to wish me happy birthday. Thanks for all the sms-es. Thanks for all the comments at the friendster. Thanks a lot for the email. Wow, I'm so suprised. I'm so happy to have u all as my frens. I'm so grateful to know every single one of u. I'm so glad!. My feeling rite now just cant be described by words.

So, that was it. Another year in MOSCOW!!!. 5th year med student is a history now. 22 years old boy is also a history. WOW.... time really flew so fast. Tomorrow, on 29June, I'll be leaving for my eurotrip. I'll be flying to Frankfurt Germany to meet with Aqilah and Hasnun there. After that, gonna go to Colonge to meet with Jebon ( ex-farisian , ex-basketball teamates). - and after that, the list goes on. until 13 july, I'll be back to Moscow again, then on 14 july - flying back home... TO Malaysia tercinta. I just cant wait to get home rite now.

ok, now back to business. The futsal match against red divas is still on. The date is still 11 august until today. No change yet. The place isnt confirmed yet. But , rite now- the burberry team consist of me , kak faizah, kak wawa, sayda, equil, +mystery man and whoever who want to join the Burberry team, u are most welcome. Just come and wear white shirt! We gonna trash the Red Divas... oooyyeaaaahhh
p/s - happy bday to sayda too!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

congratulation Qz n Kak Mai

Congratulation to abg Qz and Kak Mai, or Dr Qz and Dr Maisarah! Well done to both of them. After 6 grueling years in Moscow, they are still alive and they gonna go back home with the title Dr in their hands. Today was their graduation day and I was so lucky that I managed to attend it. It was an awesome ceremony. A bit different style of graduation ceremony back home, but - who cares, as long as u came out from the hall with the certificate - it was all that matter anyway!

I woke up a bit late today. The ceremony started at 11 a.m. I woke up at 10.00 a.m. It was raining heavily in the morning and I was tempted to continue my morning nap! 10.30 am, I phoned Zak, and yes, he was still sleeping. First he said he's not going, but he called me back and asked me to wait 10 mins for him. Luckily we managed to get to the hall by 11.40 am and the speech was still going on. So, we didnt miss the main event.

It was a great moment for Qz and Kak Mai. Their parent came all the way from Malaysia to watch the graduation ceremony, and the best part is - Damia came along!!!. Damia (pic below) is Kak Mai and Qz daugther. She was born is Moscow, but she stayed back home in Malaysia. I could see the happy faces of Kak Mai and Qz after not seeing their only baby for quite a while. Owh yes, she was the loudest person in the hall. Even the rector (head of the university) noticed Damia was playing around in the hall and he mentioned about Damia during his speech! Way to go Sarah Damia!!!

Yup, this is the girl. Superactive-non stop-playful-cute-"kereta kebal" sweet little Sarah Damia. She just cant sit still even a few secs! When I asked her grandpa and grandma how was Damia during the flight to Moscow, they said Damia was totally a unstoppable!!! Hahahaha... Way to go Damia!!!

Ok. times Up! I'm going to go play futsal now for Qz testimonial game. Gonna be his last futsal in Moscow! Good Bye Kak Mai and Abg Qz. Jasamu kan kukenang hingga akhir waktu! The pic above is the pic of the best student of the foreign student department. No comment. hehehe.. Maybe she forgot her robe,.. maybe.. or maybe she just promoting herself.. well done to her too! RSMU rock!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

game on baby!!!

the heat is ON. It's getting HOT here. Well, kak red, go on with ur so called "dream team". To all the girls in my team, no worry, we gonna win it. TO RED DIVAS- u will wish u never challenge me when u see my 2 other male player! Gonna keep it a secret. NO WORRY kak red about all the girls in my team. I have my "back up" plan for the "special 2 more male players". Yes, it's not wan. Let's see who get the last laugh KAK RED!!! hahahahahaha....
Since Kak red team is wearing red, so we gonna wear white. well, the colour doesnt really matter for me. Just dont wear red. Good Luck kak RED. I'll see u in the court!
p/s - kak red, we need to chat again about the date.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Futsal craze~!

Ni la akibatnya akibat aku dah terlalu free for the past few days. Last nite chat ngan dik Red pasal game futsal ni. So, setelah team Burberry telah mendapat sambutan yg "agak menggalakkan", Insya Allah, acara futsal ni bakal menjadi kenyataan. Setelah wan telah dilantik menjadi pengurus pasukan burberry dan beberapa org yg telah sudi nak join sama - equil, sayda, kak faizah, wawa - dan pasukan burberry masih lagi memerlukan ahli2 pasukan.. tiada limit.. sape nak join.. just contact me ok.

Friday, June 22, 2007

team Burberry!!!

Summer break in Malaysia isnt so far away from me now. I just cant wait to get back HOME - MALAYSIA. Really cant wait to meet with all of u back home. Anyway, I also have a big task back home. Rite now I'm looking for those who would love to join my team to play futsal against THE RED DIVAS team, maybe around august. LADIES/MEN/GIRLS/BOYS - everyone is welcome!!! So PLS, those who are staying in KL, or could come to KL, join my team, and let's beat the hell up the red divas team. It's ok if u dont know how to play futsal, coz we gonna WIN it .... but, I need u to be there with me. !!!..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My summer has started!

Hoyyey.... My "summer" in moscow has started. Nowdays, I could sleep anytime i want, and wake up anytime I want. ( back to the days after i finished my SPM). But, I could do the same when I get back home in Malaysia rite? Nope.. not anymore. I wont do that. In fact, it hard to be so "pemalas" at home (in Malaysia) coz, I'm a grown up now. and a grown up must act like one. But, since I live by myself here in moscow, i can do whatever i want. Anyway, today I went out to do a little shopping. I met with hafiz and kindut at the electronic center. They were having lunch at McD after shopping for souvenier at Arbat.
Yup, I went to the Novi Cheremushki today ( the electronic center). I was looking for the cheap Kodak digicam which was on SALE. But, none left. So, have to change plan. Since I need a backup camera during my next eurotour, I really need a good camera in case my SONY T33 underperfomed. So, I ended up, buying a cheap 5M Canon PowerShot. It was quite bulky camera. But, I know that canon digicam produce better photo than Sony. I bought it for quite a bargain price. Good enuf, great deal - and the photos are a lot better than the cybershot!!!

Yup, up here is my old skinny T33. I bought it 2 year ago. Very durable!!!. Been to all the places. From cold -30 degree in moscow to +45 degree at the desert. This maroon digicam has been a great companion. But, the photos quality are a bit rubbish actually. I bought this digicam because of the shape - and I was totally fooled the sexy, slim, slick, gorgeous shape. Nevertheless, this digicam has been a big part of my life, and I'm gonna use it until the day it doesnt work anymore. (yes, I'm a sentimental man....that's why I have a lot of rubbish in my room.... sometimes being TOO sentimental is Bullshit.. )
... and today also, I had my first bday gift. Tq dear for the gift, I really love it!!! Yup, my bday is still far , far away. But, I dont mind the gifts.. hehehe.. the burberry eau de toilette.
P/S - I'm looking for team mates for futsal tournament against dik RED team, PLS - boys and girls, anyone who is interested to join my team, pls contact me. Doesnt matter if u dont know how to play futsal , so does dik Red. No big deal!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PM visit to Moscow

In conjuction with the celebration of my end of semester party, our PM, Pak Lah has visited Moscow. ( Yes, I'm Joking!). As u can read in the paper, our beloved PM and a few ministers are here rite now, in Moscow, for a visit and meeting with the Russian Government - regarding all sort of stuffs, such as Petronas investment in Rosneft, our future "angkasawan"... and the list go on.

me n zak with Dato' Pa . Minister of Higher Education
But, even thou the PM is on a very2 tight schedule, he still want to meet the students, and the embassy had organized a dinner for students here in moscow to meet with the PM. The dinner was held at the World Trade Center (WTC). He had dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier, so he only managed to join us for desert. So, we went there, had dinner, and wait for the PM to arrive.

me, Dr Sheikh, Rajiv, Mr Sharif, Qz, Kak Mai

I thought we could have the opportunity , at least to take photo together with the PM and his new wife, but the security was very2 tight, it was impossible even to go close to him. But, it was understandable. He was tired. In fact, he did look tired. He arrived at the dinner around 9.30pm...( i guessed ...), but still everyone was so excited to see him, and his new wife of course.

Me, Jed, Priss, Shida

He gave a short speech during the dinner. Well, not that short, but I think he could have talk longer if the MC didnt stop/disturb him during the speech. There might had been some misunderstanding, but nevermind. I listened to his speech so attentively, since not like everyday (not even a year) I would see him LIVE.
the same old group

But, one thing I really love about our PM. He always smile. Regardless of anything. Well, that's what it takes to be a good leader, and he's certainly the best leader we could have rite now. The dinner went well, the food was good (except the "not so tasty" beriani... my God.. who could have eaten that!!!! - a quote from Hell's Kitchen). Still, the rest was great. enjoying myself taking photos with frens, since we all gonna be leaving Moscow for our summer break.

getting prepared to get 4 wives!!! heheheh... kidding dear!

Now that I'm totally free from exams, life couldnt be any better. I can wake up in the morning with fresh mind, no pressure, no tension. I wish I could have this kind of life forever. BUT, this isnt a real life. There is no way I could be like this everyday. All the pressure in life, all the tension, all the problems, the pain, the hardwork, - all of these, give colours to our LIFE. These are the stuff that make our life so meaningful!!!!.. ( hehehe, lepas exam bole la cakap camni kan?)
after party???
p/s - Okey dik Red, jom ronggeng... ape lagi kan... hehehhe... Kak Faizah, ala... budget kite kali ni x sempat nak sampai france la.. xper.. nanti kite pergi petik cherry kat cameroon highland jer la... ( ade ker?)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Independent Day!!!!!!!

I'm so grateful to God!. I'm done. I did it. I ve made it. I've gone thru my 5th year of med school. Yesterday, I sat for my Gynaecology and obstetric final exam, and I passed it. Thank God. Thanks to everyone for ur prayer. Jasamu x terbalas. Kan ku ingat sampai biler. Wow, what a great feeling. It had a been a tough year for me. Luckily, I made it thru. I'm so tired now. Not been sleeping properly for the past few weeks. Now, need to recover my energy back. Thanks everyone.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm not dead , yet.

When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I didYesterday"-MCR
-coz i love u even more today! - ME!
Hi everyone! Yes, I'm still here, not dead YET! First, I would like to thanks everybody who wished me. I'm glad to know ppl like u. FYI, I had done 2 of my final exams. So, I have one more left on monday. So, keep praying for me. I know couldnt make it without the help from the God, and the prayers from all of u.
Nevertheless, I havent been updating my blog for the past few days ( maybe a week?) becoz, I was bz with my studies, and even if i do update my blog, all i would write is about my desperation to be over with the exams. So, I decided to stop writing until I have something else to write except whininng and complaining about the final exam!
So, as u can see from the photos. Yes, last nite, after i finished my clincal examination final exam, we decided to go to the My Chemical Romance concert. Well, it's not like everyday MCR held their concert here. Not even once in 2-3 years. So, there is no way i could pass this opportunity. It's kinda once in a last time event for me. ( I'm not that concert crazy guy, in fact i hate to go concert unless i really like the band performing.). So, what the heck rite. Since MCR is my fav band rite now, regardless how much the ticket cost me, there is no way I'm gonna stay home last nite.
mcr's drum's stick that I managed to catch last nite!
It was a great concert. My fans were totally hyped and uncontrolled. Well, it's was a concert, so - what do u expect rite. The concert started at 8. But we arrived at 730pm. It's was quite late actually to get a great view. But, no big deal. Since we came in a group - it was like 7 of us (zak, me, puyi,nwar,dhabu,taka,faiz). We managed to push ourselves inside the crowd, and by the time the it started , we were standing only 10 m from the stage. But, 10m wasnt good enuf dude. After 2 songs, we were like on the 3rd row, about 4-5m from the stage and we could see the band, LIVE - just a few steps away from us. It was a great experience.
The only setback for last nite was - i didnt bring my digicam. So, I only have my phone camera. So, here are photos taken by phone. Not very clear, but - what the hell rite. It's good enuf for a camera phone since it was really dark. From the photo up here, u can see how close was I to the stage! We managed to push through in front becoz a lot of ppl who were standing in the first row , collapsed and fainted due to hypoxia. Well, the fans were really crazy, so we really have to be careful last nite. I could see the paramedics pulling out unconscioused fans from the crowd at the rate of one girl every 2 minutes. (tu la, lain kali kalau nak pergi concert, minum powerade dulu... hehehe.. - ni bak kata dhabu la)

The MCR sang about 10-14 songs last nite. The performance was awesome. I'm not expecting Gerard (the singer) to be that good. But, he really can sing LIVE, and he kept saying - SPASIBA- a russian word meaning thank you. Great job MCR. Wow, it was a totally amazing. The concert finished at 1020pm. It was still sunshine at 1020pm in moscow nowdays. After the concert, I could see a lot of other Malaysians who went to the concert too. BUT, the highlight of the day was, I managed to catch the DRUMMER DRUM'S Stick. They were throwing stuffs to the fan, and when I saw they were throwing the drum's stick, I was like.... "what the hell , I dont really care", coz I know ppl would kill to get that. BUT, suddenly, the drum's stick flew toward me.... and hell no I would let other get it. I grabbed it and hold it tight. Few ppl tried to take it away from me, but I managed to hold it. WOW. Totally not expecting it. YEAH DUDE... I got the MCR drum's stick. I means, that is the best souvenier u can get from a concert rite?

-this pic isnt from last nite-sekadar hiasan shj!

Thanks Bob for the drum's stick. U guys ROCK!!! . Anyway, now- back to the table. Need to study for my gynae final exam...... hmmm... life is back to normal again....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The finale

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt".-William Shakespeare
Less than 24 hours before my first final exam started, I'm still here, in front of my laptop - updating my blog. Y? not becoz i have finish revising or there is nothing more to read. Not because I'm fully ready. In fact, I'll be never fully ready for exams. There is a lot more to be read, and rite now, I'm doing my best - trying to digest everything in the nick of time. Just pray that my brain is still functioning after I'm done with all these stuffs. But, the most important is , for me - to pass my exam tomorrow. Nothing else matter rite now. So, hope u all could pray for me. Coz, this time ( like any other time, like all the exams before) - i really need to be really lucky. Oh Allah, pls, let me get over it.

While some ppl are preparing to go back home for holiday, I'm still with the books. ( yeah Sarah, selamat tinggal -jumpe kat mesia nanti mase simposium kat kb ok :)! ). While kak red is bz shopping in beijing, I'm still here reading my notes. My kak faizah bz playing with her hamster - I'm still here - cooking my text book - hoping that by digesting some of the notes, it will go straight to my brain. I just hope it will be over soon. Aminnn.....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My exam schedule

It's summer in moscow, but the temperature went down for the past few days. It was 30-34 degree celcious last week, but for the last few days, it was like 15-20 degree celcious. Thank you to global warming. But actually, it's God who control the weather, and right now, we - human, are paying the price for killing the earth. The earth went crazy, the temperature is upside down. Nevertheless, regardless of all this - my final exam is still going, as scheduled. So, here is the schedule
8 June - Infectious Disease and Epidemiology
13 June - Clinical examination
18 June - Gynaecology and obstetric

not everyday u see kuih bahulu at the coffee house in moscow

So, i still have 2 more days before my first final exam. Actually, it supposed to be 5 subject. But, i finished 2 of them ealier. Forensic and ENT are done. So, 3 more left. If i didnt do the 2 exams earlier, my JUNE is a really crazy month. Luckily, i'm not that doom. But, still - those 3 exams, arent a laughing stuff. Yup, those 3 exams could kill me - and right now, I'm doing my best to stay alive. Really cant wait for this month to be over. Nope ... nope.. really cant wait to be over with the exams. I dont want this month to be over too soon. JUNE is a special month to me. Y?..that is the question for all the reader. The reader with the answer must give me a gift ( or 2, i dont mind- or maybe 3). Well - i guess that's a really big clue then.

ice blended fruit juice at TGI - yummy

Summer in moscow, is a really nice time to enjoy. It's like a party all day long for the whole month. Sunset at 10 o'clock, meaning u can walk all day long and didnt realize it's almost midnite. If u go to the center of moscow now, it's really colourful. That's a small road near tverskaya ( i dont know the name of the road!) , where a lot of outdoor restaurant being built at the sidewalk - live band show, it's nice play to walk around, see the ppl, look at the luxury+sports cars. It's totally a different side of moscow we see everyday.

p/s - dik red, x jadi la mcm ni nak beli ipod sbb dik red dah beli dulu ipod tu. Nak kene cari mende lain la kot.. hehehehhe... nak beli walkman cassette player la camni, kasi old- skul skit.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

fever - the end

" I could promise to hold you, and to cherish you. I could promise to be there, in sickness and in health. I could say till death do us part. But I won't. Those vows are for optimistic couples, the ones full of hope. I do not stand here on my wedding day optimistic or full of hope. I am not optimistic. I am not hopeful. I am sure. I am steady. I'm a heart man. Take 'em apart, put 'em back together, hold them in my hands. I am a heart man. So this, I am sure. You are my partner. My lover. My very best friend. My heart. My heart beats for you. And on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this. I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands, I promise you... me."

[1] are u single,taken,crushin?- - not single - but always available , hahaha... (I'm so dead!)
[2] are you happy with where you are?-
- I couldnt ask for more
[3] when you meet the right person,doyou fall fast?-
- I always stand up straight on my 2 feet, no problem!
[4] have u ever had ur heart broken?-
- broken heart? I'm still alive
[5] would you ever take someone back ifthey cheated on you?-
- it's all about money baby!!! it's nothing personal, it's just good business
[6] have you ever talked about marriage with another person?-
- yup, serious talk, during my Pendidikan ISLAM oral exam ngan ustaz kat skolah dulu.
[7] do you want kids?
- for the love of God, let me get married first!!!
[8] how many?
- never ever underestimate a man
[9] would you consider adoption?
- if God says so
[10] if somebody liked you right now,what do you think is a cool way to say it?
- how much? hourly or daily?
[11] do you enjoy playing hard to get?
- cut the bull shit, straight to business
[12] do you want someone you can't have?
- it's always the other way around. sorry
[13] do you believe love at first sight exists?
- yup, TOTALLY believe in it. Lust at first sight always happened
[14] do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
- it could be easier if all anniversaries is on 1st of january, such a blessing to men.
[15] do you believe that you can change someone?
- I'm not a God
[16] do you have feelings for someoneright now?
- always have the feeling that i want to kill someone (kidding!)
[17] Do you still have feelings for an ex?
- to an ex-5? no. But to the new X5 BMW, hell yeah!!!
[18] have you ever cheated on someone?
- to cheat in the name of world peace is a noble act
[19] would you ever consider getting married in high school?
- yeah, so my wife can continue her study and I can sit at home doing nothing, but my mom was against it. So, here am I, doing my med degree
[20] would you marry any of your ex`s if they ask?
- dude, that is so gay..

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fever - part 4

Compliment gift from the mayor of KL

My body still has not fully recovered yet from the fever, but I felt a bit better. Miss "cough" has gone, but does come back once in a while, still taking medicine, and that cause me - sleepiness- not the best time coz i need to prepare for my exam. I've been sleeping a lot today. Never thought the fever will be this bad. Anyhow, I wish I'll be back healthy and kicking again... God Willing ... aminnnn.Yesterday we had a special party for QZ and Kak Mai as they will be finishing their study this semester. So, we all decided to throw a small picnic to celebrate it. They will be graduating from Russian State Med University this month. Congaratulation to both of them. I wish them, success and happiness in the future after.
Believe it or not, I've been in moscow for 5 years now. I still remember my first day in moscow, the first time I met Abg QZ and Kak Mai. They were on the way back from the embassy ( abg razali's house) and we just arrived from the hostel, waiting by the entrance. Time passes by. So many memories. It felt like yesterday that the day Qz brought us to M-Video store ( it was my 4th day in moscow, Qz brought us there to buy sim card). To Abg Qz n Kak Mai, I really appreciate all the helps u have given me. Gonna remember it for the rest of my life. " Jasa baikmu dibawa mati"

I thought it gonna be a " not so cold" evening yesterday, so i went to the picnic just wearing a shirt and a short. It turned out to be a windy and cold evening. Luckily , yon brought zak's jacket. So, i borrowed the jacket just in case my fever got worse.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fever, part 3

My fever n coughing has been going on for more than a week now, this is suck, I thought it would be over by last weekend, but - Mr fever n Miss coughing are not going anywhere yet. Maybe becoz i didnt rest for the past few days and didnt follow the instruction when i took the medicine. Yup, instead of using the table spoon to take the cough syrup, i prefer to drink it straight from the bottle, easier... hehehhe... and of course, most of the time, OVERDOSED.... which is resulting to increase susceptibility to the medicine and i have to keep changing med.... ( yes, I became very crazy and a bit stupid when I'm sick)
So, to compensate my frustration over my fever and my unbearable pain at my ankle, i decided to buy a new shoes. I mentioned a few weeks ago about my painful ankle, and I wanted to buy a new shoes. Since i always hold to the principles " my word is my dignity", I have bought a new shoes. ( never says something u r not planning to do it!). Ok, the shoes has nothing to do about my dignity actually, has more to do about my ankle. It's painful, so i need a proper shoes to keep it protected. So, I bought this AIR JORDAN 22. The latest from the Jordan series. Cost me a fortune. It's actually the most expensive shoes i ever had. But, dont worry, I dont use JPA money to buy it..... always use the government money for study purposes [ such as travelling (lawatan sambil belajar), flight tickets ( go home and do practicals), groceries ( need food to study!!!) , perfumes ( need to have good self presentation to the lecturers and patients), have fun ( release tension!!!) and bla bla bla ]

I really love this shoes, it makes me feel like to be back and play basketball again. But then, with my current ankle condition, i better not risk the chance of being crippled. The shoes even have a different pad for different type of surface. One pair of pad for indoor court, the other one for outdoor court. But, if i dont play basketball, this paddings seems to be useless. But, it doesnt really matter, the Jordan series never let me down, and always live up to the name. It is a dream shoes for everybody who play basketball. But, for those who dont, it kinda like another shoes.

Thanks to the sponsors for the shoes ( next year pls buy me the 23rd Jordan occay? ) heheehhe.. yup, I cant wait to see the 23rd series. The same number as MJ jersey number - 23. It gonna be a special shoes... should be.. and must be. So, i better start a fund now to buy that - unless I'll be a lucky man again to have sponsors to buy me that shoes.
Ok, enuf about the shoes. My uncle is safely back home , alhamdulillah and just on time for my cousin ( his daughter) engagement day. So, thanks God, everything went fine. He left me with quite a lot of stuff... mostly food from Malaysia. Maggi mee, Brahims, Tuna, Serunding... bla bla bla... which is gonna be my main food for my exam period. My final exam is starting this friday, now, I'll be busy revising, reading, sleeping and updating my blog. ( yup, exam time means my blog will be updated everyday becoz I'll be at home). Wish me luck for my exams, really need that... as always... God willing... aminnn..
p/s - i'm looking for a second hand IPOD VIDEO, pls msg me if u interested to sell.

Friday, June 01, 2007

-I'm Back -

my uncle n I

hye guys, I'm Back... finally, firstly, I'd like to say, I"M DEEPLY SORRY to those who emailed me, who sent me msg, who sms-ed me, who left ym offline msgs to me for the past few days, because I couldnt be able to reply all of those. I've been a bit busy for the past few days, because I have a special guest from Malaysia, yes my favourite uncle a.k.a ayah su, came to moscow. But, the main reason for him to come here is for working purpose, not to see me.... but.. who cares, he was here.... and I was so happy to see him. Never came across my mind that a relative of mine would come to moscow.
My uncle came with some other frens who are in the same business. Actually they were here to attend an international conference. Since, i have finished all my classes this semester, so I became the unofficial tour guide for them. At first, the hired a russian tour guide, but after they met me, they fired the girl since it's easier to have someone who can speak malay + english + russian at the same time. They were here for 4 days, so it had been a wonderful and exciting 4 days for us.

4 days in moscow, is just nice to visit everything here. But, since they had to attend the conference, we missed a few nice tourist spot here in moscow. but still, I think they had seen 90% of the moscow city and been to all the famous tourist attraction places in moscow. So, i hope they had enjoyed their time here. But for my uncle, since he's be coming again for my graduation next year (insya Allah), there are still a lot more of moscow waiting for him.

It had been a great time to meet ur family member ( something for a change!!!) for me... really enjoyed walking and wondering around moscow city with them. Even thou they are a bit veteren, but, they can walk around all day long.... no complain at all... we even use the metro for quite a few times... ( metro here is totally not very tourist friendly - packed with ppl, hustling, rushing, pushing )

here is the photo where we were having dinner at Gandhara, the only HALAL food restaurant in the canter of moscow. So, here was where everyone had meat and chicken again and rice. But , of course, a proper nice cosy restaurant in center of moscow, will cost a bomb.