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Monday, June 04, 2007

Fever - part 4

Compliment gift from the mayor of KL

My body still has not fully recovered yet from the fever, but I felt a bit better. Miss "cough" has gone, but does come back once in a while, still taking medicine, and that cause me - sleepiness- not the best time coz i need to prepare for my exam. I've been sleeping a lot today. Never thought the fever will be this bad. Anyhow, I wish I'll be back healthy and kicking again... God Willing ... aminnnn.Yesterday we had a special party for QZ and Kak Mai as they will be finishing their study this semester. So, we all decided to throw a small picnic to celebrate it. They will be graduating from Russian State Med University this month. Congaratulation to both of them. I wish them, success and happiness in the future after.
Believe it or not, I've been in moscow for 5 years now. I still remember my first day in moscow, the first time I met Abg QZ and Kak Mai. They were on the way back from the embassy ( abg razali's house) and we just arrived from the hostel, waiting by the entrance. Time passes by. So many memories. It felt like yesterday that the day Qz brought us to M-Video store ( it was my 4th day in moscow, Qz brought us there to buy sim card). To Abg Qz n Kak Mai, I really appreciate all the helps u have given me. Gonna remember it for the rest of my life. " Jasa baikmu dibawa mati"

I thought it gonna be a " not so cold" evening yesterday, so i went to the picnic just wearing a shirt and a short. It turned out to be a windy and cold evening. Luckily , yon brought zak's jacket. So, i borrowed the jacket just in case my fever got worse.


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Sedih..sbb diorg dh nak balik.

Happy..sbb diorg dh grad.

Hannan, bila nak ikut jejak langkah diorg? Abg muiz n kak lina tak lama dh. heheh

Red Mummy said...

from the left, spekie guy - ok so so..available??

mana gambo budak yang akak minat tu nan? alah yg ko post reramai ngan geng2 ko tu lah..lama x nampak gambo dia dah..ko saje x nak letak gambo dia kan?