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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year

Dont be fool by the photo above. I'm nowhere near the beach. Far far away from any vacation. Yes, it's the new year eve and I'm all alone in my room , studying my next month on call schedule. Unsuprisingly , I'll be doing 11 on call next months. That would be.... RM1140 for me. Just a bit short to pay for VLV. But I would rather get half of it and have more rest. At this point of my life... I need more free time than money :P
Since I'm celebrating the new year alone - might as well by myself some gifts to cheer up my day. The on call rotation really made my day gloomy. Bought myself new perfume from DKNY and a pair of shoes and couples of shirts and ties. Everything that I'll be using day in , day out at the hospital.

Nevertheless, despite of all the tears and pain for the past 1 month and a half , I started to become a better doctor as each day passes by. Hard work does pay off - eventually. I'm more confident in my job rite now compared to I was a month ago. I cant believe I'm surviving this crazy life at the hospital. I pray to Allah that everything will be running plain and smooth for me thru out my internship. This is just the beginning... more and more to come .....

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry x mas!

Merry x mas to my dear frens who celebrated it. To those who didnt, happy holiday!

Well, I surely miss the snow! A LOT. No more x-mas snow for me this year. No more snow during new year eve. Not sure how my new year will be - but most probably , at the labour room.

Not been updating my blog for a week I reckon. It has been quite a busy week for me. After spending nearly a month at the labour room - I was finally transfered out to the ward. Yeah, working in the ward is a lot more "less" tense compared to working at the labour room.

Labour room is like an emergency room. No time to sit down and relax. There will always be at least 1 delivery in every 1 hour. No kidding. At HKB , since the day I started working - at least there are 20 babies delivered everyday. At least 3 c-section. During the school holiday, it might go up to 50 babies per day. So, imagine how the doctors who need to work at the labour room , day in day out.... and during on calls.. 36 hours non stop running around the labour room.

Hence, it was pretty much a relieved for me to work in the ward now. But during on call, I still need to work in the labour room.

Anyway - merry x mas everyone and have a lot of fun!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's weekend again

these photos were taken at my ex-primary schoolmate wedding last weekend. I wish good luck and happiness ... sampai ke anak cucu. Well, most of u gonna ask, when will be mine? Only God knows the answer. With my current situation - I'm technically married to the hospital. I spend more days and night with the patients.
Today would be the happiest day since I started working. Why is that? Hmmm.. if u are a gov servant - u should know what day is today! Finally , I could see the sunshine after the dark days and night :) ... yang tau , tau la kan...heheh.. agak2 ape die ek...

I'm still looking for a computer rite now. A desktop to be exact. Hmmmm... Currently there is a pc fair held at KB Mall. Havent got the time to check it out yet. Anyone out there wanna be my desktop consultant? Anyone.. hehehe...
Anyway, wishing u all a happy weekend! Yup, again - no weekend for me. I was supposed to have a quite saturday, but I'm covering my fren's on call... so. yeah... As usual.. weekend in hospital again for me... no big deAL...

ADIos amigOS

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

adoi la

current mood - pissed off!
my laptop - hancuss.
Well, it's actually my brother's lappy. It was broken and I fixed it. Now it's broken again and unfixable :P.
I do have my acer at home. But here at my rented house, I used the compaq ( the one I fixed)
Currently using my housemate lappy to go online.
Thinking to buy a new lappy or desktop when my 1st salary is banked in.
Gonna need some help with that coz I wont have the time to do the survey of the prices and whatsoever
So, anyone lives in Kota Bharu out there and reading my blog and knows about computer, please help me out to buy a new desktop/laptop.

Today, I do my first gynaecology clinic.
It was hard. For the last 1 month, I was just concentrating on obstetric
Now, I'm considered as senior at the o n g department - I need to master the gynaecology cases.
Soon enuf I'll be assigned to the gynaecology ward. No more maternity and labour room for me.
Felt like my 1st day at work all over again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

my 1st day

Occay, this will be my 1st reply to the PPIM moscow- regarding their email to me last week:) To the PPIM, if u want to publish this article in ur buletin, it would be an honour for me, if not - no problemo at all. I'm just sharing my little experience as a ho with the ppl out there.

HOW to survive on ur 1st day as a HO?

well, the truth is - one way or another , u are destined to be screwed. But I do have a few tips to minimize the damage :P

1) Be very humble. As a new HO , u know nothing. Bear that in mind. Ask help from everyone. The best teachers would be the staff nurses. Other senior ho might be too busy to show u everything , MO would be busier . Hence, be nice and asked help and learn from the nurses. Be very humble.

2) Be honest. If u dont know how to do the procedure or how to manage the patient , just say it out loud. Be honest and ask for help. If u just shut up , other would assume u know how to handle the situation. It's ok to be stupid on ur 1st day, well even on ur 1st month. Bak kata orang melayu - jangan jadi bodoh sombong.

3) Responsibility. BE early at work. By early - I mean before 7 am. It may sound very early for some ppl, but as a doctor - 7am is nothing. Be early to show to others that u are eager to work.

4) SMILE - always smile to other ppl. Be nice and talkative to other ho, to the nurses. Introduce urselves to senior ho, to the staff nurses. Make sure ppl remember ur name. The most important thing , make sure u introduce urselves to all the specialists and consultants and ur department. Make sure they know ur existance in the department

5) NOtEbook. Make sure u have a small note book in ur pocket. Write down all the new things u learn. Write down all the thing u need to learn.

6) LEARN fast and act fast. Well, this is the hardest part. Being a doctor, other doctor would expect u to be a fast learner. On my 1st day in labour room, my MO asked me to conduct a delivery and do the episiotomy. I never done that before during my student days. So, yeah - expect the unexpected yeah.

7) BE CONFIDENT. This is the main thing. Even thou the fact is - u are just day 1 of life as a HO , u need to start managing case on ur 1st day. So, when u r dealing with the patient, make sure u give a confident look to them. Dont make ur patient scare. No one want to be treated by a fresh doctor who just started work few a hour ago. Act like u've been working for years.

and... above all this ..sebelum pergi keje tu.. doa kat Allah, permudahkan urusan kita dalam pekerjaan harian ni. Niat kene la ikhlas. Solat subuh jangan tinggal...

well... there are a lot more tips and hints. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to write everything rite now. These are just the main thing u need to remember on ur first day. PLEase remind me to write more later on...


a few days ago, I received this email ... I hope the sender wont mind I posted the email here...

Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang.. Pertama sekali, kitorang mohon maaf kiranya emel ni mencuri masa Dr. Hannan untuk berehat.. Mesti penat kerja sebagai seorang houseman, lagi-lagi di labour room HKB. Dr. Zainal masih lagi Head of Department ke kat sana? Kalau ya, dia still garang lagi ke?

Apapun, straight to the point.. Kitorang ni memang a big fan of your blog ( dan sebagai medic students yang bakal graduate nanti, memang kitorng selalu cuba nak tau macamana pengalaman seniors masa housemanship dan one of the best sumber if from your blog. You've still got time to blog and inform us on how is the situation and experiences during housemanship, which we think is really helpful and thanks for sharing them with us!

Jadi.. Kitorang kalau boleh nak meminta, mencuri masa Dr. untuk kongsi pengalaman as a houseman untuk dimuatkan dalam bulletin IMAM'S LINK, December edition nanti.. Kitorang akan rasa berbesar hati sangat kalau Dr. sudi, tak kisahlah bentuk mcmana pun - be it my first day as a ho, rutin harian sebagai seorang ho, ataupun just nasihat2 untuk bakal graduan RSMU/MMA and tips.. It doesn't have to be long, but we would be delighted if your essay consists of 50-100 words

Once again, thanks from the bottom of our hearts and keep blogging. All the best in your work and have a good weekend.

Best regards, Biro Penerangan & Publisiti,
PPIM Russia Student Chapter (Moscow)

Where do I start ....

Friday, December 12, 2008

school holiday

Since I've been working at hkb, I rented a house - shared with Dr Yusran. Even thou hkb isnt that far away from my parent's house - it is more "convinient" for me to stay at the rented house coz it is located very near to the hospital. I choosed not to stay at the quaters coz starting this year, should we stay at the quaters - we wont get the housing allowance.

Anyway, it's been quite sometimes - me working at the labour room. Getting used to it now. Unfortunately for me - I'll be thrown out from the labour room starting next week. I'll be working at the maternal ward instead. Well, in a way - working in the ward means - less stress coz in the postnatal n antenatal ward - mostly for observation. All the hard case and delivery will be sent to labour room.

Since this is the school holiday, my only niece and nephew are back in kelantan. Umar n Imah. So, I tried to go back to my parent's house as frequent as possible when they are around. Miss them a lot. Miss playing with umar. It doesnt mean that I wont go back home if the kids are not around :P

Anyway, wishing everyone a very happy weekend :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

selamat hari raya aidiladha

Selamat hari raya aidiladha semua. I also would like to wish happy birthday to my beloved shida. She was borned during hari raya korban.

I celebrated this year raya korban at the labour room. I was "on call" on the day of raya. It was fun actually. Wearing baju raya and conducted delivery. Some of the mothers asked me to "azan" their new borned baby since I was so nicely dress :P and wearing songkok some more. No kidding. That was the joy part of my working life.

During the day of hari raya , not many ppl come for delivery. Most of the mothers, waited until the end of the day. From morning till late noon, the labour room was pretty empty and relaxing. But, started from 8 o clock in the evening , ppl started coming in. By midnite - it was chaotic , normal service resume.

Today, it would be worse coz a lot of mothers/ future moms would come with hypertension crisis coz they ate a lot of meat during hari raya. I know tomorrow it will be a very busy day at the labour room.

When I logged in to my YM just now, a junior asked me about the life as an intern. She asked "was it that bad?" I told her " No worry, it will pass away...."

Indeed, it wiil. But it takes time. For some ppl, maybe just a few days , for others... it might take forever. Depend on each individual. Depend on how u cope with the situation. But one thing I can be sure of , it will be a gruelling start for everyone :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Just got my on call schedule yesterday. Unsuprisingly , I'll be working on the Hari Raya Haji. No big deal thou. I'm expecting that. For this month - I'll be doing 9 on calls. Yeah, in a way , it means I'll be getting RM930 for that. But in another view - I'll be a living zombie for 18 days this month. Just another chapter of my life as a doctor.

I'm pretty much tired of complaining and whining about my job. Once I got rid of this unpleasant feeling about my job - I started to feel something new. I begin to love my job.

Being a doctor in the labour room - the best thing that happened to me everyday is when I safely conduct a delivery and the smile on both the dad and the mom - is priceless.

On a lot of occasions , when I walked out from the labour room - the family members came to me and thanked me.....the father would introduce me as the doctor who delivered their new family member.... awesome.

Of course , above all those - it was God who decided which one will have safe delivery and there will be a few unfortunate incident..

Definitely, sometimes - it could be the other way around. But so far , no bad incident happen to me yet while I'm working at the labour room.. God willing, mintak jauh la semua benda buruk tu...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

the reason

I've finally comes to my senses and slowly start to understand my new life as a doctor.
For the past one week, it had been a transition period for me. It was a tough one. Trying to adjust to the new enviroment, new daily cycle ... everything is new for me.

Maybe I've been watching to much of Grey's anatomy and House MD. Life as an intern in a busy government hospital is nothing as in the shows on TV.
Maybe I was expecting my life to be as cool as the actors in the show. Hence , when I faced the truth - it was a big shock for me and I was very depressed.

Nevertheless, after a few days , after lots of thinking and tears ( unfortunately ) - I'm moving foward. I want to be a doctor and this is what I have to face, day in , day out. No more regret. ( hopefully)
I'll take one day at a time. Slowly learning to be a good doctor.
It's gonna be a long journey, it's gonna be a tough road ahead. But I'll give everything. I'll do my best. God please bless me. Amin.

one more thing, I'm so sorry if my previous entry "demotivated" a lot of ppl from being a doctors. No worry , If u are willing to work hard, U'll be a good doctor.

Friday, November 28, 2008

thank you

I've been busting my ass at the labour room for nearly 10 days. It's been a tough job, it has been very depressing and stressful as well. But as time goes by , I'm getting used to it... slowly. Well, like they said " time heals everything".

It may have been the most depressing one week for me. I would like to thank everyone for being there for me. Even last nite, I received a phone call from doctor fareez , ( apparently he read my previous entries ) He told me to be strong , to be more confident with my ability... thanks a lot doc. I really need those encouraging words.

Lots of funny thing happened for the past one week. My life as a houseman - gosh..... I just cant describe it. It has been a nightmare and like a living hell , but in a very different view - I started to enjoy it...

If u are a government worker and had been to the induction course - u must have heard about the so called " tonggak 12" . One of the "tonggak" is " keseronokan bekerja". For the past one week - I was searching for this particular matter. Until now - to no avail. But somehow , I could see it's coming. I could see the silver lining of this deep hole....

thank you everyone for being there for me. Thank you everyone for reading my "luahan perasaan" for the past one week... thank God.... thank you...

feel free to visit me at the labour room in hkb.. I'll give u a free check up :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

as the days passed by...

my advice to future doctors ..... apply for internship at HUSM. U'll get a better life at teaching hospital coz they have lots of doctors and less patients compared to general hospitals...

well... how's work?

erm, today I spent the whole day at the OT, performing the C-section. Definitely I wasnt the one doing it, I was the 1st assistant. It was my 1st day as 1st assistant the OT. May sound like an easy task, but it wasnt that easy after all. One simple mistake , the surgeon will screw u.

So happened, in the OT, the anaesthesiologist was my senior at faris petra. He gave me a little pat at the back before the surgery start. That was very comforting. Throught out the operation, he was watching out for me, correcting me when I did wrong before the surgeon did and he smile and gave a thumb up when I did thing right.

It was a very tiring day. I was involve in 4 c-section from morning till evening. But I dont mind. I love the tranquality of operation theater, compared to the labour room....

So, that was my day.... my plain odinary day as a doctor.

Thanks a lot everyone for those encourging words. Really mean a lot to me. In time like this, I just need everyone around me to tell me that everything will be fine...

It had been a very stressful and depressing week for me. Tons of tears being shed... Gosh... it's unbearable...

the only thing that make me wake up every morning to face the dreadful day in hospital.... is when I think about my parent....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

being a doctor?

to my dear readers - I'm deeply sorry , no updates from me for ages. FIY , I got posted at the OnG ward at HKB, not at the surgical department.
So, for the past 1 week - I've been seeing a lot of ladies.

How's my life nowdays ? ..... like hell....

no kidding.... being a h/o at the Labour Room -isnt as fun as I thought it would be. Life has been very depressing lately.

Do I love my job rite now? .... not really ...

Always think about quiting from be a doctor , everyday. No kidding. Luckily I still have the "inner voice" which kept me going. Being scolded, being screwed .... it's my daily routine. As a H/O - we have no honour , no pride , nothing...

I felt useless, I felt stupid, I felt like crying... gosh... it's very depressing....
Life is ... well.. I have no LIFE rite now...

Dear God - Please give me the strenght to keep going... God Please....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

how to deal with stress???

Hannan's 3 step to deal with stress.

1. Push u fren from the cliff. Yeah, definitely would make u feel better!

2. Watch ur fren do crazy stupid thing.. , very entertaining!
3. Be extremely crazy. Life is too short to always be at the safe side.

I didnt know who captured these photos , but many thankssss! These photos were taken during our induction course in pangkor island. We conqured the resort's pool for 2 weeks!

I started my life as a HO at the surgical department. I was hoping for orthopedic for my 1st posting, nonetheless I have no complain being placed at the SOPD.

Life is good.... this is what I've been dreaming for ... this is what I struggled for... Life is good. Think positive Hannan.... be optimistic Hannan. Everything will be OK! I can do this.. God willing.. amin

Monday, November 17, 2008

I was wrong...???

Dr hayati , urs truly and Dr Marissa during our induction....

Well, maybe I was wrong. But not about the previous issue.
I hate to admit this, but I think I lost this round to my cousin, Dr Qistina. She's in HKL now. She told me, once u are a HO - ur life would be divided into two cycles - work and sleep. She told me that few months back. But I told her - I'm gonna change that! hehehe.... cakap la besar lagi.
I told her, my HO life would be in 3 cycles - work, sleep and fun.

After two days at HKB, well... I hate to say this - I was wrong, she was right.....

Being a doctor isnt that fun after all... trust me on that....

OK.. regarding the previous issue... clearly Aladeen isnt a doctor yet ... anyone who been thru HO would never made such comment...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

big smile

aladeen said...
blom apa2 lagi dah macam ni. U just demotivate other who want to pursue their dream. There’s so many other way to convey the info if that the truth is. Remember, when you light a lamp for someone else, you brighten you own path too...
First of all, I thought reading this ‘’doctor's’’ blog could motivate me or other, but day by day u seems to be drown and sunken in the splendour of the 'title-ness-ship'. My bad and I’m so sorry for this. I learned my lesson. huhu. All the best in your future undertakingJust my 2 cent opinion


- well, go and ask any doctor in the whole world - nothing beautiful about being a HO. I'm so sorry if my writing "demotivated" u of being a doctor. I'm just telling the truth. Hence , those who wanted to be a doctor could have a clearer picture about a real life of a doctor ( a intern in my case)
PLUS, I totally believe the my 2 entries about being a doctor in malaysia - is a very beneficial info for everybody out there. Maybe u are one of those who have to take the "exam" when u graduated later on , I deeply advice u to prepare urselves from now on.
Here, in my blog - I'll write what I experience, what I feel, what I want ; coz this is my blog -which represent me , not the whole doctors in malaysia. If u dont like reading it , buzz off :)
14 Nov 08, 17:37DrX: There is no reason for them to fail you if you are a safe and competent doctor.It's better to fail now rather than killing your patients
me - I reckon we should keep this kind of conversion "privately" among doctors only :)
The public are not very comfortable with the "doctors killing the patients " part ...

Friday, November 14, 2008

more info :)

more info about being a doctor in MALAYSIA :)

I received a lot of question about this particular issue after my entry about the future of doctors in malaysia.

Occay, here we go.

Starting from 2010 - all doctors graduating from oversea will have to undergo a special examinantion before they are able to start their intership in the government hospital - regardless of where he/she graduated from. Regardless who sponsored them. EVEN JPA/MARA sponsored students have to sit for the exam.

About the exam - it's technically made to fail the newly grad doctors. NO KIDDING, go ask any doctor about that. For the timebeing - this "special exam" is for those who graduated from unrecognized universities.

Should u fail the exam, u have to go for special training at the local hospital/university for 6 month and u wont get the doctor's salary, just rm500 monthly allowance. Then, after 6 month, u have to re-sit the exam. It's a nightmare!!!

I'm fortunate enuf to avoid this scary part. Sigh..

Anyway, about my induction exam yesterday, I reckon I did OK. Should be able to pass it... Insya Allah.... :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

wish me luck!

As u are reading this entry, I would be in the examination hall , busting my ass answering the induction course test. This isnt a plain sailing holiday after all. There are a lot of things about the government and the "dasar-dasar" i need to remember by heart and honestly , it aint that easy!

Hence, all I did last nite was studying all the lecture materials and notes - as if the exam is my med school final year exam :P

Everyone was very serious about it. Gosh. I just cant wait to get over with all these "pekeliling" and "perintah am". Those words sound scary!

Anyhooo..... wish me luck yeah! I'll be back :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

important annoucement

I've learned a lot about the government and the "dasar-dasar" during my induction course. One of them is about the nurses :)

Apparently , the nurses earn as much as doctors do ( in government hospital) . NO KIDDING. If u are a nurse with a degree - u'll start working with the U41 grade - the same as newly grad doctors , case and point - ME. So, in short - my salary is as much as a nurse salary. Well, actually, the nurse earns more. Nurses critical allowance is 5% more than the doctors critical allowance.

Hencefoward , if u want to earn good money in government sector - being a doctor isnt the best choice. Be a nurse with a degree.


by 2013 , there will be SURPLUS of doctors in Malaysia. Therefore , if u are thinking to send ur children to med school now , think twice coz starting from that year, or maybe from 2012 - no job guarantee for doctors! Technically speaking, if u are doing ur matriculation or foundation to go to med school this very year - u will graduate by 2014 , that would be a bad year to start working as a doctor in malaysia. This is a true fact, base on the current production of doctors.

Starting from 2012 - the gov will terminate all the imported doctors. From 2013 , only selected newly fresh grads will be able to do the intership at the gov hospitals.

Instead being a doctor , u could try dentistry and pharmacy. Our nation needs a lot of dentist and there wont be enuf dentist in malaysia at least until 2020 :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

My thought...

urs truly with dr amy and dr ogy

My induction course in pangkor island may look like a vacation for some people. As a matter of fact - it's actually a 2 weeks holiday for us before we start being the new age slaves.

Even one of the "penceramah" who gave the talk here , told us to treat this induction course as it is our last supper.

It's so true. Honestly, once i entered the housemanship world - i dont even know when i will get my days off. mc is not valid for doctors. If we are sick and miss our working days, the admin will deduct our annual leave.....

What worry me the most is my asthma. Goshhhh... Really hate it. Why does it comes back at such crucial moment. Since the attack last week, my body hasnt been fully recovered yet. I cant even talk properly right now. At the end of every sentence , I need to stop and take a deep breath. Finishing a simple sentence has becoming a struggling job for me.

Nevertheless, I dont blame the fate for what had happened to me. I have been very lucky with FATE through out my life. This little "unfortunate event" is just a test from God. I believe so. I just pray to the Almighty that I'll be fully recovered before I start my internship...

to be continued....

pusing pusing pangkor

Yesterday we had a day off. Well, actually, half day off to be precise. Hence, I rented a "kapcai" for the day. Costed me rm25 for a modenas kriss. Then i filled up the tank with rm5 petrol. It was my best rm30 spend - ever. Rm30 of petrol in my VLV will get me... well... somewhere. But, with rm30 , it was enuf for me to go around the pangkor island 3 times!

Suhaibah and her smile. Caution guys - she's taken! ( engaged ) She's shida best fren. They lived together in the same house for 6 years in moscow, stayed in the same room for this induction course and also during the btn .... and now they gonna work together at the same hospital. Yes, MISS AINA , suhaibah got posted to hospital muar.
Abuya (hospital selayang, urs truly and cresentia ( hospital KK ) We had a lot of fun hanging out at the island. Me and shida went for jet skiing. Costed us rm70 for 30 fun of superb fun on the water. The coolest thing to do at the island - jet sking. Everyone should give it a try. It may sound expensive , but it worth all the money , every second of it!
The beautiful scenery of the beach at pangkor island. ( not the 2 guys obviously! )

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Muka beta dah gelap dah. Sia2 aja dok moscow 6 tahun. Dok pangkor 6 bulan dah terbakar balik :p

Had a lot of fun yesterday. We had a day off..

I told dr yusran about my posting at hkb . Me - " i got posted to hkb". then dr yusran replied " congratulation! Welcome to hell ".

"yeah... That's very comforting... Thanks "

Well, being a houseman is pretty much the nightmare for every doctors. 2 years of internship is worse than 6 years of med school. A part of me is really scared .... even the thought of it made me shiver!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

another day in pangkor

Lumut ferry terminal. Your gate to pangkor island.
Sunset at the beach. Nearby the hotel.

Today we are given a day off. We really need to have a good rest today. Having fun is really tiring. No kidding. It's not easy to do what we do here everyday. Woke up early in the morning.... jump into the swimming pool, then to the beach, swim , then take the boat ride, then take the jet ski, then the banana boat - that a lot of work ... seriously!

Fortunately for me, my asthma is gone - well ,technically my illness is asleep for the next 12 month. I remember my last attack was a year ago. The steroid I took should last that long :P
Actually, what triggered my asthma attack was the dust. Yup, I'm very allergic to dust. That's why the hospital is the best working place for me. The shinny floor and the chlorine smell make my day.

For the past 6 years, I had been admitted to the hospital due to my asthma attack for quite a few times. For each attack, it started when I was cleaning something. Something to do with dust. Once I was sweeping the floor while cleaning the room. Once when the gardener was dusting ....yeah... the smallest particle God creates - is my worst enemy.

Hencefoward , in the future should any of u work with me -should I refuse to do all the sweeping/dusting job , u should understand that I refuse to do it not bcoz I'm lazy or whatsoever , it just becoz I have this serious illness :P
Same goes to ur children/wife/husband/sister/brother - if any of them have asthma , dont let them do all those domestic job. Treat them with a lot of care and love :P

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank you!

Ni la keje kitorang hari-hari kat puteri bayu beach resort kat pangkor ni. Petang2... Terjun laut.. Terjun kolam. Main air sampai muntah pon xder orang nak marah :p

Anyway, i would like to thanks for helping me out with my assignment. Sape2 lagi yang ade info pasal tajuk keje yang beta kene buat ni ( sila rujuk entry di bawah) .. Please email me.. Pening kepala beta nak pikir2 pasal sebut harga ni. Skarang kite beli barang kat supermarket mane ade sebut harga dah kan.. Main scan ngan bayar jer la kan...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

help me out!

dear my blog readers....
i've been told that a lot of u (my beloved readers) , work for the government. hence, i reckon u guys might be able to help me out with my induction course assignment. My topic is " terangkan proses yang perlu anda ikuti dlm melaksanakan sebut harga dari mula pesanan hingga pesanan kerajaan dibuat..." sape2 yang ade idea.... Email me yeah?

i'm occay :)

i'm all better rite now. Thanks you for all the well wishes.
What happened was, i was sent to the pangkor hospital by the fasilitators here. apparently, the doctor in charge was a beautiful young lady :p .... Terusss tersenyum beta .. Hehe.. She gave me the nebulizer, checked my vitals.. 30 mins later , i walked out from the treatment room with a smiling face :)
But what made me the happiest man - shida came to visit me :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

my darkest moment .. Part 3

after 5 mins sitting inside the frozen ballroom - i had this terrible headache... everything turned grey and black. I cant even understand a word what the heck the fasilitator was talking about. then, i could feel that my broncho started to swell, that was when i could hardly breath. I wrote a note to a fren sitting next to me - asking him to inform the organizer sitting at the back that i was not feeling well....

One of them came to me , she asked " how r u doing? " i told her i need some fresh air. She quickly escorted me out from the hall... and here comes the interesting part..

As soon as i walked out the hall , as soon as i heard the door was closed and no one from inside could see me... I told myself.. " occay... It's time to faint! "

Yeah.. That what was happened to me. I lost my conciousness as soon as i got out from the ballroom. Truth being told, i felt like fainting when i was sitting in the hall. But then, how could i faint in front of everyone - there were a lot of ladies inside the hall ..... Hehehhe, yeah.. The next thing i know - i was at the pangkor hospital :)

my darkest moment part 2


I should have known better. I should have be more "insane". The rule is - if u r sick , just stay back and get some rest. I did the opposite. Trying to be cool and macho :p. Hence, regardless of my breathing difficulty due to my asthma attack, i attended the opening session. and i paid the price.....

Monday, November 03, 2008

my darkest moment

my first day in pangkor ( 2 days ago ) wasnt what I had in mind. During my btn course in sepang , I had a fever. Then the cough came. Apparently, the hostel in sepang - was very dusty.
I almost forgot that I have asthma coz I havent got the attack for quite a while. The last attack was a year ago. Hence I didnt bring any meds for my asthma.

On the final day at btn - my condition got worse. No meds or whatsoever, we were rushing to go to the pangkor island coz we need to be at the resort by night time. On the bus on the way to lumut jetty from sepang - it was my worse journey ever. I would have trade anything to get a puff of ventolin at that moment.

We reached the lumut jetty by 6 pm. I walked around the jetty looking for pharmacy or clinic - to no avail. On 6.30pm - I was on the ferry to pangkor island. I cant even enjoy the beautiful enviroment coz my lungs really hurted a lot.

By the time we reached our resort , I asked the hotel management to take me to the nearest pharmacy, but at that time - all the pharmacy in pangkor island was already closed. Lucky me the driver was kind enuf to take me to the community hospital.

As soon as I reached the emergency room - I told them I'm a doctor and I needed the nebulizer NOW! The nurses quickly took me the treatment room. They checked my bp - 140/90 ( my normal bp is 110/80 ) - HR 125 per sec. Technically I should be admitted. There were no doctor in charge that nite, only a MA. He took care of everything. Since it was weekend - the hospital pharmacy was closed and they couldnt get me the ventolin inhaler. So, after getting the treatment , I decided to to go back to the hotel.

The next morning ( yesterday ) , I woke up and I could feel my respiratory airways was not in the good condition yet. The fever was still there. Regardless of all that , I gathered all my energy - concentrated every little strenght that I got , I braced myself to join the opening session of my induction course at the ballroom.... and it was my stupidest mistake ever...............

to be continued.....

Sunday, November 02, 2008

off to the island

the long waiting period is finally over. I finally got my posting letter. thAnk God, I got posted to Hospital Kota Bharu, kelantan :) Back where I belong. Thanks to everyone who involved in making this happened coz a lot of my frens here didnt get the hospital they choosed. A fren of mine who live in kelantan got posted to johor. I'm the only here who being posted to HKB - as far as I know lor.
my btn course in over, and currently I'm in pangkor. We are staying at the Puteri Bayu beach resort. Such a nice place and I love the enviroment a lot. Unfortunately, something really bad happened to me last nite. Technically I should be admitted to the hospital now, but since the induction course in very important I choosed to stay at the hotel and continue the course. Furthermore, the schedule here is not too tight and the fasilitators are very nice, so... I should be occay.
Will write about my "accident" on the next entry

Finally, we are seperated. Me and zak. He got posted to HUSM. We studied at the same school, same university and will work in the same state.
I would love to thanks everyone who has been very concern about my health and million of thanks to the fasilitators for their hospitality!

Friday, October 31, 2008

btn day 3

btn camp, day 3 ( the photo above has nothing to do with my btn course , that's umar my nephew and since he loves to climb the tv, I'll just put him on the tv instead )

Life is good here. Everything is fine. The food is fine, the classes are fun and interesting. It's pretty much depend on how u deal with it.
In my case, being at btn camp reminded me at being in the boarding school. For those who didnt know, I was studying at the boarding school ( sms faris petra )
Here, the routine is like a student routine in the hostel at boarding school. In some ways, I love being here. Of course the only downside is I dont have my phone ( same as at faris petra)
Not much complain. Made a lot of new frens. Listen to diff views. Sharing variety of knowledge. It's such a great experience and I'm enjoying it

Earlier this morning, we had the sport activity - 2km running. I used to run 10km per day when I was in the basketball team , no problem at all. So, this morning I thought I still got the same stamina, or half of it. But then, as we started running, I could feel my muscle just didnt correlate well with my brain. Obviously I gained a few kg and I havent been doing any sport for the past few months. It felt like trying to tow a lorry with a kancil. All that caused my stamina goes down to 10% of what i had before. Yet and still, I managed to finish in the front group and in a very respectable time :P

Need to do more running , and I'll get that as soon as I start working. Will be jumping here and there in the ward !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

busy busy busy

my e71 - out of service until this saturday.

Yes, I miss my phone a lot. Dah gatal jari ni nak picit2 mende... :P. Well, everyone is so used to have handphone in their pocket/hand/handbag at all times. Out of sudden, they just leave u alone. Not that I always busy with sms or calls ( which in fact I'm not - coz my phone is reserved for special ppl around me :P ) - nevertheless, it felt good and safer to have ur handphone near u. In my case - in my pocket at all times.

Worse - I cant take any photo also coz I dont have camera. My phone is my camera. So , no more photo from the camp. Hence for the next few days, all u can see here is just my crappy writing and random photos. Bear with it lor. What to do :P . I'm lucky enuf to have internet connection :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

back to school

yes... that's me. all dressed up in the black and white uniform. back to school style haircut. :P Yeah, sound boring. It's actually. But then it feels good to meet my classmates again here at the btn camp.

Yeah, me currently at the KLIA btn camp. My phone has been confiscated so technically I'm being disconnected with the outside world. Hope none of the fasilitator read my blog.

Nevertheless, I hope this camp will bring a lot of new info and idea , well.. definitely it will. Gonna be here until saturday. The room is quite comfy, 2 person per room. My roomate is from sarawak, very nice fellow. He's asleep now while I'm busy updating my blog. All for my beloved readers.

p/s - hoping to see a lot of SMS-es when I turn ON my phone again at the end of the course!

Off to the camp

dat's it. I'm done and I'm all packed up. Going to the camp rock today, thanks to my bro for sending me there! Yeah, I'm turning into commando :P
Last night I watched the movie tropic thunder with my frens. What a hillarious perfomance by ben stiller and Jack Black. Definitely a must watch movie in the cinema rite now!

I was reading the "the star" newspaper this morning and I accidentally read the horoscope section. Bear in mind that I hardly believe those thing. I dont believe all the horoscope +astrology thingy. Sometime the horoscope might be "accidentally" the right one. Most of time - they are just bullshit.

BUt then, when I read today horoscope for the "cancer" it says there - "it's time to change "
true enuf, my life is taking the big turn... and it starts today.

So long my dear readers. Hopefully I'll have the time to update my dear blog :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

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the final day

Happy Deepavali to all my indian frens!
Me is in seremban now. Getting ready to go to my btn course in nilai tmrw. So, one last nite ..... anything happening in KL tonite????

Sunday, October 26, 2008

which hospital?

Where will I be posted? well, I cant answer this one. No definite answer from me. But, I'll keep everyone updated about that. Technically, I should be informed about my posting by this saturday or sunday during the start of my induction. Hencefoward , until then - pls do not ask me about that , yet :) As much as u want to know where will I be working , my heart beat 100 times more than that.

Last week, I was hanging out with my frens. One of them asked me about my life in moscow and my future plans. Let just named the her as x. X said , " I envy u a lot, I want to be in ur position"
Then I told x " well, what u see is just the fun part of me, that's the cover of my life, the pain in the ass parts are much more than u could imagine, it was never plain sailing .... "

Then another fren of me , Y - he replied to X " If u envy han, I envy u instead x! A LOT !! "
X said " why is dat ? I cant see any single reason ?? "
Y said " well, I'm a man. If I'm a girl like u, I could see and touch boobies anytime I want! "
pAANGg.... x Kicked Y in the ass...

We all just bursted into big laugh .

As a normal human being, we want what we dont have , but we forgot what we had. Typical.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

a new beginning

I came across these photos as I was transferring the files from my acer to the compaq lappy. The photos were taken 3 years ago , when we were in 4th year at moscow. Well, those were the days. Taka ( on the right , pink ) - is working at HKT. Idham ( on left , brown ) just got married. Two in the middle , me and faiz are going for the induction camp in pangkor. A new beginning for us.....

i'm leavin... NOT on a jetplane..

so sorry for the no update. me is very busy now - so called packing my stuff for my pangkor trip. Since the place is far far away + I'll take the bus + it's gonna be a longgggg holiday in pangkor - I need to pack my things very efficiently. I need a lot of stuffs but I cant bring everything. But one thing I cant live without ... my laptop.

The funny thing about my laptop ( the acer , on the right side in the photo ) - it's already 5 years old and it needs some extra ventilation to keep working. Meaning, it becomes hot easily and will shut down itself if i dont use the external fan

The other laptop , the compaq , on the left side - is the house's laptop. It's new but it has a bit of problem with the power supply.

Since I need something small and more reliable... I'll just bring the compaq... Sorry acer , we've been together for too long, I need to see someone new :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

holiday is over

my holiday is officially over. Finally, I have been called by the gov :P The induction course has been postponed due to the hari raya n deepavali. Hence, I'll only start my course starting on this tuesday. The BTN ( biro tata negara) will be held at nilai KLIA camp and the induction course will be at Pangkor bayview resort. Well, that's a good start!

Since the induction will be at an island , I wont be driving - meaning I'm gonna take the bus. Anyone out there can drive me from nilai/seremban to the btn camp? Anyone... yuhuuuuu

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just lose it

#this photo above has nothing to do with me or my writing , I just find it ..... very amusing :)

- ni beta nak tambah sket pasal perempuan ni kan :)
orang kata kan.. orang kata, x tau betul ke x... "sebaik-baik perhiasan ialah wanita solehah.."
so, kalau ade 4 wanita solehah? makin cantik kan rumah tu? correct me if I'm wrong ...

Truth been told , I'm not in the mood to blog - which explain why there were no update yesterday. Maybe that what they called it "writer's block" or the new term blogger block. But then , I do miss my blog a lot and I miss my reader ..... sigh.. too many thing been going on my head rite now.. Jiwa kacau ni... :)