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Friday, December 12, 2008

school holiday

Since I've been working at hkb, I rented a house - shared with Dr Yusran. Even thou hkb isnt that far away from my parent's house - it is more "convinient" for me to stay at the rented house coz it is located very near to the hospital. I choosed not to stay at the quaters coz starting this year, should we stay at the quaters - we wont get the housing allowance.

Anyway, it's been quite sometimes - me working at the labour room. Getting used to it now. Unfortunately for me - I'll be thrown out from the labour room starting next week. I'll be working at the maternal ward instead. Well, in a way - working in the ward means - less stress coz in the postnatal n antenatal ward - mostly for observation. All the hard case and delivery will be sent to labour room.

Since this is the school holiday, my only niece and nephew are back in kelantan. Umar n Imah. So, I tried to go back to my parent's house as frequent as possible when they are around. Miss them a lot. Miss playing with umar. It doesnt mean that I wont go back home if the kids are not around :P

Anyway, wishing everyone a very happy weekend :)


CT DALILAH said...

dh jd HO pun still ade masa to blog..guess it's not as bad as diwar-warkan?

nieja said...

bro,sewa rumah kat kb katne

amirafarra said...