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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well Done MAN UTD

Yes, it's for real! Man Utd is coming to moscow!!!! They just beat barcelona to earn the final spot of the champion's league! However, the match against barcelona just now wasnt the best man utd could do and pretty much a boring game. But it the end of the day , the final score that matter. Let's see who will win the other semi final tomorrow. Or shall I put it as - let's see who'll be beaten by man utd at the final ???

Something refreshing to finally see man utd reached the final again ( after nearly 9 years !!! ) At least , I have something to smile about today. My day at the hospital today , well.... no better than it was yesterday. I pretty much walked out from the hospital today with a little "uncomfortable" feeling. I wonder how long this suffering gonna last. Never thought my final cycle as a medical student would be such a nightmare.... kinda a preparation for the real nightmare as a HO in the future... what a beautiful life...
Should this kinda of suffering happened when I was in the 1st year of medical school , I might have give up medicine and do something else. However, it's wayyyy to late to give up now and I'm not a quitter :P !!! I just need a little break to reconsiliate myself. Hopefully I'll be back as a better person. God willing..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I waited until passed midnite to write my entry today. Had a crappy day today. Well , disasterous is more suitable word actually. Maybe this what some ppl called "the monday blues" - yeah, the day that we pretty much messed up everything and ppl around us screwed us badly. How I wish that I overslept this morning and didnt go to the hospital. Unfortunately , I did and it had been a " not so interesting" experience at the hospital today. I knew for the fact that things will get uglier when I become the HO in the future , however I didnt see this one coming. Sighh...

We all made mistakes. It's something un-avoidable. The diff btwn each and everyone of us is - how bad are the mistakes , when it happened and how many times that we made the same mistake.

It only took one mistake to screw the rest of ur life. It only took one small mistake to give a bad impression about urselves. It may only took a tiny misunderstanding the destroy everything. That's how fragile our life is.

Once other ppl have a bad impression toward u , it's pretty much "unswitchable". Well, practically - it's a lot easier to change a good impression into a bad one. However , to fix a bad impression into a good one ... woww.. it's gonna take a very super-extravaganza effort - or in another word, it's near impossible.

Personally, if someone had a bad impression toward me , I couldnt be bothered less. But , when someone u have to work with everyday and someone who has the power to dictate ur future has a bad impression toward me ... I'm in a deep shit... that's really bothering me rite now ... Therefore , I have 2 clear option rite now...
  1. Do the impossible... try to re-impress by doing something really great ...
  2. Just "f**k it. Continue being a jerk and be miserable all the way...

Actually, the 1st option is gonna be more miserable for me.... Sigh... Sigh and sigh....

I just need something else to take my mind away for the moment. I need to refresh my brain. If only there's a "refresh button" somewhere on my head. hahhaha.. How we all wish that life would be that easy rite? Nevertheless, everyone has their own refresh button. Mine? I tried a few earlier. Tried the shopping button - to no avail. Tried the "eating a lot" button - useless. Tried the " sleeping button " - had a bad dream.

Eventually, as another ignorance human being , whenever I come upon this situation , I always forgot the most important. I forgot that everything is decided by Him.... I'll just pray to God that everything will turn out fine at the end of the day...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunshine thru my window ...

Sometimes, you woke up in the morning with a thousand problems running around ur mind and when u got into the bathroom , ur roomate made a total mess inside it ; - u thought that it's gonna be the worst day in ur life. Well, the truth is - it really maybe the worst day ever. Nevertheless , in life - "Life could always swing both way". It always amazed me , how a slight change in someone's mood could turn the table around. If we tried hard enuf , everything might turn out well eventually , and probably ur luckiest day. In the end of the day , it's all about ur luck and fate - plus a little bit of hardwork :P - always hope for the best but expect the worst :)

p/s - the photo above was taken using the panaromic shot of my phone cam , not bad huh?

It's sunday, and currently my pocket is pretty deep ( not sure for how long thou :P ) ... what else to do rite? We decided to hit the mall. Yes, we all just helping out the russian economy - it's also considered as a charity work rite? shopping ??? maybe the gov should give a special tax reduction to all those shopaholic , after all - these are the ppl who are responsible for the russian booming economy :P. We all ended up spending the whole day at the europeon center today. It's been a lovely day for everyone except for elyn who was really struggling with her new heels. Told u it's gonna be a long day out dear :P
Those 2 girls had their fun shopping since a few shops had started the SALE. Yes, to all the malaysian in moscow, it's shopping time. Be quick or all the small size clothing will be gone in just a few days time. It's crazy here during the SALE season. Unfortunately for me, I couldnt find one thing I was really looking for. I was trying to find a "tie". Of course there are million of them at the mall , but none suit my current preference :P Indeed, I can be more fussy than a woman sometimes. Well, I'm pretty fussy with my clothing in general. Hahhaaha....
As shida was busy trying some outfit at the Zara boutique , I was busy with my phone cam :P Well, even Zara didnt have what I wanted :P . Hahhaha... Furthermore , Zara isnt my fav store anymore ( used to be ) , since ZARA is pretty common nowdays, I need to find something different from the rest. It's totally suck to walk into someone who wears the same outfit as u are rite? ahahah... Yeah, that's a good tip when u go shopping :)

Anyway, the weekend is over now, tomorrow - back to the smelly stinky place. Well, actually it's the place where I am gonna spend the rest of my life - the HOSPITAL :) . Nevertheless, it's gonna be an intersting weekend for me - cant wait for the next basketball training on wednesday and a long break next weekend. Bye2 everyone - enjoy ur lovely monday morning!

P/S - a very happy birthday to a good fren of mine - Mr POR ! All the best in ur life dude!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's not too bad after all....

I just came back home from the basketball practice :) Well, what can I say, I love this game ( even thou the fact that I had to take back my words that I'll never play basketball again ) I guess, never say never then... After nearly 2 years been away from basketball - finally I played again tonite , and I have to admit , I had a lot of fun...
Needless to say thou - I'm just playing for fun. No intention of playing again for the uni team for the upcoming intervarsity game ( hehehe, never say never :P ) It was a very tiring session just now. The fact is, playing basketball is 2 times more tiring than playing football. U cant deny that. I play both game and I knew it well.
Since it was my 1st basketball training after quite some a long time , I decided to join the girl's team training instead. I'm not fit enuf to play with the guys yet I reckon. Maybe after a few more training session , I'll get back my basketball fitness. However , I did play a few games with the guys and it was a "refreshing" feeling :) Yup , I was smiling and laughing during the whole training session just now. One of the girl said that " let's him be , he's not been playing for so long , he's enjoying himself". Yeah, she mentioned that after one junior girl was wondering why I was laughing all the time. She didnt know that I play for the uni team before. I used to coach the girl's team last time and that's y I have no problem playing with them. Maybe I'll just train with them if they dont mind :P hahha....
P/S - the photos above were taken few years ago..when I was in the uni team , not from last nite aaaa....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Resting ???

I'm taking a good rest today. Yes, I know it's saturday and according to my plan I'm supposed to go out today. Nevertheless , I had been going out for the past few days and I'm very much tired rite nite. Furthermore , I'll be joining the basketball team training tonite. I wonder how that gonna be. Being back to the basketball court after years of leaving it. Therefore , I'll be resting on this saturday morning.

Yup, we all know that this evening premiership fixture btwn man utd and chelsea is the title decider should man utd win today :) Well, let's wait and see. Even if Utd loses today, they could still win the premiership by winning the other 2 games against west ham n wigan and nothing chelsea could do about it.
MASSAD , it's actually the name of our uni annual dinner. I've never missed it so far. This year, the dinner will be on next week at the sputnik hotel ( yeah the name of the hotel has something to do with the astronomy thing... whatever.. ) . I just paid for the table last nite. Some of us might have no idea how hard is it to organize a student dinner. Some interesting fact about organizing student dinner :)
  • Students want the dinner to be held at the best place/hotel
  • Students dont want to pay "a lot" for dinner
  • Students want good performance during the dinner
  • Students refuse on expensive ticket sale
  • Students want good food served for the dinner
  • Students complain a lot about the price
  • Students want free ride to the dinner place
  • and yet all the students are hoping for the organizer to get all the sponsor and they get free dinner :)
Well, it's a typical nature of students. I used to have these kinds of " thought" before. But, after being involve on organizing dinner and know how hard is it to get sponsors..... I started to appreciate more of what the organizer is doing, organizing dinner for students.. isnt an easy job. HOWEVER - all the pressure u get while organizing the dinner , eventually made work harder for it. That's the beauty of the "complains". Hencefoward - Congratulation to Massad organizer in advance ( that doesnt mean u have the job done already , I do expect a lot for the dinner .... hahahahaha.... typical! )

Meredith is back!

"U're in the lion fight , just because u didnt win , doesnt mean u dont know how to roar"

Yes, the new episode of Grey's Anatomy is finally arrived :) They have been resting for quite a while due to the writer's protest. Glad that everything is over and everyone is back to business. But I have to admit that the script writers of the Grey's anatomy is a genius. The words and the sentence in the series , touched my heart in every way ..... what a piece of art!
I was browsing thru some blogs, and I came upon this one's blog :) Well, the face in the photos inside the blog seems to be pretty familiar to me. Apparently , she's an old fren of mine - currently studying in Cork. She's gonna be a doc pretty soon too. Glad to meet u here aina!

It's nearly 2 am here ... i'm pretty tired. It has been a very tiring week for me. Time to have a good weekend rest! adioss

Friday, April 25, 2008

What a lovely day :)

What am I gonna write here is the opposite of the title of the entry. I had a series of unfortunate event today. Well, I know it's kinda a "taboo" to talk about bad thing that happened to you. But, I'm gonna write about it anyway , just for the memory , something to laugh about in the future. Occay , where do I start :)

1. I woke up today with heavy headache. The thought came to my mind that I should skip class today. Plus, it was already 7 am when I opened my eyes. Nonetheless, I managed to get myself together and got ready to go to class.

2. I went down to the bus stop at 8 am. A bus reached the bus stop when I was waiting to cross the road , running to catch the bus. Unlucky me, I missed it. Had to wait for another 30 mins for the next bus due to the heavy morning traffic ( nothing new about moscow traffic )

3. I finally managed to reach the metro station. As I entered the one of the metro wagon, the lighting in the wagon was a bit dimmed. Therefore , it's too depressing for me to start revising ( My metro journey to the hospital is when I do my revision) As usual, the metro was packed and I decided to lean on the wall and closed my eyes. I suddenly woke up when someone stepped on my shoes , thanks a lot dude!

4. After an hour wasted inside the metro , I finally reached the station. On the way out from the metro station, I was rushing and as I was running on the escalator , suddenly I mis-stepped on one of the escalator step and I nearly felt down. Luckily my hand reflex was quick enuf to save me from the embarassment and to prevent my face from touching with the floor.

5. From the metro , I had to take another bus to the hospital. On the bus , my classmate called - mentioning that no class for today , but need to go to the medical conference. Started at 10 am until 4 pm. I was like... " shit man.. I was rushing for nothing... damn..." I was thinking to head back home coz I knew that the conference will be as boring as hell... but .. I didnt.

Well, there were a few more unfortunate event today - miscommunication about the lunch meeting with my frens , we ended up going to different planet sushi... and eventually we settled down for italian fast food.

The only good thing that happened today was , I found out a feature of my camera phone that I couldnt be bothered to check on before. Yes, my cam phone can take the panorama photo. The photo above is the panoramic photo of the conference hall. Well, at least I did learned something from the conference aite!!!.... Happy weekend everyone!

home sweet home.... :P

Since I'll be leaving moscow soon enuf :P , let's take a quick glance at my home sweet home in moscow, shall we?
This is how my apartment/hostel/crib looks like. Well, actually my building located exactly behind this building. However , it's the same type of building. This is how the typical russian apartment building looks like. During the communism era , the buildings for citizen housing , were built exactly the same , therefore each family will get the same house at the same type of building. Yeah, they called it equality. :P My room is at the 10th floor , so it's not actually the penthouse , but close enuf :)
Next , the bust stop :) Located in nearby the apartment , the bus stop is called the "Studgorodok" bus stop. It means - "Student Town" bus stop. Well, nothing intersting here -since it basically serve the same function as the other bus stop at any other part of the world.

Next, the park :) Something that I'll miss the most about my apartment. Yes, it's just a few walk from the apartment. Behind that green forest , there's a beautiful lake. Planning to go there during one the coming weekend... is anyone interested to join me for another picnic at the lake???

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm So Happy!!!

I woke up today with a big smile on my face :) It's gonna be such a wonderful day ! ahhaha.. Why is that? It's the payday for us. Yes it is... the money is in the bank :) Just what I need. So many thing to be done and so many thing to be paid... and there should be a lot of extra too out of that. Technically speaking.... there should be, but with my current lifestyle and maintainance - I'll always need more than what I'm getting rite now. However, I'm very grateful for what God has given me and of course , thanks to my sponsor :) This is gonna be my final allowance as a student... 3 months allowance .. and that's all... student life is officially over after that. No more fu and games after these 3 months... just gonna be work , work and work. Hencefoward , I'm gonna enjoy the moment I have left here to the fullest..... Have a lovely week everyone!

Moscow State University

This is the famous Moscow State University, the pride of russian education system. This main building of the university located at the Lenin Hill. Unfortunately , this majestic university isnt my university as there's no malaysian studying at this particular university yet. The main building ( in the photo above ) of the university is one of the seven sister. What the heck are the seven sister buildings? There are actually 7 of this building in the world, 6 in russia , 1 in ukraine. They were built during the cold war btwn USSR and USA. When US built the famous WTC, the Soviet wanted to build something to show that they were capable to build something incredible too Therefore, they wanted to build 7 great towers to show how good there were . Unfortunately, during the soviet era , due to the financial constraint ,- it took them quite a while to finish building this massive world wonder , most of the building were only finished after the soviet era. Therefore, this university is actually one of the tourist attraction in moscow. Located on the Lenin Hill - u can also see the moscow city from the hill. As the spring is coming , there will be a lot of tulips planted at the parks around the university. It will be such a beautiful scenery there.

Ok, enuf of the boring moscow fact :P MAN utd 0-0 barcelona. Well, not a bad result after all since utd was playing away. Bloody Ronaldo missed the penalty. It's ok thou, I'm sure man utd will win at home next week :)

It's been a very tiring day for me. I'm mentally exhausted. Had a very serious Q&A session with my lecturer at the hospital today about the myocardial infarction. Cardiology suddenly become my fav subject lately . Maybe I could be a cardiac surgeon in the future? maybe.... but my first choice still would be the plastic surgery :P Yeah, always aim for the sky baby! Not like I have to pay to have a big dream anyway. When I was a kid, never thought that I'd be a doctor anyway. Life is full of suprises and possibilities. Therefore , keep dreaming... and keep fighting for it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's talk football :)

Tonight is the champion league semi final encounter btwn chelsea n liverpool whereas the other semi final ( tomorrow ) is btwn man utd and barcelona. It's a common sense that man utd will win 3-0 at Nou Camp tomorrow and basically rite now it's matter who will play against man utd in the final :P For those who has no idea at all what the heck is the champion league ... well.. it's a special league , organized by the UEFA for all europeon clubs who won their country league respectively and compete against each other :) it's more like the all star game. Every year, the venue for the final game will be on the different europeon country. LUCKY me - on my final year in Europe , this year champion league FINAL will be in moscow :) Yes it is , and MAN UTD is coming to moscow for sure to win the trophy.These photos were taken during our final football session last week. Yup, everyone wore RED for the final game. A special tribute to a fren :) Basically, this is our team , mostly man utd fans , excluding a few " unconcious" players who are the fan of liverpool and chelsea. Pity them.

Currently , I'm watching the game btwn liverpool and chelsea thru my internet TV. Yes, the internet speed here is pretty fast - u can even download movies while watching live football game and the same time uploading the photos for the blog :) Hopefully that malaysia internet supplier could provide the same broadband speed with a reasonable price. For example , I'm paying about rm100 per month for unlimited usage of 3GB/Sec internet speed. With that speed, a movie of size 700MB for example - only took around 30 mins or less to download :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I know this is gonna sound so lame, but the truth is - I finally watched the movie "Notting Hill". Yes, I know that this movie premier was nearly 10 years ago and at first I thought that the movie title was "nothing hill" - little to my knowledge that Notting Hill is actually a small town instead , and there is no such thing as nothing hill. I have to admit that this movie is totally brilliant and I have no freakin idea why didnt I watched this movie before. Hugh Grant ( as Mr thacker in this movie ) is always my fav british actor ( yet I just watched this movie - touche' ) . Nevertheless, Julia Robert ( playing Anna Scott in this movie ) wasnt the "lady" for me to make me watch any of her movie - regardless of how many award she won. Frankly , I'm more of Angelina Jolie type - as she has a nicer body :P . However , after watching her inside this movie - well ... I have to admit .. she's totally something. She may not be the the prettiest or the sexiest actress , but - she can really act and she's for real :)

The best part in this movie for me was the ending one when Hugh was looking for Julia as she was about to leave london , and he finally met her at the press conference.. .. and it goes..

hugh - I was just wondering if it turns out that this person ... Mr thacker , realized that he's being a daft prick , got down on his knees and beg you to reconsider ( going back to State )
Julia ( Anna )- I believe I would...

then , a reporter asked her another question after that..

Dominic - Anna , how long are u planning here in Great Brittain?
after a very long paused...
Anna - Indefinitely......

This particular part , nearly get the tears running from my eyes. Fortunately it didnt :P hahahaa... Well, I may sound nothing to those who never watch this movie - plus I'm not a good writer :P! But to those who watched it before... well.. it is a piece of art :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sildenafil Citrate

I was browsing thru EJ blog earlier and I saw the photo of the med she got form the clinic. I wasnt reading the post to start with, just looking at the photos. When I looked at photo of the meds, I saw some blue pills among them. Suddenly I had a big smile on my face. Yeah, the blue pills... hehehe... remind me of this Sildenafil Citrate. EJ , u surely dont need this one, do u? hHhaaa.... kidding. We all known this pills as the viagra or the blue pills. It amazed me how this pills work :) -Viagra relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body. Sildenafil under the name Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men :) More info u can check at the!

TO ALL men out there , PLS refer ur doc before u start taking this med occay!!! This reminder ALSO goes to all the women :) Those who's thinking buying this meds for ur partner as a gift , make sure u read the SIDE effect part occay! Pleasure could turn into death if u r not careful!

*THIS is not a PAY per post entry :) hahhahaa... But if Pfizer decided to pay me for advertising their brand , I'm more than happy!

Facebook Vs Friendster!

I was so bored last nite that I actually updated my facebook page. Yeah, Honestly - I'm not a facebook fan. I PREFER friendster coz it's more simple and practical! Facebook is a bit too much.. to many things packed , too fancy , it's like putting all types of vegetables u can find at the market and turned them into a plate of salad + 10 diff types of mayo. That's what I think of facebook. Even thou the ugly fact is that FACEbook is more popular than friendster nowdays, and the founder of the Facebook does make more money than the friendster crew!
Frankly speaking - sending email thru friendster is more flexible for me :) Yeah, it's more practical for informal usage :) Therefore, if u have friendster , do add me as ur fren occay! my friendster email is and my facebook is . I'll see u guys there, have a great monday morning everyone! Adios Amigos

Sunday, April 20, 2008

hidden truth!

There's nothing hidden behind the poster above, I just made it up. That what happened when I spent to much time in front of my laptop! Nonetheless - In our daily Life - there's a lot of hidden truth. Well, technically speaking , nowdays - the truth become hidden because we choose to ignore it , we choose not to see it, we choose not to hear it. That's the beauty of the freedom of life. We choosed what we want , therefore - the truth is always left behind and become hidden. Why we did that? The truth always hurts and it's always the opposite of what we want :)

Let's put the truth aside for the time being thou :P hehehe... My gift to kak red has safely reached her. Thanks to Prof Rosli! Check out for more detail! Akak oii... hope u like it!
I was supposed to play basketball last nite. But, due to some unexplainable reason , the training session was cancelled. Damn! I was so hyped to get back to the court. Goodbye my futsal shoe! I bought this shoe at KL when I went back home last summer. Been using it , week in - week out. A lot of memories I had with this shoes... for the time being - I'll just keep this pair in the box.. I'll wake it up when summer comes!Say hi to Mr Jordan! Yeah - this one costed me a bomb! The most expensive shoes I ever bought myself and it will retain the title for quite a long time I reckon. I'm not gonna be crazy to spend so much money on a pair of shoes in the near future! It's been hidden inside the box during my futsal season and hardly wear it during winter also! But, it's time to get back to business mr jordan!... My MJ is back!.. let's hit the court - hopefully next week!
Watched this movie last nite - Step up 2 the street!. Great movie , 5 stars from me! This movie made the movie "how she move" looked like an amateur and served the hell out of the "u got served movie'! A whole new level of street dancing. A must watch for everyone....!

La La LA La...

this photo was taken during one of my fren's bday party :) So happened that of us ( from left - me , aliah , juani and bibiana ) wore black t-shirt that nite. Therefore, Aliah suggested that we all should take photo together . Hahah.. I know it's not nice to wear black during bday party , but I just simply wore whatever on top of the drawer on that very nite :P hahah.. Plus, black color can make u look slimmer. But these girls around me are slim enuf, they dont need black shirts for that reason , I'm sure of that! Anyway, unfortunately for all the guys out there - all of this 3 beautiful ladies are taken! Therefore, dont bother asking me about their YM or phone no! hahahaha....

It's sunday and I'm planning to stay in today. Well, spending weekend at home isnt that suck after all :P Yeah, I'm actually half dead already - stayed home the whole saturday! hahaha.. that's a new record! Earlier this evening , shida asked me.. "how do u feel not going out on saturday " , I replied "well...something for a change, but next weekend we are going out for sure!"

However, needless to mention here, being at home for the whole day today has been a very productive! I did my laundry , do my spring cleaning - changed the bed sheet, had 2 blog entries on saturday (?) , chatted with frens on YM! , updated my friendster page , replied some of the emails , played the civilization , watched movies.... gosh... I dont need to be in moscow to do all of these stuffs... sigh.... :P

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday morning..

Something for a change this weekend. For the 1st time this year, I reckon I'll just stay at home for the weekend. No outing at all. Y? I need to revitalize myself :P heheheh... Nope - I just feel like resting this weekend , a lot of rest. ( the real fact , i'm waiting for my sponsor to bank in my next month allowance :P ) It's painful needing to wait until end of this month. Damn..... Nevertheless - it's time for me to get low... chill out and just be a normal medical student - yeah - the typical med student -> nerdy , not outgoing , busy studying all day long , wear big glasses , dont do sport , gay and a loser. :P hehehe... joking there !

Friday, April 18, 2008

hello weekend!

The strangest thing - It was snowing again yesterday morning. On my way to the hospital, I was shoked as I came out from the apartment. It was snowing heavily. The temperature here in moscow did went down to 0 again this week - thanks to the global warming I reckon. Technically, end of april in moscow should the the starting of the spring and snow is no where near consideration. Nonetheless - God does work in a very mysterious way. Since the wheather wasnt cold enuf the kept the snow frozen, it turned into water as soon as it hit the ground ... therefore , it was pretty much like a heavy rain ... but a beautiful white fluffy heavy rain.... :)
Sorry for the late update today. I went out last time to watch the chelsea - everton game. NO class today , I'll be attending a medical conference later on today. Should everton had beaten chelsea last nite, MAN UTD would have be crowned as the premiership champion again this year. Unfortunately for everton, they lost. No big problem for United thou, coz they just need to win against blackburn this saturday and beat chelsea next week to win the league... it's easy as it sound.. believe me!
I just cant wait for this month to finish! Yeah, too many thing to be done but I need my next month allowance :P . I wanted to buy a new handphone, but my current SE is still OK but the temptation of seing the latest hp models on the market - is unbearable. THEREFORE, should anyone is charitable enuf to buy me a new hp - ehhehee... u are most welcome. HP is on top of my wishlist now...If not? I'll just stick to my current hp for the time being until I won the next lottery then ... sigh.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

my daily routine

Some us my dear readers asked me to do a special post about my daily life as a medical student here in moscow. To start with, my daily life, differs according to days :P Yes, it is. But, for the timebeing, this is my working days routine. Here, ( in Russia ) the office hour start at 9 am until 6pm. Therefore, we all should be arriving at the hospital by 9am ( instead of 8am in Malaysia) First thing to do at the hospital , get to my station - chit-chatted my my colleagues , seriously discussing about the current premiership situation ( who won, who lost, how many more goals Ronaldo gonna score) , then we teased the loser's team , then we laughed , then we started wondering what the heck we are supposed to do :P . HAhah.. kidding, first thing first , early in the morning - ward round.... yeah... it's as boring as it sound.
After the ward round, we got back to our room/workstation - then we started discussing about stuff that we are not supposed to mention in front of the patient. What are the "stuffs" that we are not supposed to discuss in the presence of the patients? Stuff that we have no idea what the hell it was and we need to refer to the books :P hahaa... kidding.. again. There are "things" that docs are not supposed to discuss in front of the patients - the prognosis , the unconfirmed diagnosis ... bla bla... those kind of thing. Ok, as we reached the afternoon break- we all headed to the cafeteria , but at my current hospital - the cafeteria located pretty far away , therefore we all just settled down with this small stall ( in the photo above ), based near the hospital entrance.
Unfortunately , today the unexpected happened. On our way back home - from the hospital to the metro station - there was a small accident. What made it worse was that , these electric buses ( called troleybus in russian ) cant overtake each other. Should one of the electric bus is stucked , the rest will follow. Hence, u can see this long que of these electric buses waiting for the accident to be cleared up. Took us more than 30mins to reach the metro from the hospital. Plus another 1 hour in the metro to reach the apartment .... we spent approximately 2 hours travelling ( one way ) today.... sighh....
So, that was it - a day in my life :) Not that boring actually, I usually spent my hours in the metro reading books. ( reading is actually categorized as a "boring" past time ) In a way, it's good for me. Since I have nothing else to do while travelling , I ended up reading a lot ( medical books) - which in this case , something that I really need since I'll be becoming a real doc very soon..... eventually.. everything does happened for a reason :) always think positive even in the worst condition!

P/S - sorry for the poor quality of the photos - taken using the phonecam :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

an honest redemption

Guess what? I've been tagged by my dear darling shida :P . Of all the ppl out there ..... hahhaa.. maybe becoz she knew that I wont answer this question seriously if she asks me straight to my face. So, let's see what are my honest opinion about this thing called.. L.O.V.E.... erkk.....

1. What does true love mean to you?

True L.O.V.E = True Lie. Over . Various . Excuses????

2. How do you know you're really in love?..
check ur bank account saving balance.....

3. How many times in your life have you fallen in love?
how many times u change ur hp number?

4. Have you ever fallen out of true love because you were mad at the moment?
Have you ever killed someone when u were mad???

5. Do you feel love and physical attraction are the same thing?
those 2 are like shampoo and conditioner.... should take both .. one after another...

6. If your true love became ill or disfigured would you continue to love them the same way?that's what love is all about rite? to love unconditionally..... :P

7. Should anyone else be able to tell you who to love or not love?

8. Do you believe people that ended up divorced were ever truly in love?
it took a lot of LOVE to get married at the first place :P

9. Would you give up something you want for someone you love?
sure :P

10. If you truly love someone do you feel it should be unconditional?
again? for crying out loud... daaaaaa

making the right call ...

There were times in our life we came upon a very sudden tragedy and unexpected ill fated day. Some says that , always hope for the best , but always expect the worst. Therefore, when any of those "unexpected" days did finally come - we always be ready to face it. However, the ugly truth it - no matter how much we prepared for the worst day in our life , that's no way to avoid it. So, why be bothered to be prepared rite? The best we could do is to reduce the damage. Conclusion here :- ENJOY ur life , APPRECIATE what u have , TRESSURE ppl around U and always be THANKFUL to GOD ! U'll never know when u'll hit the wall! Sometimes , life can be so unbearable , but that's the beauty of it.

Yeah, as usual - the new hair cut , the same boring one. Same as before I reckon, but I loved this style - more comfortable and less fussy. I could just simply go to hospital everyday without worrying how do I look after the heavy wet rain ( it's been raining a lot lately ! ) , coz this hairstyle wont change much even after being soaked with the heavy fall.

It has been a very "unfortunate" day for a few ppl around me today. I wish them that everything will turn out fine . Even thou those arent happening to me , but I could feel the pain too. ( I pray to God to keep me away from all these unfortunate events ) A very good fren of mine just lost her father earlier today - my condolence to her, I feel sad for her too.. to lose somene so meaningful in life , to lose someone u wish that could see u graduating and be a doc.. , it's not easy to accept it. , however - this is life , God love him better ... Al Fatihah...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the picnic

One thing that I'll miss the most about my current apartment ( hostel) in moscow , is the beautiful lake located near it. It's amazing to find this enchanting scenery considering how "containminated" moscow city is! The lake is the center of the park - it's called the Tepli Stan park actually, just 5 mins walk from my apartment. Tepli Stan means - warm state ... so - direct translation - the park is called the Warm State park. Not very appealing name isnt it? hehehe.. but, in the end of the day... like the malay says " ada apa pada nama "...
Since the wheather was very nice yesterday , therefore we decided to have a lil pic. Started with just us ( me, shida n elyn ) , the word spreaded and a few of their housemates also decided to join us. Well - the more the marrier rite? Me, being the only man - plus 6 young ladies had a wonderful time at the park :P Actually it was more like a grandfather bringing their grandchildren to the playground ... hahhaha... . and after that we had the english tea party - without the fancy cups and no cakes...