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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Resting ???

I'm taking a good rest today. Yes, I know it's saturday and according to my plan I'm supposed to go out today. Nevertheless , I had been going out for the past few days and I'm very much tired rite nite. Furthermore , I'll be joining the basketball team training tonite. I wonder how that gonna be. Being back to the basketball court after years of leaving it. Therefore , I'll be resting on this saturday morning.

Yup, we all know that this evening premiership fixture btwn man utd and chelsea is the title decider should man utd win today :) Well, let's wait and see. Even if Utd loses today, they could still win the premiership by winning the other 2 games against west ham n wigan and nothing chelsea could do about it.
MASSAD , it's actually the name of our uni annual dinner. I've never missed it so far. This year, the dinner will be on next week at the sputnik hotel ( yeah the name of the hotel has something to do with the astronomy thing... whatever.. ) . I just paid for the table last nite. Some of us might have no idea how hard is it to organize a student dinner. Some interesting fact about organizing student dinner :)
  • Students want the dinner to be held at the best place/hotel
  • Students dont want to pay "a lot" for dinner
  • Students want good performance during the dinner
  • Students refuse on expensive ticket sale
  • Students want good food served for the dinner
  • Students complain a lot about the price
  • Students want free ride to the dinner place
  • and yet all the students are hoping for the organizer to get all the sponsor and they get free dinner :)
Well, it's a typical nature of students. I used to have these kinds of " thought" before. But, after being involve on organizing dinner and know how hard is it to get sponsors..... I started to appreciate more of what the organizer is doing, organizing dinner for students.. isnt an easy job. HOWEVER - all the pressure u get while organizing the dinner , eventually made work harder for it. That's the beauty of the "complains". Hencefoward - Congratulation to Massad organizer in advance ( that doesnt mean u have the job done already , I do expect a lot for the dinner .... hahahahaha.... typical! )


Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

I want an invite to MASSAD!! :)

mummysyafie said...

best ke MASSAD tu? macam prom night yer?