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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moscow State University

This is the famous Moscow State University, the pride of russian education system. This main building of the university located at the Lenin Hill. Unfortunately , this majestic university isnt my university as there's no malaysian studying at this particular university yet. The main building ( in the photo above ) of the university is one of the seven sister. What the heck are the seven sister buildings? There are actually 7 of this building in the world, 6 in russia , 1 in ukraine. They were built during the cold war btwn USSR and USA. When US built the famous WTC, the Soviet wanted to build something to show that they were capable to build something incredible too Therefore, they wanted to build 7 great towers to show how good there were . Unfortunately, during the soviet era , due to the financial constraint ,- it took them quite a while to finish building this massive world wonder , most of the building were only finished after the soviet era. Therefore, this university is actually one of the tourist attraction in moscow. Located on the Lenin Hill - u can also see the moscow city from the hill. As the spring is coming , there will be a lot of tulips planted at the parks around the university. It will be such a beautiful scenery there.

Ok, enuf of the boring moscow fact :P MAN utd 0-0 barcelona. Well, not a bad result after all since utd was playing away. Bloody Ronaldo missed the penalty. It's ok thou, I'm sure man utd will win at home next week :)

It's been a very tiring day for me. I'm mentally exhausted. Had a very serious Q&A session with my lecturer at the hospital today about the myocardial infarction. Cardiology suddenly become my fav subject lately . Maybe I could be a cardiac surgeon in the future? maybe.... but my first choice still would be the plastic surgery :P Yeah, always aim for the sky baby! Not like I have to pay to have a big dream anyway. When I was a kid, never thought that I'd be a doctor anyway. Life is full of suprises and possibilities. Therefore , keep dreaming... and keep fighting for it!


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

lawa lah U tuh hans
klu leh study kat ctue...pehhh!!! syorgaaaa!!! hahaha

ooo ade 6 lagik sister ek building tuh :P
mesti cantik2 mcm tuh gak kan
neway munge tulip tuh tantek aaa
lh dipetik ker ek?

Anonymous said...

ish3..lawa sangat la building tuh...mcm bukan university je..kat mesia pun xde university yg mcm tuh..heheh...

i dh tau sikit sebanyak citer pasal that building tuh..slalu je masuk fotopages kwn2 u..hehe

mummysyafie said...

cantik lah dier nye senibina dia pun macam "gah" jerr

berat tak hati nak tinggalkan moscow nan?

[LADYKiKi] said...

oiittsss bro .. saye nak bunga putih gak... takmo kuning2222

mummysyafie said...

lenny hill.. kat kuching ada kenny hill..tempat tu rumah besar² je