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Saturday, October 29, 2011

hardest thing

it never came across my mind before that i am writing this post
i am letting go something i love a lot
yes - i am selling my red bumble bee... my viva la vida
my second wife... my girlfriend... u name it....

it's the hardest thing to do
but somehow...
i am letting it go....

not that i am very desperate to sell this car
only will sell it at the right price
pls email me if u are interested
for serious buyer only...

some specification about my bumble bee
- mitsubishi lancer 2.0 GT year 2008
- accident free , good condition
- 18 inch sport rims
- eibach springs
- 4 HID lamps
- PIONEER sound system and speaker  worth 10K ( DVD , divx player , usb , miniSD )
- iphone compactible
- reverse camera
- double exhaust
- full service record at mitsubishi 3S center
- gold tinted

i am pretty much crying inside while writing this
i just hope the next owner will treat her well :)

email me at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i am sorry i yelled at u ...

I am sorry I yelled at u
it was a jerk reflex situation
but i do have my reason

had a little situation at the pharmacy earlier today
not something i am proud of
since it happened in front of a lot of people
well... those people actually agreed with me...

i was taking a few medicine for my beloved granny
whose having problem with her heart..
and she was on the medication for like forever

so today i went to the pharmacy to take the meds as usual
not for the first time..

i went in  , and gave the medication slip to the person in charged at the counter

apparently  , according to the slip , it written there i should be collecting the medication
a week earlier ...
and here the problem started

the lady said - i should be collecting the meds exactly on time
should i miss the bloody date
i need a new slips

and then ... i politely said " it was just a simple issue... a week is not such a big issue "

then the lady replied  " i am sorry sir ...  ( not realising i am a doctor ) ... the rules said so... u missed the date u need to get a new slip "

that got my blood boiling ...

" please be reasonable ... i am a doctor .. i am a staff here ... please be considerate ... i could have go and write another slip for the meds , but i dont have the luxury to go walking around the hospital as i have a lot of patient to attend " i replied

but she still insisting not giving me the meds ..

" call ur superior " i said

then came one older lady ... telling me same answer... NO.. and she was nt even a pharmacist ... just an assistant..

it makes me so pissed of at that very moment

" u know what lady.... yesterday ... one of ur staff brother had an accident ... and he suffered so many injury and required icu management and ventilator ... however no ICU bed available at time in our hospital... and u know what i do for ur STAFF? I arranged him to be transferred to KPJ perdana - all FREE -  , even thou i could have let him stay and died in the ward since we have no icu available...
and u here...( being so SUPERIOR even thou ur grade is far lower than me - i didnt say this part )
is making a fuss about me being late for a bloody week? "

and she was all red ... and i am sorry all other patients waiting at the pharmacy has to hear that

she quickly get the meds for me ..
and i said thank you

in the end of the day...
we all are hospital staff
our main priority is patient's life
my granny is also a patient
so does the young man i sent to KPJ perdana
i did my best for my patient
and i supposed she could be more sensible .....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sendiri kena.... baru tau

my medical leave is coming to the end
i went for tonsilectomy about a week ago
it was an elective procedure
something ..... i just do to improve my quality of life

my tonsil has been treating me very bad lately
it has been infected for a few times
and been admitted twice for acute tonsilitis

those were awful situation
and eventually
i decided to remove it
hence,  no more tonsilitis if i have no tonsil
sound very easy
throw it away ,
and i ll get a better life

some said..  " if it is not broken... no need to fix it "
in my case... it was half broken
i could live with my tonsil intact
but it will cause me more trouble in the future
after a long discussion with myself....
... tonsilectomy was my final decision....

HOW was the operation?
well... it went well
not much complication
but the post operation pain was very severe
it hurt so much
the first thing i said as soon as i woke up from the anaesthesia...
" owh my God... i wouldnt go for the operation if i knew it hurt this much"
and the surgeon was laughing out loud .... while saying... " i told u so...."

yes.... i heard , and i knew tonsilectomy is very much hurtful
worse in adult
but i never thought it was that hurtful...
it was such a scary situation for me
such a horrible condition post op..
the pain was very severe.....