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Thursday, January 31, 2008

You and Me

A late update from me today since I wasnt home last nite. Was out with some frens watching C.Ronaldo rocked the world again with his freekick screamer. Worth all the money in the world! Yes, I'm a lifetime Man Utd fan! Anyone here is man utd fan??? hahaha... AMG perhaps? Come on Mat Gebu.. let's support Man Utd! Yesterday evening, before the premiership match, I went to play futsal with some frens. Yup, that's how I enjoy my break... " makan bola, tido bola, tgk bola, main bola". Basically it's all about football :) I know that "football" is the biggest enemy for women.. especially for the wives and the girlfriends. But, the ugly truth is, to men - watching or playing football is like shopping for women. If women could go to the mall at look at the same coat for 1 hour and then leave and then come back again the next day, and the leave and come back again for the 3rd time before buying it - a true man could sit on the couch for hours watching their fav team winning! ( or getiing a lap dance..:P )
As u can see in the pix above, that's a supermarket -open 24/7. It's one of the biggest supermarket chain in moscow. In russian , "universam" means supermarket. "Produkti" refer to mini market. This supermarket is called "Perekrestok" , located pretty near my house, on the way to the university. In russian alphabet, the letter "P" is spell "R". Yeah, it's wierd and does make my life harder here. But after 6 years living here, I'm used to it. The russian alphabets are basically the same as the Roman with few additional alphabets, which sound totally wierd. Few years back, Russians dont speak English in Russia even thou they can speak english. It's like a crime for them to speak english. Nevertheless, as Russians more open to the outside world nowdays, some of them, tried to speak english when they met foreigners. Which, I think is a very good improvement. So, there u go - a lil bit of insider view of Russia today! hahahaha.. I just dont know what to write today :P .Hope it's not too boring... something for a change.. once in a while.. have a great day everyone :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hannan Ceasar Salad :)

Welcome to Hannan's kitchen!!! Yes, I know there's a lot of chefs out there ( and I know a lot of chefs are reading my blog... AMG, Jun, Ummi, cik bawang... also the big celebrity chef -Norz ), which in this case - I'm so thinking twice about posting this entry, hahaha.. this one may look like a joke to a chef, but who cares rite! hahaha.. I'm pretty free since I'm not going anywhere for this winter break , so let's try something new for a change :) The menu is - ceasar salad , which is of course, my fav appertizer, always order ceasar salad when I go to the restaurant. Some restaurants made a good one and some really make it taste like crap. There are few style of making ceasar salad , but I made this one from Jamie Oliver's recipe (with some adjustment) . Jamie said, instead of using chicken breast, use chicken legs to make taste better. So, I grilled the chicken legs over the bread. Prior to that , put some rosemarie, basil , spinkle of balsamic vineger and extra virgin olive oil , garlic and salt to marinate the chicken legs. The bread is put under the chicken, so when the chicken is cooking, the juice will go into the bread and eventually the bread will turn out as the lovely crunchy crouton which in this case is the salad best fren :) Deeeeeelicious!!!Jamie said, if u want to make salad, never ever use the iceberg salad. Instead, use the lettuce. Just realize that lettuce is actually pretty expensive, cost around rm10 per packet here.. ( or is it cheap??? I dont know) Soak the lettuce into the clean water to remove all the germs and the bacteria cyst! ( salad can be both healthy and lethal) To make the dressing, I use 3 portion of extra virgin olive oil and 1 portion of lime juice ( or lemon juice... either way) plus a bit of salt! By the time I finished with the lettuce and the dressing, the chicken and the bread should be cooked. Take off the bone from the chicken and shred into small pieces... same goes to the crouton. Mix the chicken, crouton , lettuce and the dressing in a big bowl. Use ur fingertips :) Then put a generous portion of the salad into a nice plate and some parmesan cheese on top of it... and waalllaaa .... here u are, Hannan's ceasar salad - it's quick, easy to made , healthy and delicious!!!

Dinner is served :) heheh.. I know this recipe might not be perfect, and I'm pretty sure this is an amateur job. However, it's eatables and nobody is dead from eating my cooking yet ( none that I know) So, to those who are looking for a part time cook for a small family this summer , Give me a call :) I'll try not to poison ur family! hahahaha.. I was just kidding. I just love cooking becoz I just love to eat :) However, when I'm the one who's cooking, I wont eat much. I only eat a lot when other ppl is cooking. I wonder why??? hahahhaa... But, one thing for sure, my mom never let me cook at home even thou she knew that I've been cooking on my own for years. Either she loves me too much or she doesnt trust my cooking yet. I'll just take the first choice, maybe she loved me too much that she wont even let me touch the pan at home ( but the other part of me reckon that she doesnt trust my cooking yet!) So everyone , enjoy ur meal. Bon Appetite!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girls Day Out???

Dont let the photos in this entry cloud ur judgement. The JPA still hasnt banked in our allowance yet. Even so, since I've not been out to the Mall lately, we decided to have a lil visit to MegaMall. The MegaMall here is the place where u can meet Malaysian day in, day out. There will always be Malaysian students here. This Mall isnt my fav place , but since it's pretty near to our home , so let it be - plus the weather was pretty cold today. Other shopping malls are quite far since I dont have a car here. Plus this MegaMall is easily accessible via public transport and I dont really plan on shopping for clothing or whatsoever - let's just go there.Well, the real purpose is to get some grocery at the Auchan ( big hypermarket like TESCO) But then, as we walk thru the boutique, the discount posters kept flashing and there was not many ppl around ( i hate shopping in the big crowd) , so what the heck rite.. let's just take a look what inside :)

Being a typical Malaysian, we went to the ZARA boutique. It's has a good collection, very much trendy, the price is pretty much affordable and it's on big SALE. Not to my suprise that this place look likes a warzone since the SALE started a month ago and most of the cloth on SALE are gone. At the men's section not much left... so, it's kinda a good news to me. But, it was the other way around at the ladies section. So, shida and sue were having their time there. Me? well... I'm content enuf with my wardrobe , not that I have a lot , but it's good enuf for me. As those 2 ladies were busy trying the jackets, Lisa and Zak came to join us. Eventually, everyone came out of the store with a shopping bag each, but me :) hehehe.. Those 3 ladies bought a jacket each and zak got a new shoes. Lucky I have mastercard to keep shida happy today :) JPA , please be quick.. my card wont last that long!

Back home, I cooked something for late dinner since I skipped breakfast and lunch today. Doing nothing at home in the morning so, I didnt really feel like eating. ( actually trying to lose some weight) Well, the original plan was to lose 10kg in 10 days. But, we all know that's bullshit rite. It's impossible unless u dont eat and drink for 10 consecutive days. So, just cut the crap and be real rite. Nevertheless, I'm trying to lose some weight.. so, let's see the result after a month or two. Hahaha.. I really doubt it thou! Food is my obsession! Adios Amigos :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

What to do?

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! I'm in a very delightful mood today :) Even thou the JPA hasnt bank in our allowance yet, I'm smiling rite now. Finally, I have nothing "educational" bothering my mind. Life is a lot happier this way! I have 10 days holiday before the 2nd semester starting. Sleeping is last on my what to do list rite now. For the past one month, my average sleeping time is only 6 hours. Technically, being a small kid, I have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. But then, I cant sleep more than that. Maybe there was too much going on my head lately and I'm really having trouble going to sleep. Nevertheless, I bet tomorrow I'll be sleeping until evening! It would be nice to go on holiday somewhere, I just want to somewhere and relax. I had enuf of backpacking and sight-seeing. I just wanna go to a nice resort or hotel and enjoying myself at the swimming pool. That's just what I need. Unfortunately, it's not gonna happen during this period of holiday becoz my accountant just warn me that I might have to sell my ass if I dont cut down my expenditure.

My previous eurotour really cost a lot actually , the overall spenditure of 2 person , travelling around europe , was enuf to buy a car! ( nice second hand car ). It does come across my mind that , if I safe all my money instead of travelling everywhere , I would be rich now (Well, that's what my Mama told me ) and it's kinda true if u look at financial side. But, if u look at the different view - the experience I got from travelling around the world if priceless! ( the rest, there is mastercard ) hehhehe.. It's true. Maybe If I saved all money instead of travelling, I would have bought my own car rite now, but ? what's the point. Car is getting cheaper these days and the cost of travelling around europe getting more expensive. So, if u asked me whether I regretted spending all my money on travelling? My straight answer is NO.. hehe ( sorry Mama) Anyway, talking about cars, I'm hoping this car above would be my 1st car. Well, not like I'm gonna buy this car straight away when I start working , maybe a bit later. It's pretty obvious that I'm gonna beg for my mom mercy to borrow me one of her car to kickstart my life later ( love u Mom!) have a great week everyone !

Sunday, January 27, 2008

End of the road ???

Years of uphill battle and ceaseless tough grind of my student life- have finally come to the final chapter. I've passed the final paper today. I'm so glad rite now, and I'm so delighted! I have to admit here that Jan 08, has been a ferocious month to me. I'm so glad that everything is over rite now. Even thou I only had 2 hours sleep prior to the exam today, I was so ecstatic when I got my result, and all the pain and agony were suddenly gone. It has been a long tough journey for me. I just cant believe it that I have made it thru. Thanks a lot everyone for all the support u gave me. It's been wonderful to have such ppl around me. It's a blessing to me. I'm pretty much speechless rite now. No word could translate my overjoy feeling rite now. Alhamdulillah , thank God, thanks everyone for all ur prayers and wishes!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Motivated :)

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning: Albert Einstein

Yes, no more stupid quotes today! need to motivated for my exam today. Wow, I just cant believed that I've reached this part of my life. I'm technically , very much finishing my student life. After I pass the exam tomorrow, there will only be one more exam that actually separate me from the MD degree. 10 years ago, I have no idea that I would end up here. 10 years ago , I would be laughing if someone told me that I would, someday become a doctor. Well, I have to say - life is full of miracles ( a lot of shit of course ) , full of suprises. One thing for sure is, never stop dreaming, since u dont have to pay a single cent for having a dream :) Nevertheless, I'm quite disagree with the quote by Mr Einstein above... there are moments in our life that we should stop questioning and accept things the way they are.

Well , that's all from me tonite, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow, let's just hope for the best. I'm praying to God that everything will turn out great. Thanks a lot everyone for the wishes :) Have a wonderful weekend. Adios amigos!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Waitin around the bend

Homer : Well, he's got all the money in the world, but there's one thing he can't buy.
Marge : What's that?
Homer : A dinosaur

Morning planet earth! SMILE :) My previous entry did cause a bit of tension and stir among the women readers, but I have to say that the guys are lovin it! eheheh... another man bliss is another women melancholy rite. I visited some of my frens' blog and some of them are having , we called the "love problem" or something like that. Unfortunately, I'm not a love doctor and I'm not pretty sure how good am I about Love. However, no need to worry, Erni and Chika because we have our Love Doc here! Go to her site and share ur sad story. I'm sure she could come out with a good solution. But, if our doc love still can handle ur case, u have to go to the upper level, which in this case, u can send ur sad love letter to my beloved kak red! Mem merah oiii.. tolong la anak2 dara yg dalam kesedihan ini! The last measure, u could click on the MalaysiaDream girl advertistment below and register ur name to join this reality tv show. Someway, somehow - eventually u should find the answer to ur love dilemma!

What am I doing rite now? Well, I do have some of the exam notes in front of me at this moment and I always have my notes with me all the time. Just for the sake of having it around. My concentration level is pretty much degrading rite now. But , should be enuf for my next exam this saturday :) Still and all, I'm still hoping for the lady luck and pls pray for my success everyone! Hahah.. After years in med school, I realized that LUCK does played a big role during the exams. Well, u need to read thousand of pages toward the exam, and u'll only be answering , the most about 10 pages from the books. If u forgot to read the last 10 pages, and ur question during exam is about the last 10 pages, u r doomed even thou u read the other 100001 pages. Hence, never undermine the power of LUCK :)

P/S - I used the Mozilla Firework to view my blog yesterday, and I strongly believe that my blog is better view via the Internet Explorer , even thou IE is very much unreliable :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

we are after the same rainbow

"Don't eat me. I have a wife and kids. Eat them"
Homer J Simpson

Morning everyone :) Had ur breakfast already? Me? well, as usual - it's 2 am here and I'm serving my duty to the world! Going ONLINE. Keep the global warming going on! Yeah.... But, the truth is, regardless what u do, there's no way to totally stop the global warming rite? So, let's cut the crap ( PLS dont take any notice to what I just wrote) Currently I'm listening to the new song by this new artist.. arif something - the song "sayang sayang sayang". According to the mass media, the women and the young girls really love this song. Well, it's actually a good news for all the guys out there. Finally, after years of debate , women in Malaysia eventually agreed than a man can "sayang, sayang , sayang" In this very case, a man can "sayang" 3 times. So, if we put this in daily practise, a man can have 3 sayang! So, Malaysian women , u are the best!!! SALUTE! Malaysia Boleh!

I do receive a few offer for the part time job I m looking for. Driver, bouncer, personal bodyguard, baby sitter, waiter ... wow.. pretty much a long list here. I'm very much serious about this thing, no kidding everyone. So, pls - come with real offer babes!!! hahaha... But my limit is only a month, maximum. No worry, I'm a good worker. Hahahah.. No kidding! But make sure the pay is appropriate. Not too little, and I dont mind if I'm overpaid!

So tired of studying at this moment. Really had enuf! I wish I could go on holiday. Just wanna close my eyes and sleep by the pool side. Lovely! How I wish! But, according to my financial advisor, it wont be happening anytime soon. Yeah, during this period ( near end of the month) , the most popular website I'll be visiting everyday are the Maybank2u and the JPA website. After that, when the money is already there, my next fav website will be the ebay!!! I just cant wait for friday>>> it's payday!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Huckleberry friend

I just cant get this song out of my head. The moon river song keep playing in my mind :) Such a lovely song. Suddenly I am a fan of Frank Sinatra and Henri Mancini. Plus, Audrey Hepburn is my new fav actress even thou she is already rest in peace. Early update today since our "love doc" been asking for the new entry. Who's the love doc? Well, not me for sure. I cant reveal her name here coz it would be totally unappropriate. Also, I'm not gonna put her blog link here. ( I'll just gonna put the link.... just rite here )
But, if any guys out there who need an insider tips on how to ask a girl out thru internet, u should check her blog. However, u must be extra quick, coz "she" wont be single for too long anymore. Rumours said that the " rombongan meminang" will reach her house by March. Still plenty of time thou. Whoever interested , just keep tuning to my blog. I'll put her on SALE soon!!! hahhaha...

Wow, I'm really serious about the so called "my dream jobs" before I become a doc. Yes, I know being a doc isnt an easy task and I'm totally well aware about it. Trying to do other work before I commited myself into the health business doesnt mean that I'm undermining the doctor's profession. It's just an instinct of mine, urging me to do something else for a change. Wow, the offer for babysitter sound interesting. I would even be a kitchen helper! No problemo there :) There is just a moment in our life, we just want to do something crazy, something that unplanned, something that we never thought will be in our life. That will add the extra spice in our life, making it more interesting... more flavour..more everything !!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

breakfast at tiffany!

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
-moon river-

Growing up in the era of 90 and the new milleneum the name of audrey hapburn isnt so familiar with me, until today. I know that there's a movie named after the famous Tiffany and Co , and I know there's a song - Breakfast at Tiffany by the band Deep Blue Something. Since I was kinda free last nite, I decided to watch this movie "Breakfast at Tiffany" after getting a good review from Shida. Well, I have to admit that Audrey Hapburn is such a beauty and sorry to say , that in my naked eyes Angelina Jolie looks ugly standing next to her (if they were the same age ). But needless to say that Mrs Pitt is a lot pretty than Audrey at this very moment :P
All the way from Hollywood, back to my small room in Moscow now. Earlier today, I called my mom , just to tell her that I passed my exam and we talked about few other stuffs too. But the main topic lately is about "me being a doc in 5-6 months time".

me : Hi mom... how's everyone doing?
mama : everyone is good... so, what's up?
me : no.. nothing, just calling to say "hi". Plus I just passed my exam.
mama : owh, glad to hear that... so u are one step closer then.
me : yeah " kalau tiada aral melintang" . The JPA/SPA interview will be on this March
mama : lovely, so u should start working early then...
me : that's what worry me
mama : why? It should be a good news.
me : well, I want to celebrate "aidil fitri" first, then start working...
mama : u should be able to get day off
me : better be
mama : ahahaha.... dont worry

My parent just cant wait to see me start working, but not me. I wish , I could do something else , before I dedicated the rest of my life into the health business. Did u watched the Bee Movie? Yeah, it's something like that. For once in my life, I just want to do something difference. I have a list here of kinda work I would love to do before I start being a doctor

1) Parking Vellet / Door bitch at the 5 star hotel
2) work at the StarBucks
3) Kindergarden teacher
4) race car driver
5) car dealer

well, the truth is, the list is too long but, these are the main jobs I would like to do. Anyone can help me with this? Let me do it for a month , before I get married to the hospital? Hahaha.. I'm crazy, but I'm just living my life. Well, if u could get me the job from the list, do contact me please :) I'm serious about this. If I dont do this before I start working , I'll be missing a lot in my life. The only job I did before ( which I got paid for ) was being a graphic designer and the printing company. Yup, I just want to go outside the box and explore the world!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Engine is dead

Morning everyone :) No new photos of me, so here is a photo from the past! hehe. Someone asked me about the LV boutique in moscow after I published my photo wearing the LV cap. Well, the truth is the LV boutique in moscow is a lot more expensive compared to the others. I've been to a few LV boutique around europe and I have to say the LV boutique in moscow, the price here will be like €50-€100 more expensive.Why? The main reason is , there is too many billionaires living here and the poor ppl like become the victim! The photo above was taken outside the LV boutique in Paris , yes the same boutique where Mariah Carey's video clip was shot at! Yes, instead of going to the Hard Rock Cafe of every places I visited, I choosed to visit the LV boutiques!!! Something for a change isnt it!

I love shopping but, if compared to shida or elyn , I'm considered the smart shopper! Those 2 took hours just to buy a scarf!!! ( sorry dear!) I need less than 10 mins to buy everything! Haahaha... I saw what I wanted, and that's it. It's all over. Yes, I know - it's becoz I'm guy and they are not. But, i just cant understand it :P Hhahaha.. No wonder Shida is so sad , waiting for Elyn to come back here.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wet Blanket

Good Sunday everyone!!! I just woke up an hour ago after a long good sleep. It has been a tiring few weeks for me and I still need to keep going for another week here. As I told u before, I'm only half done. I still have another state examination for the subject -Hygiene and ecology. But, compared to surgery final exam, this next exam should be easier. It's basically about the general knowledge about the health system plus the ecology surround us... bla bla bla.. Nevertheless, it's still a state exam and I still need to pass it. So, another week with books for me here :)

As u can see in the pic above, I was busy sewing my "selimut busuk!" . hahah.. It's not "busuk" , I always wash it , now and then. The blanket actually was given by my Mom when I first came here. Technically I've been using it for the past 6 years!!! It's made from a very high quality material and it's so comfortable. Nevertheless, being a man, u tend to destroy thing. It's just in our nature. So, after years of usage, I found a few tears and at backside of the blanket. The front still look as good as a new one. So , I changed from a nerd med student into a desperate housewife last nite , sewing the blanket ( with the help of shida of course!) U wanna see my sewing? Errmm.. it's too delicate even the camera cant catch it.. sorry.. hahahhahaah.....

Here it is, baby stitch on my precious blanket. I was thinking of bringing back the blanket to Malaysia, but then it's pretty huge overall , so I need to find a way to deal with it. Well, it's just me. When I loved something, it doesnt matter how old it is, how many tears it has - I'm still lovin it!!! Same things goes with my t-shirts. I'll just keep wearing the same shirt even thou I still have tons of other new shirts!!! ( no worry - socks and underwear are not included in this category, need to change them as frequent as possible :P )
Ok, time to go back to the books now. Have a great Sunday everyone!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Alhamdulillah!!! Everything went well during the exam today. I passed it with flying colours!!! It was actually the State Exam , compulsory for the future docs in Russia ; so after sitting the MCQ test, we had to sit for oral test in front of 3 surgeons!!! I was shaking and for the first few minutes during the oral test I just kept mumbling, the words seemed to be stucked somewhere inside my throat. But then, after a while, I managed to pull myself together and went all the way. The final words came from the surgeons mouth was " this kid is good!" I was so proud. Well, at least all the hard work paid off!!!

But, on top of that , I would like to thank every single one of u for praying for my success and the non-stop good luck wishes!!! I'm so sorry that I've not been able to reply all the comments and I've not been visiting ur blogs! Really appreciate everyone who always dropped by here just to check on me! I really appreciate that and I feel like u guys are a part of my family too, giving me strength to go thru all these :) Thanks a lot again!


As promised!!! Taraaaa... heheh.. back to school hair-cut! Anyway , while some of u are reading this entry, I might be at the hospital , sitting for my exam! So, do pray for my success and thanks for all the wishes! Wish me luck everyone!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Waiting and waiting...

Countdown to my final exam is still going on. But earlier today I took my break. We went to the airport to send off Elyn! Yup, she's going back to Malaysia for winter holiday... so nice! I wish I could swap place with her, but then - a man has to do what a man has to do rite. I have my final coming up and I have to face it, either I like or not. ( which in this case I'm so tired of exams!!!) So, to Elyn - have fun dear!!! She just sms-ed me, she's in Dubai now, should be arriving in KLIA tomorrow nite after 8 hour transit in Dubai Airport. No worry, a lot of shops and boutiques at the transit terminal, just the place for her. We gonna miss her a lot, especially shida, losing her shopping-mate and me losing my "cili api" mate. Yes, by "cili api" I mean eating fresh "cili api" during meals!!! heheheh... WARNING - it's not good for ur health , too much "cili api' could cause peptic ulcer , appendicitis and others.

Back home, I'm back to my study materials. Wow... the list for the exam seems to be infinity and this preparation it's like a never ending story. Keep reading and reading... and at this very moment, my brain need its break again. So here I am, writing my blog! Wow, there were a lot of comments on where should I do my HO. Since I have a lot of frens here from the east malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah suddenly become so popular!!! hHAhaa.. thanks guys! I do have a thought of working there ( sabah or sarawak) , but frankly speaking I had enuf of air-travelling. Furthermore , if I choose to work there - I might end up working there for the rest of my life :) Nevertheless , never say never rite. We'll never know.

Some of u might realize that I've been wearing cap lately. The truth is, I dont like wearing cap, and I wish I dont have to wear it. But the problem was, my hair was a bit too long and it's making me look untidy. That's when the cap come into the picture, to cover up the mess. So, I had my haircut just now at the beauty saloon nearby. Some ppl been complaining that the hair saloon was a bit too expensive. But then, it's moscow and 200rubles (rm 30) per haircut is considered pretty cheap actually. To those who wanna see my new hairstyle, wait for tomorrow entry. Have a great and wonderful day everyone. Start ur day with a big smile :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

no.. nothing!

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't"

Someone tagged me :) thanks dear. At least I have something to write before I continue my conquest to become a doctor! It's 2.35 am , and I'm still awake. Still in the "turbo" mode. Study, study and study. That's the only thing in my mind rite now. I really need a break. Umm... Occay, back to the pic above, this is my computer screen snap shot photo. Yes, no fancy wallpaper, just a plain background colour for me. I like simplicity! This background has been my wallpaper ever since I bought this laptop. Hardly changed it. I prefer the screen to be empty, since there are always a lot of thing going on my mind. Sometimes, u just need "nothing". Nothing is good, sometimes. But most of the times, ppl need everything... :)

These are the list of the hospitals in Malaysia , where I might do my internship. Heard that the JPA + Health ministry officers are coming to moscow in March to interview us. I havent decided yet , which hospital to choose. No final decision about it yet. This is decision that will determine the next phase of my life and I have to say, it's not an easy one. Sighh... Not the right moment to think about it during my final exam period. Nevertheless, I do have a rough idea about my future decision. I want to work somewhere not too far from my parent, just in case something emergency happen to them and otherwise. BUT, not too near to my parent coz I have to say, I really need my freedom :) Not gonna work in the big city since I had enuf of metropolitan life. If u think traffic jammed is KL is a nightmare, u wont believe the traffic here. The city council even plan to make road over the building to deal with the traffic incongestion here. So, not gonna work in KL. Sarawak and Sabah, hmmmm at this very moment, last on the list.. hehehe...
not sure where to work yet... idea? idea? idea?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Me , myself and surgery

Since I have been out from my room for the past few days , there is no new photo for me to upload yet. This photo was taken during the start of the winter , not much snow yet. Unsuprisingly - due to what ppl called " the global warming" , there isnt much snow fall this year in moscow. So, this year isnt a good year for winter sport in moscow. No sking and snowboarding yet for me. Sorry sweetiepie - I was gonna stop blogging for a while and concentrate fully on my preparation for the final exam - but then , if I let myself fall into the "pre exam tension" - I would be fit to study as well. Technically, blogging is a way for me to relax a bit and take a few minutes off from the books. However - since there is only 3 more days left to the big day - I'm shifting up the gear. It's already 2 am here in moscow at this very moment, so I'll be awake until dawn - gonna digest the books as much as I could , then go to sleep after my subuh prayer .. aminnn :)

No stupid quotes today as I couldnt come out with any. Been so busy today!!! yes, with studying and reading and revising and bla bla bla. I really need a haircut rite now. But , I feel so lazy to go out from my room during this period. It's like a sin not having a book nearby at this final moment u know. Even if u are not reading the books, u feel better if u have the book somewhere nearby - ready to be read if suddenly u come across something u didnt know. Yeah.. yeah ... bring the books and the notes to the saloon rite... that's so not me :) heheheh.. I'm sure what I'm typing rite now. I guess I'm not fully concious. Erm... maybe I should go to sleep first. But then, I dont think I could sleep soundly if I dont go thru some of the question first... errm... what to do.. what to do... errmm.. Occay.. let me think... I need a quote now.. I need a very inspirational quote.... " dont study too hard, not good for health" .. ok.. not good enuf . Next , " the more u read, the more u need to know, so stop reading" better rite? ... occay.. one more.. " there is more to live for than just the final exam" hehehe... a lot better :)

Occay, someone -please come out with something for me to write... pls.. :P

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm waiting for you

They said , "The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn’t intend to catch her fall " , but I honestly think that what Israel army did to Palestin is way more cruel than that. Agree? Hehhee.. Sorry girls, I was just kidding :) Yes, I'm a jerk! Who am I to talk about this rite? I wonder what our novel writer - Norz thinks about this one :)

Few more days left until my exam. I've been studying a lot. Been sleeping late, and woke up late too :P . Obviouly nothing interesting happening rite now except for the more I read, the more I realize how many more I need to know. It's kinda suck actually because in medicine , there is no way u could understand every disease thoroughly. There's hardly such Dr as Dr House in real life. Everyone makes mistakes. Every doctors - at some points do make mistakes. Minor or major. Like the new-malay saying goes " Sedangkan Dato Chua made mistake , inikan pula Med-Students"

Yes, it's a joke. Nevertheless, it's a fact too. Hehehe.. If only I could say such thing during my exam this saturday! I dont think the examiners know who's Dato' Chua is!!! Maybe I shall use that phrase when I become the HO later. Hhehehe.. Anyway, I need to get back to my books now. Will update again later. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gambatte Kudasai!!!

6 more days to go to my surgery final exam. It's 2 am here in moscow and obviously I'm still awake! Wow, 6 more days, it seems to be such a long time, but believe me- it's not! I'm not sure about the rest of u out there, but for me - nowdays the time is really moving pretty fast! 24 hours a day is just not enuf. Maybe someone could change it. Make it 50 hours a day? Yeah, so technically we all will be younger - longer rite. We might be 20 years old , but with all the wrinkles all over our faces. Craps rite :) Shit always happened no matter how hard u tried to avoid it! That's no way we could move back the time, or stop the earth from moving. The best we could do is - use all the times we have , wisely. For example - at this very moment, I'm using my precious time to write something that - well I just write whatever coming from my brain rite now. It's pretty busy up there :) Yup, too much problem around the world to be solved rite now. Dont let's me start with it...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Morning Coffee???

" Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped "

This is my lil-kitchen , in my lil room - where I do my magic! Hehehhe. It's not coffee inside the cup, it's just plain water :) I dont really drink coffee to be frank. Unless it's a freshly brewed coffee from the coffee maker. If it's the 3 in 1 coffee - I would pass. Why? My Body doesnt react well with coffee. I used to drink a lot of coffee few years ago. But then, after quite sometimes, my body developed some kind of negative effect to the coffee. I feel like vomitting if I drink the 3 in 1 coffee, or the typical ready made coffee. ( even the nescafe gold!). Luckily , I still can drink the fresh brewed coffee :) So, u all still can treat me at starbuck of coffeebean. No problemo!

When we visit other ppl house, the host usually will serve tea of coffee for the guest. Usually, being a polite guest, I'll just drink whatever ppl served me. But , if it's possible, I would rather have plain water rather than any other drink. So, take a note everyone here, if i ever visit ur house, served me with plain water ... hehehe... see, I'm a very good guest! Will cause u no trouble . I can live without other type of water but plain water for years. Few years back, started from the secondary school, Coke was my fav drink. Anyplace, anytime - I'll order Coke. But, being in medical field and knowing how much carbonated drink would kill us , I'll try to avoid them. Nevertheless, life is too short to be too careful right? Even u never touch Coke, u can still die of lung cancer caused by the smokers around u! Hahaha..

Some of u might be wondering what's happened to my fridge rite. Yes, these are my souveniers from the places I've been. Since "magnet" is the cheapest souvenier u can buy from all the places, I choosed to collect them. Plus, these things would last forever and dont take a lot of space. Yes, I have the KLCC magnet. Even thou I've been to so many countries, Malaysia is still no 1 in my heart.

- I have a single lady fren who's looking for a boyfriend. Wait, actually I have 2 frens who are looking for Mr Right! Not gonna mention their name here. ( see, I'm good at keeping secret rite chika, erni? ) . Now, I'm waiting for their photos to be published here in my blog. Gonna organize a new competition soon! Win A Date with these 2 ladies!!! Coming Soon here!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ting Tong!

"The operation was a complete success, but the patient died of something else."

Today's Hans Favourite Song - Girlfriend , Omarion and Bow Wow

I believe everyone had a good laugh with my previous entry. Well, me myself couldnt believe how much I have changed from the guy in that yellow shirt into the guy I am rite now. Yes Norz, if u want a better complextion, come here to moscow. Hhahaha.. U'll get fairer, no doubt about that. Well, it's proven rite? Becoz here u dont get sunlight most of the time. It's always dark and gloomy here , especially during this winter period. ( except during the summer time - the sunshine is unbearabe!)

Nevertheless, since I had revealed my "old-skul" photos, I challenge those ppl who laugh at the guy in the yellow shirt to do the same thing! hahahah.. Come on Lily, Norz, Mrs Sheikh, Waliz ,Ziana, Azra, Sweetiepie, Erni , Ummi, Combi and others .... hehehe... I'm sure we all would love to see ur "classic" photos collection too!!! Come guys, go to ur house attic, ur garage, ur underground store, go and find ur old photo album and put the photos in ur blog! It's gonna be fun!!! I'll be waiting :)

I've been studying really hard lately. This surgery final exam really killing me. Last nite, I went to a fren's house - locked myself in the room and did a non stop studying from 7 pm to 3 am. I need a place without internet connection in order for me to concentrate fully on my studies. It was a very tiring nite, and today I'm not pushing myself too much. There is so much pressure someone could take. But not gonna be a relaxing nite for me. No more rest until the end of this month. So, everyone wish me luck and dont forget the challenge!!! Adios :)

Who's this cute lil baby? Mohammad Naizryl Agha and his mom, Kak Liz. She "demanded" me to put her baby's photo in my blog! So, there u go sist :) He's so adorable rite , just like his uncle here, heheheh... Hye sist - when I'm gonna meet my cute little nephew ? Bring him to Moscow for my graduation!!! Occay sist? So, to all the mommies with cute little daughers who wanted to be this kid mother in law, u could contact me thru my emails occay. He's currently single and available. Yes, only the baby is single. Unfortunately, the mother is still married. Too late guys, too late... hehehee... Occay, with the power given by the Unregistered Hot Doctors to be , I hereby give the mother of the month award to Kak Liz!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some more blast from the past!!!

"I'm innocent, right until this very moment - Hannan "

Taraaa !!!! Occay, u can stop laughing now! I know these ppl might look a bit different from me, but the truth is, it was me babe!! Here are some photos from my secondary school collection. What a memory huh :) Let's see, the photo where I was wearing the orange shirt. It was on year 1998. I was in form 2, participating in my 1st basketball tournament. It was the adidas 3on3 streetchallenge. Since then, I had played in 5 consecutive 3on3 adidas streetchallenge (from 1998-2002 ). Out of 5 attempts, my team only managed to win once :) Good enuf. So, it was a kickstart for my basketball life, years passed by, on the left , that was me on 2001. I was in form 5.

When I was in form 2 , I was the captain for my school under 16 basketball team. But then, it didnt last long. I had a really bad spell after that. So, from 3 until from 4, I spend most of my times on the bench :( I did thought of quiting basketball ), but - I wasnt a quiter and I paved my way thru the team. When I was in form 5, I was back on the starting line up. The first five , and the best part of it, I was the team captain. Yup, hard work did paid off eventually. But, being a captain doesnt mean u re the best player in the team, and frankly , I wasnt :) The MVP for my team was the guy in photo standing behind me during the award giving ceremony. We won a few trophies that year. 2001 was really a good year for me :)

Besides playing basketball, I did a few othe extra corricular stuff too. Wooing girls, courting girls, writing love letters - these were the others my past time activities, which I believe give me a lot of point during interview to further my studies to oversea :) ahahhaa.. I was in the debate team too, but not for too long. Lucky me, the year I joined the debate team, our team managed to go until the national semi-final. That was good enuf. However, I wasnt the main debater becoz when I was in the debate team, I still need to train for basketball team. There were a few occasion , there were clashed during the debate competition and basketball tournament. It did caused a bit of stir btwn the basketball coach and the debate team teacher. So, after a year in the debate team , I closed my chapter there and concentrate in basketball becoz I believe basketball was more academical ! Hahahah... :)

Today's Hans fav's song - a blast from the bast- THE ADAM SONG - blink182

So, there u are - a lil history about my school era :) There were a lot more interesting stories, but I assume not everyone here want to read about it? Do you? Hehehe... Enuf for today, I'll be gone for tonite. I need to go to a place without internet connection tonite so I could concentrate on my surgery textbook. Tata everyone :) Good Nite.

Blast from the past

"bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn't, they'd be married too"

Today's Hans Favourite Song - Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger

My laptop suddenly crashed this morning. Well, to be honest , that wasnt the 1st time. Lately, it becomes a bit slow and slower. I decided to clean up the hard disk, and uninstall a few unused programme. Since my photos collection took the biggest space in my hard disk, I wanted to move all the old photos into the cds. During the process, I found these photos. It was taken 3 years ago. During our teenagers days :) Those were the time when I dont have to worry about how close I'm of being a doc. I'm a type of guy who live my life for the moment. I dont really think that far ( but it doesnt mean I dont think about my future) But, for me - I take a day , as a day. Whatever gonna happen after 3 days, I'll think about it after 3 days.

My frens here do realize that I'm pretty much a care-free guy. Always having fun with my life. I'll laugh at almost everything. Sometime it does annoyed the others, but as long as I'm happy with my life, that's matter the most rite :) Nevertheless, I know when it's time to be serious, when it's time to be angry and when it's time to kill... ( yes, I do kill - some flies, white mice and frogs during the labs ) So, that's me , Hannan. I'm living my life to the fullest and my motto is - "life does suck sometimes, just be flexible"

Occay, now back to the photos, as u realized, these photos are taken using the old camera , yes the one using film? To the new ages kid, once upon ago, there were cameras using film, and there wasnt LCD screen on the camera :) Hehhehe.. I still have one, gonna keep it as a memory. Well, looking back at myself, I'm really sure I have changed a bit physically - but mentally , I frankly think that I've changed a lot. Well, it's true that ppl get wiser as day goes by. But , unfortunately, some ppl remain stupid. ( not me! ) Hehhee.. Just a joke. I've learned a lot thru my mistakes and experience. But, believe me, no matter how many mistakes u have made, there'll be more in the future :) No doubt about that. So, that's all I think for tonite. As always, wishing everyone of u, a very good day and please enjoy ur life. Happiness comes from ur desire.

p/s - anyone wanna see my pics during my secondary school era? Anyone??? hahahhaa ...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First time

"Sex is like a restaurant.
Sometimes you get full satisfactory service,
and sometimes
you have to be satisfied with self-service"

Today's Hans Favourite Song - First time - Rihanna

Hallluuu everyone! Sorry if the jokes above offended anyone :) It's just a joke anyway. I'm still in my winter break. Studying hard for my surgery final exam , in the middle of this month. Blogging is a way I'm releasing my stress and tension. After being a student for so many years , I realized few paterns of how students have their own way of studying. Some student, which I categorized as the "bookworm" , they could spend most of their time , reading and studying. These kind of students are the usually are the good students with good or excellent grades. The second type of student, I called it , the "nitro/turbo". These students, didnt spend much times studying , but they have a very good short term memory and they can digest a lot of thing in so little time. These group are considered the "lucky bastard" students. Sometimes, they are the best in the class, sometime... they are not. I honestly think I belong to the second group :) heheheh.. in other word, I'm the lazy one! Hahaha... Yes , yes, I know. No need to blabber. I'm becoming a doc and I should be more serious in my studies. The truth fact is, I'm! Very Serious. I even have my stitch to supervise me when I'm studying :) Occay, now - I'm going back to the books, will update again later : ) Thanks for reading my blog and I love u all . Do pray for my success.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Hye, Good morning everyone! Happy Monday!!! It's 7 of january and it's a public holiday in Russia? What occasion? It's x-mas here, the orthodox version. FYI, in Russia, the ppl here are ortodox christian, not the protestan or catholic. So, they celebrate x-mas at diff time. The orthodox celebrate x-mas on 7 Jan. Meaning, instead of having public holiday on 25 dec, we had a public holiday today :) Well, since I'm in my winter break, it doesnt really matter to me that much anyway. Occay, I've been tagged by Erni. Frankly speaking, I dont really do this "tagging" thingy, but since our dear fren here asked me nicely - I'm giving it a try. ( hutang tag mem merah x bayar sampai skarang!) Nevertheless, I do a bit of adjustment on this tagging :) Hope u dont mind Erni. So , everyone - let's take a walk into my music life. Shall we :)

What Song Do You Play When You Are...
1) Happy
Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger! ( she's damn Hottt)

2) Sad
So Close - Enchanted Soundtrack

3) Depressed
Mr Brightside - The Killer

4) In Love
We Belong Together - Mariah Carey

5)Missing Someone
Everything - Micheal Buble

6) Having A Bad Day
Umbrella - Rihanna ( she'll make my day anytime :)

7) Trying To Go To Sleep
Ave Maria

8) Really Really Hyper
I Got it from My Momma!!!

What Song Was Being Played When You Were...

9) Having Your First Birthday
Happy Birthday to u ???

10) Going Out With Your First BF/GF
For U I will - teddy geiger

11)Getting Proposed To
havent done this yet, but I'd love the song My Boo - Usher and Alicia Keys

12)Getting Married
I dont love You - My Chemical Romance :) hahhahaa..
Sorry Erni, hope u dont mind dear :P . But all these songs are always inside all my mp3 players and handphone... well, u never know when u r gonna propose rite? HAhaha.. Need to be ready all the time babeh! Occay, I'm going to bed now, will update again tomorrow.. Tata :) MMMuuaaahhhhsss

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bye-bye Kids :)

Jalan-jalan cari pasal? owh... not at all Mrs Ella :) Yesteday, we went to Rosinka to visit Lt Col Dr Yunus family. Stayed overnight at their house and we had a lot of fun :) Well, the main reason we went there was to wish "aloha/sayonara" to Dr Yunus kids - Syafiqah, Lutfi and Ahnaf who are going back to Malaysia for good. Yup, three of them gonna go back to our beloved country and continue their study there.
These kids are like our brothers and sister here in moscow. We have known them for years. We had fun hanging out together, playing games together and the list goes on :). I even went to play counter strikes with the boys , played against their international schoolmate. Hahhaha.. yeahh.. bring the big brother aite! Served the kids rite.. dont mess with Malaysian kids! hahaha.. Nowdays counter strikes and battlefield pc games have taken over the game "polis sentri" during our times. Hmmm.. those were the days rite? Moms nowdays should be happier coz less dirty school uniforms.
This is me with Lt Kol Dr Yunus. I have a lot of respect for him. Raising six children in moscow isnt an easy job! It's a mentally and physically draining job! U need a real deep pocket and a very smart brain to raise such a big family. Tabik hormat utk Uncle Yunus. He's like a dad to us too :) I gave Lutfi a mp3 player as a gift. But he kept worrying that the gift was a bit expensive and maybe a bit too much and he asked that how could he repay me? No worry dude, I may not be super rich, and I'm not stupid neither. The gift is just a token of appreciation and a momento :) . No need to repay me boy, just study hard and I'll take ur spm result in the future as the payback, deal? Then, Ahnaf asked me ," since u gave lutfi the mp3 player, how about u? what are u gonna listen to?" Ehehe.. I have 2 more at home :) In life, I learned something, when u gave something to someone , sincerely , God will repay u back.
So, to Syafiqah, Lutfi and Ahnaf, good luck in ur studies. U have a bright future ahead of u and million of opportunities waiting for u. Gambatte ne..

Friday, January 04, 2008

Congratulation... and the winner is :)

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia, siapa yang tahu la kan? Congratulation Miss Erni!!!! Hahahah... 30ml perfume is urs!!! Ok, send me the list of ur fav perfume. I'll get it for u occay? ( just one from the list la babe :) But u'll only get it when I go back home to Malaysia.... as I said before. Deal Erni?
Thanks a lot for sending all the photos everyone. It's obvious that a lot of ppl who get the 10,000 visitor screen, including me ,myself. But, Miss Erni was the 1st one I believe, so the perfume belong to her. No hard feeling to other ppl. Mrs Sheikh, u came in second and waliz , u were third. There were actually around 8 ppl who got the screen 10,000 visitor.I wish I have that much money to buy each of u a perfume, but I dont have that much money yet . U need to wait until I become a doc la.. soon enuf :) . So Erni, do keep in touch with me occay ? Thanks everyone for making this happened. I love u all... mmmuaaahhh

It's coming :)

Watch out everyone!!! 25 more!!! Let's see who's the lucky visitor!!! remember, if u r the 9999 visitor, just keep it , in case of the absence of 10K visitor occay?

If there are more than 1 person who get the 10,000 visitor screen photo, the fastest person who send the screen photo to my email is the winner. Every second counts :)

This is my baby nephew ... Baby Umar... How i miss u dude. Hmmm.. I bet he didnt recognize me at all. Being here since he was borned... I didnt see him a lot. But it's ok! Uncle is coming back soon!!! ( no worry, I'll bring the perfume back with me to give to the lucky winner today :)

A new day, the same old me, but a new fresh mind :) Well, nothing much changed actually. I just had my morning shower after a long sleepless nite. The truth is, my head is really spinning rite now. Trying to figure out what went wrong with me. I know life is suck, but today- I officially confirmed that life is a bitch. No doubt about that and there's no way u could run away from that. I came out with a new motto for my life , if life is a bitch, and I cant run away from it, just be one of them. Hahaha.. Well, it's a lot easier that way. A few fake smiles and laughters wont hurt. Sometimes , being honest isnt the best way in life... hipocrites and liars - do bring a lot of smile and happiness.... u cant deny that rite :) Have a good day everyone