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Monday, January 31, 2011

good morning.

ku menunggu... bilakah album kahwinku akan siap..
still waiting for the story book...
mr photographer..
cepat la sket...

anyway, since i mentioned about abortion the other day
i got another email from a reader
asking about contraceptive pill ( pil perancang )

yes, it's very common nowdays,
a lot of ladies use "pil perancang" for different thousand reason

and , this reader asked me..
"could contraceptive pills causes Diabetic Melitus ( kencing manis ) ?"

the answer would be NO
a study done in new york ,
contraceptive pills could not be a cause for diabetic

nonetheless , it's proven that contraceptive pills cause mood swing and weight gain...

have a great monday everyone..

me? i want hannan junior so badly!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Menjadi "gila" selepas keguguran???

A reader asked me, is it possible to develop mental illness after abortion? Could abortion cause mental abortion???

The answer would be NO!

A study done in Denmark , it is unlikely abortion could induce mental illness. Melainkan orang itu memang dah gila sebelum keguguran , or else genetically / keturunan penyakit mental....

However, it's likely to develop mental illness after giving birth...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i'm so stressed!!!! + nightmares

behing all the smile and funny jokes...
i still cant hide the fact that i'm so stressful right now.

being a medical officer at the anesthesia department is killing me...
in the anesthesia department ... we supposed to be " zero defect "
because patient's life is on our fingertips
a little mistake could be fetal
wrong judgement and assessment during our work in the ICU and operating theater
will lead to death ...

i'm so stressed ..
i "encountered" a very difficult event during work a few days ago
but thank God my patient is still alive and in a very good condition

nonetheless , thing could have changed , if luck was not on my side
and that event... is haunting me rite now
that event made me lost my confidence
make me so frightened to do my work
make me so fragile right now

i even had nightmare due to the event..
sleepless night..
not just nightmare, even "day time -mares " i reckon..
i just cant get it out of my head
it kept bugging me...

Monday, January 24, 2011

more wedding photos!

 " maka si isteri hendaklah taat dah setia kepada si suami.... dan sekiranya si suami nak kawin lagi.. hendaklah si isteri terima dengan redha... sesungguhnya syurga menantimu sayang...." kata si pengantin lelaki...

" ye abang... dinda redha... " jawab si pengantin perempuan

 officially married.....

 with the "orang kanan" dan orang kiri.... thank you Mr syazwan n dr dayah...
u guys are the best...
for sure i'm gonna want u guys again on my next marriage!!
" ni kalau laki aku kawin lagi.... siap la die.... aku asah parang tajam-tajam... kapak... cangkul... pedang samurai.... bom atom... semua aku bawak... nanti la... jaga .... ni aku tambah terus kat sini .. x bole kawin lain! " kata sang isteri dalam hati....

hehehe... my beautiful wife...

jangan marah ye sayang... i love u...

Friday, January 21, 2011

orang melayu kita.....

a good fren of me always remind me... " sekali kita jaga maruah orang lain .... 100 kali orang akan jaga maruah kita "

Not so long ago , I used to talk about everything...
but then , my best fren told me off one day
he gave me the advice above..
and up until today,
i tried my best be on my best behavior when chatting with other.
those i had offended , i apologize
i was dumb and stupid.

and yet ,
even thou we act on our best behaviour
there are always people ,
who talk " craps" and bullshit
and that's annoying

among malay people..
we have this tendency.
we love to make comparison
yes... we just need to make comparison in everything..
we love to praise ... we love to adore - which is good...
but it becomes bad when we make the comparison...

ex  ," ooowh.... baguslah anak cik kiah tu.. pandai belajar ....lepas masuk university, dapat kerje besar kat kuala lumpur tu... skarang dah kaya raya .......
tak macam anak senah tu... dah la hodoh... sekolah tak habis... skarang keje kutip botol je...."

it's common rite?
yes, that's no denial that anak cik kiah is great
but then... apakah dosa anak senah itu?

" OOooooOooo.... besarnya rumah kamu pie.... macam istana.... ada kolam dalam rumah... lepas tu dalam kolam tu ade lagi rumah kat dasar kolam.... cantek sangat...."
" huh... jauh sangat nak bandingkan dengan rumah si mail sebelah tu... atap nipah.. pintu pon xde... "

u see?
this is happening among us everyday
the world would be a happier place if we could change the attitude....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bodoh Sombong...

the photo above has nothing to do with this issue, that is just me and my good fren dr sheng!

"Bodoh + sombong "
i'm sure everyone has heard about this "proverb"
to those who do not understand... bodoh sombong means  stupid and bloody arrogant
too ego to ask for help despite not knowing what the heck he's doing!

As a doctor ,
we are not specialized in everything
some are orthopedic doctors  , specialized in fractures and wound...
surgical doctors , specialized in surgical stuff...
obstetric doctors are damn good in delivering babies...
urologists are expert on penis....
and anaesthetists are trained to induce and sedate patients

if u ask a orthopedic doctor to do caeserean section on ur wife...
he definitely would say no
not because he doesnt know what is caeserean section..
because he doesnt do it on daily basis..
and if he acted bodoh sombong.... ur wife could end up bleed to death on the operation table

same goes ...
if an OnG doctor tried to fix a fracture..... do a tibia plating for example...
ur leg could end up being amputated instead...

hence ,
among us doctor...
there is a word called " refer! "
we supposed to refer to specialized doctors , if the problem is beyond our speciality

there are doctors
who want to be jack of all trade
try to be a hero
even if u are senior
u still no God
there are thing u are gonna miss in ur job
if it's not ur speciality
please do not act beyond capability
u will end up killing the patient

and that what happened...
i hope u learned ur lesson.. Bodoh Sombong....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Esok on call

Esok on call . Sigh....
Being a government doctors , oncall isn't our favorite past time.
Frankly, it's something we want less in our daily life.
Oncall means, we have to work for 24 hours non stop. And we being paid rm150 for that 24 hours.
Which technically we earned about rm 7 per hour.
That's a good money I guess.
I m sure McDonald staffs are laughing at us judging by the numbers
But who cares, we do on call not because of the money. We do oncall in order to save people life when other doctors are asleep.
And yes, on call also means, u r on ur own dude.

Those are the things that make oncall so pleasantly wonderful ...ehhehe
To be honest , doctors do have pre on call symptoms such as depression, mood swings , increase appetite, jitteriness and worse , nausea.
Whatever it is, I pray to God I ll have a great on call tomorrow and by great I mean less sick people

Sunday, January 16, 2011

new hobbies!

 ever since my social status has changed ,
 my social life has changed a lot too
lately , i dont really feel like going out
even thou my wife isnt in kelantan yet
i spend most of my time at home when i'm not working
hence , i developed new hobbies
reading and watching movies and drama series
yessssss  , sound likes i'm getting old.

the first book i bought , " aku nikah akan dikau "
i should have been reading it way before i got married
but i reckon it's not too late to start now
give me a new perspective about marriage

the second book about our prophet SAW
that's the book that every man should read
it's something u'll never get from watching all the love stories ....
when i'm not reading  ,
i spend my time watching japanese drama series and cantonese movies
takuya kimura would always be my fav japanese soap opera star
and of course... every man fav movie .... the young and dangerous

sound boring for some people
but that's the truth
i'm not very keen on going out every nite nowdays
time to learn to stay home.
time to be more responsible
time to take care of heatlh
need a lot of rest
less outing
more resting
more reading
this old brain needs new trick!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

all being said and done,,

first and foremost
i would like to thank my reader for the comments regarding previous post
everything turned out to be just fine in the end of the day
ur word of wisdom had been very helpful.

currently back to my daily life
just waiting for her to complete her transfer here
i'm so excited
very much i reckon.

been living alone for quite sometimes
it would be nice to have someone with me day in..
day out
someone to cuddle at night... oppsss
what the heck, we r married rite?
i pray that our life together will last forever and ever...

with that being said...
good nite everyone..
me is waiting for man utd games later on!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I thought I made the rite decision

there are moments in life,
we are so sure that everything will turn out just fine
we are so sure that everything will be as we planned
for me , yes ...
up until today ,
my life has turned out to be the way i planned..
there were hiccups and roadblock along the way
yet and still
I'm at the rite track
the "hannan life track "

up until the moment i said " i do"
it's not "hannan life track " anymore
it's now... Hannan and wife life
hencefoward , there are a few things..
which are  , way out of my control and reach
there are a lot of compromise..
there are a lot of consideration

they said the husband has the final word
but  , if the wife is not happy ,
what's the point?

I had my plan for my family
i ve drawn " hannan's family track of life"
and in this drawing..
there are sacrifices to be made by certain people
and as cruel as it sound... the sacrifices will be hurtful.
to both side

the good news is
my wife transfer request to kelantan is granted
amin , thank u Allah
but the bad news
she wont be stationed at the general hospital
most likely at a non specialized district hospital

and being at district hospital..
it will slightly jeopardized her chance to be an anaesthetist
as there is no post for anaesthesia medical officer in non specialized district hospital.
that's her dream .
she wants to be an anaesthetist ... badly

in order for her to live with me.. she might have to give up her dream
and that would be hurtful to her.

rather than seeing her being sad not be able to pursue her dream..
i would give up my life here in kota bharu..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

always put a smile

my best friend once told me..
"dude , no one would even thought u are a doctor ... u dont even look like one , especially when we go out at night.... always dressed up ... bla bla bla.... "
well , that just me
whenever i'm out from the hospital
i dont want to be a doctor anymore
i just want to have a lot of fun

does being a doctor is boring?
nope it's not
it's scary and tiring

my life as a doctor in the anaesthesia department...
we deal with life and death situation everyday
every case which being referred to us ,
are patients who are about to die if we didnt intubate quickly
or require icu care
there are about to die if we didnt allow them to go for op.

yes, we are the people who decide either u are fit to undergo operation or not
not the surgeon
if we say no , then the surgeon should not argue

being in anaesthesia department..
we must be mistake free
even a writing mistake is not acceptable
a single number mistake could cause death
a single dot ( . ) mistake , could make a patient goes asystole

so yes, when i'm out from the hospital
i want to be a normal person again

i'm proud to be a doctor
but when i'm not at work , i just want to enjoy my life

Monday, January 10, 2011

anugerah juara lagu 2011 ..... the winner is..

anugerah juara lagu 2011?
i could not care less...
was busy watching man utd bashing liverpool just now
and definitely the photo above has nothing to do with the AJL 2011
we are not the boy band...
even thou we do have the look to be one of them..
but it;s ok..
we are happy with our day time job

the photo above also explain my absence in the blogging world for the past few days
i've been busy with my bffs ( dalam bahas melayu , kawan2 baik ku )
yup... definitely the term of the year 2010 bff... best friend forever...
it will be in the dictionary very soon.. i bet on that.

since i become a married man ...
i'm not used to the life yet.
firstly because my "zaujah" is very far away
and i'm still alone here
when my wife was here ,
i didnt have time to spend with my bff
so , when she's back to work ,
i spend time with my bff

but what will happen when she moves to Kelantan?
how do i divide my time...
time for wife and family ,
and time for my bff
yes , wife is my priority
but i cant leave my bff behind
they were there for me..
and so does my wife
i love them all..

So , it will be a challenge for me
to make sure i could spend my time with them
and make every one  happy

my wife and my bff always make me happy
therefore , in return
i want to keep them happy too...

well , it's not gonna be easy
but i'm sure ,
if i do something in the name of Allah..
Allah will make my life easier.
i'm married because of Allah
and I'm making friend in the name of Allah
insya Allah.. everything will turn out just fine and great hopefully!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

When she says

U know a woman is going to say something smart when they start a sentence with
" a man once told me ....... "

Jangan marah Ye kaum hawa. Hanyalah lawak peneman malam yang sejuk tatkala hujan x henti2 turun di negeri cik Siti wan kembang ini.
I m so looking forward for this weekend. So tired. Need a lot of sleep. After a long wedding holiday and just got to work again , it's so tiring. They should have let me have a month of holiday before resuming my work back.
But what to do aite?

Earlier today, received a lot of news, good ones, and a few bad ones. Good news is my wife is moving to kelantan very soon. Looks like we ll be working together. The bad news, I ll just keep it to myself

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

going to medical school....

 as the spm ended ,
and the result is eagerly been waited by the students,  and of course by the parents..
there are many plans already being made even thou the result wont be out until few more weeks to come
and currently,  the most famous college to be attend would be the medical school
yes , parents want their son and daughter to be doctors, and dentist
not many want their heir to be cleaner or parking attendent.

but , do all the kids want to be doctors?
do all the kids who will excel in the spm will go to the medical school?
not entirely
however , almost entire parent want their child to enroll into medical school.
in the end , a lot of them , ended up in the medical school..
voluntarily , half heartedly , or unwillingly

during my medical school time ,
i saw a few cases ..
of which , the parent who want their son to be doctor,
but the son himself , wanted to be something else...
eventually , he just entered the school , just to satisfied the parent.
some , finished the degree...
most of them , dropped out after a few semester...

therefore , to all parent , or grandparent..
do not force your son to be doctor,
yes, doctor is a noble job...
but then... u need to be interested in it .. to be a good doctor...
if not ... i m not saying those who are forced to be doctor are going to fail medical school...
in fact some of them passed the medical degree with flying colors.
but , in the end , in the real medical world , when they become real doctor ,
they are not good doctors.

well , the story goes to other occupation too
just ask ur child,
what do they want to be?

dr han goes to the club...

 the car before sound system upgrade
 the big amplifier under front passenger seat
 another amplifier under driver seat
the big box in the bonet.!

ladies may not understand what was going on in the photos above
well , let's just say , it's my wedding gift
remember in my previous post i got rockford and fosgate speakers for my car?

i went to my friend's shop to install it  ( he's the one who gave me the speaker )
he looks around my car ... 
then he told me ... " han , i'm gonna re-do ur  car sound system! "
yes, my car already has a good sound system , with amps and big speaker by Harmony..
I said " please , i'm already broke bro.... duit xder ni... baru lepas kawin kan... adei,, "
then he replied " no problem .... this will be another wedding gift! "
i was like ... " heheheh ... thanks bro! "

then i left my car at the shop for about 10 hours , i drove back home with my fren's car
and continued watching my fav japanese series.... Moon Lover..

about 8 pm  , i went to pick up my car ...
and he changed basically everything...
all the speakers were taken out and he installed all the new set from Mohican...
6 speakers... and i big boom box in the bonet...2 amps... 

and it sound better than some clubs!
seriously , i could just seat in the car  and listen to the songs...
as if i'm in the club!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

p/s - i love u

we went to the mall yesterday,
dropped by at the DVD store
since i bought the super size home theater , watching DVD at home is becoming a hobby
and i'm colllecting DVD again
i was looking for the japanese drama series , with takuya kimura starring in it 
and i found the drama moon lover
currently i'm doing marathon trying to finish the 3 dvd before my holiday ends.
So far , i have to admit , takuya still got it... 
loving the series... and it will be in the glass shelf when i finished watching it!

occay , back to the mall when we were at the DVD store 
( we = referred to me and my wife occay ! yes,  i'm married )
as i was scrolling thru the japanese series , she was browsing at the english movie section
and she came across the movie p/s i love you
then she asked me " darling, people said this is a must watch movie , so romantic  , unfortunately i havent watch it .... sigh ..." 
then i said " owh , i watched it a few time already at astro Star movie ... or HBO   , either one i guess ..."
" what? u watched it alone without me darling " she replied...
" well , i didnt purposely watch it.. it was on tv , plus , u were in muar back then " i answered ... not guilty i reckon...
then she left for magazine section...

i looked at that DVD ...
i looked at her from far ...

a few minutes later ...
at the cashier ,
i was holding 2 dvd ...
one was moon lover , the japanese series
and the other one .. guess what...   p/s i love you

and she gave me a big smile...

well... that's married life i guess
trying my best to make my partner happy
even thou i watched the movie a few times already
i want to watch it again with my wife
hope this will last forever  :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

and they asked me.....

the most common question I got these few days was
" dude , how's married life "
and my answer would be " awesome "  , " great " , " wonderful "

yes , sound stereotype

but the truth is..
it's wonderful , it's awesome .... and it's definitely great
to have someone by urside 24/7
to wake up in the morning with ur love in ur arms
to kiss ur loved one every day and nite
that's is married life

i am thankful to Allah for giving me such a wonderful wife
she's a keeper!
and i'll make her the happiest girl !

well , it's easier say than done rite
plus , we are still in the early stage of our married life
orang kate , tengah panas lagi kan...
tengok la sebulan dua lagi...

i dont know what the future promised us
i dont even know what will happen to us in few weeks time
all i know ,
she's my wife
and I love her
the rest , it's God to decide

new year present

the best new year present!
my first wedding album dah siap!
tq to mr photographer (azadil akman ismail )
here are some photos from the wedding album!
 with my best frens! i'm the last one to get married! lepas ni bole buat anak ramai2 bro!
lepas wat anak ramai2...
kite cari madu ramai2 bro
 this photo was taken at a house somewhere near a beach which was bombed by the japanese during the world war ,
this house is haunted
mase nak ambik gambar kene cakap ..." sumimasen obasan ... watashi nak ambik gambar... tumpang lalu dess "!
 outdoor photos! taken at phuket golf resort!
 outdoor photoshot was very tiring.. rase nak sambung tido terus atas rumput tu!

this is my favorite photo
the best outdoor photo i reckon
hehehe.. will be the biggest wallpaper in my house!

tq to Mr photographer! - search him @ fb azadil akman ismail
even thou he's super busy
managed to complete my first album in 5 days time
tq very much
looking foward to my next photo album!!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

selamat tahun baru

happy new year
happy happy year
i hope everyone had a wonderful 2010
i myself ended 2010 in style.. by losing my bachelor status
one thing i lost
but i gain something more valuable i reckon
... a wife

i wish 2011 will bring more happiness and wonderful days for us
i wish for a baby , dont care a girl or boy , as long as she / he is cute
well all babies are cute
if they are born ugly , most of them ended up in dumping site
God does work in mysterious way
but even cute babies got thrown away nowdays

in 2010 i completed my housemanship
this year 2011 , this is the time to become a real doctor
this is the year to decide my future
will i be staying in government service
will i open my own gp?
let's wait till the end of 2011 for the answer
whatever will be , i hope i'll make the rite choice

anyway, bye bye 2010
we had our great times
we shared our tears and joy
let's move ahead
2011 ,
so much waiting for us out there!