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Friday, January 21, 2011

orang melayu kita.....

a good fren of me always remind me... " sekali kita jaga maruah orang lain .... 100 kali orang akan jaga maruah kita "

Not so long ago , I used to talk about everything...
but then , my best fren told me off one day
he gave me the advice above..
and up until today,
i tried my best be on my best behavior when chatting with other.
those i had offended , i apologize
i was dumb and stupid.

and yet ,
even thou we act on our best behaviour
there are always people ,
who talk " craps" and bullshit
and that's annoying

among malay people..
we have this tendency.
we love to make comparison
yes... we just need to make comparison in everything..
we love to praise ... we love to adore - which is good...
but it becomes bad when we make the comparison...

ex  ," ooowh.... baguslah anak cik kiah tu.. pandai belajar ....lepas masuk university, dapat kerje besar kat kuala lumpur tu... skarang dah kaya raya .......
tak macam anak senah tu... dah la hodoh... sekolah tak habis... skarang keje kutip botol je...."

it's common rite?
yes, that's no denial that anak cik kiah is great
but then... apakah dosa anak senah itu?

" OOooooOooo.... besarnya rumah kamu pie.... macam istana.... ada kolam dalam rumah... lepas tu dalam kolam tu ade lagi rumah kat dasar kolam.... cantek sangat...."
" huh... jauh sangat nak bandingkan dengan rumah si mail sebelah tu... atap nipah.. pintu pon xde... "

u see?
this is happening among us everyday
the world would be a happier place if we could change the attitude....


ketawariang said...

Hi Doc... that is typical Malays are... Xpernah puas dengan apa yang ada n so nosy...

A.S.T.I.N.A said...

Hurmm.. i wud say, its mainly all.. chinese, indian or other ethnics as well...
its just the way of some ppl thinks.. and maybe its the way we think were wrong..

Dr. Rodzila Rodi said...

hi doc han..
bak kata pepatah..mulut tempayan boleh ditutup..
if we think, we r good enuff, but people may still unable to zip their mouth..but it will make us better..

huh? ifwe could stitch their mouth...hmm...