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Thursday, January 06, 2011

When she says

U know a woman is going to say something smart when they start a sentence with
" a man once told me ....... "

Jangan marah Ye kaum hawa. Hanyalah lawak peneman malam yang sejuk tatkala hujan x henti2 turun di negeri cik Siti wan kembang ini.
I m so looking forward for this weekend. So tired. Need a lot of sleep. After a long wedding holiday and just got to work again , it's so tiring. They should have let me have a month of holiday before resuming my work back.
But what to do aite?

Earlier today, received a lot of news, good ones, and a few bad ones. Good news is my wife is moving to kelantan very soon. Looks like we ll be working together. The bad news, I ll just keep it to myself


Dari Kelate Ke Copenhagen said...

sometimes no news is a good news..?

Mrs.Sheikh said...
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Mrs.Sheikh said...

erm.. nak ida dan nan junior plak.. cepatttt tauu :P

lily lotus said...

glad to hear the good news :)