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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

going to medical school....

 as the spm ended ,
and the result is eagerly been waited by the students,  and of course by the parents..
there are many plans already being made even thou the result wont be out until few more weeks to come
and currently,  the most famous college to be attend would be the medical school
yes , parents want their son and daughter to be doctors, and dentist
not many want their heir to be cleaner or parking attendent.

but , do all the kids want to be doctors?
do all the kids who will excel in the spm will go to the medical school?
not entirely
however , almost entire parent want their child to enroll into medical school.
in the end , a lot of them , ended up in the medical school..
voluntarily , half heartedly , or unwillingly

during my medical school time ,
i saw a few cases ..
of which , the parent who want their son to be doctor,
but the son himself , wanted to be something else...
eventually , he just entered the school , just to satisfied the parent.
some , finished the degree...
most of them , dropped out after a few semester...

therefore , to all parent , or grandparent..
do not force your son to be doctor,
yes, doctor is a noble job...
but then... u need to be interested in it .. to be a good doctor...
if not ... i m not saying those who are forced to be doctor are going to fail medical school...
in fact some of them passed the medical degree with flying colors.
but , in the end , in the real medical world , when they become real doctor ,
they are not good doctors.

well , the story goes to other occupation too
just ask ur child,
what do they want to be?

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