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Saturday, January 01, 2011

selamat tahun baru

happy new year
happy happy year
i hope everyone had a wonderful 2010
i myself ended 2010 in style.. by losing my bachelor status
one thing i lost
but i gain something more valuable i reckon
... a wife

i wish 2011 will bring more happiness and wonderful days for us
i wish for a baby , dont care a girl or boy , as long as she / he is cute
well all babies are cute
if they are born ugly , most of them ended up in dumping site
God does work in mysterious way
but even cute babies got thrown away nowdays

in 2010 i completed my housemanship
this year 2011 , this is the time to become a real doctor
this is the year to decide my future
will i be staying in government service
will i open my own gp?
let's wait till the end of 2011 for the answer
whatever will be , i hope i'll make the rite choice

anyway, bye bye 2010
we had our great times
we shared our tears and joy
let's move ahead
2011 ,
so much waiting for us out there!


Ellin Raduan said...

Masya ALLAH.. napa buka hijab Doc..?

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

happy new year dr. hannan! :)