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Sunday, January 16, 2011

new hobbies!

 ever since my social status has changed ,
 my social life has changed a lot too
lately , i dont really feel like going out
even thou my wife isnt in kelantan yet
i spend most of my time at home when i'm not working
hence , i developed new hobbies
reading and watching movies and drama series
yessssss  , sound likes i'm getting old.

the first book i bought , " aku nikah akan dikau "
i should have been reading it way before i got married
but i reckon it's not too late to start now
give me a new perspective about marriage

the second book about our prophet SAW
that's the book that every man should read
it's something u'll never get from watching all the love stories ....
when i'm not reading  ,
i spend my time watching japanese drama series and cantonese movies
takuya kimura would always be my fav japanese soap opera star
and of course... every man fav movie .... the young and dangerous

sound boring for some people
but that's the truth
i'm not very keen on going out every nite nowdays
time to learn to stay home.
time to be more responsible
time to take care of heatlh
need a lot of rest
less outing
more resting
more reading
this old brain needs new trick!

1 comment:

farmee said...

eh takde la borink..... ok ape at least u've got something to do while killing the time.... evryone in this world ade jer favret thing die nak buat... so i rase ok jer.... i dun have problem with that.... oh thanx balik nie i akan cari buku yg u introduce tuh very inspiring i guess..... i tgh exam skrng so utk kill my stress nie i pon dok bace la blog mu.... hahaha coolness... u from rsmu me from kursk okla i hope u dah dpt solution u.... good luck dr hannan....