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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

always put a smile

my best friend once told me..
"dude , no one would even thought u are a doctor ... u dont even look like one , especially when we go out at night.... always dressed up ... bla bla bla.... "
well , that just me
whenever i'm out from the hospital
i dont want to be a doctor anymore
i just want to have a lot of fun

does being a doctor is boring?
nope it's not
it's scary and tiring

my life as a doctor in the anaesthesia department...
we deal with life and death situation everyday
every case which being referred to us ,
are patients who are about to die if we didnt intubate quickly
or require icu care
there are about to die if we didnt allow them to go for op.

yes, we are the people who decide either u are fit to undergo operation or not
not the surgeon
if we say no , then the surgeon should not argue

being in anaesthesia department..
we must be mistake free
even a writing mistake is not acceptable
a single number mistake could cause death
a single dot ( . ) mistake , could make a patient goes asystole

so yes, when i'm out from the hospital
i want to be a normal person again

i'm proud to be a doctor
but when i'm not at work , i just want to enjoy my life

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efa fairuz said...

a good read indeed ;)