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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I thought I made the rite decision

there are moments in life,
we are so sure that everything will turn out just fine
we are so sure that everything will be as we planned
for me , yes ...
up until today ,
my life has turned out to be the way i planned..
there were hiccups and roadblock along the way
yet and still
I'm at the rite track
the "hannan life track "

up until the moment i said " i do"
it's not "hannan life track " anymore
it's now... Hannan and wife life
hencefoward , there are a few things..
which are  , way out of my control and reach
there are a lot of compromise..
there are a lot of consideration

they said the husband has the final word
but  , if the wife is not happy ,
what's the point?

I had my plan for my family
i ve drawn " hannan's family track of life"
and in this drawing..
there are sacrifices to be made by certain people
and as cruel as it sound... the sacrifices will be hurtful.
to both side

the good news is
my wife transfer request to kelantan is granted
amin , thank u Allah
but the bad news
she wont be stationed at the general hospital
most likely at a non specialized district hospital

and being at district hospital..
it will slightly jeopardized her chance to be an anaesthetist
as there is no post for anaesthesia medical officer in non specialized district hospital.
that's her dream .
she wants to be an anaesthetist ... badly

in order for her to live with me.. she might have to give up her dream
and that would be hurtful to her.

rather than seeing her being sad not be able to pursue her dream..
i would give up my life here in kota bharu..


farmee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannan said...

If we both want to pursuE our career , we have to be 500miles apart

My Life My World said...

Apa kata U all berdua mintak posting jauh dari hometown masing-masing, asalkan dapat bersama dan meneruskan cita-cita ... hmmm boleh pakai ker idea akak ni?

akie said...

sacrifice is a must.. sadly said~

btw, bru tau name dr adelah hannan.. i've once have frens name hannan n hannani

norulaina said...

dalam rumahtangga mmg perlukan pengorbanan.. serahkan pada Allah, kerana hanya Dia saja yang tau rahsia disebalik pengorbanan itu, terselit hikmah kebahagiaan tersembunyi :)

maklang said...


weekend jerlah jumpa...InsyaAllah kapalterbang murah jer:)

pendapat 2 sen maklang:)

bulan bintang said... comes first dr hannan. if i kat tempat shida, i redha je. hehe...

even if i hv to quit being a journalist, i will.

jadi housewife pun sanggup. lol.

Mrs.Sheikh said...

takpe la nan.. Allah dah tentukan apa yg terbaik utk kita...