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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thank you all

Thank you Allah for giving me 28 years of life
I m praying that u will give me another 100 years

28 years ..
Wow.. I am getting old !
But age is just a number
The important part is what have I gained after all these years

Right now I am content with my life
A loving family , a stable job
Not that rich but I have enough to makan pagi and makan Petang
Thank you God

My birthday resolution?
Trying to be a better man
I always want to do better in life
To be a better husband n father
I wish I could spend more time with my family and watch how my baby nia grows up every day
I wish I become a better doctor
I wish I could be a better person
There are plenty of room for me to improve
I just need to take that extra step

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It is my birthday

Another great year
Another wonderful year
It has been a bless full 365 days for me
Thank you Allah

Well, technically it is not my birthday yet until 12 midnite
But the celebration definitely starting already

It is my 28 birthday
28 healthy and prosperous years
Thank you Allah again
I pray that Allah will bless me more and be more generous to me in the future

Would like to thanks every single person who has been with me all these moment... Good ones, bad ones
They said , what doesn't kill you just make u stronger, it is so true.
Had my ups and downs
But mostly ups, thank you Allah again

Thank you God for giving me the strength to work hard to raise my family
Thank you God or giving me good health . Love u God

Two more birthday until I reach 3 series ,
After that I ll start counting my age backward !

Monday, June 25, 2012

Help needed

Any pharmaniaga sales rep out there? I need u ... Hehehee

This is so true

I found this on the net
Dear Malaysian citizen
Kindly read this :)
It is so damn true

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sudden death and artherosclerosis

People start dying at a very young ages
Regardless of much advance we are in the medical technology and equipment
Death is pretty much just around the corner for most of us

I was reading the paper yesterday , it said that more than 2 million people in Malaysia have diabetic.. It means it is about 10 percent of Malaysian population... Which means.. If u have 10 friends , one of them could have diabetic melitus. It is a sad true fact for us Malaysian

Occay, diabetic does not kill us fast enough... But heart attack will .
A study done in state... People who are obese, smoker, those who does not exercise regularly, stress - these are the high risk group of people to get heart attack , which could end with sudden death , regardless of ur age.
Owh yes , heart attack is definitely worse than HIV . It could kill u instantly .

Yup... Eat unhealthy food, smoker s , alcohol , stressful work, hardly exercise .. That pretty much sums up most I Malaysians citiZen. No wonder our population doesnt grow much !

Hence , a study has been done to deal with this problem.
Statin has been proved to be a very good prophylaxis for high risk people from getting heart attack or stroke.
Statin is the anti cholesterol drugs.
It is showed in the study that statin significantly reduce the mortality rate. In easy word , people who take statin is less likely to die from heart attack or stroke.

Me myself has been taking statin for quite sometimes.
I have a stressful work, I eat unhealthy food sometimes , and I don't exercise regularly. Hence I belong to the high risk group of getting heart attack. Hopefully , Allah will give me plenty of healthy years to live :)) amen

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tipsy turvy

Back in the days when we teenagers , we listened to pop music..
Every kids in the block can sing
"as long as u love me by backstreet boys "
As we grow up into adulthood
We enjoyed hip hop and techno
Go to the concerts
My chemical romance rock the world

Dancing to pit bulls song in the club ..In the ayer

Humming our favorite songs while driving to work every morning
Love story by Taylor swift of course
Strapping out rooms with posters of our beloved singers and bands

Then we got married and eventually become a father or mother
That and there... The world turns upside down
At home... No more MTV channel as soon as ur kids start watching the same tv as u are
No more humming lady gaga while preparing dinner..
Now u are singing ba ba black sheep
And twinkle twinkle little star
Yes, lucky me

Baby nia favorite song rite now is
Baa baa black sheep
Have u any wool

Yes sir yes sir 3 bags full

One for the master
One for the dame
And one for the little boy who lives down the lane..

Owh yes.. I remember every single words!

The other way

I have been working as a doctor in Malaysia for nearly 5 years

It has been a wonderful times
Saving life and treating a lot people
But then...
It is such a tiring job as well
Hence , most doctors reach their turning point at this time of life
5 years is when we made our decision
Actually there are a lot of other job for doctor instead of working 24 hours at the hospital

The most common path for doctors here is to pursue their specialist area after completing the compulsory service. Go back to the universoty again and back to the books and exam all over again until they got their master certificate. This would take 4-5 years in average. Well, not for me I reckon

Second option, resign from government hospital and open ur own private practice or join any private hospital. This is the fast way of making money but very tiring job as well. I might choose this path.

Less popular option, stop treating people and go to Putrajaya to join the administration group. Not many doctor do this... But I am interested to be one of the top people up there.

Other option - resign and become drug company representative and speakers good money!

If u want the happy go lucky life... Be a private doctor to a family or a person . This is become a trend to the rich and famous lately to have their own doctor . These private doctors are paid generous amount of money!! And their job is quite simple actually. But will involve in a lot of travelling and oncall 24 hours for the rest of the year.

Which one will I choose?
Truth is I won't be working at the hospital anymore. I handed in my transfer request. Just waiting for the right time to go. Next destination... Putrajaya? Possible .... My own clinic... Possible as well.
We ll see :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


God is great
Allah can shoot us to the sky
And he can bring us down anytime

This morning , I woke up just to found out that my wife accidentally ironed a pant that I have not seen for quite a while

I used to wear that pant after our marriage coz the size is 2 inch smaller then the size I was wearing 2 month ago.

Reckoned that it would be impossible to fit into the pants, nonetheless I took my chance. To my suprise, it fit me well.
I was sooooo damn happy
Straight away went down and weight myself ... I lost another kg!
Thank u Allah
Today I had oats and dates for breakfast ... Give me more than enough energy to run the operating theater until lunch I supposed !

Yes, that was the good news
I was so happy on my way to work
However... The sun does not always shine...
As I reached the hospital... I parked my car ... Then I shut the door...
I was walking away from my car then I noticed something is on the passenger door... Damn... It is a scratch on the door!!! Definitely ruined my mood for the day.

Yet and still
I try to think positively
Try to forget about the scratch
Should repaint the whole car soon I reckon
But it is ok

Allah has given me so much lately
Maybe I am not being thankful enough then God decided to give a small reminder to me. Amen

Monday, June 18, 2012

Husband of the year ?

Found this on the net...

Out of 7 criteria..
I reckon I fulfilled 6 of them

Which one do I miss?
Take a guess

Love grows bigger

Makin besar, makin manje

That's my baby nia
She looks the same as her mother
A direct xerox copy of my wife
The face, the skin tone, the nose...
Nia looks exactly like her mother
None of my feature on her face
Nonetheless her attitude is like her father :)

When I got back home late from work, she usually is already asleep on our bed . Owh yes , she refused to sleep inside her baby court. That is a big waste of money indeed !
Dear future parent, forget about buying expensive baby court for ur new member of the family, she or he would be more happy sleeping together with u or sleeping alone on the mattress in front of the tv
Well, that is what I learned so far ! Baby need people around even thou they are sleeping
They have this extra sense that would alarm them whenever they are being left alone :)

Owh yes, today is her 7 month birthday and she is growing so fast and well :)
Thank you Allah for given her a great health
So far she had a few episode of flu n fever but nothing serious
Just keep praying to God for her healthy growth development ... Physically and mentally

Something really cute and adorable about my baby nia... No matter how sleepy she is.. Regardless how late Je time is... Whenever I just get home.. And she heard me talking... She would wake up from sleep and plays with me even for a few minutes .. Then she fall asleep again...
That is priceless

Well said

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My wife is so funny :)

Bini Ku pandai buat lawak.

I posted a photo of a pen that she gave me yesterday

I wrote on my fb that the pen is her gift for me for the father's day
Then she commented on the photo that she will get the refill for the pen as my birthday gift.. Which is next week

Owh yes... She is so damn funny :)

Truth is... I don't need anything for the father's day
Or my birthday
I already got my gifts

Last year I have one..
This year I have two

One is my wife... The second gift is baby nia
These 2 gifts - are something money can't buy

Happy fathers day to me
I am so happy to celebrate it with my beloved girls..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

When Allah says so

Rezeki di tangan tuhan
When God is being generous with u
Kun fayakun..
And the sky is the limit

Thank you Allah...

And please keep it coming :) amen

True fact

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A letter L instead of G!

As doctors
We have to be zero mistake
Even a writing mistake could have cost life and pain to patients

Dear houseman
Today i am very irritated by a stupid mistake
Worse still, when someone tried to correct u... So refuse to admit u are wrong
U have cause a lot of trouble for everyone.
Nurses running here and there because of ur simple mistake

A houseman informed an operation need to be done under local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. Truth was the case was planned under general anesthesia . But he somehow wrote otherwise.
Hence in the Ot, everything turned haywired !!!

I was so pissed off.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat doctors!

Overweight or obesity is a worldwide issue.
It is nothing new.
It has been there for ages
People don't want to be obese and overweight ... Obviously , we all know that being fat is closely related to many dangerous disease such as diabetic and heart disease and secondly being fat make us look ugly

True fact.

I read somewhere in a medical journal - a hospital in texas, united state refused to hire doctors who are overweight and fat.
According to the administration... A fat doctor is not a good example for patient.
How do a fat doctor educate his patient on healthy lifestyle ?
People tend to do what other do rather than do what other says.
Hence.. A doctor must be a good example for the patients

That is actually a brilliant idea. In fact I would like to add another criteria for hiring doctor... A doctor must not smoke any kind of tobacco!

Do u a agree with me?

Monday, June 11, 2012

When the plan doesn't work

We make plan in our life
All the time
Every single second we think about what we will do next
What will happened tomorrow
How do we survive the future.
It is human nature to be worried about our future... It is a good thing

But then, when thing goes wrong
When our plan doesn't work accordingly...
We become disappointed .. We are frustrated , start blaming other and we live in regret.

For me
The plan is dead easy..
-Have a good life-
That is all
Yup, sound simple.. But good life for me means a happy family and good health , a great job that I love... And last but not least .. A lot of money and debt free

Currently I have a happy family. And of course we are still young and healthy! Checked.. !
A great job.... Mmmm not really.... But it's a good one... Half checked!
The last part... Sigh... Need to work harder on this area.

Here is a true story...
When my wife got pregnant
I was a bit worried... Financially.
Will I able to give the best for my baby.. Will I able to provide the best for my wife as a mother..
Heck, bringing up a kid into this world is not cheap.
I was really concerned at that moment

Nevertheless , a wise friend reminded me... " rezeki itu datang Dari Allah... Dan anak itu adalah rezeki... InsyaAllah bila Dapat anak.. Rezeki Allah akan bertambah "
Yes, it is so true...
God has a better plan for us
Baby nia definitely bring more happiness and somehow.. God gives me a new business...
Alhamdulillah.. God is great.

But them.. With wealth.. Comes greed and we tend to forget the One who gives us everything.

And of course , in business.. We have ups and downs. When we r up there.. We tend to be careless and ungrateful.. Hence God put u down for a while as a reminder..
When we r down... Then we start to see everything clearly again...
We start to realize that everything comes from Allah...

Moral of the story ... When shit happened .. When thing goes wrong, remember everything comes from Allah. Allah could fly us to the moon... And Allah could throw us into rock bottom anytime Allah decides to. Rezeki di tangan Allah... Allah yang kasi , bukan sesama manusia

Baby nia is so active

Baby nia was sick yesterday
She had a flu
Pity her.
Yet and still... With her running nose... She was still crawling around
And hiked on everything
I bet she will be able to walk by hari raya based on her current development

At 6 months old she is able to crawl from the loving room to the kitchen. We gonna need some barrier soon.
At the same time she is able to stand on her own
Cant wait for her to start walking
Then daddy n mommy will be super tired chasing her around the house
She just can't sit still... Always moving around... Which is a good sign

Sunday, June 10, 2012

2kg more to go!

Looks like my 5kg weight loss is within reach !
I was 78kg... Yeah.. That s a shame
When I started being a doctor... About 4 years ago I was 70kg
After a wife and and a daughter
The number got bigger!
Not blaming my family for that
It is human nature
When we r happy.. We eat a lot
And exercise less :)

Now after 3 weeks, I am at 75 kg
The aim is 73 kg by my birthday in the end of the month
3 more weeks to go!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

How to sedate ur baby or children

Here is an interesting issue
As parent , we love to bring our kids and children for holiday.
The holiday part is fun
But the traveling is killing mom n dad
Yes, long hours driving or flight makes our kids unease and restless
It is in their nature to be free and explore..
Something they can't do in the flight or in the car. Hence they start making irritating stuff

Hence, some parents use medication to sedate their children before long hour journey.
The common drugs used by parents is syrup paracetamol
Attention, I am not endorsing any patent out there to sedate their child for the purpose of traveling
Just for public knowledge that some medicine do help to calm our kids

Me myself give my baby nia supp paracetamol before she get her injection. It is good for pain relieve and keep her relax in the clinic

But some kids need more than paracetamol.
In hospital , we used syrup choral hydrate to calm children before any operation or any treatment
Chloral hydrate syrup has sedative and hypnotic effect to children with minimal side effect . It is as harmful as a glass as cola. Nothing more .

For hyperactive kids, this syrup surely help. Some people used this medication on their children for long journey traveling to make sure the kids are relax and asleep. Again, this is not recommended by me. Do it at ur own risk :)

For infant, the dose is 50mg per kilogram. If ur baby is 10 kg.. The dose is 500mg. Should not exceed more than 1g per day for infant. For children more than 6 months old.. The max dose is 2g per day.

This is just for general knowledge
Syrup choral hydrate can cause addiction as well due to its hypotonic effect.

Not to be taken for those with liver kidney, brain and heart problem

Again... This drug is as harmful as a glass a coke. If doctors give it to ur children at the hospital ... No need to worry about the side effect. We know what we r doing .

True friends

Do u want to know how many true friends do u have ?
Try screw up something so badly and see how many people still care for u!

I have many friends
Countless to be exact
But I only hang out with a few of them
With my current workloads
Plus being a husband and a father
Time is very much limited
Hence time is sooo precious to me nowadays
I hardly go out in the evening anymore
I would rather spend the free time I have playing with my baby nia
But sometimes I do go out to chill with my friends
My true friends
Friends who are always there for me during my up and down

Certain people .. They are friend with benefit
They hang out with u for a reason
Some stick around because u r so popular and rich and handsome
Some because they want to take advantage of u
I had these kind of friends before
And luckily there are not around anymore

I screwed up so many times in my life and I m lucky my true friends always stand beside me.

So guys, be a good friend
Be a true buddy... A loyal and trustworthy one

They said.. When u hit rock bottom.. The only way down is up
But to pull u out and up.. U need helps from other
That and there where true friend will be

Be humble, be apologetic
Be kind

Euro 2012 match schedule ( Malaysia time )

Jadual perlawanan euro 2012 ( waktu Malaysia )

Friday, June 08, 2012

Weight loss

Thank u God
My weight loss programme has been working well
The aim it to shed 5 kg in a month
So far I managed to shed 3 kg
Need to lose 2 more kg before my birthday
Yes, daddy birthday is nearby
It is the end of the month
Should I am able to lose another 2-3 kg, it would be the perfect birthday present for myself

With help of the anti obesity medications , I am able to control my appetite and it technically thought me to eat healthy food
Because, when I eat greasy oily food, the same will be with my stool
Hence , to avoid those
I have to watch what I am eating
Eventually I am used to it
No more greasy fried mee definitely

Owh, I can't wait to get back to my old shape again
Now I start exercising again
Cycling in the evening
Gym at least once a week
I feel good
I feel healthier

A few of my readers who took my advice and take the same medication as well, they are doing great - losing weight and eat healthy food
I am so happy for them

The plan is, should I am able to wear my size s clothing again- is to go for photoshot for daddy of the year award
Yup, big plan to take down dr SMS here...
We will have to wait and see the final result

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a million dollar smile

miss my lil baby at home
6 month ago she only weight 2.85kg
i delivered her myself..
now she is 7kg..
crawling all over the house and learning how to walk
she's such a fast learner
such a smart baby

she wakes up every morning at 6 am
if mommy and daddy still sleeping
she will wake us up..
she will slap my face until i am awake..
if i refuse to open my eyes..
she will put her fingers into my mouth...
if i still refuse to wake up..
she will stuck her fingers into my nostril
such a cute baby girl...

at home , she wants us to play with her 24 / 7
her biggest enemy is her nap time
she becomes cranky when she is sleepy
pretty much like her daddy
after a very quick nap ..
she will wake up and smile again..
the cutest thing about her is when she wakes up
she never cries when she wakes up from sleep
she will just look around...
play with her toys... and make cute baby sound...
and she smiles when she sees someone is coming to get her
that is a million dollar smile

sensible wedding gift

this is my birthday month
and my resolution this year is to be sensible
gonna write a  lot about sensible here
about doing thing that matter

as we all know,  currently the wedding season is ongoing
there are wedding everyday thru out this school break
so many invitation and i m so sorry i could not attend all
due to the nature of my work of course

i want to talk about something that very important during the wedding reception
the wedding gift

 in western country ,
they have this special tradition
the bride and the groom will go to the certain shop
and they will pick what they want as the wedding gift
something like wish list
then those who are invited to the wedding ceremony
will be informed regarding the wish list
they will either go to the same shop
or buy something similar at other place

in the end of the day ,
the newly wed will get their dream wedding gift
something they need and something they will use

unlike our tradition
our people love to buy the same thing for the wedding gift
the most famous is the glass ware.
everyone buy and present that same thing
eventually, the gift ended up unopened by the newly wed as they dont need so many glass and plate in the house at the same time

of course , a lot of sensible people choose to give money or ang paw instead
definitely that make more sense

however , in malay tradition , the newly wed refused to take money as wedding gift ( happened a lot in kelantan )
hence , i have come out with a brilliant solution to this issue
something that beneficial for both side
the new weds and the guest
instead of buying all those glass ware and picture frames and albums
we might opt for something different
here is my list of sensible wedding gift

No 1 - a bag of cement - it's cheap , it's big ( look grand ) and the value goes up by time. should the couple decided to build a house ... this gift will surely help a lot!

No 2 - 20kg of rice - everyone eat rice. if there is too much rice.. they could sell it.. or smuggle it...

No 3 - Petrol - RON 97 for vip couple - i ll be the happiest newly wed in the world if all my guest bring 10 liter each...

so there u go..
top 3 most sensible item to buy as a gift - there are CHEAP , beneficial , valuable and surely make the bride and groom smile a lot!

Monday, June 04, 2012

The most sensible doctor

As a doctor , I have treated so many illness and diseases
And yet there is one thing I could not fix... Yes.. A broken heart
But at times, in my mind.. I come out with my variable answer

Patient : doctor! I am heartbroken...

Surgeon : let's chop it out rite now

Anaesthetist : occay, let me give u something to take the pain away

Medical : well... There are 1000 thing that can cause that... We need to run 100 blood test and we ll figure thing out by end of the year...

Psy : listen carefully... U have no heart... U are empty inside... Here.. Have some candies...

Ortho surgeon : we ll put some screw and plate here and there... Then we do check x ray after that...then we put more plate and screws

OnG : I need to check ur vagina first then we talk about ur heart ..

GP : yes.. U come to the right place... I am the specialist of heart broken... We have the most expensive drug for that and u need to come every week for check up yeah.... And here is the bills

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Mommy nia

As I grow older ..
And wiser of course
I started to think about my past
What have I done
What have I achieved
And most importantly..
What differences have I made to other

With that in mind..
I begin to recall all the bad thing I did
How I mistreated certain people
Yes , I admitted that
I m no saint
I have hurted a lot of people
And my birthday resolution is try to amend it

Yes.. My birthday is coming soon
And I m hoping to be a better person
I m hoping to be a better husband.. A greater daddy... The best son.. And definitely the best friend

Dear friends and my ex friends
I am so sorry if I wronged u in the past.
Forgive my rudeness
Forgive my bad words
Forgive my unacceptable attitude
I promise to be a better person
U guys mean a lot to me

This is sooooo true

Yup... Omg...
Story of my life ..
Except the third part...

Cucu nenek yang comel

Happy day for baby nia
She just love being around people
The more the merrier

Let s see how she undo the teddy gown....

Saturday, June 02, 2012

My Kawasaki

Yes... I bought a Kawasaki
It has two wheels
Brake disc
Triptonic gears
7 gears to be exact
Great suspension
The only thing missing is the engine.

As I mentioned before, there is no way in this world my mom would approve me buying a superbike
So, this is the closest thing I can get my hand to..
I m not a mommy boy
But at certain cases.. I do listen to my mom... In most cases... I do it my way...

Hopefully with this bike I could shed the extra fat..
And regain my stamina and agility.
All work and no play makes me a fat boy !

So yes..
I m going to start riding bike again
In fact, I already started
This evening I did 10km
I actually went to a wedding riding the bike just now..

Today, I went to 5 wedding reception..
Ate a lot.. Then I figured out by riding bike to the reception..
More or less I could burn back the calories

When I went to the bicycle shop earlier today, I was not sure what bicycle to buy. Initially I wanted to get the blue Raleigh ... Then this white Kawasaki got my attention...