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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The other way

I have been working as a doctor in Malaysia for nearly 5 years

It has been a wonderful times
Saving life and treating a lot people
But then...
It is such a tiring job as well
Hence , most doctors reach their turning point at this time of life
5 years is when we made our decision
Actually there are a lot of other job for doctor instead of working 24 hours at the hospital

The most common path for doctors here is to pursue their specialist area after completing the compulsory service. Go back to the universoty again and back to the books and exam all over again until they got their master certificate. This would take 4-5 years in average. Well, not for me I reckon

Second option, resign from government hospital and open ur own private practice or join any private hospital. This is the fast way of making money but very tiring job as well. I might choose this path.

Less popular option, stop treating people and go to Putrajaya to join the administration group. Not many doctor do this... But I am interested to be one of the top people up there.

Other option - resign and become drug company representative and speakers good money!

If u want the happy go lucky life... Be a private doctor to a family or a person . This is become a trend to the rich and famous lately to have their own doctor . These private doctors are paid generous amount of money!! And their job is quite simple actually. But will involve in a lot of travelling and oncall 24 hours for the rest of the year.

Which one will I choose?
Truth is I won't be working at the hospital anymore. I handed in my transfer request. Just waiting for the right time to go. Next destination... Putrajaya? Possible .... My own clinic... Possible as well.
We ll see :)


k.A said...

if u go to putrajaya, aim for changes in system doc. make it better :)

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