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Saturday, June 09, 2012

True friends

Do u want to know how many true friends do u have ?
Try screw up something so badly and see how many people still care for u!

I have many friends
Countless to be exact
But I only hang out with a few of them
With my current workloads
Plus being a husband and a father
Time is very much limited
Hence time is sooo precious to me nowadays
I hardly go out in the evening anymore
I would rather spend the free time I have playing with my baby nia
But sometimes I do go out to chill with my friends
My true friends
Friends who are always there for me during my up and down

Certain people .. They are friend with benefit
They hang out with u for a reason
Some stick around because u r so popular and rich and handsome
Some because they want to take advantage of u
I had these kind of friends before
And luckily there are not around anymore

I screwed up so many times in my life and I m lucky my true friends always stand beside me.

So guys, be a good friend
Be a true buddy... A loyal and trustworthy one

They said.. When u hit rock bottom.. The only way down is up
But to pull u out and up.. U need helps from other
That and there where true friend will be

Be humble, be apologetic
Be kind

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