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Friday, June 08, 2012

Weight loss

Thank u God
My weight loss programme has been working well
The aim it to shed 5 kg in a month
So far I managed to shed 3 kg
Need to lose 2 more kg before my birthday
Yes, daddy birthday is nearby
It is the end of the month
Should I am able to lose another 2-3 kg, it would be the perfect birthday present for myself

With help of the anti obesity medications , I am able to control my appetite and it technically thought me to eat healthy food
Because, when I eat greasy oily food, the same will be with my stool
Hence , to avoid those
I have to watch what I am eating
Eventually I am used to it
No more greasy fried mee definitely

Owh, I can't wait to get back to my old shape again
Now I start exercising again
Cycling in the evening
Gym at least once a week
I feel good
I feel healthier

A few of my readers who took my advice and take the same medication as well, they are doing great - losing weight and eat healthy food
I am so happy for them

The plan is, should I am able to wear my size s clothing again- is to go for photoshot for daddy of the year award
Yup, big plan to take down dr SMS here...
We will have to wait and see the final result


Marvy Chef said...

salam dr,

may i know, what is the name of the medication? and how long it is safe to consume?

thanks a lot.

QA's ~ mamapapa said...

Hannan,k'imi nk tau jgk ubat gapo...share pls..tq...jmput jnguk blog k'imi

JembalCastle said...

salam perkenalan....suka sgt baca blog doc ni, penuh dgn info berguna...ooh ur nia so adorable....caiyok2 2kg more to go.....