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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

sensible wedding gift

this is my birthday month
and my resolution this year is to be sensible
gonna write a  lot about sensible here
about doing thing that matter

as we all know,  currently the wedding season is ongoing
there are wedding everyday thru out this school break
so many invitation and i m so sorry i could not attend all
due to the nature of my work of course

i want to talk about something that very important during the wedding reception
the wedding gift

 in western country ,
they have this special tradition
the bride and the groom will go to the certain shop
and they will pick what they want as the wedding gift
something like wish list
then those who are invited to the wedding ceremony
will be informed regarding the wish list
they will either go to the same shop
or buy something similar at other place

in the end of the day ,
the newly wed will get their dream wedding gift
something they need and something they will use

unlike our tradition
our people love to buy the same thing for the wedding gift
the most famous is the glass ware.
everyone buy and present that same thing
eventually, the gift ended up unopened by the newly wed as they dont need so many glass and plate in the house at the same time

of course , a lot of sensible people choose to give money or ang paw instead
definitely that make more sense

however , in malay tradition , the newly wed refused to take money as wedding gift ( happened a lot in kelantan )
hence , i have come out with a brilliant solution to this issue
something that beneficial for both side
the new weds and the guest
instead of buying all those glass ware and picture frames and albums
we might opt for something different
here is my list of sensible wedding gift

No 1 - a bag of cement - it's cheap , it's big ( look grand ) and the value goes up by time. should the couple decided to build a house ... this gift will surely help a lot!

No 2 - 20kg of rice - everyone eat rice. if there is too much rice.. they could sell it.. or smuggle it...

No 3 - Petrol - RON 97 for vip couple - i ll be the happiest newly wed in the world if all my guest bring 10 liter each...

so there u go..
top 3 most sensible item to buy as a gift - there are CHEAP , beneficial , valuable and surely make the bride and groom smile a lot!

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