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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a million dollar smile

miss my lil baby at home
6 month ago she only weight 2.85kg
i delivered her myself..
now she is 7kg..
crawling all over the house and learning how to walk
she's such a fast learner
such a smart baby

she wakes up every morning at 6 am
if mommy and daddy still sleeping
she will wake us up..
she will slap my face until i am awake..
if i refuse to open my eyes..
she will put her fingers into my mouth...
if i still refuse to wake up..
she will stuck her fingers into my nostril
such a cute baby girl...

at home , she wants us to play with her 24 / 7
her biggest enemy is her nap time
she becomes cranky when she is sleepy
pretty much like her daddy
after a very quick nap ..
she will wake up and smile again..
the cutest thing about her is when she wakes up
she never cries when she wakes up from sleep
she will just look around...
play with her toys... and make cute baby sound...
and she smiles when she sees someone is coming to get her
that is a million dollar smile

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Engku Artini said...

dah merangkak.? cepatnya..
comell baby nia..