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Monday, June 18, 2012

Love grows bigger

Makin besar, makin manje

That's my baby nia
She looks the same as her mother
A direct xerox copy of my wife
The face, the skin tone, the nose...
Nia looks exactly like her mother
None of my feature on her face
Nonetheless her attitude is like her father :)

When I got back home late from work, she usually is already asleep on our bed . Owh yes , she refused to sleep inside her baby court. That is a big waste of money indeed !
Dear future parent, forget about buying expensive baby court for ur new member of the family, she or he would be more happy sleeping together with u or sleeping alone on the mattress in front of the tv
Well, that is what I learned so far ! Baby need people around even thou they are sleeping
They have this extra sense that would alarm them whenever they are being left alone :)

Owh yes, today is her 7 month birthday and she is growing so fast and well :)
Thank you Allah for given her a great health
So far she had a few episode of flu n fever but nothing serious
Just keep praying to God for her healthy growth development ... Physically and mentally

Something really cute and adorable about my baby nia... No matter how sleepy she is.. Regardless how late Je time is... Whenever I just get home.. And she heard me talking... She would wake up from sleep and plays with me even for a few minutes .. Then she fall asleep again...
That is priceless