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Monday, September 30, 2013

klinik primer kb is 1 month old

praise to the most gracious ALLAH for all HIS blessing
klinik primer kb is already a month old
things has been running fine and super smooth
frankly speaking , this month is the greatest month of my life as a doctor
the satisfaction, the hard work , the non-stop smiling service..
really paid off

the demand for aesthetic services in kelantan is suprisingly high
the people here comes for lasers  treatments, dysport and filler almost everyday
more than i expected
even there are customers from KL and penang came here
because of my promotional laser package

would like to thanks my beloved family for the strong support and encouragement
a very big thank you also go to my fellow friends and mates who has been very supportive
without my family and my friends,  it is impossible to survive

there were stressful moments ,
there were hard times
there were some difficulties
but those are just a small part of the story
the hard part , makes the success taste better
trust me on that

 regardless of working non stop at the clinic almost everyday ,
i still have time to spend with my family and do my cycling
yes,  i wish i could have more times to spend with my family and do something else outside the clinic
but for the time being
i have to put other things aside , and my clinic is my top priority
lucky me, my family understood my situation very well

well , a month has passed
many more months and years to come , InsyaALLAH
hopefully , next month will be better
and the coming months will be a lot better
i pray to Allah to bless my clinic and business
hoping for more patients and customers to come to my clinic
beside that, insyaAllah , i will be starting my own cosmetic products as well
very soon insyaAllah.

thank you Allah , thank you everyone

Monday, September 23, 2013

xanthelasma removal using fractional co2 laser

 this is a condition called the xanthelasma. it is a deposition of fat at the skin mostly happened around the eyes of human being
usually associated with hypercholestrol disorder

this problem is really such an eyesore
because it is so visible and people will definitely notice it
nevertheless, xanthelasma could be removed surgically
but surgical removal require anaesthesia and caused bleeding as well
the better and faster option would be the laser removal

it is such an easy procedure. something what we called the lunch time procedure
no bleeding, minimal pain

this treatment is available at the klinik primer kota bharu

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

laser wart removal

malay called them "ketuat"
such an annoying little creature that suddenly appear at any part of our body
most of them are benign

there are many type of medicine in the market which claimed can get rid of this problem
but none of them as effective as laser

using laser, these wart can be removed in just 5 minutes
no bleeding, no hassle
just walk in to my clinic and ur wart problem is solved !

Sunday, September 15, 2013

nose bridge augmentation

 the nose shape and definition give a lot of effect to one's face
a very sharp and narrow nose is a feature of beautiful face
hence, nowadays a lot of people want to augment their nose
people want their nose bridge to be higher , to make them more visible
technically speaking, a better and higher/narrow nose bridge will make ur face look slimmer
no wonder ladies are dying to get their nose job
nose bridge augmentation can be done in 5 minutes
yes, no kidding
it is a very easy procedure for trained aesthetic doctor like me :P
using the right technique and the correct choice of filler
ur nose will look way better in just half an hour time spend in my clinic

careful , there are many unqualified people out there who perform this procedure
bear in mind , if this nose augmentation is done using the not original filler,
ur nose will become wider and uglier instead of higher and narrower

if someone offer u a nose job, check their qualification
ask to see the box of filler they are using...

or u could just come to me and no need to worry about those :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

BTA injection at crow feet area

here are some example of result from BTA injection at the wrinkles around the eye, also known as the crow's feet.
a significant improvement after just a few injection around that area :)
amazing is nt it ...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A day at work

It was a good day for me
Business wise at least
The clinic is really attracting a lot of customer lately
Most people come for laser treatment as my price is consider the cheapest in malaysia currently...
While performing a laser procedure to a customer today  ...
Me : excuse me Datin,  judging by ur skin condition,  u could use some botox injection , will take the wrinkle away in a few days...
Datin : cannot la... Expensive...
Me : where got expensive...   what the point of having millions ringgit in the banks and u have thousands wrinkle on ur face... 
Datin : huh... Yeah.. Make sense, let's do it! 
Me : it would be the best decision in ur life :) 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

definition of beautiful and perfect face

A beautiful face combines facial features that are attractive, shapely, balanced, elevated, symmetrical, and in volumetric proportion.  These features are further enhanced by impressive, unified, and expressive harmony.  These, in turn, are complemented by wonderful hair, teeth, and skin.

the photo above shows an example of perfect beautiful face...

she is  Florence Colgate ; Well, she simply has one.
The 18-year-old student is blessed with what is described as the perfect face. It matches an international blueprint for the optimum ratio between eyes, mouth, forehead and chin, endowing her with flawless proportions.

but then...

a lot of us said that.. beauty is subjective.. which is true at some point... 

this the magic dust that can make someone become so beautiful..

Prototypic female face of high attractiveness
("sexy face")
   Prototypic female face of low attractiveness
("unsexy face")
Characteristic features of the female "sexy face" in comparison to the "unsexy face":
  • Suntanned skin 
  • Narrower facial shape 
  • Less fat 
  • Fuller lips 
  • Slightly bigger distance of eyes 
  • Darker, narrower eye brows 
  • More, longer and darker lashes 
  • Higher cheek bones 
  • Narrower nose 
  • No eye rings 
  • Thinner lids

Monday, September 09, 2013

Good night guys !

laser hair removal

 there are many people out there who offered laser hair removal
by people i mean beauty center and aesthetic doctors
be extra careful
there are many type of laser
but for hair removal , the best one will be q switch laser
only 1 session is needed for hair removal
if ur doctors tell that u need a few session for hair removal
it means he or she does not has q switch laser
go for q switch laser for quick and long term result.....

which are the laser hair removal can be done?
basically, everywhere...
the face, of course.... arm pit,  bikini line,
u name it ...
if u pay , then we will do it.
the result is just great...
on the spot , pronto the hair is gone...

Saturday, September 07, 2013

treatment for stretch mark

it looks ugly and a lot of mother has it
yes, blame the husband who make u pregnant
dear children , this is what u gave to ur mothers
unsuprisingly ,  ladies hate it when this happen to them

stretch mark is something that happened to women belly during pregnancy
and after delivery , it looks worse ... sometimes it looks scary
a woman could have a pretty face , and very ugly stomach

it hurts , but it is the truth

worry no more
there are solution to this

stretch mark could be removed and treat using laser
fractional co2 laser would do the job well
good news for ladies out there.
just so happened i do have fractional co2 laser at my clinic...

how am I doing right now?

many has been asking..
how am i doing right now.
yes , quitting a secure job at the government sector was a big move for me
a lot of people questioned and condemned my decision to leave something
which a lot of people consider a very good job

no doubt , being a doctor in the government sector is a well loved job by so many people
it is such a noble job , secure  , the salary is not bad either
when i left the government sector, i was earning about RM7000 a month including allowance
that is a lot of money for someone like me
living in kelantan, enough to pay for my car, a house and raise a small family

but then
money was not the main reason why i quit
i was looking for satisfaction in my life and i want to do something i am passionate about
it is not that i dont like to serve people at the hospital
i prefer to do cosmetic and aesthetic stuff
and at the same time, i still want to treat people
but not critically ill people
had too much adrenaline rush when i worked as anaesthetist in the ICU and OT last time..

i know there are a lot of medical students reading my blog
there was a student who told me that my blog is a must read blog for medical students in malaysia
i told him bullshit, there are a lot of better thing to read rather than my crappy rambling
nonetheless, knowing that my personal experience would effect a lot of future doctor right now
it would be unethical for me to tell all doctors to quit working at the hospital and open our ur clinic or join the private practise
some people belong to the hospital
some doctors are meant to serve the people at the government sector,  - the hospital or the local clinics
these selected hardworking, determined , self sacrifice doctors are the real doctors/  hats off to doctors who continue to work in the government sector.

to the medical students and future doctors,
when u become housemen at the hospital , when u start working...
u will find a thousand reason to quit government job
but then, think again...
it is the government hospital who trained u..
it is the government doctors who trained u.
it would be fair to continue and serve under government..

unless, u want to do something that u cannot do at the government hospital, in my case aesthetic,.. then quit :p

Thursday, September 05, 2013

the giant signage is up and above :)

finally, the proper signage for my clinic
after 10 days of running...
alhamdulillah, business is going well
thank you Allah
thank u all for all the support....

latest business card

occay, this new business card is way better than the previous one :)
thanks :)

Monday, September 02, 2013

maid problem.... and the solution

well , regarding my previous post about my maid issue
there are a few option available for me right now
it is a matter about making the right choice...
need to make the right one so baby nia will be safe and well taken care
sigh. gonna be hard
my previous maid is a very good worker
i doubt i can get someone else as good as she is
i wish she will recover promptly

anyway, help me out here
the choices i have to choose from...

no 1 . get a another maid...

no 2.  send my kid to the nursery , near my house, but there are about 20 other kids at the nursery, and 5 caretakers.. good enough? the place is clean , but look a bit crowded. very close to my house, easy mobility for me , but worry about nia social skills , and she would be among the youngest in the group. so worried she will be bullied by others.  sigh,....

no 3. send nia to a friend house. she has a bibik which basically doing nothing at home. I ll be paying half of the bibik salary. but the problem is her house is a bit far, not very strategic for me in term of spending a lot of time driving nia everyday.....

Sunday, September 01, 2013

lemonade day

 they said , when life hands u lemons , make lemonade
it means  , when shit happened, try to look for the positive aspect of it
well , shit happened to me yesterday, my maid got sick and it was a bad one
and she needs to be shipped back very soon
problem no 1, how to send her back home  ; need to get her better and that will take a while, and who is going to take care of her during her recovery
problem no 2, who is going to take care baby nia
bring her to the clinic with me? that went terribly yesterday
i cant even do a single procedure when she was around
yes , nia being nia... clingy , needy and whatsoever, she does thing any kid would do
so , now my mom has taken care of nia problem for the timebeing
and i need to get a long term solution for this....